7 Essential Apps for Your Mac in 2020

Choosing applications for a new computer from Apple or updating a set of programs on an existing Mac or MacBook, the user always faces a choice. Buy expensive and fancy software or give preference to a free alternative? To choose something from novelties or to establish the programs checked by years? Use regular applications or look at third-party products?

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Although Macs are natively well equipped with software and applications, it is not always possible to do what you want using only software built into Apple computers. Limitation in the playback of audio and video formats, or incompatibility of FaceTime with competing devices of the brand, find a list of the best Mac apps and essential software to install on your Mac.

Here are 7 Essential Apps for Your Mac in 2020:

1. Safari:

macOS natively embeds the Apple web browser safari. Connected to your iCloud account, it syncs your data easily between all your Apple devices. Discussions around which browser for Mac is better, most likely, will never be resolved. Computers Apple comes with a proprietary browser Safari-in it, users get such functions as Siri, payment with Apple Pay, video in the mode “picture in picture”, the ability to turn off the sound right from the tab bar and others. Use this browser is convenient if you also use Apple mobile devices – bookmarks, browsing the history, tabs are synchronized by iCloud.

2. Hotspot Shield Free:

For a comfortable and secure Internet browsing, it’s worth looking closely at programs that help you manage connections. VPN-service Hotspot Shield Free will help to secure the computer when connecting to public Wi-Fi points. The application allows you to select the IP of the country you want to use, establish an automatic connection, and access services that can be blocked. The only downside – free of charge per day is provided up to 750 MB, for a greater amount of traffic through VPN will have to pay.

3. Sophos Home:

Even if you know the basic rules of secure Internet browsing, installing an antivirus is still worthwhile in order to protect against accidental risks when working.

One of the convenient free options will be Sophos Home. Antivirus protects against malicious software and phishing attacks, and also offers parental controls. It is noteworthy that the program records attempt to access web pages added to the blacklist.

4. 1Password:

If you are willing to pay for the security of passwords, we recommend you try 1Password. For $81.41 the user gets the opportunity to install the application on 5 devices and use synchronization by Dropbox or iCloud. The advantage of the service is that it is possible to create a single master account for managing passwords and other confidential data – that is, in essence, you will only need to remember one password. However, the high cost makes it more suitable for working in the corporate environment than for personal use.

5. PDF Reader Pro Free:

Most programs for working with PDF files on the Mac are paid, but a good free solution will be the program PDF Reader Pro Free. The application supports annotating files, tagging, filling out forms, and merging multiple PDF files into one or splitting one document into several. It is also important that the program allows you to convert PDF files to iWork, Microsoft Word, and a number of other formats.

6. Telegram:

Facetime and iMessage installed on a Mac perform most of the tasks associated with communicating on a Mac, especially if iOS devices are used in parallel. However, their big drawback is in connection with Apple platforms, which limits communication with the owners of Android and Windows-devices.

Therefore, it is worth installing a free cross-platform messenger for third-party developers on the Mac. Their choice is great – Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, and so on.

7. Alfred:

A regular application Spotlight can perfectly search for files on the Mac and execute fast commands, but if you do not like it for some reason, you can try the free application, Alfred. The program can quickly perform calculations, search the Internet, find any text, image, or file that you previously copied. The application is self-learning and gradually begins to give priority to results depending on the user’s preferences.

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