Top 5 Digital Wallet Apps for Android


06 October 2017


Top 5 Digital Wallet Apps for Android

On average, most people have bulky wallets. You have your debit and credit cards, driving license, cash, a couple of loyalty cards as well as your gym membership and library cards. You have to stow them in your purse or your back pocket every time you go out and this can be a major hassle sometimes when you don’t want to carry anything along. Luckily, technology has provided us a solution in the form of digital wallets that essentially enable you to carry your cash within your smartphone. App development companies launch wonderful apps each & every day. This is a new generation of secure and electronic payments and might just pave the way for a cashless future.

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These days, you can find digital wallet apps for your smartphone and download the one that seems the most feasible to you. Listed below are the top 5 digital wallet apps you can get if you have an Android smartphone.

App #1: Android Pay

This is a digital wallet platform developed by Google that enables you to buy goods and services via an NFC-fingerprint system. Android Pay has struck deals with financial institutions and retailers that allows it to store your debit, credit, and gift and loyalty card information. In this way, you are able to make quick payments at retail outlets that support point-of-sale (POS) systems. You can also make payments online and on apps as well. It works by storing your Android Pay credit card information on the device and accesses it at store-specific apps or tap-to-pay retail locations.

App #2: Samsung Pay

You can use this digital wallet app with almost any point-of-sale system, which means that not only does it work with NFC, but also with standard retail terminals that boast the Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) and also the Europay MasterCard Visa (EMV) readers, which are currently used for chip-based and traditional credit card transactions. For now, you can only use this digital wallet app with Samsung Galaxy smartphones that run on Android, but the new Samsung Pass will expand it to other devices as well and make contactless transactions easier.

App #3: Gyft

This app has earned a name for itself in the gift card landscape, which is a $100 billion annual market. With this platform, users are able to send, buy, redeem and manage gift cards from approximately 300 retailers and all through a mobile app. While it doesn’t replace your loyalty cards or credit cards, it focuses specifically on gift cards and allows you to upload them on the digital wallet app so you can use them online or in stores via the app.

App #4: PayPal

PayPal is one of the most trusted and popular mobile wallets that boasts nearly 173 million users spread in over 203 countries and using about 26 currencies. Not only can you store your debit and credit card information on this digital wallet, you can also connect it to your bank accounts directly. In this way, you can have a balance on your PayPal account for making a purchase whenever you want. You can download the app for free on your Android smartphone.

App #5: eWallet

This is one of the few digital wallet apps that are not available for free download. However, it is one of the top apps because it actually encrypts and stores your personal and sensitive financial data such as account numbers. It enables you to get access to all of them through touch ID for devices that support it or via one password. This app can be regarded as a true digital wallet because it can store everything from insurance cards and passports to library cards and loyalty programs.

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Team Communication

Top 10 Apps for Team Communication and Remote Work

The COVID-19 Pandemic has forced businesses to adopt new ways of functioning and look at newer models of operation. With employees no longer sitting under the same roof and working from different parts of the world, Remote Working has become the norm.While working remotely can be a safe option during the pandemic, and allow work to continue, it can also be very challenging. Managing different people, processes, assignments, and so on, can lead to a drop in efficiency levels and contribute to decreased productivity.In this article, we are going to discuss the Top 10 Apps, which can help businesses promote effective team communication and remote work. However, before we do that, let us first look at what these Apps mean and represent. Team Communication Apps: Meaning and Definition Team communication apps are commercial -messaging apps, which promote cooperation and coordination, between different team members. They are software, which helps in an interactive workflow, has project statuses, active chat functions, task completions, collaborations, storage cloud, and other important functions that help in working efficiently.One thing, which needs to be pointed out is that Team Communication Apps are not just about texting. If it would be the same, we would not need anything apart from WhatsApp. They are much more than that.Remote Working and Team Communication Apps are a business setup, which presents in one unified dashboard, all or most of the business processes, that you need to get your work done efficiently and productively. List of 10 Best Team Communication and Remote Working Apps 1. AirSend-A relatively newer entrant in the field, AirSend is slowly emerging as one of the most sought after remote working apps. This is because the software boasts of an impressive list of features, is easy to use (great UI and UX), and prioritizes security and cloud storage. You can use AirSend to carry out team collaborations or conversations, organize files as well as for project assessments and tasks. 2. Slack- Ever since Slack was introduced back in 2013, it has become a mainstay of many small businesses. The software is easy to use and intuitive and offers great customer support. However, when compared to newer products and platforms, Slack has been found wanting in terms of its features, efficiency, and security. Newer updates are solving some of the issues. 3. Trello- Many businesses, especially agencies preferred Trello for its task management features. Listing tasks, assigning the same and managing project flows made Trello a popular choice. In recent years Trello has also added chat functions and calling to help in improving remote working capabilities. Trello’s free plans allow many of the features to be used making it a good choice. 4. Zoho- India based Software Company, Zoho’s remote working software, Zoho One is easy to use and integrates a host of functions, including scheduling social media posts and integrating support and chat features all in one platform. However, not all the integrations are up to the mark. The price point also makes it beyond the reach of small businesses who have to look elsewhere. 5. Asana- Another new entrant to the world of remote working apps, Asana is exciting, fun, and trendy to use. It also allows for work management, assigning tasks, and following ups. The custom chat feature between teams assigned on the same task adds to its functionality in a major way. However, the user interface can be tricky and complicated to understand for some employees. 6. Basecamp- Basecamp’s forte lies as being one of the most efficient project management tools or software. The scheduling of work with time frames, adding meetings (just like Zoom), and documentation make it a great remote working app. It also helps higher management with time tracking and can be useful to check and improve efficiency and productivity in organizations. 7. Monday- Quirky as the name suggests, Monday is one of the most interesting and engaging new work management and remote working platforms in the market. With easy log-ins and dedicated graphics to make work exciting, many younger start-ups are gravitating towards using it. However, it still has a long way to go when it comes to competing with AirSend or Trello. 8. Zapier- One product, which has been in the market for a very long time is Zapier. What Zapier has been successful in doing is integrating various apps, including Gmail in one single platform. Zapier is not your typical remote working app; it is like an overarching framework, which helps in bringing together apps like Trello, Asana, and more. However, it is not for first-time users. 9. Zoom- One software, which has made the most impact during COVID-19 on work, is Zoom. In many ways, Zoom has redefined work culture and promoted cross-functional capabilities. In addition to mere Video Calling, Zoom has also started easy chat support to promote instant messaging within and between teams. Zoom’s greatest advantage is its ease of use. 10. Skype- Even though Skype was one of the oldest tools and software, which could be called a remote working tool, lack of innovations and updates have made it fall out of the league of the big boys. Microsoft is trying to revive the old warhorse and we will have to wait and see how far the product is going to improve. However, many of us still use Skype for video calling and messaging. Conclusion Many of the bigger tech organizations including Twitter, Facebook, and Google have announced WFH schedules until June or July 2021. With the pandemic redefining how we work, how we live, and how we party, remote working is going to play a major role in the next few months.Which of the above-mentioned software do you think are the best communication and remote working tools on the market? Let us know in the comments below.Read Also:Tips for Your Next Business Conference 7 Essential Apps for Your Mac in 2020 3 Encryption Trends and How They Make Communication More Secure What Is Integrated Marketing Communication in 2020 [Full Guide]

favorite apps

With 2018 Coming to a Close, Here Are Our Favorite Apps of the Year

Every year, people from all over the world download hundreds of billions of apps.Which ones are actually worth giving up space on your phone or computer for, though? How do you know which apps you should download and which ones you should skip?Read on to learn about some of our favorite apps of 2018. You can use this list to help you decide which apps to look into and which ones to pass on. Google News:Every day, we're bombarded with news stories and it can be hard to keep everything straight. Even if you watch the news every day, you can still end up missing major events.Google News is a great app that helps you keep up with the latest news stories. It's well-designed and easy to navigate.It also strikes a good balance between personalizing your news feed and showing your varying perspectives on popular topics. Otter Voice Notes:featured image: youtube.comDo you hate typing out notes on your phone, computer, or tablet? Are you tired of looking for those little scraps of paper that have important pieces of information scribbled on them?Try using voice memos instead. Otter Voice Notes is an app that uses AI to learn your voice and transcribe your voice memos so you can return to them later.You can also go back and add notes and photos for context so your memos are easy to understand when you need them. TikTok:featured image: don't always have to be about function. There are plenty of fun apps that you ought to consider downloading.One of the best apps of 2018 is TikTok. It may not have been developed in 2018, but TikTok made a major comeback this year.This fun app is free to download and makes it easy for you to make all kinds of fun and hilarious videos with your friends and loved ones. Hotspot Shield Free:featured image: phpnuke.orgApps aren't only for your phone and tablet. There are also some great apps out there that can help you stay organized and protected while using your computer.Of all the Mac apps available on the app store, Hotspot Shield Free is one of the best. This is especially true if you frequently rely on public Wi-Fi.Hotspot Shield Free is an app that secures your computer and internet browsing when you connect to the Wi-fi network in restaurants, coffee shops, libraries, and other public places. It allows you to choose the IP of a specific country and access services that might otherwise block you. BuildFire:featured image: problogbooster.comDid you know there are apps out there designed to help an app creator make their own app?If you're interested in building your own app but aren't sure how to do it, BuildFire is a great tool to have in your toolbelt.BuildFire gives you the option to build your own app from scratch or work with a certified professional who will do all the heavy lifting for you. The choice is yours! Adobe Premier Rush: Want to edit videos on the go? If so, you need to download Adobe Premiere Rush today.This app is easy-to-use and can handle multiple video clips at once. It offers all the same tools as a professional video editing software, but it's intuitive and perfect for putting up high-quality videos.You also don't need to have the paid desktop version of this program to make use of the free mobile app. If you do have the paid version, though, you can sync it with the app to work on projects no matter where you are. Asphalt 9 Legends: Another fun app to download when boredom strikes is Asphalt 9 Legends. This game will take you back to your childhood arcade days, but with much better graphics.This racing game is easy-to-master and features a realistic lineup. It's the perfect game to play when you want to relax, zone out, and have some fun. Filto: There are tons of free photo editing apps out there, but they're definitely not all created equal.Filto is one of the best free photo editors that will let you add a variety of filters and effects to your photos and videos. It's easy-to-navigate and provides you with both subtle and more extreme editing options.Filto also lets you re-size photos and videos to the perfect aspect ratio. 1Password: With reports of hacking coming out every day, password security is more important than ever before.If you're willing to pay to keep your passwords safe, consider downloading 1Password for your computer.It's not a cheap app by any means, but it allows you to create a master account for all your passwords and confidential information. As a result, you only have to remember one password instead of dozens or even hundreds.This is an especially useful tool for those working in the corporate world. Heimdall Parental Control: Worried about your child's mobile device usage? Now, you can use your own phone or tablet to exercise more control over what they use and how often they use it.Heimdall Parental Control is an app that you install on both your child's mobile device and your mobile device. Then, you can control various aspects of their usage. For example, you can block specific content or the installation of new apps.Many of the features on this app are free. You can also pay for a premium version if you want even more control over what your child sees and how they use their particular device. Want to Learn About More of Our Favorite Apps? These are some of our favorite apps from 2018. But, there are lots of other great apps out there, including older programs that we use on a regular basis.If you want to learn about other great apps, be sure to check out the technology section of our site today.There are tons of helpful articles here that will teach all about the best personal and professional apps you ought to be using.Read Also: 

App Developers

5 KPI’s All App Developers Should Track

So, you have an app or game in the Android marketplace, and you want to know how it’s doing. Do you have any idea how strong your apps influence is? How big is your core audience? Who are your daily engagers? What is the average length of time someone uses your app? These are just a few of the fundamental questions that every app developer should know the answers to. Here we will cover the five Key Principle Indicators (KPIs) that show how an app is performing in the marketplace. KPIs Explained: In Android app development, specific data entries are collected to determine how an app is performing and is being received by the Android community. These indicators are referred to as key because they are critical in the understanding of an apps influence and performance. It is important to have this data at your fingertips if you want to take your brand to the next level. These indicators may tell how many users have downloaded your app or how many people have uninstalled your app. There are dozens of KPIs that a developer can analyze. The following five factors we will be focusing on giving you an excellent general glimpse at data that is of great interest to the developer. 1. Downloads: This metric is a given for every type of app in the marketplace. Every developer wants to know how many people have downloaded their app. The download phase is the initiating phase of the lifecycle of an app. This will tell you the percentage of people that could be interested in using your App. No other activity is possible without the initial download taking place. Assure that you are accurately tracking your app download numbers. Therefore, knowing the number of people who have downloaded your app is the starting point for business success. 2. Installs/Uninstalls: Although Installs and Uninstalls are two different metrics, they are so closely linked, that we are grouping them together here.We mentioned that you want to assure that you are accurately tracking your installs, and this is because the number of installs will give you a more accurate calculation of how many people have not only downloaded but also installed the app. It is the true measure of how any people find your app to be relevant after downloading.Your Uninstall data shows you another vital factor. It is essential to be realistic about how many people are currently maintaining the presence of your app on their device. The Uninstalls number is your reality check for current users. 3. Daily Active Users (DAU): The Daily Active Users (DAU) is a metric that shows you who your truly loyal base of users are. The individuals that use your app daily represent your core community of customers. These people are also likely brand ambassadors that promote your app to their networks. Knowing the people who are actively using your app is critical as it shows how the market is embracing the service you provide.  Having so many people downloading and not using your app is a clear indication that you need to do something about it. 4. Session Length: If you really want to know how engaged people are with your app, you will want to pay attention to the Session Length data. This will let you know how long users are engaging with your app. This information helps indicate when improvements may be in order. 5. Crashes: This metric should be taken very seriously because if it is ignored, it can hurt the rating of your app. If people begin to get frequent crashes, it can indicate that there is a bug in your app. If you see the number under Crashes increasing, you want to investigate this right away.Read Also:Things To Look Out For While Hiring Health App Developers How To Make Money From Resale Apps