With 2018 Coming to a Close, Here Are Our Favorite Apps of the Year

Published on: 04 January 2019 Last Updated on: 24 February 2020
favorite apps

Every year, people from all over the world download hundreds of billions of apps.

Which ones are actually worth giving up space on your phone or computer for, though? How do you know which apps you should download and which ones you should skip?

Read on to learn about some of our favorite apps of 2018. You can use this list to help you decide which apps to look into and which ones to pass on.

Google News:

Google News

Every day, we’re bombarded with news stories and it can be hard to keep everything straight. Even if you watch the news every day, you can still end up missing major events.

Google News is a great app that helps you keep up with the latest news stories. It’s well-designed and easy to navigate.

It also strikes a good balance between personalizing your news feed and showing your varying perspectives on popular topics.

Otter Voice Notes:

Otter Voice Notes

featured image: youtube.com

Do you hate typing out notes on your phone, computer, or tablet? Are you tired of looking for those little scraps of paper that have important pieces of information scribbled on them?

Try using voice memos instead. Otter Voice Notes is an app that uses AI to learn your voice and transcribe your voice memos so you can return to them later.

You can also go back and add notes and photos for context so your memos are easy to understand when you need them.



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Apps don’t always have to be about function. There are plenty of fun apps that you ought to consider downloading.

One of the best apps of 2018 is TikTok. It may not have been developed in 2018, but TikTok made a major comeback this year.

This fun app is free to download and makes it easy for you to make all kinds of fun and hilarious videos with your friends and loved ones.

Hotspot Shield Free:

Hotspot Shield Free

featured image: phpnuke.org

Apps aren’t only for your phone and tablet. There are also some great apps out there that can help you stay organized and protected while using your computer.

Of all the Mac apps available on the app store, Hotspot Shield Free is one of the best. This is especially true if you frequently rely on public Wi-Fi.

Hotspot Shield Free is an app that secures your computer and internet browsing when you connect to the Wi-fi network in restaurants, coffee shops, libraries, and other public places. It allows you to choose the IP of a specific country and access services that might otherwise block you.



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Did you know there are apps out there designed to help an app creator make their own app?

If you’re interested in building your own app but aren’t sure how to do it, BuildFire is a great tool to have in your toolbelt.

BuildFire gives you the option to build your own app from scratch or work with a certified professional who will do all the heavy lifting for you. The choice is yours!

Adobe Premier Rush:

Want to edit videos on the go? If so, you need to download Adobe Premiere Rush today.

This app is easy-to-use and can handle multiple video clips at once. It offers all the same tools as a professional video editing software, but it’s intuitive and perfect for putting up high-quality videos.

You also don’t need to have the paid desktop version of this program to make use of the free mobile app. If you do have the paid version, though, you can sync it with the app to work on projects no matter where you are.

Asphalt 9 Legends:

Another fun app to download when boredom strikes is Asphalt 9 Legends. This game will take you back to your childhood arcade days, but with much better graphics.

This racing game is easy-to-master and features a realistic lineup. It’s the perfect game to play when you want to relax, zone out, and have some fun.


There are tons of free photo editing apps out there, but they’re definitely not all created equal.

Filto is one of the best free photo editors that will let you add a variety of filters and effects to your photos and videos. It’s easy-to-navigate and provides you with both subtle and more extreme editing options.

Filto also lets you re-size photos and videos to the perfect aspect ratio.


With reports of hacking coming out every day, password security is more important than ever before.

If you’re willing to pay to keep your passwords safe, consider downloading 1Password for your computer.

It’s not a cheap app by any means, but it allows you to create a master account for all your passwords and confidential information. As a result, you only have to remember one password instead of dozens or even hundreds.

This is an especially useful tool for those working in the corporate world.

Heimdall Parental Control:

Worried about your child’s mobile device usage? Now, you can use your own phone or tablet to exercise more control over what they use and how often they use it.

Heimdall Parental Control is an app that you install on both your child’s mobile device and your mobile device. Then, you can control various aspects of their usage. For example, you can block specific content or the installation of new apps.

Many of the features on this app are free. You can also pay for a premium version if you want even more control over what your child sees and how they use their particular device.

Want to Learn About More of Our Favorite Apps?

These are some of our favorite apps from 2018. But, there are lots of other great apps out there, including older programs that we use on a regular basis.

If you want to learn about other great apps, be sure to check out the technology section of our site today.

There are tons of helpful articles here that will teach all about the best personal and professional apps you ought to be using.

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whatsapp on apple watch

Your Wrist, Your Chat: Setting Up WhatsApp On Apple Watch

This article describes how to send and receive texts on an Apple Watch and receive notifications from WhatsApp. The guidelines pertain to WhatsApp on iPhones running iOS 9 or later. There isn't an official WhatsApp app for Apple Watch. That means you're limited to the essential few features. You can reply by selecting from a list of short, easy responses and getting message notifications on your Apple Watch. Here is how you can set up WhatsApp on Apple Watch. Overview    You may now respond to WhatsApp messages using your Apple Watch. Furthermore, the watch provides you with three other reply options so you can respond to messages fast. It can be done even without using any words if you'd like. You can write whatever message you want right onto your Apple Watch's screen. To respond to a message, choose the "Scribble" menu item. We can now write on the screen by constantly sketching the letters on the area that is faintly dotted. Emoji responses are the second choice. Emojis are becoming popular more and more every day. In order to respond to the message, you can also use Siri and your voice. To narrate the message you want to send, click the microphone icon. With the "What's Up" app, you can launch WhatsApp right from your wrist. In real-time, it displays the previous 20 chats you had on the messaging app. Thus, this is definitely the choice you were searching for. Especially if you want to strike up a discussion with someone you talk to on a regular basis. The Apple Watch is the ideal friend, particularly when it comes to handling notifications. Additionally, you have the ability to customize your workouts if you're an avid sports fan. How To Set Up Notifications For WhatsApp On Apple Watch?   This is how to set your Apple Watch to get notifications from WhatsApp Messenger. On your iPhone, open Settings. Go to Notifications. Scroll down and select WhatsApp. Enabling notifications is the first step towards reading and responding to all of your messages on WhatsApp from your Apple Watch. Locate the 'My Watch' option in the Watch app on your iPhone to accomplish this. Proceed to 'Notifications,' type in 'WhatsApp,' then tap 'Activate.' You will now receive notifications from WhatsApp on your Apple Watch as well as your iPhone. Use Chatify   Chatify allows you to wear WhatsApp around your wrist. Send and receive WhatsApp messages, see when contacts are writing back, listen to audio messages, view emoticons and stickers, and view chat photos. With Chatify Premium, a $4.99 subscription can unlock more features like quicker download speeds and enhanced search capabilities. Make sure your Apple Watch is successfully synced with your iPhone. It must be updated to the most recent version before setting up Chatify on your wearable. Firstly, open WhatsApp on your iPhone and log in. On your iPhone, download Chatify for WhatsApp from the App Store. Your Apple Watch should launch Chatify. A QR code will be shown to you to scan using WhatsApp. Select Settings > WhatsApp Web/Desktop > after opening WhatsApp on your iPhone. Read the QR Code. Scan the QR code that appears on your Apple Watch with the camera on your iPhone. Your Apple Watch is now displaying WhatsApp messages. Additionally, you can respond right from your wrist. Get Notifications For WhatsApp On Apple Watch   There isn't an Apple Watch app, but you may still see the alerts for WhatsApp messages pop up on your watch. You must turn on your iPhone's notifications in order to accomplish this. Here is how: Navigate to Settings, Notifications, and finally WhatsApp. You should now confirm that Alerts to your Lock Screen are turned on. Then open your iPhone's Watch app. Make sure WhatsApp is turned on by scrolling through the list of Mirror iPhone Alerts and selecting it. You may view your notifications of WhatsApp on Apple Watch while you're on the go by following these steps. The message will be visible to you on your watch. The message will be visible to you on your watch. Picture and video messages, on the other hand, will appear blurry. Sadly, you cannot watch them from your Watch without utilizing a third-party app. But there is more information about this below.   How To Reply? We'll let you determine whether or not it's a good thing that you can now read every message in the group chat from your watch. But how do you respond to them? You can respond to the notification on your watch by selecting from a list of pre-suggested phrases. They include "Hello," "What's Up?" "OK," and "On my way." These are useful options if you're pressed for time. If you have a lot to say, you can record a message using the built-in microphone on the watch and send it back immediately. You can also use the keyboard. It is functional despite being somewhat small, particularly if you have a 41mm Apple Watch. How To Send Messages    It is not possible to send messages directly from your Apple Watch without using a third-party app. While there are a number available, WatchChat2 is currently our favorite. It comes in both a free and paid version, with the $2.99 fee required to access the full features.   You can browse and respond to WhatsApp messages, as well as view images and videos, with this easy-to-use software. It is easy to install and use, just follow these steps: Using an iPhone, Navigate to the App Store using the Watch app. Look up and get WatchChat2 Open the app on your Apple Watch after it has been downloaded. Go to Settings, the WhatsApp Web, and Scan the QR Code after opening WhatsApp on your iPhone. After you scan the code on the Apple Watch, the two should now be linked Why Is There No WhatsApp On Apple Watch?   It would seem obvious at first that Meta, the company that owns WhatsApp (formerly known as Facebook), would want the most popular messaging app on the most popular timepiece in the world. However, Meta most likely won't create a WhatsApp app anytime soon for a number of reasons. First, given that WhatsApp is currently ranked second only to Facebook and YouTube in the world's most popular social networks. It definitely doesn't require a wearable app, according to Meta. When Facebook acquired WhatsApp, it was probably thinking about the expense and concluded it wasn't worth it. Wrapping Up   Remember that you must keep this third-party program updated to make sure the functionality is up to standard. Though it may not be ideal it is the best method to reply to messages while on the go. There are no speculations of a WhatsApp Apple Watch app arriving any time soon either. If you have thoughts to share or questions to ask about WhatsApp on Apple Watch, please leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you! Learn More About: Care And Maintenance Of Men’s Vintage Rolex Watches How To See Someone’s Imessages Without Their Phone? WhatsApp Not Working: Why It Happens And How To Fix It

Google Meet Code

Google Meet Code 101: Learn All About The Platform’s Meeting Code

Google Meet is a popular video calling platform created by Google. Whether you are an individual or you are a business, you can connect with others on audio calls and video calls through the platform. Currently, Google Meet is mostly used for video conferences among friends, colleagues, or professionals. One person creates a meeting and sends a unique Google Meet code to others as an invitation to join. In this article, you will learn about the Google Meet platform and the utility of the Google Meet codes that are offered through a Google Meet invitation. Furthermore, you will also learn how the Google Meeting code works on the platform. Finally, you will find out how to join a meeting on Google Meet with the help of a meeting code. Hence, to learn more about the Google Meet code, read on through to the end of the article. What Is Google Meet?   Larry Page and Sergey Brin launched Google in 1998 as a search engine. Since then, in twenty-five years, Google covered a lot of milestones, as it is now offering platforms for advertising, cloud computing, quantum computing, computer software, social media, eCommerce, and many more. Google created the Google Meet platform for video calling and video conferencing. Both individuals and businesses commonly use Meet for video conferences, meetings, and discussions. Although created as an extension of Google Hangouts, which is a messaging platform, Meet comes with its own sets of unique features. To log in to Google Meet, one needs to have a Google Account. Your Google account is the same as your Gmail. You need the same during Google Hangouts login as well. Google Meet is also known for enabling users to engage in secure conversations. Although Google sucks in certain cases when it comes to innovation, Google Meet is surely something that stands out. It is one of the most trusted platforms for holding video conferences. Even some of the biggest companies hold big video conferences through Google Meet. What Does The Google Meet Code Mean?   According to Google Meet’s official sources, “Meet uses the same protections that Google uses to secure your information and safeguard your privacy. Meet video conferences are encrypted in transit, and our array of safety measures are continuously updated for added protection.” This is where the Google Meet code comes to play. Once you create a meeting on Google Meet, you will get a meet code, which you will need to share with the people you want to invite to the meeting. The Meet code and the Google Meet link are encrypted and hence provide essential protection for security. Basically, Google Meet codes act as meeting identifiers, which users use to invite and interact at meetings in which they are called upon. Every single meeting that took place on Google Meet, and all the meetings that will take place in the future, have a unique meeting code. This is done to offer security to the meeting so that someone does not get unauthorized access. How Does The Google Meet Code Work?   If you observe the different Meet codes carefully, you will see that all of them are of ten letters that are divided into three parts in 3-4-3 order of the type xxx-yyyy-zzz. The dashes are given for ease of reading. While you enter a code on a Google Meet link, you will not need to enter the dashes, as Google Meet supports only codes of 10 characters. The link will look like this: https://meet.google.com/xxx-yyyy-zzz. Once you click on the link that you received as an invitation on your device, you will get to a page where you will need to enter the unique code. After you enter the Meet code of ten-letter, you will get access to view and interact with the meeting. However, you will get to the meeting only after the host approves of your joining and participation. After you get inside the meeting, you will find the Google meeting code at the bottom-left portion of the screen. To allow others to participate, you can share this code with others. Does Google Meet Have A Time Limit?   Yes. Google Meet codes have a time limit. You cannot enter a meeting link with a meeting code after the code has expired. As per the claims of the official website of Google Meet, “Each meeting is given a unique meeting code which has an expiration time based on what Workspace product the meeting is created from.” To know more about the time limit of the Google Meet code, you can check Google Support. How To Join A Google Meet Conference?   The following are the major ways through which you can join a Google Meet conference: 1. Using A Computer Browser   Open the Google Meet website from your website browser, or type meet.google.com on the URL. Once you get to the Google Meet page, click on the ‘New Meeting’ option. If you want to join a meeting, click on the ‘Join with a code’ option, and enter the code. 2. Using Mobile App   Download the Google Meet mobile app on your smartphone. You need to launch the application and sign in to your account. On the page, you can either create a New Meeting and if you want to join an existing meeting, you need to click on 'Join with a code.' 3. Using Mobile Browser   Open a web browser app on your smartphone, and access the Google Meet website. Check the website as a desktop site. Otherwise, the link will ask you to download the app from Play Store. To create a meeting, tap on the New Meeting option, and click on ‘Join.’ Summing Up   Hope this article was helpful for you in getting a better idea of what the Google Meet code is and how to use it. This code is unique to every meeting and actually helps to secure the meeting from unauthorized access. You will get access to the meeting only when you enter this ten-letter code after clicking on the link. Do you think Google Meet is secure and useful enough? Share with us what steps Google can take to make Meet better. More Resources: Best Business Meeting Agenda Examples How To Plan A Successful Corporate Event Looking For A Gardener: 8 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Professional

How to Develop A Healthcare App

How to Develop A Healthcare App?

Today, millions of people rely on their mobile devices to simplify their life. No matter which industry you look into, you will find that app optimization has become a core technology to offer the best services to the users. The trends have not stopped the industries but have expanded to the other sectors as well. For instance, medical sectors are looking forward to prioritizing mobile app optimization technology to offer better services to their patients. Despite mobile app optimization being on top of the trends, the heartbreaking fact is that only 2% of them use a healthcare software application to seek help. This shows that even after having a healthcare app, these companies cannot fulfill what a patient is looking for. With that being said, today, we will take you through the necessary steps that a medical software development agency needs to consider while developing a healthcare software application. How To Build An Effective Healthcare App? Who doesn’t want to have the convenience of booking an appointment with a doctor with a simple click or getting the right information to treat a medical patient in your home? Well, having a healthcare app can certainly make this dream into reality. But do we have any healthcare application today that is effective with what it's doing? No! This is the reason why only 2% of the patients use any kind of health care application. A mobile healthcare application needs to go through thorough planning and be well equipped with solutions to deal with “What If” scenarios. Below are the necessary steps a software development needs to take to create effective Healthcare Applications. Decide the type of healthcare app. Add functions that help the patients. Do your privacy and compliance research. Decide on the platform. Make your UI/UX design accessible. Test your app before submission. There we go, these are the steps that will help create a healthcare app that will resonate with your patient’s needs. Let’s understand every step clearly. Step 1: Decide The Type Before you can start developing a healthcare application, you first need to decide on the type answer in which category your idea fits in. just a look at the following list, you will know what we mean to say. Phone-To-Text Capabilities. Diagnosis Chatbots. Mobile Medication Alerts. With every item as great as the other one, you can easily lose track of your original idea. Hence, it is important to understand what kind of services you can offer in a better way. This will help you stick with the idea that will resonate with you. Step 2: Add Relevant Function Once you have decided on what type of healthcare application you will develop, the next part is to narrow down the type of function your audiences will accept from the applications. This phase is quite tricky as there can be several features that can be integrated into an application. If you are having a hard time deciding on features, the following list might help you decide on some of the functions. A Dashboard. Payment Portal. Reporting & Charting Function. Doctor Profile with Geolocation. User Portal. Real-time chat option. Doctor & Patients community. Step 3: Privacy & Compliance Research Privacy is one of the most important parts of a healthcare application. Unlike other software applications, healthcare applications are subjected to fierce legislation. Before you can launch the app in the market, you will first need a certificate through the HIPAA (Health insurance Portability And Accountability Act). Step 4: Decide A Platform Any application needs a platform to operate itself. While developing a healthcare application, you need to decide for which platform you are developing the software. Today app optimization is a trendy subject, and most of the app optimization processes are happening for mobile phones. Hence,k look into the analytics and then decide which platform caters to most of your audiences and develop accordingly. Step 5: Accessible UI/UX Design While we are talking about a healthcare application, the user interface and user experience play a major role. Given the vulnerability of apps and lacking user experience, you must focus on the following. Focus on consistency while mapping. Spend some time on things that your users are expecting from your applications. Minimize the number of breaking points for patient users. Maintain a simple, clean, and uncomplicated design. Step 6: Test Run Your App Professional software running is worth putting your piney and time into. Test run of these software helps you give insight on the loopholes of the newly born applications. You can take this chance to further revamp the healthcare apps. Here is how a test run of a healthcare app is necessary. To know the threshold of your healthcare application. To find hidden bugs. To avoid privacy leaks and ensure the safety of patients’ sensitive information. To ensure the app is users friendly and working smoothly with the best UI/UX. Conclusion A healthcare app can be a game-changer to the healthcare industry. People will be able to seek medical attention with the help of these apps. Hence, these apps will be able to save more lives. Following these six steps, you would be able to outline your healthcare application and will be able to develop an application that offers tailor-made solutions to the patients. More Resources: Why Spy Phone Are Beneficial To Use? Brief Mobile Trading Apps Comparison The Business Advantages of Mobile CRM Apps