A Man and His Watch: Iconic Stories of Watches That Withstand the Test of Time


23 August 2019


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No matter how far away we emanate in technology, the mechanical actions of a timeless timepiece will always be a captivating work of art. Fine art that has been perfected over centuries of sophisticated craftsmanship, relentless dedication, and passionate innovation.

Horologists have passed on the essence of human imagination,

leaving us with priceless heirlooms of the past. Every luxury watch embodies a gentleman’s appreciation for class, style, and most significantly, for tradition. The seven best on this list are undeniably iconic watches, making them an exceptional addition to your collection.

The Speedmaster

It’s unmanageable to learn the history of human-crewed space flight without being enthused and moved by the timeless Omega Speedmaster.

First worn in 1962 by Mercury pilot Wally Shirra on SIGMA 7, this iconic timepiece has become the most renowned watch in the world. It claims the scientific phenomenon of being the first watch on an extraterrestrial body in the immense blackness of space.

The JeanRichard

Symbolizing the pioneering soul of Daniel Jeanrichards, the release of the trademarks dynamic collection aims for the man of quest and adventure. Travel, exploration, and the sense of living contend with the standards behind these perfect timepieces. Take a step back in time with a summit for functionality and durability.

The Patek Philippe

The most appealing feature of Patek Philippe Calendar Chronograph is its perpetual calendar, which doesn’t necessitate to be returned for 200 years. It is iconic, historical, and a Holy Grail addition to most timepiece enthusiasts’ collections. Patek Philippe’s expertise is off the charts, and any gentleman can’t go wrong when picking them.

The Rolex Submariner

Rolex Submariner

The age of recreational scuba diving and dive watches was emerging. By 1953, Rolex launched its Omega Submariner, a professional dive watch that is capable of discovering to depths of 100m, which opens the doorway on a new underwater world.

The Jaeger-LeCoultre

When it comes to emerging efficient form movements, Jaeger-LeCoultre is a leader for luxury watches. Grounded out of the Vallee de Joux, Switzerland, these timepiece makers modernize on the principal value of accuracy movements over the exterior.

The Alpina

Alpina watches are made for active and sporty men. Specializing in active watches for all kinds of sports, you can see an Alpina watch on the wrists of skiers, divers, climbers, and bikers alike. These iconic watches are created to endure even the most challenging elements of nature.

The Cartier Santos

Louis Cartier, the founder of the jewelry powerhouse, created Santos – the first wristwatch and the foundation of all timepieces. Guess why? It was when the aviation legend Alberto Santos-Dumont, a good friend of him, whined about the troublesomeness of pocket watches mid-flight.

Today, the model has been revised with various colors, materials, and leather straps. But the main square face remains as sleek and robust as it was a long time ago.


In obtaining a place in the sanctuary of iconic watches, time is the ultimate critic. Whether you agree with the list or not, it’s up to you. But you can’t debate with the reputation of these pieces. Each of them has an extraordinary quality, serious notoriety, and iconic history in the world of a timepiece.

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