Rejuvenate Your Looks with These Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50

Do you adhere to any particular rule when it comes to choosing short hairstyles for women over 50? Only partially. Generally, you want to appear stately and stunning; it is advisable to brush your hair back, in order to open up your face. Excessively messy manes may look sloppy and unappealing for older women. However, bangs are a better option. They make older women appear much younger than they are, but then you need to maintain them neat and thin or choose to style them on one side, so you don’t entirely cover your face.

You may also opt for understated hair dyes, and you will definitely take some several years off your age. Some older women look pretty flattering with platinum and silver hair. If this doesn’t favor you, opt for brown to blonde option or add highlights in the mix. Otherwise, you may want to stick to universal options such as considering your hair texture and face shape. Here we have selected some of the freshest short hairstyles for women over 50, taking into account various styling options. Take a look and be inspired.

short hairstyles


1. Blonde Pixie Cut:

The pixie haircut is a common short hairstyle for women over 50, thanks to their effortless styling, ease of wear and playfulness. Beautiful choppy layers are an excellent way to enhance dimension and texture to your classic hairstyle. The texture is essential to maintaining your appearance youthful and not too dull.

2. Mature Short Layered Hairstyle:

Short hairstyles for women over 50 are the best option if you need something that is ridiculously low maintenance. You shouldn’t waste a lot of time every morning looking for displaced hair bands. In addition, short haircut is sassy and is a good way to show that style comes first before anything else.

3. Youthful Pixie Cut:

Many are times when ladies choose to maintain long hair length even though sometimes it might not even be good-looking. If you stylists advise you to go for a chop, don’t hesitate. A perfect pixie cut will only give you a more youthful appearance, but it will also spare your styling hours.

4. Layered Platinum Bob:

Haircuts for women over 50 can utilize greying hair for their benefit. If you opt for a platinum haircut, the shade correctly covers any pesky grey, so you minimize the need for constant touch-ups. Include some piece-y layers to improve the volume of your style. It improves movement, and you can entirely love wearing your stunning feathered hair every day.

short hairstyles


5. Choppy Blonde Pixie and Extended Side Bangs:

The pixie is among some of the most popular hairstyles for women over 50. This is because it enhances texture and adds a tousled finish to fine hair. If you pair it up with extended side bangs and choppy layers, you get a style that is not only fun but also youthful and effortless to manage.

6. Angled Undercut Haircut:

Who said women cannot wear traditionally masculine undercut jus like any other man? You can make this stunning woman undercut style more feminine by including line, and straight top and then throwing in some blonde hue and colorful highlights. To boost the volume, tell your stylist to add some light layers.

7. Extended Curly Salt:

By styling you’re fine-textured hair into a pixie cut, you get a style that is out of this world. Paired with pepper shading and natural salt, curls look bouncy a fluffy. Take this youthful look to the next level by styling some long face-framing strands in the front and hold it in place with mousse or pomade.

8. Short Voluminous Feathered Haircut:

Feathered haircuts give sleek and stunning looks for older women with short and lackluster hair. They also improve dimension to their locks while remaining low maintenance. It is easy to style it too. Just some cream to smoothen your bedhead and you are ready to rock your day.

9. Layered Pixie and Textured Choppy Bangs:

There are also cute updo short hairstyles for women of 50 and this layered pixie paired with classic choppy bangs is a good example.

10. Shaggy Mermaid Pixie:

If you get this short pixie shaded with vibrant colors, you will rock one of the sassiest and bright looks for older women. It is a sure show stopper.

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