Here Are 10 Tips On How To Get Motivated For Work, School, or Life

They say it is all in your head. whether you are trying to lose weight, get a new job or otherwise improve yourself. Often your biggest obstacles are psychological.

It’s hard to get and stay motivated, especially if you have gotten knocked off track a few times. Many of us start feeling a decline in confidence and an increase in hopelessness when we fail to achieve our goals over and over again.

There are many ways to stay motivated both long-term and immediately when you feel that drive start to ebb. If you are looking on how to get motivated, try some or all of these ideas to kick start your ambition and get you back on the road to success.

Here are ten ideas for improving your motivation.

1. Set a Goal:

Sometimes you need to be clear and specific in articulating your objective in order to achieve it.

Instead of just hoping to “lose weight,” give yourself a specific target: “this year I will lose 20 pounds.”

You might write it out in an inspiring sign to paste on your refrigerator or bathroom mirror, to remind yourself every day to stay focused.

2. Lay Out Achievable Steps:

Not only must you define what you are going for, you need to layout steps that will get you there. If your goal is to open another office, you will want to set out a budget and timeline to help you work towards that result.

Many goals are the accumulation of actions, so you need to be clear what steps you need to take along the way. Before you can improve your stamina, you need to join a gym or engage a personal trainer. Before you can meet the man of your dreams, you need to join a dating app in order to start meeting people.

3. Check in with a Mentor or Friend:

Another important component to getting motivated is to be accountable.  It’s less easy to slack off when you have to report your progress to someone else.

By setting professional goals with a mentor or supervisor,  you give yourself the motivation to report your progress back to them.  If you think people are expecting something of you, you are more likely to work harder to please them and get the job done.

You may also receive the added bonus of feedback: others can buck you up when you are feeling discouraged, and give you alternate ideas to try when your strategy is not going well.

4. Ingest Some Caffeine:

Don’t overlook the physical factors involved with motivation. It is hard to keep going if you are hungry, tired or depleted.

Many people need a cup of coffee to get their engines revved in the morning.

Caffeine can actually improve memory, productivity, and performance. If you are looking for a quick fix to your motivational blues, a cup of joe or a bite of chocolate may perk you up to get your short term goals accomplished.

5. Take a Walk:


To change your mind you often need to move a muscle. If you are in a rut,  change your perspective by literally getting out of your house or office and going for a walk.

Many cultures extol nature as a way of cleaning out the mind and reinvigorating the body. The Japanese call this practice forest bathing, or shinrin-yoku. Being in nature can reduce stress and help you regain focus and energy.

7. Eat Something Healthy:

Eat Something Healthy

Lack of motivation may be a sign that you are physically run-down, or you are failing to keep your mind and body properly fueled.  By incorporating healthy nutritional habits into your daily routine, you will be better able to face the ups and downs of work and life and stay more focused on achieving your goals.

You may need to examine what you are eating as well. Maybe eating too much dairy or gluten is sapping your energy.

As our bodies get older, we may no longer be able to process certain foods the way we used to. By cleaning up your diet to include fewer toxins and more fruits and vegetables, you are likely to experience higher energy levels.

8. Try a Nutritional Supplement:

Nutritional Supplement

Some people need a boost to keep their bodies functioning at maximum capacity. Many take nutritional supplements to increase their memory function, energy and wellbeing. This website shows the kinds of products available called nootropics, which are intended to assist with a mental performance by supporting creativity, focus, intelligence, and motivation.

Some ingredients used to enhance brain function include bacopa Monnier, an ancient herb used in Ayurvedic medicine to enhance information processing and reduce reaction times;  Rhodiola Rosea, an herb that helps your body handle stress more effectively, ginseng root, which reduces fatigue and helps with high-level problem solving; and ginkgo Biloba, which improves memory and reduces stress-related high blood pressure.

9. Keep Going:

Sometimes you may not be as inspired as other times. Sometimes a deadline will not wait and you just have to rally.

Perfection can be the enemy of the good. That means: don’t let your own perfectionism stand in the way of just getting your task accomplished. You may not achieve your objective with the highest marks and the best results that you might have liked, but often getting something done is an achievement in and of itself.

Maybe tomorrow you will come back with renewed insight and innovative ideas. By pushing yourself, you will eventually get to where you want to go. You may not get As all the time, but by refusing to give up you will eventually persevere and triumph.

10. Take a Break:

A lack of motivation may indicate a deeper issue. Maybe you are no longer inspired by your line of work. Maybe you need to try an alternative route to your ultimate destination.

When scientists tackle problems, sometimes they have to give up and come back to the problem at a later time. Sometimes only time and persistence can give you the perspective you need to either solve the challenge or move on.

You may realize that you really want to focus on a different goal. You may decide that your energy should be channeled in a different direction.

How to Get Motivated- Physically and Mentally:

Searching for how to get motivated may lead you to question the goals towards which you are directing that energy. You may ultimately find in yourself the reasons why you are struggling to achieve something and new strategies for attaining that mission. On the other hand, you may also discover that you would prefer to focus on that motivation elsewhere.

For more tips on improving your physical and mental fitness, check out our blog.

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