How New User Do Online Registration at LIC Portal


07 May 2018


LIC Portal

Life Insurance Corporation of India has been one of the most trusted names since its incorporation in the year 1956. This state-owned insurance company is also the largest insurance company in India- have been by the years and still gaining customers patronage with quality products and ease and simplicity of operations.

To bring about a simpler access to their policies by the customers, LIC has recently introduced LIC e-Services which would enable LIC customers to get an access to their policies and every other thing related to it get done online such as paying monthly premiums, keeping track of the policy status, keeping track of premium dues and more such stuff online without having to approach any branch office. It is to the utmost benefit of the customer that they can have a transparent view of the policies and plans that they have opted for and get things done with just a click avoiding long queues in the branch office.

While availing e-Services might seem like an amazing idea, some people are surely yet to figure out how to get themselves availing these services. If you be among them, worry not.

Here we have for you a complete guideline on what exactly LIC e-Services are like and how to get yourself registered on the LIC login portal if you are a new user. All you have to do is to stick to the article until the end.

How New User Do Online Registration at LIC Portal:

What is LIC e-Services?

LIC e-Services is the recently launched online service provided by LIC to its customers. LIC with integration with all the latest digital initiatives comes with its own e-Services to enable wider access to unlimited policy-related information to its customer with utmost simplicity and ease. There is a myriad facility one can derive from availing these e-Services. These benefits include:

  • Online Payment Facility
  • Policy Status
  • Bonus Status
  • Loan Status
  • Claim Status
  • Premium Due Calendar
  • Revival Quotations
  • Premium Paid Certificate
  • Claim History
  • Policy Bond
  • Various devices and online forms available
  • Locators and FAQs

Who Are Eligible For Availing LIC e-Services?

Of course, anyone who is a policyholder with LIC can avail the benefits of LIC e-Services. For the same one has to register themselves at the online portal. The ones who have already had their registrations done can just simply register the policies held by them in the portal to get all the information and updates on the respective policies.

How To Register For LIC e-Services?

Now, that you have already had an idea about LIC e-Services and the benefits that you can avail from it, you need to know how to register yourself at the portal for availing the same. The process is rather simple, definitely for the ones who have already had their registrations done and also for the new users who are yet to get themselves and their policies registered.

If you are already registered at the portal, all you need to do is click on e-Services. You will find the button somewhere to the right of the official  LIC webpage. Click on Registered User button and log in with your User ID and password.

Then you need to fill-up the form provided so as to register your policies at the portal.

Take a print out of the form, sign it and upload the scanned copy of the form. Also upload the scanned image your Aadhaar Card, PAN card or Passport.

The officials would take some time to verify the same and after the verification process has been completed you will receive an SMS or an email stating that you are prepared to use the e-Services.

For the Ones Not Yet Registered at the Online LIC Portal:

In case you be among the ones who have not registered already at the Online LIC portal, go through the registration process which is very simple to get through. All you have to do is to click on the New User button on the right of the official LIC web page and select your User ID and password. On the completion of the simple process, you are a registered portal user.

You need to register your policies in the portal and therefore all you need to do is to click on e-Services and log in with your User ID and password. For the registration of your policies, you need to fill in the form provided with all the necessary details. Print the form, put down your signature and upload the scanned image of the same. Note that the size should not be below 100 KB. Also, you need to upload the scanned image of the Aadhaar Card or Passport or PAN card or any other equivalent document that works as your official ID proof.

Once you are done with the process you need to leave it to the officials to verify it. Once your application is duly verified, you will receive an email or an SMS dating that you are good to go with availing the e-Services at the LIC portal.

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This can be an acuter in its requirement when you run a business enterprise and find yourself in a situation where you require immediate funds to help you develop your business. You may require the money to buy important office equipment, or you require it to pay off your outstanding credit bills, or you may require it for an immediate marketing campaigning. There are various such situations when you may require having cold hard cash at your immediate disposal.If you are not good at saving money, then such a situation will be dangerous for you as your business plans and aims and goals can stand to get affected if you are unable to get the money from other sources. You must always have some money with you to fall back on in times of emergencies. Always try to ensure that what you are spending is less than what you are earning, you need to multiply your profits and get your revenues to soar higher if you want to be able to save up on more money. Budgeting is one of the key techniques for managing personal finances; you need to cut out all extra costs so that your business has the extra cash to fall back on in times of need. Thus, a proper budget strategy is a key to mastering your personal finances and controlling them. What is the importance of budgeting in managing personal finances and how can it be done? You are not required to look any further than a proper strategy for budgeting when you are trying to embark on a journey for mastering your personal finances and managing them. It can seem quite overwhelming and scary for a lot of people to think about budgeting, and this is especially true if you are someone who has not ever indulged in doing proper budgeting ever or for some time now. The money that you are spending and compared to what your income often seems terrifying to a lot of people. However, it does not matter if you happen to be a millionaire who has major investments, and a number of loans, with mortgages and also stock holdings, or if you are a humble and honest person who is hardworking and is just starting out on a financial journey, budgeting will be essential for your continued success with the money that you have.The importance of maintaining a budget is that it will help you to understand and account for the money that is coming in and the money that you are spending from your account. If you want to master your finances, then it does not matter how much income you are getting if the amount of money which you are spending is more or close to that amount. With proper budgeting, you will be able to increase your savings every month, and this will decrease the amount of cash that you are spending every month. In case you are choosing to achieve this by other types of investments than reducing the interest rates with a debt consolidation loan or by getting a promotion in your job, but the central principles of budgeting to manage your personal finances will still remain the same.The importance of managing your debt properly : It is essential to manage your debts properly alongside your incomes and your expenses. It is the basic principle by which you will be able to manage your money, and this is the reason why personal financing can only be properly done via budgeting. There will not be any requirement to get further complications, you will have to deal with the credit cards, the loans that you had taken for your business funding, your investments, your stock options, but you shall still find yourself on a proper financial footing when you have a good budget plan. You must try and follow the money you have, and you need to ensure that you are spending less than what you are earning every month.In order to properly budget and maintain your finances, you must simply add all your sources from which you get an income and then account for all the pennies which you have flowing into your account every month, once you are done with that you must start to track all the expenses which you are making. You can employ any system you want to but all you must ensure is that the procedure is detailed and this will help to keep your money flow in more easily. Track all the loans you have and the interest amounts that you are paying, track all the credit card bills also. This will help you to understand your finances better.You can find a lot of debt consolidation reviews online to help you with your budgeting and maintain your personal finances so that you do not default on your loans and credits. 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