Panini Spa: The Importance of Secure Transactions and Identity


28 June 2019


Panini Spa

Nowadays, customers choose their credit institutions and banks based on different elements, among which:

  • The convenience of mobile banking,
  • Ease of use of the bank’s app,
  • Instant, in-person solutions when the need arises.

It can happen that customers have the need for instant issuance of a new payment card when theirs get lost or stolen. And also, when customers open a new account, they want a card which is ready to use straight away without following too long procedures for its activation. The waiting we were used to does not exist anymore. For this reason, an instant issuance service, like the one offered by Panini Spa, is mandatory, also to increase customer loyalty. The digital era is fast moving and credit institutions should keep pace with the times.

But not only that. When we talk about the digital era, we know very well what does it mean from the security identity point of view. Especially when dealing with money, it is essential that the authentication process really proves that a person really is who she/he says she/he is, before having access to an account. Panini Spa offers a wide range of different products for identity authentication, which allows for example to:

  • Easily protect your business from fraud
  • Automate and streamline workflows
  • Share automatic warnings with the fraud department
  • Comply with banking laws and regulations

But all of this does not only concern financial and credit institutions like banks, but also post offices and property management companies. For instance, the first is always engaged in document dematerialization projects, whether front office or back office based and here the products and software of Panini Spa can help to deal with them.

The latter can benefit from utilizing the products of Panini Spa because:

  • Funds can be deposited the same day in order to maximize cash flow.
  • Costs associated with deposits, bank runs, and lost checks are eliminated.
  • Manual handling and errors are reduced.

When dealing with all these important aspects of modern business, it is always essential to find the best company. Panini Spa not only provides a comprehensive suite of products and software but also support services to ensure a successful implementation and client return on investment, including training, help desk support, fulfillment parts management, depot service and advanced unit exchange (AUE).

Still doubts? 

Just do not hesitate to contact the professionals of Panini Spa, that will be happy to answer any question you have.

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Secure Wifi Connection

Why You Need A Secure Wifi Connection In Shared Space

Coworking has completely changed how many entrepreneurs, startups, and established businesses alike approach their work. The coworking space can provide businesses with many benefits such as the opportunity to grow your professional network, surround yourself with positive, like-minded people, and use state-of-the-art technology. Apart from all coworking benefits, there are also similarly considerable dangers of it as well. Hence, a workplace must have to look for absolute security e.g having a solid and secure wifi connection.What’s more, operating your business from a coworking space will help you to lower your business costs, leaving you with more capital at your disposal to reinvest in the important areas of your business.With many businesses increasingly moving different aspects of their operations into the online realm, internet security is becoming more of an issue, and with good reason. When you are working with a shared connection, you need to be aware of the dangers of unsecured wifi in coworking spaces, so that you can ensure that your data is always protected.A secure internet connection is crucial for your business in this day and age. When you are choosing a coworking space provider, it’s vital that you inquire as to what kind of security they have in place. Premium providers are always the best option as they will have invested money in the best connections, technology, and security.Let’s take a closer look at just a few reasons that you need a secure wifi connection when you are working from a shared space. i. Data Risks: Coworking spaces can have a lot of people coming and going throughout the working day. In a shared space, you will certainly have the opportunity to get to know people and interact with your new coworking colleagues. However, you won’t know everyone and certainly not well enough that you know that you can trust them or not.If not managed properly, this situation can create opportunities for cybercriminals who might try and infiltrate the network to gain access to your information. Coworking spaces are attractive locations for hackers to try and gain access to information being transferred over public networks.This means that may have the opportunity to access usernames, passwords, and browser history. For this reason, it’s crucial that you choose a coworking space from a premium provider who has the right systems in place to keep your data secure. ii. Increased Productivity: With a high-speed secure wifi connection, you can get more work done faster. There’s nothing worse than battling with slow internet speeds and trying to get your work completed when downloads are taking forever, pages won’t load and your emails won’t send.With more businesses utilizing online tools and cloud-based services( as per its enormous benefits), reliable internet is crucial for you to be productive in your day-to-day tasks.Whether you are managing your books using online accounting software, you are a graphic designer using online editing tools or you are simply trying to use the applications in your Google Drive, having a sub-par internet connection will slow you down and have a huge impact on your productivity levels. iii. Communication Is Key: Communication is key to running a successful business. Whether you are managing a remote team or communicating with your clients, having a communication system in place that you can rely on is vital for the ongoing success of your business.From using simple apps like Whatsapp to communicate with your team to seeking potential clients over Skype, businesses are increasingly reliant on technology and a solid secure wifi connection to stay in touch with the people that matter to their business.If you have a connection that is insecure, unreliable, or just patchy, you could end up missing out on closing important contracts and your bottom line could suffer as a result. iv. A Secure Wifi Connection Is Critical: In the modern business world, we are all more reliant on technology than ever before. Nowadays, virtually every business process requires a secure wifi connection and it’s critical that that connection is not just reliable but secure also.In a shared space, this is even more important as with more people using the space, your data is potentially at a higher risk of being hacked or stolen. Using a  premium coworking provide that has the best technology in place will help you to overcome these challenges and work with the confidence that your data is secure and protected.To be very honest, modern technology has provided both the advanced security system and advanced breach opportunities as well. The more advancements in technology will be implemented, the more both businesses will be harnessed. Well, keeping breach tactics so far, we have shared a blog on using an amazing technology, Called Captive Portal, a weapon to prevent unwanted wifi users and maintains a secure wifi connection. Check out immediately.Read Also:How To Stay Safe When Making Mobile Payments 5 Easy Ways Of Improving Internet Access With Speed Tests

Outdoor Storage

5 Qualities of A Safe Outdoor Storage Facility

Over the years, we tend to accumulate many things that we want to keep or use only on occasions and, eventually, our homes run out of space. As much as getting rid of some things to declutter your space might be a good idea, certain items have special meaning or use to use, and we just can’t afford to lose them. That’s where storage facilities come in. Storage facilities provide people with room to use as storage for their items. While storage space facilities are available all over, you want to find one that checks all the boxes and ensures your belongings will be just as you left them the first time over. To help you find a safe outside storage facility, here are some tips you should consider as you conduct your search.How Much Space Do You Need?When searching for an outdoor storage facility, the most important factor to consider is the number and size of items you want to store. There are many storage sizes available for different needs so consider the quantity and size of what you need to be stored. If your things can fit in several boxes, small storage space might cut it. However, you would want to consider a larger space if your items are plenty in quantity, large in size, or if you plan on bringing in more things to the storage unit with time.How Safe Is Your Stuff?Naturally, you want to go with a facility that can ensure safety for your items at all times. For this reason, you should seek out a space that has a good security system. Are there guards on site for 24-hour security? Do they have surveillance cameras? Do they offer storage space opened using biometrics? These questions might seem many, but they will help you understand the level of security that will go into keeping your belongings safe.Check its Accessibility Storage space could be a long or short-term plan, so if you intend to use your box full of holiday decorations during the year, you will need a storage space that gives you access to the room 24/7 365. This is important in emergencies where you may need something from the storage unit because you have guests or an event at your home.Is It Pest- Free? Insects and rodents can damage goods in storage units. A good storage facility will ensure that their spaces are pest-proof to protect your stuff. Choose a facility with mouse-proof doors and constant extermination and fumigation practices to ensure that insects do not infiltrate your unit and destroy your property. Items such as clothes and books are especially vulnerable in storage spaces if the preventive methods are ineffective, so ask about their measures to save you the disappointment of losing your precious belongings.Can It Stand the Rain? If you are searching for outdoor storage space, weather conditions should always be at the back of your mind. In light of changing weather conditions, you want to be confident that your goods will not be exposed to harsh weather elements. As such, go for climate-controlled units that are not affected by weather changes. Rainy and dry seasons can do a lot of damage to items such as furniture, electronics, and clothes, so try and go for a waterproof and dustproof storage unit to ensure your belongings are always kept intact.In a Nutshell Storage spaces are everywhere, and you can find one quickly and easily. But you need to make a careful choice if you want your items to be safe and secure all the time.   Therefore, consider the tips highlighted above to find a professional and reliable outdoor storage facility for your needs. Read Also:How To Find A Locksmith To Trust With Your Home Security, Locks & Keys Learn More About Social Security Disability in Deland 3 Home Upgrades to Make Your Property Unique

Phishing Attacks

What Are Some Best Practices To Prevent Phishing Attacks?

Cybercriminals these days are very active because the use of the internet has become common and now they can easily find different victims.There are different types of online frauds and scams played by cyber criminals. Out of all the frauds, the most common one is phishing attacks.According to research, phishing attacks are affecting millions of people every year in one way or another. If you are running a brand you want to protect your account, you should know how you can prevent phishing attacks. Here are a few common practices:5 Best Practices To Prevent Phishing Attacks1. Never click on any random click:Many phishing attacks come in the form of a link. You receive an email that contains a link. You should not click on that link unless you are sure about the fact that the sender of the email is someone you know.If the link has come from an unknown source, you can simply hover over the link to see what website it leads to. Don’t try to click on any link because it will take you to the website where you will become vulnerable to a phishing attack. 2. Never share your information anywhere:You might want to share your personal information with a website that is legitimate but not so secure. If it is an e-commerce website, try to buy products and pay for them at your doorsteps instead of making advance payments through your debit or credit card.When you share your debit or credit card details on an insecure website, you put your card and your finances at risk.This way, you can easily attack a phishing attack. If you are running a business in Australia and you want to protect your business from phishing attacks, click on where you can get the best DMARC monitoring in Australia.3. Keep changing your passwords:People are often recommended to keep changing their passwords after regular intervals so that they can keep all the potential hackers and attackers at bay. Sometimes, your account gets compromised without even knowing. When this happens, you will lose all your data.This type of phishing attack is very dangerous because it can compromise your private data. So, if you keep changing your passwords, you will be able to ensure that your account is secure from various types of phishing attacks.4. Keep firewalls:Installing firewalls is always an effective strategy to prevent yourself from potential attacks of phishing. It acts like a barrier between your personal computer where you operate your accounts and the platforms where attackers are waiting to compromise your data.There are different types of firewalls. If you use two or three of them in combination, you can achieve the desired level of security.5. Never pay attention to pop-ups:Some pop-ups are very attractive and tempt people to open them and get attacked. You should never click on these pop-ups. For more safety, you can download software that will block different pop-ups.Additionals:How to Manage Your Marketing DataBenefits of penetration testing To BusinessesWhat Is Zero Trust In Cybersecurity Context?Top 10 Cybersecurity Features That Are A Must-Have In An Ecommerce Store