5 Park Amenities to Improve Community Wellness


14 March 2022



Fitness is for everyone, and communities can play a large role in helping prevent obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and other conditions. The sedentary lifestyle most adults and children lead puts them at a greater risk for a number of ailments.

While it’s up to every person to choose a routine that works for them, there are ways community leaders can help, too. The local park is the perfect canvas for transforming your community into a fitness oasis. These five amenities are ideal for all ages, including small children and senior citizens.

5 Park Amenities to Improve Community Wellness

1. Outdoor Gym Equipment

There are plenty of park exercise equipment options to choose from. In addition to adult options, there is also a wide range of outdoor fitness equipment for kids. Rather than rely solely on playground equipment, take things like bars, balance beams, and agility poles into consideration.

For adults, it’s important to ensure that any equipment you purchase is accessible for people of all fitness levels. You should also include a variety of equipment that can be used by those who require mobility assistance.

2. Walking Trails

Walking Trails

Designated walking paths encourage residents to get out and enjoy the sunshine. You can use these paths to plant trees and flowers, too, boosting the community value and eco-friendliness. A walking trail is easy to lay, but it should be done with non-slip surfaces in mind. If you include any barriers or stonework, make sure that they are still accessible and safe for those who use wheelchairs or walkers.

Avoid any surfaces that become extremely slick when wet as well. Some people enjoy their daily walks even on a rainy day, and you don’t want the park to become a hazard. You can also have information about things like the best shoes for runners and the importance of hydration when walking the trails available so people’s experience can be well rounded, and safe.

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3. Community Pool and/or Splash Pads

3. Community Pool and/or Splash Pads

Is there anything more unifying than a community pool? These are where summers are made for children and adults alike. Hosting weekly water aerobics classes, including ones for babies and senior citizens, can get everyone active in a safe way.

You can even earn money for the community by hosting affordable swim classes for all ages led by a certified instructor. Splash pads are great for younger children whose parents want them to cool off without taking a full-on dip in the pool. They can also be a good way to provide relief from the summer heat if your park isn’t big enough to accommodate a community swimming pool.

4. Basketball Court

A basketball court invites everyone to shoot some hoops and get in shape. This is a great way to encourage your child to be active and also be social. Kids and teens in particular love to hang out on the court after school, and this outlet can provide a safe place for them to make friends with their peers.

Be sure to provide some equipment rental options as well. Not everyone owns their own ball, but they should be able to borrow one for a game with friends or family.

5. Dog Park

Dog parks are a great addition to any community. In addition to helping pet owners spend more time with their four-legged friends, they also encourage more walking throughout the neighborhood. As most people will likely walk their dogs to and from the park, you can encourage more movement by creating a space big enough (and safe enough) for canines of all sizes. It may be helpful to set up a divider that allows dogs 20 pounds and under to play in their own area. This will prevent any accidental injuries.

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Everything You Need To Know About A Post Office And Its Services

It seems like posts offices have been prevalent since the beginning of time. Predominantly, they are known for sending letters and parcels to distant relatives, friends, and clients. Whether national or international, a post office is a primary source for these items. But, in reality, the outpost goes way beyond. From banking and bills, postage, travel, and insurance, the Office takes care of it all. There are broadband services and identity-related services too. Let’s explore this in detail. Postage The British Post Office allows you to send or receive items within the UK or EU. Plus, they also cater to international postage. When sending letters or parcels within the UK, there are two categories of Standard delivery - 1st Class and 2nd Class. The First Class option shall deliver the package the next working day, whereas the Second Class in two to three working days. There are other postal services such as Signed delivery. It notifies you when the recipient acknowledges the parcel. Another use of this service is that you can track the journey of your package. There is also Guaranteed next-day delivery. The British Postage system renders the Drop & Go service for regular users. The service expedites the delivery as there is no weighing or printing. The process needs stamps and postages on every outgoing item. This is where an automated franking machine has been gaining traction lately. Now that was all within the UK. The services overseas or abroad are typically the same. But there is one exception. There are four categories of international delivery - standard, confirmed, guaranteed, and economy. Banking and Bills The British Post Office also caters to all your banking needs. Whether you have children pursuing education overseas or have a family abroad, you can transfer funds using the money transfers online service. Furthermore, you can also fulfill your other regular and everyday banking needs, such as paying bills and top-ups. The Post Office also provides ancillary banking-related services such as savings accounts, including bonds and ISAs, loans, credit cards, and mortgages. There is also the ‘other services’ category. It includes postal orders, cheque authority cards, post office payout, current accounts, and a pre-paid funeral plan. Insurance There are several valuables that one seeks to secure, including home, motor, and life. The British Post Office provides these three along with insurance for your pets, gadgets, and even your travel plans. While most of the types are self-explanatory, life and travel include multiple covers. When it comes to life insurance, the Office offers over 50s insurance, critical illness cover, and free parent life cover. It also provides a funeral benefit option. Under travel insurance, there are two types - cruise travel and winter sports. In addition to this, one can opt for either a single trip or the annual multi-trip insurance. 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Retail and Gifting As surprising as it may sound, the British Post Office offers retail and gifting services. Citizens get to avail gift cards for celebrations such as festive occasions. You can also apply for gift cards for family members and teachers. Plus, you have the option of gaming gift cards too. Parting Words The Post Office offers multiple services across the board. It is a one-stop solution that can support banking, travel, insurance, and of course, postage. Although the world has gotten digital, the post office and its services are still important and relevant in the current times. The onus lies on you to use them to your benefit. Read Also: Top 10 Travel Destinations That You Need to Visit Michigan Auto Insurance

Match Sofas With Accent Chairs

How Do You Match Sofas With Accent Chairs?

It is unarguable that decorating our own home will surely excite us. The thoughts of what color palette to use or what furniture to put or how to arrange them will get us a bit carried away for sure. The entire decoration plays a key role as it sets up the mood for the house. Whether you want a refresh or moving into a new space, it is vital to purchase durable furniture to incorporate your home. Choosing your furniture can take you a lot of time to consider its design and quality. In Chesterfield furniture, they offer a wide range of designs that will not compromise your comfort as they only intend to use the finest materials for their sofas and chairs. The most crucial spot of the house to decorate is the living room. Being the center of the house, a heart is considered a symbol for the living room. The living room is the primary room you will see upon entering a home, and it is where guests are entertained. The living room should be an area to indulge and lie on the couch as you enjoy a bowl of popcorn watching your favorite movie. Most importantly, the living room is where families should spend time together to relax and share stories. There is a long list of furniture to consider putting in the living room. The essentials are the sofa, coffee table, accent chairs, media stand, and side table. Putting together all these are overwhelming; thus, one should consider hiring an interior decorator to do the job, or if not, dig deep on Pinterest for design inspiration. One of the common mistakes in arranging your furniture is the improper incorporation of your sofa with your accent chair. If you want to create a pleasing space to the eye and a solid setup, you should consider a few tips and tricks to have a successful mix and match. What Do I Have To Put In Mind: In pairing your sofa with your accent chair, contrasting them is most crucial. You will have to make these pieces complement each other and, at the same time, can stand on their own. You shall also consider the style, color, and form of your selections. 1. Style Style is an essential element to consider. If you opt for minimal decoration, both your sofa and accent chair should embody that style. 2. Color Carefully decide on the color palette you will use for your sofa and your accent chair. Your choice can either be a monochromatic or complementary color scheme; always make sure they don’t crash with each other. 3. Form Always be mindful of the form. A skirted sofa would go along well with an accent chair that has an intricate or evident leg style. How Do I Arrange These Pieces? There are various ways to arrange your sofa and your accent chair: front and center, and section-off space. When you follow the front and center arrangement, you must consider where you will be facing as you sit down. The section-off space arrangement considers arranging the furniture in ways that can accommodate visitors and guests. There are no rules on how you should decorate your place; as being said, it is your home and your own space. However, it would help if you always put in mind that the design must go together harmoniously. Read Also:  Some Common Reason why we Use Futon Mattress Modern Home design ideas for crowded families Top 5 Trending Home Renovation Ideas For Australian Families

Medication Cost

Elements Figuring out the Medication Cost

There are lots of factors to consider when figuring out the medication cost of assisted living. The best way to figure this out is to compare different options and determine what works best for you. For example, you may need to pay for a level of care, but you can also find an affordable option that has an all-inclusive price. This means that the price includes everything, including meals, utilities, transportation, and other activities. Some all-inclusive prices include medical services, too. This is a good choice for those who have many needs. One bill covers everything and will leave you without worrying about each penny. #Vary from Community to Community The costs of assisted living vary greatly from community to community. Most communities have a base fee, and then charge extra for more services. This means that the monthly cost of care will go up. For example, a tier-one facility will have only basic services, while a tier five facility will offer more comprehensive health care. #Residential Unit The medication cost of assisted living depends on several factors. The price you pay will depend on how much assistance your loved one requires, and the size of the residential unit. The cost will also depend on the type of services that your loved one needs. Some facilities have nurses who can administer their medications, while others have staff who are more limited in their services. #Vary by Location and Level of Care The price of assisted living can vary by location and level of care that you need. Depending on the area you live in, you can expect to pay $1,400 to $4,600 per month for an independent living community. The most expensive option will be a nursing home, which provides more comprehensive healthcare. For this reason, it's best to compare the two options before making a decision. #Factors Influencing Medication Costs While most residents choose to pay from their resources, many people will need to consider some factors before making this decision. The cost of assisted living in California will be higher than the national average. For low-income residents, it is important to consider where the person lives. Some people prefer to live in a community where their relatives live. #Making a Decision The medication cost of assisted living is one of the most important factors to consider before making a decision. While it can be a considerable expense, it is often necessary for the aging adult to remain in a place where he can receive the best care. Consequently, this is a great opportunity for the veteran to maximize his or her benefits. #Funded by Federal Government Depending on your state, Medicaid covers a portion of the cost of assisted living. However, it is important to check the fine print of the contract carefully before signing any agreement. You may be able to qualify for assistance through the medication of your choice. You can also qualify for additional help if you are unable to afford the care you need. If you need assistance, the medication cost of assisted living may be the only option. #Financial Assistance Program Because Medicare does not cover assisted living, many older adults do not qualify for it. There are also several different levels of care, depending on the level of health. While some are more expensive than others, the benefits of these programs should still be worth it. If you do qualify for these programs, you will be able to get some help for your aging parents. #Charge a Fee for Medication You can get a free estimate of the medication cost of assisted living by completing an online form. Then, contact the facilities to get a quote. You can also contact the nursing homes directly to ask for more information. This will help you make an informed decision. Whether you need in-home or out-of-home care, you should be able to pay the medication cost. Image Source: https://lovingassistedliving.com/cost-assisted-living/ Read Also: Strengthening Your Community In 2018 Become A Foster Parent – Make An Impact On The Community Wpc16 Com Dashboard Review – All You Need To Know