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Published on: 16 March 2019 Last Updated on: 25 November 2021
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Car insurance is a requirement for anyone who, well, owns a car. But with a huge variety of insurance brands and companies offering different types of coverage in across the United States — some more affordable than others — finding the perfect automobile insurance company suited to your needs can seem daunting, especially if you’re trying to save money while also not skimping on great service.

When searching for car insurance, it’s important to keep in mind that the most credible and trustworthy automobile insurance company for a friend or relative may not be a good match for you.

And then, as if to complicate matters further, every state has its own minimum protection requirements. On top of all this, if you have financed your car, your lender also typically requires enough coverage to protect its collateral.

It becomes much easier to get a clear rundown of the best car insurance companies when you look more closely at customer satisfaction and complaints in the form of transparent, crowd-sourced reviews. The research comes in many forms, after all. Here are a few pointers and guidelines to help get you started on the path to finding the car insurer that’s perfectly suited for you.

Different Ways To Select Auto Insurance Company 

1. Compare car insurance rates:

As a general rule, don’t simply buy from the first car insurance company you come across. It’s absolutely necessary to compare the insurance rates of at least 4 to 5 companies (both large and small) before you make any final, binding commitments. If you’re busy like the rest of us and would prefer to save valuable time, take advantage of online services available to compare car insurance quotes from your top picks instantly.

2. Check Your Central or State Government’s Insurance Department Website:

Each state government has an automobile and traffic insurance department responsible for regulating, moderating, controlling the car insurance companies within the state boundaries. Their websites can be a valuable source of information on complaint filings, licensing information, and many of them even make automobile insurance companies file insurance rates and other paperwork, making it public knowledge. In other words, you can see how regularly each insurance provider sends requests to the government to increase its rates, along with knowing the moments on which the states grant permissions, or rejects their requests. Clearsurance offers additional car insurance information for all 50 states plus Washington, D.C., taking much of the tedious grunt work out of discovering the top-rated companies, most popular insurers, and minimum car insurance requirements to be a legit and legal driver in your state.

3. Look into companies financial standings:

It is important to remember that car and other automobile insurance companies are indeed financial institutions, so familiarizing yourself with their ratings by insurance and financial analysts is a great way to understand how strong the financial foundation of a company is. Put another way, you want to be sure the car insurance company you choose to cover your vehicle is not stretching its financial resources or covering or offering unrealistic figures just to be successful. Companies committing to extravagant figures in the industry is not unheard of.

4. Check out Real Customer Assessments and Reviews of Automobile Insurance companies:

Your satisfaction with your car insurance company will stretch beyond simply financial details and transgress into other important considerations. Knowing and understanding what their existing clients think of them as a whole, in terms of service, affordability, relationships, credibility, is equally important. Be on the lookout for pointed information, like how easy it is to file an insurance claim, how easy (or difficult) it is to reach a representative of the company or the agent, and speak with them, and how long it takes to settle a claim of insurance once it is made. Customer service should never be underestimated as the great measuring tool that it is for determining the car or automobile insurance company best-suited to your needs! is the only crowdsourced website dedicated to providing a transparent, trusted look at today’s insurance market — thanks to over 125K consumer reviews. What better place to start your search?

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Commercial Truck Insurance

How To Find Affordable Commercial Truck Insurance

The dawn of the delivery age has given rise to many new businesses. With more and more companies offering delivery options, companies that deliver retail goods are often left searching for cheap commercial truck insurance. While these are the most popular companies using this type of insurance, they aren’t the only ones. Moving companies, couriers, and furniture delivery companies are just a few more examples of companies who may benefit from cheap commercial truck insurance. Just about any business utilizing a large truck will be required to carry certain insurances by state law, leaving many business owners searching for the best cheap commercial truck insurance. Here’s what you need to know about finding the best cheap commercial truck insurance. Know Your State Requirements Each state has its own minimum requirements, even for cheap commercial truck insurance. While the state minimum may have attractive premiums, it may not always be the best choice for your business. The minimum state requirement is often only enough to cover the cost of repairs to other people’s property when you are involved in an accident. Without insurance to repair your own property or your box truck, even a small accident can be catastrophic. If your commercial truck travels between states, there may be a federal minimum that must be met. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) sets its own federal minimum requirements for commercial trucks that travel between states. Many companies choose to meet these federal minimum requirements rather than just the state requirements. Get Multiple Quotes When shopping for cheap commercial truck insurance it always helps to get multiple quotes from several different companies. Each insurance company has its own underwriting team and acceptable risk amount, so the quotes may vary significantly. Insurance companies sometimes specialize in certain sectors, like large trucks or commercial vehicles, which allows them to offer specific discounts. Sometimes you may get a discount for bundling multiple policies with the same insurance company. Other times, you may get better coverage for less by doing business with more than one insurance company. The type of industry you operate your business in, and your driving record will also affect your premium rates. Consider Your Payment Options Believe it or not, your payment options can affect your insurance premiums. Insurance companies often offer a discount for paying in full rather than making monthly payments. If you must opt for monthly payments, some insurance companies offer a discount for having payments automatically debited from an account. You can sometimes lower your insurance premium payments by raising your deductible. An insurance deductible is the amount you pay out of pocket for a covered claim. When shopping for cheap commercial truck insurance, get quotes for different deductible amounts if you can afford it. It is important to have enough money in savings to cover your deductible amount or the results can be disastrous. It doesn’t make sense to purchase cheap commercial truck insurance with a $5,000 deductible if you only have $1,000 in savings. Why Commercial Truck Insurance Costs More When shopping for cheap commercial truck insurance it’s important to understand why commercial truck insurance costs more in the first place. Commercial trucks are some of the largest vehicles on the road and they can cause a lot of damage when an accident occurs. Long business hours also tend to cause driver fatigue and increase the chances of an accident on the road. Lastly, large commercial trucks sometimes carry hazardous materials, which also increases the risk of an accident. All these factors combined cause the cost of even cheap commercial truck insurance to be more expensive, and it tends to go up a little every year. It helps to shop around and install anti-theft devices in your commercial vehicles. Hire drivers with good driving records and keep a logbook. Maintain your commercial trucks and take advantage of safe driving apps or devices offered by your insurance company. Getting Cheap Commercial Truck Insurance Cheap commercial truck insurance does exist, even if it can be elusive. It’s best to get multiple quotes and play with the deductible amount to see how it affects your premiums. If possible, pay your premiums annually instead of monthly or quarterly. Most of all, it sometimes helps to work with an insurance broker who can help you get multiple quotes from several different insurance companies. This is the best way to find cheap commercial truck insurance that gives you the most bang for your buck. Read Also: How To Protect Yourself Legally During An Accident With A UPS Truck Legal Ways to Determining Fault for an Arizona Truck Accident 4 Things You Need To Know About Commercial Truck Insurance

Car Driving Safety Tips

7 Important Car Driving Safety Tips You Should Not Skip!

Are you following all the traffic rules while car driving? If no, then you must start doing it right away! No matter how advanced the technology becomes in lowering the chances of any mishappenings, still it takes place, and mostly due to the person's negligence. Whether it's because of ignoring safety rules or due to rash driving, the number will be going to increase if you are not careful. Thus, it is always a good idea to remind yourself about the safety rules from time to time if you want to boost your chances to stay safe on the road. So, make sure that you are careful enough to sustain yourself as well as other drivers and other people as safe as possible following these safety tips: Never Skip On Your Seat Belt: Wearing your Seat belt is something which is the essential step to stay safe if an accident occurs. It will not only save you from hitting you out from the sudden mishap but also severe injuries to your body. There would be higher chances of reducing injuries if you wear your seat belt every time. Keep all your documents with you! If you get involved in a car accident, you may need to hire an attorney! This is where your attorney will need those documents that are mandatory in the car accident lawsuit process to help you in the legal formalities. He will not only help you recover money from the insurance company, but also help you recover medical expenses, and in other legal procedures. Maintain the Standard Speed Limit: Who does not like to enjoy a fun ride with friends? Probably, everyone! But, this can be a life-threatening activity or can leave you with permanent disabilities. Thus, it plays a major role in controlling traffic accidents. Approximately 2 million drivers experience a permanent injury every year. So, next time, when you sit in your car, make sure that you maintain the standard speed. Follow Traffic Rules, Always! It is yet again one of the primary causes of encouraging road accidents that most people tend to avoid. Taking a risk when the signal is red can cause you as well as other people some serious injuries. Or, overtaking other's vehicle from the wrong side can damage your vehicle and devastating. So, above are just a few examples to remind you that following traffic rules is still crucial. Drink And Drive Is A Big No! First, you must know that drunk and drive is illegal. So, if you are drunk while driving, there are two things you may invite: First, it can lead to a car accident, as low blood alcohol levels result in intoxication, which reduces the reaction time. While higher alcohol levels result in loss of consciousness and create blurred vision. Second, you may have to pay a heavy fine, or even it can put you in jail. So, always remember to drive when you are well. Do Not Let Yourself Distract From Anything! Any kinds of distraction like eating food, using mobile phones, talking to others, etc. can be hazardous for you and others too. Moreover, doing so can divert your attention from the road, and your responding time becomes slow in critical situations. Be Extra Careful In the Rainy Season: A person is considered a better driver if he can drive correctly in all weather conditions. And, when it comes to the rainy season, you need to pay extra attention than regular driving. You should drive maintaining a proper distance, with lower speed limits, being careful in turns and slippery roads, etc. Follow these 6 tips and all of the safety rules of the road, and you will be on your way being an attentive and responsible driver! Read Also: 7 Things To Do When Driving In Bad Weather Conditions How Do Self-Driving Cars Really Compare To Human Drivers In Terms Of Safety?

Motorhome Servicing

Motorhome Servicing and Maintenance: Your Complete Guide

Your motorhome is not only your gateway to holiday fun, but it is also a road vehicle. To keep yourself and your passengers, and others on the road safe, you need to have your motorhome serviced regularly. Regular servicing helps maintain safe operation as well as the longevity of your vehicle and keeps it in better condition so it retains its value for longer. Here’s what you need to know about motorhome servicing and maintenance. Where Can I Get My Motorhome Serviced? A workshop specializing in motorhomes carries out the servicing. Servicing can often be arranged through the dealership where you purchased your motorhome, and this is usually the most efficient way to get a professional and reliable service. Make sure you carry out the service at the times and mileages recommended by the motorhome manufacturer. In addition to the chassis and mechanical checks, you need to service the living area, which is often called a habitation check. This should also be carried out by a specialist workshop of the motorhome dealership. During this service the engineer should check the heating systems, water supply, gas, and electric systems and the fixtures. They will also check for signs of damp or dangerous wear and tear. It is important to have a regular habitation check since this keeps the vehicle safe as well as making it more comfortable. Don’t forget to book your service early as many workshops are busy during the spring months before the season starts. What Can I Check at Home? As well as the regular professional servicing and habitation checks, you can also keep your motorhome in top condition with maintenance checks. Set up a schedule to spring clean your vehicle on an annual basis; you give the van a thorough clean to remove any build-up of dirt and grime that could lead to deterioration over time. Check the windows and doors for leaks or damaged seals. Damp inside the van can be a problem. If you notice any musty smell or any signs of mould, open all the windows and doors, remove the mould, and give the van an effective airing. Check the water and power systems. Clean water tanks with recommended cleaners and sterilizers. Check the gas system so that everything remains properly connected and there is no damage to any fixtures. Look over the appliances to make sure everything works correctly. Open out the beds and air any soft furnishings. Look at the oil and coolant levels and check the battery of the motorhome. If you don’t use your vehicle over the winter, keep the battery charged by turning on the engine or running the van every six weeks or so. Start the vehicle to check the wiper blade work and that the blades have not perished. You can also check, before you start your first trip of the season, that your paperwork is in order and you have the correct MOT certificate and evidence of regular servicing. Make sure your breakdown cover is up to date and you have the correct insurance cover. Once you have completed all these checks, you’ll enjoy a more relaxing and safer season in your motorhome. Read also: How Car Detailing Can Keep Your Vehicle in Top Shape Contemplating an Aluminium Ute Canopy For Your Four-Wheel Drive Vehicle?