What is The Procurement Management Process?


10 February 2020


Procurement management

Procurement contracts can often be very overwhelming to create and manage. It involves a lot of different moving parts, from negotiating to price, setting out milestones, defining the scope of work and so much more. You want to ensure the top quality of work for your company without incurring too many extra costs. Learning about the procurement management process can help you navigate this journey with a bit more ease and confidence.

What is the procurement contract management process?

Having a procurement contract management process involves managing the ordering, receipt, and approval of materials from suppliers. It also deals with managing relations with suppliers and sellers. By having an established procurement contract management process, you can ensure that the materials and services provided meet your needs.

What does the procurement management process look like?

The process of procurement management will look different from any project, but loosely follows the following workflow:

Recognizing the need


Before you even think of procuring anything, your company will realize it needs a certain product or service. Maybe it is something as simple as new computer monitors for one department, or a much bigger project like the construction of a new building as your company expands.



In this stage, your team will smooth out the details related to the project, determine the budget, and start to draft out a contract. You will begin to write SOW (statements of work) to serve as a document outlining the work being contracted, for all outsider contractors you work with. Check out a sample statement of work here.

Depending on the size of your company and who is in charge of purchasing, you may need to request approval from a higher-up at this point in the procurement management process. A senior manager may need to approve budgets and make amendments to the statement of work.

Requesting quotes

After approval is given, whether that is from a manager or from yourself, you can send out a request for quotations (RFQ) to various sellers. This is when different companies bid for your project. Depending on the risk involved, whether that be physical or financial, there may be more or fewer bidders.

Reviewing and finalizing proposals

This is the stage where your team selects the vendor you want to work with. Usually, teams will have a set of criteria that will use to determine which seller to go with. The reputation of the company and prior experience working with them may also come into play during decision-making.

Negotiation and signing


Once you’ve finalized your selection, your team will have to negotiate with them. After both the buyer and seller are happy with the procurement contract, they will sign the contract and purchase order (PO) will be sent to the seller to purchase materials. At this stage, the contract is active and the project is underway.

Managing and overseeing contractors

The procurement management process doesn’t quite end there. Having someone request frequent status updates and oversee the project will help you keep up-to-date. The progress can be tracked down and in this way you can prevent your company from getting blind-sided by huge issues late on. Monitoring and tracking their work will help you understand if the project is going as planned. If things aren’t going well, at least you can take action earlier in the project than react to it at the end.

Having a records management system in place will make things much easier at the end of the contract as you move closer to payment.

End of procurement contract

procurement contract

Once the contractor completes the work set out in the contract, the procurement management process has ended. This is when the contract formally releases liability and payment is processed. At this stage, invoices, records and other documents from both parties are matched and compared against to ensure that the fees are correct, this is usually achieved with the help of a purchase requisition platform like Coupa’s system.

Knowing what the procurement process is like is integral to any business. You may be on either end of the process, either buying or selling to someone. Governmental bodies often undergo procurement to take on projects like marketing or auditing.

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5 Reasons Why Bitcoins Are Considered Reliable Investments

Today Bitcoin has become one of the most reliable Cryptocurrencies to provide you with more returns from your investments. However, proper planning and execution can make things easier for you. It is one of the most reliable investment opportunities that is viewed in the global market scenario today. Prices of Bitcoin are increasing at a rapid speed. This Cryptocurrency is showing a bullish trend in the global Cryptomarket.   Why Is Bitcoins A Reliable Investment Now? There are several reasons why Bitcoin is now considered as one of the reliable investments in the Cryptomarket. Let’s find out the reasons to understand the facts. One of the essential factors for the increase of confidence in Cryptocurrency is its higher market capitalization rate. 1. Trading Volume Have Become Higher When you start your trading in Cryptocurrency, then your volume of the trading returns becomes higher. For example, during the pandemic, the prices of Bitcoins have shot up due to the fall of fiat currency prices.   It will help you scale up a higher market capitalization rate and increase the investors’ conversion. From the bitqt app, you will get profitable trade signals of Bitcoin pricing. This app helps you to make the right investment decisions. 2. Increased Awareness Today, the rate of awareness of Bitcoin has increased a lot. As a result, governments of both developed and underdeveloped countries of the world are now ready to adopt Bitcoin as their prime medium of exchange.   Countries like the USA, UK, China, India, Australia, and Ecuador have permitted the trade of Cryptocurrency in the global market. Gradually, Bitcoin is becoming a global currency. It can produce more billionaires in the upcoming years. 3. Global Acceptance The global acceptance of Bitcoin is increasing at a rapid pace. Many third-world countries of the world are also now accepting Bitcoin as their prime mode of exchange. Therefore, investors need to stay aware of Bitcoin’s market trend. The global trend is on the rise for Bitcoin. It is now one of the premium currencies that can help your business to grow. The best part of this Cryptocurrency is that it has a constant value all over the world. You will have the scope to earn more in a short time frame. Proper execution of the planning can make things easier for you. 4. Diversify Your Investments The best part of Crypto trading is that you can diversify your investments in a short time frame. In addition, it can help you to increase your returns from your assets. Bitcoin is now showing the most positive profitable trends in the global market. Therefore, risk scattering is an essential part of investments, and in Crypto-trading, you can perform this task efficiently.   You have to make sure that you do not forget to track the price margin of Bitcoins. Execution of the plans and implementation of the perfect strategy can make things easier for investors. 5. Gained The Status Similar To That Of Gold Today, Bitcoin has got the status of gold. The main reason is that it is not a  currency anymore. Rather it has become an asset whose value is relatively high. Therefore, the application of the right strategy can make things easier and effective for you. Whenever you make your investments in Bitcoins, a bearish approach can work well for you. Buy Bitcoins when their prices are low and reserve it unless their price shoots up. Then, it can help you to earn more from Bitcoin transactions. Analyze the market well before you make your investments. Final Take Away Whenever you want to invest your money in Bitcoins, ensure that you make the transactions correctly. Prepare your strategy first before making your investments in Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a highly volatile Cryptocurrency, so make your investments after considering all the aspects of the trading market that can make your investments worthwhile. Read Also: What Embracing Crypto-Backed Lending Means for the Finance Industry Types of Bitcoin Trading with Parameters Investing In Bitcoins: 5 Things You Need To Know

Binary Options

Unveiling The Dark Side Of Trading: Exposing Binary Options Scams And Ensuring A Secure Future

It is quite normal to have an extra cushion in life in the form of financial freedom. When you have enough money, your life becomes more comfortable. You have the freedom to buy the things that you desire most. And it is not a crime to dream big. Many seek an alternative source of income to supplement their income. There are several ways one can achieve this, and the stock market is one such place. Many have invested in the stock market and have made substantial profits. Considering the current economic situation, the need for this extra cushion is ever greater. The rising food prices, the Fed's increasing interest rates, and declining job prospects have raised concerns among many Westerners. As more and more people explore the possibilities of making a quick buck, scammers are just around the corner, waiting for them to make a mistake and get scammed in the process. Several scammers will impersonate stock brokers or brokerage firms; there are also some firms whose license to practice trading has expired or been revoked due to some legal issues. Thus, you, as an investor, need to be careful not to fall for such scams. The binary options trading scam is one such financial fraud that has engulfed many victims in its path. Binary Option Trading Before we understand the nature of the scam, let us first understand what binary options trading is. It is a type of contract between the broker and the client where the payouts entirely depend on the outcome, such as "yes" or "no." The price trend of a financial asset like a stock is considered, and a wager exists between the broker and the client that in the next five minutes, the price trend of that particular stock will either increase or decline. The one who loses the wager pays the winning amount to the winner. For example, a $100 wager between the client and broker is that the price of X stock, which is trending at $45 per share, will rise or fall. The one who loses the wager pays off the winner. Such wagers are instantaneous, and unlike other types of options available in the financial market, there is no way the client can avoid paying the losing bet. The contract ends when the stimulated time ends, and the loser pays the winner. Binary Option Scams Well, if binary options trading is so simple, you have a 50% chance of winning the bet, and you might think, "What could go wrong?" Well, for one, the trading platform that scammers offer their clients to download is rigged. The rigging is achieved in two ways: either the entire platform is rigged or there is a delay in the data that is streamed. Generally, the trading platforms offered by brokers or brokerage firms relay real-time data on price fluctuations in the stock market. The trading platform provided by Binary options scammers could cause a delay in the data streamed by the stock market. Thus, scammers know in advance about the price moment and can thus ensure that every bet that is placed is in favor of the scammer. In the second way of scamming the victims, scammers provide their victims with a completely rigged trading platform. In this case, the real-time data is not streamed from the stock market; rather, it is completely controlled by scammers. How do scammers keep their victims enticed? Scammers are smart; they know that if they keep on winning every time, their victims will lose interest and stop playing their "rigged game." Scammers will ensure that their victims initially win, thus promising a false sense of security that they have the "ability to win big." Thus, once these scammers start investing more, they start to lose. They invest more because they are afraid of losing money. The false sense that "this is the last bet, the one bet that will recover all the lost money," makes them invest more while increasing the amount on successive bets. A few genuine brokers and brokerage firms allow binary trading; they are regulated and certified by the regulatory authority, which ensures clients' interests are protected. How to spot bogus brokers or brokerage firms offering binary options services? Among all the complaints that are being received by the SEC, or Securities Exchange Commission, there are three common categories where victims were ripped off. 1. Denying reimbursement or paying off clients Once clients have opened trading accounts with scammers, they will deposit their money into their trading accounts. As and when the clients are falsely encouraged by the scammers to invest more to win more. Once these clients have had enough of the losses or wish to withdraw their winnings from their accounts, these scammers will not allow their clients to withdraw. Since these Binary options scammers are based in another country, there is little that these clients can do apart from calling their customer service center, which will eventually block their contact numbers. 2. Identity Theft Under the guise of providing binary options services, scammers will collect all the sensitive data from their victims. These scammers will collect their social security numbers, bank account numbers, credit card details, passports, driver’s licenses, and so forth. 3. Rigged trading platform Many clients who fall victim to bogus brokers or brokerage firms finally admit that they have fallen for a scam where they suspect that the trading platform was rigged. They also stated that the time left until the expiration of the winnings may be extended arbitrarily until the trade ends in a loss. Final thoughts The United States has legalized binary options trading, and as mentioned earlier, there are a few genuine brokers and brokerage firms regulated by regulatory authorities that are either private or government-owned. Since almost all brokers and brokerage firms advertise and can be contacted online, researching these firms is a must to avoid falling for binary options scams. Use caution if any broker or brokerage firm is offering binary options services at competitive prices. It's possible that they are scammers. Regulatory authorities offer protection against scams and fraud; they protect the interests of clients of a broker or a brokerage firm. So when a broker or brokerage firm goes rogue, these regulatory authorities ensure that the client's interests are protected. Always check that the online broker or brokerage firm is authorized and protected by a renowned private regulatory body or a government-owned entity. The binary option scam has also engulfed the cryptocurrency market; thus, be cautious if a binary option is offered in the crypto market. Read Also: 6 Ways To Make Sure Your Finances Are Seamless The Future Of Digital Currencies: 7 Things We Can Expect In 2022 Crypto Staking: Locking Up Crypto Holdings To Earn Interest

Improve Your Credit Score

5 Tactics to Improve Your Credit Score This Year

Inflation is up, money is tight, and your credit score is in the gutter. What a way to start the year! Instead of wallowing in self-pity, it’s time to finally do something about your unfortunate credit score. This January, kick-off an improvement plan to improve your credit score by the time the clock strikes midnight on Dec. 31. 5 Lucrative Ways Improve Your Credit Score:  1. Know What You’re Working With You can’t fix a problem you can’t see. If you’ve been avoiding checking your credit score for fear of what you’ll find, get over yourself. Now is the time to set aside your pride and review the damage. Your credit score impacts nearly every financial move you make. Working to improve it now, before you consider shopping for a major purchase, can make your life easier. Pull up your free annual credit report to review the data that’s been reported to the credit bureaus. If you’ve got missed payments, high credit utilization, or too many accounts, take note. Then consider your overall score. Anything under 700 should be seen as an opportunity to improve. Now you’re ready to create your action plan. 2. Take Action Daily You can make measured improvements on your credit score just by being mindful of your daily actions. If you struggle with overspending, pause before you swipe your card. Consider whether the purchase you’re about to make meets your goals and if you’ve got the money to repay the balance. If the answer to either is no, resist the urge to buy. Instead, save up for want-based purchases so you can treat yourself without sacrificing financial security. In an e-commerce age, you probably can’t eliminate plastic from your purchasing repertoire entirely, but you can be smarter about it. Familiarize yourself with different payment options like a credit builder card. These cards are secured by a funds transfer or initial deposit. Every time you pay your bill, your good payment history is reported to the credit bureaus. Over time, this great track record can improve your score. 3. Get Your Budget on Point The way you spend often dictates how well you can keep up with the demands of your bills. While everyone has core expenses across housing, food, and transportation, it’s essential to manage one’s variable expenses. Sit down with the last two months of your spending history to identify budget busters and trends you’d like to address. If dining out is a sore spot for your budget, create a system to help you indulge with purpose. Set a dollar amount that you can spend without dipping into cash reserves dedicated for other expenses. Think about why you like to spend in this category and whether there’s another way to fill your cup. If your real desire is to spend time with friends, pivot to hosting a small potluck dinner once a month. Adjust your spending toward this event, and you just may find you like the results better than gathering at restaurants. 4. Dispute Inaccuracies Your comprehensive credit report may be telling lies about you. If your careful review identifies inaccuracies in your report, it’s in your best interest to dispute them. Late payments are one of the biggest dings on your credit report. If you’re a reliable payer, it’s only fair to fix any errors in your report. First, reach out to the company reporting the information to the bureaus to dispute your account status. Then report the error to the credit reporting bureaus. You’ll need to include a dispute form and documentation supporting your case. This process can take months to resolve, so stay the course on other credit-boosting activities while you wait. Inaccurate reports happen, so it’s important to review your credit report regularly so you can quickly address them. 5. Attack the Two Most Impactful Credit Factors Put your energy into the most impactful parts of your credit score: on-time payments and credit utilization. Your payment history drives 35% of your credit score. If you have a history of late payments, you’re killing your score. Catch up on missed payments and create a system to help you manage your bills. Set up autopay for your core bills (rent/mortgage, utilities, insurance, etc.) so you can ensure that your obligations are covered. The second most impactful area of your financial behavior is credit utilization, which makes up 30% of your score. Credit utilization — the percentage of your available credit that you’re using at any given time — signifies how well you manage money. Work to keep your utilization below 30% to earn a good mark from the credit bureaus. If you can, request a credit limit increase to improve that percentage, but resist the urge to tap into it. Consider making payments toward your balance as you make changes to keep your utilization low. Creating the Accountability to Stay on Track Any goal is more achievable when you breathe life into it. So create a vision board of your credit score goals and post it where you can see it daily. Talk about your plan with your friends and family to create an accountability team for your new credit-building habits. Monitor your progress regularly and course-correct if you need to. The more you interact with your plan and assess your behavior, the more likely you are to be successful. Who knows? After a year of hard work, sacrifice, and intentional effort, your score could even climb from poor to exceptional. Read Also: Revolving Debt Vs Installment Debt – Which Impacts your Credit Score Why Would I Need A Business Credit Report? No Credit Rating Check Lendings Online split Second Authorization 5 Credit Card Perks that are Noteworthy How a Smart Guy Gets an Amazing Commercial Lease with Bad Credit