Most Common Bitcoin Trading Blunders – You Must Avoid

The bitcoin market is easily accessible to anyone who has a computer with an internet connection or a smartphone or tab and some starting capital. Many beginners are fascinated by the process and want to be a part of this trade but often fail to do well in this trade. It is very sad that many of the beginners do start with the trade but end up being broke due to tack of the knowledge of bitcoin trading. Here we have mentioned some of the most common bitcoin trading blunders that one must avoid while dealing with bitcoins.

Bitcoin Trading Blunders


If you are new to the business of bitcoin trading, then you must surely avoid making some mistakes. Here we will discuss the pointers of which one must avoid while doing bitcoin trading.


The beginners will not have to use real money when there is already innumerable availability of paper money on different platforms. A beginner who is actually passionate about being a professional trader must first step in with a system that sets guidelines for their entries, exits and risk management.


Freshers usually tend to trade with emotions which makes them fail to accept the loss that is created to them. The most important capability of the trader must be the fact that he/she must be able to take the loss or accept the loss to run healthily in the future. You must set a stop loss guideline and do not move if all the guidelines are violated already.


Experienced traders tend to balance their trade which the freshers might fail at. Balancing and rebalancing of your bitcoin are important to keep a balanced portfolio for yourself. Balancing will also help you to make less loss in your bitcoin trading.

Trading Journal:

Investment and trade are very different from each other, one must first be aware of this. If you have a plan for your trade then you would consider yourself responsible for your action and the result of your action. Keep a journal to follow and make a note of all the changes that you make in your trade and you can also follow it back for future references.


Many young ones believe that they can earn life-changing money through bitcoin trading and by the bar of which it takes a lot of risks targetting to earn that amount.


You must know that money is the mantra. You need money to make more money. Many think that through bitcoin trading one can make money sitting in the comfort of the couch but that is a sheer lie. If making money would have been so easy then no one would have worked day and night to earn money. A trader who wants to run his entire life earning money through bitcoin must also have enough money for investment. Being undercapitalized can ruin their dream and career of earing through bitcoin trading.


It is a hard job to earn money and especially if it bitcoin money. Even if you know all the hacks, you must be aware of the risk management in bitcoin trading because that would be majorly the factor in this trade.

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