Property Investment Success Stories


12 December 2018

Real Estate

Property Investment Success Stories

Many people have chosen the buy to let property investment route and though the market has had some recent knocks, investing in property continues to be a lucrative option. There are a number of property investment success stories out there, and we take a look at why choosing to invest in property can be such a great option.

In the UK there are more than a million buy to let property investors, most of who have a couple of properties earning rental income for them. Sometimes it can be a property they have inherited or bought when they were single, earning them the title of ‘amateur buy to letters’. However, there are a considerable number of people who have taken buy to let property investments to another level, becoming ‘megalandlords’ like Judith and Fergus Wilson who had a 1000 strong property empire worth around £200 million.

In a Daily Telegraph article looking at buy to let gurus, investors like Jim Haliburton who owns 160 properties in the West Midlands and is currently buying at least one property a month, is passionate about the benefits of buying to let. With a strategy of doubling his money by purchasing a two/three-bed terrace in 2012 for £80,000, spending £32,000 on converting it into a five-bedroom property and then letting for a total annual rent of £18,000, the current market value of the same property in 2014 was £180,000. This style of property investment was also popular with Steve Bolton, who owned 20 properties around Bournemouth and Poole, buying under-priced property and converting it to accommodate more tenants.

However, that kind of property investment isn’t the only option available. For many, buying property nearby and doing it up by themselves isn’t a possibility, but there are far more hands-off property investment strategies available. Property investment company RW Invest has a long list of successful property developments, where buy to let investors have gained substantially on their investment. Through monthly rents, guaranteed yields and below market value property prices, it can be an incredibly lucrative option to invest with a specialist company like this.

In general, UK property has proved to be an excellent investment, with price rises across the country. Property prices in the UK have risen by an incredible 281% since 1996, and in London, where house prices are now incredibly high – they have risen by 501%. The Nationwide house price index showed that buy to let property investors typically earned £14,987 for every £1000 that was invested twenty years ago. Further success stories include one property investor who purchased a £80,000 terraced house in Oxford with a £4,000 deposit which is now worthy £525,000. Another property success was a 1996 purchase of a 1500 square ft apartment in central London which was bought for £218,000 with a £25,000 deposit and is now worth £1.5 million.

Property investment continues to be one of the best investments out there, with huge price rises in the UK. As rents continue to rise across the country, buy to let property also ensures an increasing income for potential investors too. Though becoming the next property success story isn’t as far away from you as you might have thought, with lucrative property investments available in affordable cities in the UK.

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Conforming Loan Limits In California

Understanding Conforming Loan Limits In California: Unlocking Home Financing Opportunities

When it comes to purchasing a home, access to affordable financing plays a crucial role in making the dream of homeownership a reality. In California, conforming loan limits serve as a key factor in determining the maximum loan amount that lenders can offer while still qualifying for favorable terms and conditions. This article aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of conforming loan limits in California, exploring their definition, significance, factors influencing their determination, and the impact they have on homebuyers and the real estate market. I. Defining Conforming Loan Limits: In order to understand what these loan limits are all about, there are some factors that you might need to know first. A. Definition: Conforming loan limits refer to the maximum loan amounts established by government-sponsored entities (GSEs) such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. These limits delineate the boundary between conforming loans and jumbo loans, which have higher loan amounts and typically carry different terms and requirements. B. Purpose: Conforming loan limits ensure liquidity in the mortgage market by establishing a standardized framework for mortgage lending. They aim to strike a balance between affordable financing for homebuyers and risk management for lenders. Ii. Determination Of Loan Limits In California: Have you ever wondered how to determine conforming loan limits? If yes, here is a checklist for your assistance: A. Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA): The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) is responsible for setting these loan limits annually based on guidelines established by the Housing and Economic Recovery Act (HERA) of 2008. The FHFA considers various factors, including home price indices, to determine appropriate loan limits for different areas. B. County-Level Variation: Conforming loan limits can vary by county within California. The FHFA assesses each county's median home prices to determine county-specific loan limits, taking into account local housing market dynamics. C. VA Loan Limits: For those who are opting for VA-conforming loans in California, there is good news! These loans are no longer having any county loan limit for the year 2023. In “VA Circular 26-19-30,” the VA declared that Trump, the then president, had signed a pledge that eliminates all county loan limits. Veterans can make maximum use of it. Iii. Significance Of Conforming Loan Limits: Without discovering the importance of conforming to loan limits, you cannot opt for one. Go through the significances below: A. Accessibility To Affordable Financing: Conforming loan limits play a vital role in ensuring that a significant portion of homebuyers can access affordable financing options. By setting loan limits that align with local median home prices, these limits promote homeownership opportunities for a broader range of individuals and families. B. Favorable Terms And Conditions: Loans that fall within such loan limits generally enjoy more favorable terms, interest rates, and down payment requirements compared to jumbo loans. This affordability factor enhances borrowers' purchasing power and reduces barriers to entry into the housing market. C. Mortgage Market Stability: Conforming loan limits contribute to the stability of the mortgage market by facilitating the securitization and sale of mortgage-backed securities to investors. Thus, this process helps lenders manage risk and maintain a steady supply of mortgage funds for borrowers. D. Fewer Hassles Of Form Completion: Conventional conforming loans are usually not backed by any government entity. As a result, there is less red tape by the government to interfere with the approval. You will still be eligible for closing disclosure as well as a loan estimate form that will review your closing prices and fees. The frequency might be at the start and end of the mortgage procedure. Iv. Impact On Homebuyers And The Real Estate Market: Did you know that such loan limits usually have a big impact on the realty market as well as homebuyers? Conforming loan limits might have the following impacts on the purchasing decision of a homebuyer. A. Homebuyer Flexibility: A Conforming loan limit provides homebuyers with a wider range of financing options, enabling them to choose loans that align with their financial capabilities and homeownership goals. Hence, this flexibility promotes market activity and supports a sustainable real estate ecosystem. B. Housing Affordability: Conforming loan limits play a crucial role in preserving housing affordability. By capping loan amounts, they help prevent excessive price inflation and contribute to a more balanced as well as accessible housing market. C. Local Market Dynamics: Loan limits that consider county-specific median home prices reflect the unique dynamics of each local housing market within California. Moreover, this approach ensures that loan limits remain relevant and responsive to the economic realities of specific regions. V. Future Considerations: While opting for loan limits, there are certain considerations that should be made. If you are new to the market, here is what you need to discover:  A. Changing Market Conditions: Conforming loan limits may evolve over time in response to changing economic conditions, shifts in home prices, and housing market trends. Homebuyers, as well as industry professionals, should stay informed about updates to these loan limits to make informed decisions. B. Legislative And Regulatory Changes: Furthermore, policy changes at the federal level may influence conforming loan limits in California. Monitoring legislative and regulatory developments can provide insights into potential modifications to loan limits and their implications for the housing market. C. Possibilities Of Loan Limit Increase: According to HERA or the Housing and Economic Recovery Act, there might be an increase in the conforming loan limits by 2023. This reflects the changes in the percentage of average U.S. residential pricing. The time period is somewhere from 12 months to four quarters, and it will end before the annual adjustment determination. Conclusion: Conforming loan limits serve as a critical framework for home financing in California. Consequently, striking a balance between affordable access to credit for homebuyers and prudent risk management for lenders. By setting maximum loan amounts that reflect local housing market dynamics, such loan limits promote homeownership opportunities, housing affordability, and market stability. As the real estate landscape evolves, understanding and navigating these loan limits is essential for individuals and professionals seeking to participate in California's vibrant housing market. We hope this article made it easier for you to understand the various aspects of a conforming loan limit. Is there anything you would like to share? Let us know in the comment box below. Happy reading! Read Also: Choosing a Mortgage Broker for Your Home Loan Application Get Fast Access to Car Title Loan during Bad Times How Do Construction Loans Work?

First-Time Homebuyers

Things First-Time Homebuyers Need To Know About Hiring Realtors

The prospect of buying a new home for the first time is indeed a very special one. You are excited at owning a valuable piece of asset that you will call your home. For first-time buyers, getting the right property at an attractive price is a top priority. As against someone who regularly invests in real estate and understands the ins and outs, first-time buyers stand at a disadvantage. The real estate market is a very dynamic one. There are so many things that can affect the influence the price of a home. This is why the importance of a good realtor that can help guide them in the right manner is critical. From an understanding of the various neighborhoods to locating homes within a budget, a good realtor can be an asset that can make your first-time home buying experience a happy one! In this article, we are going to help first-time homeowners pick out the best realtors for their specific conditions. If you are someone that is looking to buy a new home for the first-time, this article will help you in multiple ways. The Problems first-time homebuyers Experience in the Real Estate Market In this section, we are going to look at some of the key problems first-time homebuyers face when looking at the real estate market- Budget Constraints- Yes, addressing the elephant in the room first. Budget constraints are something that almost a majority of homebuyers need that is affordable, within their budget, and will rise in value in the near future. Trust Issues and Worries- In a market where everyone is running after their own interests, trusting someone can be tough. This is why first-time homebuyers are extra cautious before moving forward. This sometimes costs them great deals in real estate. Network and Connections- Buying a home does not only mean working with a realtor. It involves working with legal experts for the property’s paperwork, getting help from loan agents at banks, and engaging contractors. Sometimes, all this becomes too much. Decision-Making Troubles- Investing so much money in a property is a decision that requires a lot of courage. Second-guessing the decision to invest makes first-time homebuyers develop cold feet even when a great deal is staring them in the face. Understanding of Neighbourhoods- Most of us feel comfortable in staying close to our communities and groups. Given the recent spate of violence and societal troubles, first-time homebuyers are conscious of their family’s These are some of the most common and basic problems that first-time homebuyers experience when making decisions on real estate. 5 Important Things to look at in a Realtor before you hire them In this section, we are going to let first-time homebuyers in on a secret. By pointing our important aspects, personality traits, and more, you will be able to select the best realtor for your needs. 1. Patience. Listening Skills and Educative Nature- first-time homebuyers may have tons of questions. While some of them might be pertinent, others might simply be too trivial. A realtor needs to be sensitive to all the questions, no matter how childish and immature they sound. He or she should be ready to clarify all doubts as well as educate the homebuyers regarding important aspects of the property buying experience. 2. Experience, Expertise, and Awareness about Property Types and Neighbourhoods- Most realtors specialize in different forms and types of real estate. Some have better awareness about condos and apartments. Others are more into free-standing homes in gated communities. Depending on what kind of property you are going after, selecting a realtor that has prior experience and expertise on the same will help you. The same goes for neighborhoods. 3. Understanding your Racial and Community Needs in Properties- We spoke about how different neighborhoods in the country have been in the news for racial violence. If you are concerned about the same, it might be a good idea to go with leading Black realtors in Boston. Their understanding of the region can help them inform you about what would be right for you and where you might face problems. This is very important. 4. Having the Right Tie-Ups with Stakeholders- Leading realtors are a one-stop shop for all your home buying needs and requirements. They can help you with your connections. Whether it be getting loans from banks or fixing the plumbing, they are aware and work with several networks and connections. This can help improve the home buying process and experience. You will have everything done for you. 5. Great Soft Skills and Negotiation Powers- You want the realtor to negotiate on your behalf in bringing the prices down. If the realtor does not have strong negotiating skills, you might end up paying more than you had imagined. Look at the track and success record of the realtor before going ahead with your decision. A realtor that is good at communication and has a pleasing personality is someone you should aim for. Where to Find a Realtor that is Perfect for First-Time homebuyers? If you have been reading the article with interest and focus from the start, your next question would be, where do I find a realtor like that. In this section, we are going to point out some ways that can help you in your search and discovery- Firstly, you can start by making recommendations and referrals from your family and friend circle. If someone has recently purchased a new property at a great price, you can request them to hand over the details of their realtor. Secondly, you can visit online sites that carry detailed information about the realtors in your region. You can go through profiles, connect with them and find out whether they fit the bill of what you are looking for. Thirdly, you have to check out the online reviews and ratings of the realtors before you hire them. If they have their social media profiles and GMB pages, you will be able to get good information. Make sure to look for how they answer comments. The Bottom Line Choosing a great realtor can make all the difference to your first-time home buying experience. Not only do you stand the chance of finding a great property, but they smoothen out most of the problems that you are likely to experience during the process. If you have any other questions on choosing the right realtors, or on anything related to first-time home buying, let us know in the comments. We will try our level best to clear as many of your doubts as possible. 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Real Estate Agent

Selecting The Perfect Real Estate Agent Is Essential For Home Buyers

Buying your first home is an enormous achievement. And while exciting, the process can also feel overwhelming. You need a good realtor to help you. But wow do you ensure that you are working with the perfect real estate agent? When searching for a real estate agent, it’s important to remember that there are different types of agents with unique experiences and specialties. You should consider both your needs and wants, as well as the expertise of the person you’re working with. Here Are Four Prime Steps To Select The Perfect Real Estate Agent 1. Work With a Real Estate Agent Who Knows the Area When targeting a neighborhood, work with an agent who knows the area for the following essential insights: The time it takes to complete a purchase in the area. The market price for the home. If there is any way to improve your bargaining position. Any repair or maintenance concerns that you may miss. Take, for instance, families that want to move into the prestigious Toronto Cricket Club area. They usually partner with the best Cricket Club real estate agents like Adam Weiner + Associates because they have the knowledge and insights that help their client achieve their purchasing goals in the area. 2. Ask The Right Questions Take time out to interview the agent. Meet them in person if possible. Interview several agents and ask the right questions to zero in on the perfect one for your needs. Here are some questions you can ask: How well do you know the neighborhood? How are the schools in the area? What is this real estate market like? How much experience do you have? What type of customer service do you offer? What kind of real estate services do you provide? 3. Select A Reputable Realtor Trust is the basis of an excellent relationship with a real estate agent. Only a trustworthy real estate agent will represent your best interests and help you make an informed decision. To check a realtor’s reputation, look up their reviews on the Internet, and check their website for client feedback. Additionally, don’t be afraid to ask for referrals — happy clients will not hesitate to recommend a top real estate agent. Working with a reputable realtor will help you avoid fraud, such as title scams where fraudsters may sell someone else’s property. 4. Check Their Qualifications When you’re buying a home, there’s a significant amount of paperwork to complete. From the initial application to the final closing, there are dozens of documents that need to be signed and filed. An important advantage of working with a qualified agent is that they’ll help you with paperwork. A good real estate agent will help you with all the documentation. They’ll ensure that you have access to all of the right forms in advance, and they’ll also help you understand what’s required so that you don’t forget anything important or leave something out. They’ll also identify any potential red flags in the paperwork that may cause problems down the road. Whether you’re new to the home-buying process or have bought a home before, selecting the right real estate agent is critical. With the help of a top professional, you can avoid stressful mistakes and streamline the home purchasing process. Read Also: Mold Growth At Home: What You Should Know And What You Can Do Things First-Time Homebuyers Need To Know About Hiring Realtors 10 Best Ways To Find Cheap Homes To Flip