Put Your Pen to Paper With Ease


18 January 2018


Put Your Pen to Paper With Ease

An essay is generally a piece of writing that expresses information as well as the author’s own opinion. Aldous Huxley says The essay is a literary device for saying almost everything about almost anything. Writing an essay seems to be a dreaded task. It can be quite challenging to write an essay. One can have vast ideas, a lot of thinking in his mind, but its really hard to translate your ideas into written words. Writing an essay is a large project, but we can take some tricks and methods which will break down the task into manageable parts.

The first and foremost thing is, selection of the topic, it can be a general overview of the subject else a specific analysis, so you have to filter your focus. Once you get the topic in your mind,  start brainstorming, collect a lot of ideas and relevant data. Do research through a various online and offline medium, collect as much as supportive data, so that you can get a good flow to your writing.

Let’s consider some  important steps to get into essay writing:

Outline your ideas

To write an essay you have to organize your thoughts. You have to put your thinkings in the paper, so that you can get a clear view of your thinkings and ideas related to your essay. With this process, your essay can be written in an organized way. With the outlining process, the views and ideas can come across in a clear and logical order.

What’s Your Thesis

After the vast research and brainstorming make a thesis statement to your essay topic. It’s important because with this your entire essay will revolve around. It is mainly one sentence and it says what the essay is all about. It will be the central idea of the essay. A thesis statement tells the reader what the essay will be about, what point the author will be making. So keep it main but short and simple.


It is the presentation of your position. It grabs the reader’s attention makes them want to read on begin with a hook.it should be designed to attract the reader’s attention and gives an idea of the essay. The introduction should begin with an attention grabber and it should offer a short, concise summary of the main points.

Let’s give a sneak peek into the three main part of essay writing:

Body Composition

Use your outline as a guide and start composing the main body. You need not deviate from your thesis statement. Here write down your main ideas and write your supporting points to give a clear view of your ideas. You have to make a clear elaboration. The more you elaborate the more one can get understand. But you have to keep this in mind that, your elaboration should not be out of the track, unnecessarily lengthy, last but not the least boring.


Here you will emphasize the points or arguments discussed in the main body. You can provide a synopsis before closing. The conclusion brings closure to the reader. Summing up your points and providing a final perspective on your topic.

Finishing Touches

Check the order of your paragraph.  Good title. Include relevant information. Double-space in the lines. You should use the correct margin. Try not to use the same words/phrases again and again. Structure your sentence eye-catching. Good writing doesn’t happen accidentally, at first it may not be a masterpiece but good research, and practice can make it icing on the cake. Read other people’s essays and It will help you to improve your own writing style. The wider you read, the maximum possible styles are bound to come. Accurate, effective use of advanced vocabulary. Learn a word a day. Use the start a vocabulary b. Essays are a chance for to showoff widely read you are, So quote other people’s options.write down quotations which will be particularly useful. Check to spell, punctuation grammar. When you are writing, the most important consideration is making yourself easy for readers to understand. Effective punctuation is vital in conveying your thinking.  The main thing is to check spelling, punctuation, and grammar. For this, you can use various online writing tool as well as online punctuation corrector. This tool can make your essay and writing sound and readable. It will make your writing picture perfectas well as effective. That is why using of  Grammarly, Whitesmoke and Paper rater will be really helpful in case of online punctuation corrector.

Once you are complete, revise for clarity and consistency, revise for technical errors and make your essay truly accepted.

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Academic Writing

Academic Writing for UK Students – Why It’s Important?

It doesn't matter that where you are studying, in every case academic writing has an important role. Academic writing has dependably been critical for each student who is doing graduation or PHD. What do you have to think academic writing is? If not we will let you know. Essentially academic writing has short or long errands that are given to the students and are requested to finish it. These undertakings are generally doled out by the teachers. The instructors ordinarily give this errand to the students so as to perceive what the understudies have realized all through the scholarly year. Why Academic writing is important for a student?  These tasks are given back to the teachers, and every one of those thoughts consolidated into a composed configuration by the students. Through this, they get a motivation an opportunity to impart their very own insights thoughts and their discourses.They additionally finish up things and think of the new arrangement. Anyway, it is exceptionally important to pursue the right terms and the styles to make it look engaging. Then again instructors are calling for broad research for these undertakings, especially in UK assignments. Certainly, they need the understudies to work and to take in more. Educators of likewise have set a few models and benchmarks. They need the understudies to achieve these benchmarks, and consequently, the understudies are given best grades in return. In general signs of an understudy get helps in the aggregate GPA. The academic writing causes an alternate point of view: The students’ are compelled to do the examination for the culmination of the academic undertaking that is given by the teachers. So as to finish this undertaking in the powerful way an understudy needs to do extended research. When the student is finished with the long research then it is the ideal opportunity for them to make the work. The understudies are then propelled and compelled to compose what they can't.Truly articulations are discharged while they compose the work and they have an opportunity to think scientifically and skillfully. Understudies can do the argumentations likewise based on the exploration they have done. This implies the scholastic work allows them to think from a planned they figure they can't. It fills in as an apparatus for correspondence: The significance of scholastic composing is very fundamental; the explanation behind this is it fills in as a device for correspondence in the middle of the reader and the undergraduate itself. The students can delineate the thoughts and considerations they have in the psyche, they at that point pen down and present it to the teachers. It encourages you to take in the composition styles and formats: Notwithstanding wherever you are considering on the planet; academic writing requires an appropriate style and a format. The styling and referencing have their own significance. At the point when a student goes to the scholarly life, they need to present the scholastic undertakings. As far back as the understudies realize that they need to present the work with a legitimate organization, so what to do in the event that they take in the composition styles and the configurations. So these guarantees there are endless advantages for academic work for students of UK.Read Also:Tips On Cheap Paper Writing Assignments 10 Easy Ways For Students To Improve Their Writing Skills

How to write a personal essay

How to write a personal essay?

What is a personal essay? A personal essay is a broad form of essays that requires writers to present an important person or event or a period significant period in their life. The main aim of writing it is to present why an event is significant to the audience. What is the purpose of personal essay writing? Personal essays are different from other types of an essay in that it presents the writer experience of an event using descriptive words. The writer presents an account of an event, including his feeling, emotion, personal opinion, and experience to present to the reader why the event is significant and is worth writing about. How to start a personal essay The first step is to choose a good topic, personal essay topics needs to be relatable, topics, like falling in love, overcoming obstacles, discovering something new and making difficult choices,  are all interesting topics one can explore to come up with an interesting personal essay. Students should choose a topic that has a significant impact on your life, perhaps it can be something that you have never examined in detail before.Writers can describe his family and why the family is important including some of the most memorable events you had had with your family. If you decide to write about the importance of the family, the author needs to vividly describe the events they have undertaken as a family.  A good personal essay topic should capture the sensory environment to enable the audience picture what the story is all about. A good personal essay should connect facts, events, reflect back and include sensory detail to engage the audience. Example of an outline on the random topicIntroductory sentence Thesis statement Brief background about your familyBody ParagraphsParagraph 1.Why the family is important Some of the personal experience your familyParagraph 2Supporting the thesis statement about the importance of the family Present details about the meaning and the importance of a family.Paragraph 3The third supportive paragraph to justify why a family is important Restating the thesis statement Summarizing the main point Making the final, conclusive sentence.To begin a personal essay, the first sentence is the introduction, which informs the audience about the topic. The introductory paragraph makes readers be aware of what the writer intends to talk about. The introduction needs to grab the audience attention right from the beginning. The introduction should have a thesis statement to show the audience the main theme of the essay. For example, you can start by stating that, we all know that the family is the foundation of the society, the family shapes us by supporting us in achieving our goals in life.When writing an essay, you should have the main idea or the central message you want to present.  A thesis statement needs to reflect this main idea at the beginning of an essay. A thesis statement needs to answer the question you want to raise. According to essayzoo.org, a good thesis statement should present the topic and state the writer’s position regarding the topic. The thesis should be provided relay in the essay within the introductory paragraph to give the reader a sense of direction.A good body needs a detailed explanation of the main idea, the body paragraphs should be three paragraphs each paragraph explaining the topic in detail.  The body paragraphs need to have organized ideas into the different section to enable the reader to follow through. When writing a personal essay, the writer needs to show what happened using detailed descriptions using strong verbs. The writer should incorporate sensory detail when describing an event or the topic he wants the readers to know that is important to him. Using a variety of senses like smell, touch, sight, and taste reader can be brought into the essay.Connecting the event and place into a larger idea without necessarily losing focus on the main idea. Describe how such experience or event has changed you and describe how all this fits into the thesis. Do not forget to specify the importance of the event or a person. Even though you will be describing a past event, be sure to use appropriate verb tense. To make your essay lively describe the past event using the present tense, remember to be consistent. Remember to use transition words to enable readers to connect the ideas of different paragraphs and sentences.When finalizing an essay summarize all the main ideas presented in the body using a few sentences to show the significance of your topic. A good conclusion needs to convince the reader or leave the reader with a lasting impression.A personal essay is one of the common types of writing assignment that requires students to present an account of an important event or a person in her life. By following the above steps, students will learn how to write a personal essay.Read More:10 Tips For Writing A Dissertation 7 Tips For Writing A Dissertation Linc Pens- Rewriting Rules In The Writing Instruments Industry Improve Your Life With A Coach Expert Advice On How To Learn All The Notes On The Guitar How To Write And Design An Article That Attracts New Customers To Your Business Solve Assignment Problem In UK How To Crack Civil Service Exam In One Attempt


5 Tips on how to Research for an Essay

College life is lots of fun but the one thing you can never escape is the huge amount of essays you will need to submit. These can be time-consuming and often put you under a lot of pressure. Writing the essay is actually the easy part. What is difficult and time-consuming is doing all the research. Fortunately, the internet has made research much easier but it still a challenge.Research is a vital step in the process of essay writing and the quality of your research will determine the quality of the essay. Good preparation will also mean that the writing is much faster and easier.Your first step is to have a clearly defined and well thought-out topic. Doing this will require some initial research and probably point you to some material you might already be familiar with.  Once you are clear on your topic, the research can begin.Here are 5 tips on how you can research for an essay. 1. Plan your research: Don’t just jump right in and start researching. Start with a good understating of the topic and the subject. Use a dictionary and encyclopedias to get a solid grounding. Many times, your essay will include a reading list.Get a list of sources together and even speak to a librarian or look through the library catalog for ideas. An online search will give you many resources. Remember, you will not have time to read everything on the subject so you will have to be selective. Plan your time for research and allocate time per source.Keep a record of all the material you use for research as you will need it later. 2. Use the power of the internet: The fastest way to get a large amount of research is off the internet. There is an art to good searching so make sure you know all the top tips and tricks on the search engines. Again, make notes of all the sites that you used for later reference.Make sure that the source is legitimate and credible as not everything you will read on the internet is correct. Check and double-check all facts. 3. Make a list and start reading: Once you have details of all the material you will use for you will have to systematically work through it. It will require a large amount of reading so take notes as you go. You need to identify parts of the material that is not relevant to your essay so that you can quickly skip over them. Work according to your time budget.If you find that you just do not have enough time to complete it, you might just say “I need someone to do my essay”. Fortunately, there are people that can help you with that.If you are going to do the essay yourself, continue with the research. 4. Evaluate the information: Not all of the information you will have read during your inspection will be relevant to your essay. Probably much of it will need to be excluded. You will need to carefully evaluate all of the data and information to determine the important and relevant aspects.  Here your notes will be very important.Starting organizing all the information that you want to use for your essay to see if there are any parts missing or incomplete. Study the relevant information again. It should be a bit faster now as you are familiar with it and only reading the relevant parts. Discard anything not important or specifically relevant to the topic of your essay.This is a good time to create a detailed plan of your essay outline. 5. Research further: Now that you have evaluated knowing the things well and worked out what is important, you will be able to identify any gaps or areas that might require additional research.  This is not a major task as you will have most of the required information. You will also have a good idea where you can find more details on the points that require additional research. Final thoughts: You will find that if you follow these steps, the research will go more smoothly and a bit faster. Once you have done good quality research it will be easier to produce a great essay.Read Also:Research Thesis Statement Expresses The Judgment Of The Writer On The Topic 5 Tips For Getting A Cheap Essay Writing Service Online