Top Reasons To Install A Lightning Arrestor Today


07 September 2021

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Lightning Arrestor

If you are considering installing a lightning arrestor or conducting rod then you should speak to a qualified electrician in Sydney first. This will ensure that the arrestor is fitted properly and is effective. After all, there is no point going to the trouble to fit it and then finding it is ineffective as it hasn’t been done properly.

What Is A Lightning Arrestor

A lightning arrestor is a piece of metal attached to your house. It is usually situated at the top of the house, making it the highest point. This ensures the lightning hits it before it hits the house.

The metal rod is attached to a cable that goes down your home and into the ground. It effectively completes the circuit. When the lightning hits the rod the electrical current is sent straight into the ground, rendering it harmless.

There are several reasons why you may choose to fit a lightning arrestor.

Protect Electrical Appliances

Protect Electrical Appliances

Lightning happens when freezing water in the atmosphere starts to fall to earth and rubs against other small particles of ice. This creates a negative charge, much like static electricity. However, the rising warm air associated with storms also creates positive energy higher in the clouds.

The result is an electrical charge that moves between the two points, creating a lightning bolt. If it is close enough to your house it will hit and surge through your electronics as it finds the shortest route to the ground.

This surge is usually enough to damage any item plugged in. Although you should unplug items when not using them, if you are not there and unable to unplug the items they can easily be fried. An arrestor prevents this by directing the electrical charge away from your home.

Reduce Likelihood of Damage To Your property

Reduce Likelihood of Damage To Your property

Lightning doesn’t just pass through your electronics and damage them. It can also hit the roof of your house. The lightning bolt hits with a considerable shockwave, potentially causing a significant amount of damage to your home.

It can destroy roof tiles, be hot enough to ignite wood underneath or simply blast a hole straight through your roof, which causes you spent much expenditure on roofing materials again. You’ll then be facing a sizeable repair bill and the rain that accompanies a thunder and lightning storm.

Avoid Power Outages

The lightning strike won’t just damage your adorable electronics, which you might buy from any online store with great eagerness. It can pass through the supply wires and find another route to the ground. Unfortunately, the high voltage charge will overcome the supply charge but the resistance can damage the supply lines. This can then leave you without power.

How long it takes to repair will depend on the amount of damage the storm has caused. The damage caused can be significant yet installing a lightning arrestor is very simple and surprisingly low budget. It’s a worthwhile investment and something you should be talking to the specialists about today. After all, you never know when the next storm will hit, the meteorology department doesn’t often know either!

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While doing the interior décor, you desire for everything to be perfect. Therefore, you pay proper attention even to the tiniest details. Colors have a significant role in making the home look vibrant and pleasing. So, selecting appropriate colors is a bit of a daunting task. However, you often choose a cream color as a safer option.When you can not decide on anything, the cream is the best color that goes well with almost all designs and colors. Moreover, it helps create a classy look and never makes you down. It goes well with almost all themes, including countryside, rustic, vintage, etc. So, use this color to upgrade the interiors of your home. You will get desired results. What Feelings Cream Color Evoke?The cream color evokes a serene and clean feel that is inviting and warm. Cream color always looks good on a matte finish. So, expect it to have a soft feel. Nothing creates timeless appeal like the cream color for spaces like the dining area and living room. Tips to Update the Home using Cream ColorHere are some clever tips for updating interiors with cream color: Cream Color Works Well in Even the Smallest Spaces The cream color looks great on the walls as it invokes an airy and light feeling full of warmth and depth. So, paint all walls, ceilings, and corners cream. Go for different variations of cream hue for a cozy layered feel with subtle lighting. Get Artsy If you feel the cream-colored walls are boring and make the interiors dull, liven up the space with something interesting. You can add wall décor items like posters, cream canvas prints, photos, etc. So, go for an oversized artwork or group of small art pieces showcasing your interests or precious memories. To add interest, add these pieces in stylish or vintage frames and keep color schemes well-coordinated to achieve desired results. Play with Pattern You might want to mix and match the colorful patterns but are afraid of clashing cacophony. If you have cream walls in the background, there are fewer chances of design dissonance. So, you can freely experiment with different patterns. For best results, unify all patterns to a single share element, such as shape, color, or theme. Try an Eye-Catching Mural If you do not want to cover all the walls with cream color, create a focal point by hanging a mural. It is easy to remove décor items, and you can apply them simply like wallpaper. Some murals feature outdoor photos of forests, beaches, tropics, or mountains. It will instantly bring magic to the home. So, look for one that best suits your personality and complements well with the interiors. Dress Up the Walls to Add Visual Interest Cream color walls offer a perfect backdrop to install open shelves. You can display accessories, artworks, or books on them. You can also use them as a storage solution. Cream walls prevent the interiors from feeling overwhelmed by décor elements. Instead, it highlights the items and creates a beautiful visual display. Introduce Natural Pops of Colour Add some wow factor to the cream color scheme by introducing floral patterns. From delicate fabrics to live foliage, a cream space can offer a perfect backdrop to boost pops of color coming with stunning flowers. In bright lighting, colors of nature reflect on cream walls and add depth to the shade. Incorporate Warm Shades with Furniture Pieces Select a cream wall color with warm undertones to enhance the bold accent color using furniture items and accessories. For instance, the rustic orange color of an armchair can lift the cream living room. The armchair stands out more with a cream color in the background. Place Colorful Throw Pillows If you have a cream-colored sofa in the room, highlight it using colorful throw pillows. It will instantly add color to the space and highlight the couch. You can also add throw pillows with floral patterns for more impact. How to Add Color to the Cream Interiors?Furniture items and accessories are the simplest way to incorporate color into cream interiors. The serene environment created by cream walls provides freedom to introduce a pattern and design without overwhelming the original plan. So, stop being shy and start experimenting using the safest color.Read Also:Ideas for Modern Flooring Designs for Home Improvement Plans Fix Your Home up This Summer With These Core Hacks Transform Your Garage into a Home Office 4 Baptism Decoration Ideas That Even the Holy Spirit Will Love

Smart House Upgrades

8 Smart House Upgrades that are Totally Worth the Money

Looking to add a little resale value to your house? Choose wisely! Some house upgrades are worth it, but not all of them are a great investment. Smart house upgrade is essential for your lovely home.Upgrade your home the right way. Increase the value of your home with smart upgrades that return your money and then some! Different ways Smart House Upgrades can make things easier for you. 8 Smart House Upgrades that Pay Off Here are some of the best ways to upgrade your home and increase the resale value. These 8 ideas are totally worth the money! 1. Clean, Fresh Paint: When a buyer walks in, they want to see bright, clean rooms. Your paint has a lot to do with how the sunlight affects a room. A fresh paint job can brighten any room in the house.You don't necessarily need to go neutral, but your choice in paint colors can affect your potential buyer's feelings about your house. If you're not selling just yet, the right colors can also help lighten your own mood.Choose a palette that you like. But, don't stop there. Make sure it compliments your home's age, style, and architecture. Check out these ideas for a modern look! 2. Modernize the Kitchen: Look at the age of your appliances and countertops. Are they in poor repair or stained? If so, you should consider replacing them.Here's a list of kitchen upgrades that you can benefit from.Newer, energy efficient appliances Countertops that suit the space Refinish cabinets Tile backsplash Sink upgrades Accent paintSave some cash! Check out dent and scratch or discontinued appliances. Discontinued tile can be used to make an attractive backsplash, too. You can get huge savings from buying these options.Look for ways to accent and offset countertops and cabinets in your kitchen for a more modern look. Check out paint pallets that give your kitchen a pop of color and make your cabinets stand out. 3. Programmable Thermostat: This is such a simple upgrade, but it gives your house a modern feel. Programmable thermostats are affordable and easy to install. Many are also easy to manage from your phone!An added bonus for installing a programmable thermostat is instant energy savings on your electric bill! 4. Upgrade Bathrooms: Ugly bathrooms can send a potential buyer out the door. Check out your bathrooms for any of these problems and fix them!Stained toilet bowls and seats Leaky faucets Outdated fixtures Old tile and paint Evidence of flooding Damaged cabinetryYou can easily and affordably upgrade a bathroom by switching out any old fixtures and lighting. But, making sure the bathroom is clean and in good working order is a priority. 5. Landscaping: Ever heard of curb appeal? This house upgrade is a must. The first look a buyer has as they walk to your front door can influence their opinion about the whole house!Walk outside and check your landscaping, in the front and the back of your home. Consider these upgrades for landscaping your home.In the front:Clean, groomed lawn Flowers and shrubs that are trimmed Trees that cut back and look nice A walkway that invites people to come inIn the back:A patio or deck for entertaining Trees and flowers for privacy and color Fences in good repair Clean, groomed lawn A small gardening areaYour landscaping matters in the value of your property. It should be well maintained and easy to upkeep. Good landscaping invites you to come out and enjoy the outdoors! 6. Install Solar Panels: Nothing is more attractive to a potential buyer than the idea of their new home saving them money. If you've already installed solar panels, then you've given them a step up in that direction.Solar power is a responsible energy choice and it will save you money in the long run. That's good for you while you live in your home. It's great for potential buyers, too.Your new buyer will instantly save on energy costs. You've already made the investment for them! This increases the value of your home and makes the buyer more willing to pay the price you are asking. 7. New Flooring: You've got fresh paint and clean rooms, but your flooring is filthy and worn. That won't work when you sell your home.Take a look at high traffic areas, carpets, and tiles. Is anything stained, worn or broken? If so, you need to replace it.Look for neutral carpet colors. You want any type of furniture or paint to work well with your choice. Avoid white or extremely pale colors because they are so hard to maintain.If you are replacing only one room of carpet, try to make it closely match what is already in the house. Nothing looks worse than mismatched carpet.Tile can be a really affordable upgrade. It should be easy to maintain, durable and neutral. Make sure stone tile doesn't have a lot of nooks and crannies for dirt to hide.You can even get a tile that looks like wood! Take a look at options in your hardware store.Save yourself some cash! If you are replacing a whole house of carpet or tile, try to find discontinued items at your local hardware store. They may be cheaper but are still good quality and new.Another way to save is to learn to install flooring yourself. There are plenty of books at your local library and YouTube videos to teach you how. 8. Basement Improvements: Paying outright to have the basement turned into a high-class lounge might not pay off. However, putting in the time and effort to fix up and finish off your existing basement can have an amazing return on investment.If your basement is unfinished, check it out for these problems.Cracks in walls or floors Wood damage to the supporting structure Leaks and flooding damage Excessive clutterFor already finished basements, here are some things to think about.Patch damaged walls and repaint Paint the ceiling bright white Replace all light bulbs Install more lighting to brighten the room Remove excess, unused furniture Go with a traditional themeFix any problems you find and clear out the clutter.A man cave or game room may be exciting for you, but tame down your theme if it's over the top. Your potential buyer wants to see open, clean space. Let them imagine how they might use it. Upgrade Your Home, Today: If you really want to increase the resale value of your home, pick one or more house upgrades on this list. The money you invest will be worth it.Check out these interesting articles about home and garden topics!Read Also:Smart Fun Gardening: How To Take Care Of A Money Tree Why Renting A Duplex House May Be Right For You


7 Unique Kitchen Design Ideas That Your Family Will Enjoy

The kitchen is usually the hub of many homes. It's the room where you gather to prepare meals for your family. It's also a room where you can gather to talk about everyone's day and celebrate special events. Aside from being a functional kitchen, it should also be a room that is comfortable to look at and spend time in so that your family will enjoy this room of your home. These are only a few of the unique design ideas that you can try in your kitchen to give it an updated look that can be enjoyed throughout the year. Beach Waves: Whether you live on the coast or hours away from the beach, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the coast any time you enter your kitchen. The best place to start is with a white background with blue trim. From there, add hardware that is a dark color, such as dark blue or black. Light fixtures that hang from the ceiling can be blue as well to blend with the nautical theme. Hang pictures of lighthouses, the coastline, or other images that you would see at the beach to complete the design. Windows can be designed to look like portholes along with doorways that have an arched design if you want to take the nautical theme a step farther. Subtle Elegance:If your kitchen is small and only has one or two functional areas with cabinets and counters, then consider a design that features a subtle elegant appearance. Wooden cabinets can be transformed with a fresh coat of off-white paint and faux legs that will give a raised appearance. This will make it seem as though there is additional space under the cabinets even though there isn't. Open shelves are an option as well that is trending in many homes. These shelves give you the additional space needed to display the beautiful dishes and decorations that your family and guests might not always see when they are in your kitchen. A chandelier in the kitchen adds to the elegance that you're trying to achieve. Lounging While Eating: No one ever said that you have to sit at a table when you're eating a meal with your family. Create a modern design in your home that features a table surrounded by comfortable bench seating. You'll have a place to sit at the end of a long day while enjoying time with your family and a delicious meal. When you're designing the lighting in the kitchen, consider fixtures that are under the cabinets to add a soft glow to the counter spaces. Colorful Oasis: Give your kitchen a facelift with bright colors and appliances that match. Find a color that suits the entire family, using the shade when you paint the cabinets and the lower half of a kitchen island. Find chairs that are in the same color family or wooden chairs that you can paint in a dipped design to match the theme of the room. Colorful dishes on open shelves and appliances that are the same colors of the kitchen complete the look and add a touch of vibrancy to a room that can be somewhat boring. Companies like Brisbane Alfresco Kitchen Unique Design have various colorful decorations that can complete your kitchen in a way that showcases the personality of your family. Designing With Wallpaper:You probably thought that wallpaper went down the drain with the dishwater, but if you know how to apply it to the walls in your kitchen, it can be a nice feature to consider. Apply wallpaper to the walls that don't have a lot of details on them and that aren't home to appliances or counters. If you put wallpaper behind the stove or near the sink, consider covering it with glass or a clear film so that it doesn't get destroyed in a short time. A benefit of wallpaper in your kitchen is that it can easily be changed when you want a new look. Get Cozy: When you spend time with your family in the kitchen, it should be a warm experience. This is usually where you'll gather for holidays and special occasions as well. Lower the ceiling, and change the floor so that it looks like hardwood. An island with barstools provides an intimate setting where it's easier to talk to each other. Add a few details to the cabinets and the walls to bring a feeling of warmth to them, such as decorations that you might see in a cozy lodge. Mugs on the shelves or hanging on hooks on the walls are an option to consider to deliver the warm appearance that you desire. When you're trying to determine the best type of lighting, consider pendants that hang over the island or kitchen table. Two Tones: Instead of using one color throughout your kitchen, add a little balance by using one color for the top half of the room and one color for the lower half. White is a good color to start with on the upper half of your kitchen. This will allow you to focus more of your efforts on the cabinets and drawers in a color that you enjoy. It's also easier to play around with the hardware that's included on the cabinets and drawers when you have a solid color on the lower half of your kitchen. Counters that are a dark color tend to easily divide the two colors and make each shade stand out as soon as you enter the room.Read Also:9 Feng Shui Tips For A Calmer Kitchen The Best Countertops To Help Revamp Your Kitchen Five Bedroom Rug Ideas – Area Rugs And Decorating Ideas A Guide To Finding The Perfect Sofa For Your Living Room