How Often Do You Need A Roof Inspection?

Published on: 12 December 2023 Last Updated on: 13 December 2023
Roof Inspection

For home maintenance, it’s important to know the roof’s age to maintain the house in good condition.

The roof is an essential part of the house. It holds the overall structure of the house together, and it is essential to maintain your roof and keep it safe from roof damage. So how often should you inspect your roof in Crestview, Niceville, Milton, Pensacola, Pace, Florida? 

If you inspect your roof regularly, you can save money that will cost you later when the house is rebuilt. It can lead to extending the roof’s life if taken good care of. Issues should be identified at an early stage to avoid the extra cost of major repair. 

Regular maintenance & inspection of the condition of your roof can help inspect a roof for wind damage, and inspect a roof for hail damage and structural damage.

Keep reading to learn how often to inspect the roof of your house. 

Frequency of Roof Inspections

Do you ask yourself this question ‘How often to inspect the condition of your roof?’ or ‘How often are roof inspections needed?’ During damp seasons of the year, it’s important to regularly inspect a roof for leaks. It can detect any algae growth or water leaks. This should be done at least twice a year. These inspections can be of advantage in saving cost and also saving the structure of the house. A weakened or damaged roof might endanger the safety of homeowners and their loved ones. 

Frequent inspections can assist in locating possible safety risks, such as loose or damaged shingles, and guarantee that they are quickly fixed. It should be done for the increased safety of the people. A yearly inspection helps homeowners remain on top of any existing issues while getting wiser to larger risks coming in the way. 

You need to inspect your roof at least once a year, ideally in the spring or autumn. This way, you’ll be able to determine whether your roof is prepared for the seasons that bring more severe weather.

Signs That Indicate the Need for a Roof Inspection

Several signs indicate that your roof needs inspection. For house owners, waking up to a leaking roof is no less than a nightmare. To avoid such circumstances, it is crucial to pay attention to the roof, and ask for a repair or inspection.

  1. Gutter Issues
  2. Damaged Shingles
  3. Discoloration of walls
  4. Stained Ceilings
  5. Wind damages
  6. visibly curling of shingles
  7. Dark streaks or other leaks in the attic
Roof Inspection Sign

Professional vs. DIY Inspections

DIY projects might help you save money. But before you start a DIY roofing job, you might want to consider it seriously. You probably lack the tools and expertise required for the task unless you’re a licensed roofing contractor in Destin, FL

You may make a costly or hazardous error on your roof. Rolled roofing is one of the cheapest roofing materials that can be purchased. Additionally, it is one of the few types of roofs that most homeowners can install themselves, although in a limited fashion.

There are certain things that a roof inspector will look for when doing an inspection professionally.

  1. Surface Materials. 
  2. Decking and Frame.
  3. Roof Penetrations.
  4. Fascia and Soffits.
  5. Attic.
  6. Ventilation System.
  7. Gutter System.
  8. Age of Roof.

Regular roof inspections are an essential part of home maintenance, it helps you ensure that the roof is in good condition. DIY inspections can assist you in staying vigilant. But that’s certainly not all! It also ensures to catch smaller issues early, although they must not replace proficient inspections. Professional roofing contractors bring expertise, experience, safety, and documentation to the table.

What to Expect During a Roof Inspection?

The purpose of roof inspections is to find any problems as well as gauge the remaining life of the roof. A professional roof inspection should look at every part of your roof, inspect the walls and ceiling for damage, analyze the structural integrity of the roof, and analyze the roofing material. 

A structural inspection, an interior inspection, a material inspection, and a workmanship inspection should all be part of it.


The age of the roof, the local climate, and the kind of roofing material used are some of the variables that affect how frequently a roof is inspected. Generally, having a roof inspection at least once a year is generally advised. 

Frequent inspections can aid in the early detection and resolution of possible problems, averting eventual more serious and expensive damage. Additionally, it’s a good idea to arrange for a quick inspection to determine any potential damage following severe weather events like storms or a lot of snowfall.

To sum up, regular roof inspections are an essential part of house upkeep since they encourage early detection and prompt repairs. In order to evaluate their particular needs and create an appropriate inspection schedule that takes into account the particulars of their roofing system and the local climate, homeowners should collaborate with certified professionals. 

In the long run, regular inspections and maintenance can save homeowners money by extending the roof’s lifespan and improving overall condition.

FAQ block

 Some of the most common questions we get about roof inspections are:

  1. How long does an inspection take?

It usually takes 45 minutes to inspect a roof properly, but depending on other factors, such as roof size and age, it may take a few hours. You should meet with the inspector to know the estimated time according to your house.

  1. Is roof inspection expensive?

The average cost of a roof inspection ranges from $100 to $400, depending on the size, complexity, and type of inspection—physical, infrared, or drone. A roof certification extends the roof’s lifespan and can be added for $75 to $200.

  1. Is professional inspection necessary?

Roofs are prone to damage from storms, aging, and other problems that can erode their structural integrity over time. Ensure your roof is safe and long-lasting by scheduling routine inspections by the licensed roofing company.

  1. Do I need frequent inspections? How often should you inspect your shingle roof?

It is essential to schedule an annual roof inspection to ensure your roof is in good condition. A professional inspection is recommended once a year and may be more frequently conducted based on the age of your roof, any damage you find, or any significant storms. Do it immediately if you need help remembering when you last had a roof inspection.

  1. What will the roof inspector do?

To ensure your roofing material is still functioning as intended, a roof inspector will examine its state. For instance, if your roof is made of asphalt shingles, they will search for moss, stains, or rust in addition to curling, loose, or missing shingles.

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