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07 September 2018


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Online academic help is a big thing these days. According to A-Writer, an online writing company, the amount of college homework has been increasing in the recent years, so more and more students are turning to online services for help with essay writing.  For many students, this is the only way out in difficult situations that have them completing multiple assignments every week, going to classes, and doing other important things.

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re a student going through a similar situation right now.

If you are, you know how difficult it is to find time to do things you love or just relax in the company of friends or watch a movie. In many cases, it’s simply impossible, so you begin looking for alternative ways to complete all college assignments quickly. That’s where online essay writing services come in.

They help to handle complex essay assignments within short deadlines, thus saving your precious time and allowing to focus on other academic projects or daily activities. In the recent years, the number of such companies skyrocketed, with some of them being not so unethical about doing business.

In this paper, we’re going to cover the most common risks associated with essay writing services as well as the ways to minimize them.

1. Privacy :

Many students worry about their privacy when ordering essays from online writing services. For example, they worry that their educational institution will find out that they used these services. Well, while there’s an extremely low risk of that happening, any self-respecting essay writing service won’t give any personal details to third parties such as educational institutions.

The reason is pretty simple: it’s counterproductive for them because it’ll make them lose all clients. If they do that, they’ll go out of business pretty fast. In fact, if the news about that spreads, they’ll be closing their office in a matter of days.

This is not to say that you should trust your information with any essay writing service you find out there, though. Read below to know the signs of companies that are likely to ensure a stress-free experience and provide a quality college paper.

2. Scams :

Unfortunately, there are many scammers trying to take advantage of students desperately looking for help with writing an essay. They make websites to trick visitors into thinking that their services are legit but eventually those who trusted them with writing an essay get ripped off. For example, the papers produced by such companies are 100 percent copied but they refuse to revise them.

To avoid being scammed, follow these tips:

  • Take a good look at the website. Look for obvious signs of fake companies such as misspellings, fake endorsements, lack of reviews, and overall design.
  • Google the name of the company. Try to find news associated with that company or reviews of customers. Many students who got ripped off by fake companies write on forums and blogs about their experience.
  • Call the company. Does the customer service number of the website work? Has anyone picked up the phone? Does that person even know what they’re talking about? (Writing an essay requires a lot of expertise in academic areas, so ask some questions to see if they know what you need) If the answer to all these questions is yes, then chances are you’re dealing with a professional essay writing service.

3. Plagiarism :

This is another legitimate concern that students have when looking for an online company that does essay writing. Since the charges for plagiarism are extreme in most colleges and universities, submitting an unoriginal essay is simply not an option.

Here’s how to maximize the chances of getting quality essay writing services:

  • Avoid extremely cheap services. Any person writing essays for a living won’t plagiarize and aim for quality, therefore the compensation should be adequate.
  • Read reviews. If the company’s customers said that their previous experience with it was spoiled by plagiarism, then look further.
  • Look for companies that provide a money-back guarantee. In this case, even if you receive an essay that contains plagiarism, you won’t lose your money.

The Bottom Line :

Looking for a reliable essay writing service could be a daunting task. Since there are many risks involved in the search, you should definitely follow the tips described above. If you do, you’ll increase the chance of finding a good company that does excellent essay writing. If the quality of their writing satisfies you, try to order from them again so you won’t have to search for more companies next time you have the need for academic help. Happy and safe searching for the best essay writing service!

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