Are You Safe When Looking for the Best Essay Writing Service?


07 September 2018


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Online academic help is a big thing these days. According to A-Writer, an online writing company, the amount of college homework has been increasing in the recent years, so more and more students are turning to online services for help with essay writing.  For many students, this is the only way out in difficult situations that have them completing multiple assignments every week, going to classes, and doing other important things.

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re a student going through a similar situation right now.

If you are, you know how difficult it is to find time to do things you love or just relax in the company of friends or watch a movie. In many cases, it’s simply impossible, so you begin looking for alternative ways to complete all college assignments quickly. That’s where online essay writing services come in.

They help to handle complex essay assignments within short deadlines, thus saving your precious time and allowing to focus on other academic projects or daily activities. In the recent years, the number of such companies skyrocketed, with some of them being not so unethical about doing business.

In this paper, we’re going to cover the most common risks associated with essay writing services as well as the ways to minimize them.

1. Privacy :

Many students worry about their privacy when ordering essays from online writing services. For example, they worry that their educational institution will find out that they used these services. Well, while there’s an extremely low risk of that happening, any self-respecting essay writing service won’t give any personal details to third parties such as educational institutions.

The reason is pretty simple: it’s counterproductive for them because it’ll make them lose all clients. If they do that, they’ll go out of business pretty fast. In fact, if the news about that spreads, they’ll be closing their office in a matter of days.

This is not to say that you should trust your information with any essay writing service you find out there, though. Read below to know the signs of companies that are likely to ensure a stress-free experience and provide a quality college paper.

2. Scams :

Unfortunately, there are many scammers trying to take advantage of students desperately looking for help with writing an essay. They make websites to trick visitors into thinking that their services are legit but eventually those who trusted them with writing an essay get ripped off. For example, the papers produced by such companies are 100 percent copied but they refuse to revise them.

To avoid being scammed, follow these tips:

  • Take a good look at the website. Look for obvious signs of fake companies such as misspellings, fake endorsements, lack of reviews, and overall design.
  • Google the name of the company. Try to find news associated with that company or reviews of customers. Many students who got ripped off by fake companies write on forums and blogs about their experience.
  • Call the company. Does the customer service number of the website work? Has anyone picked up the phone? Does that person even know what they’re talking about? (Writing an essay requires a lot of expertise in academic areas, so ask some questions to see if they know what you need) If the answer to all these questions is yes, then chances are you’re dealing with a professional essay writing service.

3. Plagiarism :

This is another legitimate concern that students have when looking for an online company that does essay writing. Since the charges for plagiarism are extreme in most colleges and universities, submitting an unoriginal essay is simply not an option.

Here’s how to maximize the chances of getting quality essay writing services:

  • Avoid extremely cheap services. Any person writing essays for a living won’t plagiarize and aim for quality, therefore the compensation should be adequate.
  • Read reviews. If the company’s customers said that their previous experience with it was spoiled by plagiarism, then look further.
  • Look for companies that provide a money-back guarantee. In this case, even if you receive an essay that contains plagiarism, you won’t lose your money.

The Bottom Line :

Looking for a reliable essay writing service could be a daunting task. Since there are many risks involved in the search, you should definitely follow the tips described above. If you do, you’ll increase the chance of finding a good company that does excellent essay writing. If the quality of their writing satisfies you, try to order from them again so you won’t have to search for more companies next time you have the need for academic help. Happy and safe searching for the best essay writing service!

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What is a personal essay? A personal essay is a broad form of essays that requires writers to present an important person or event or a period significant period in their life. The main aim of writing it is to present why an event is significant to the audience. What is the purpose of personal essay writing? Personal essays are different from other types of an essay in that it presents the writer experience of an event using descriptive words. The writer presents an account of an event, including his feeling, emotion, personal opinion, and experience to present to the reader why the event is significant and is worth writing about. How to start a personal essay The first step is to choose a good topic, personal essay topics needs to be relatable, topics, like falling in love, overcoming obstacles, discovering something new and making difficult choices,  are all interesting topics one can explore to come up with an interesting personal essay. Students should choose a topic that has a significant impact on your life, perhaps it can be something that you have never examined in detail before.Writers can describe his family and why the family is important including some of the most memorable events you had had with your family. If you decide to write about the importance of the family, the author needs to vividly describe the events they have undertaken as a family.  A good personal essay topic should capture the sensory environment to enable the audience picture what the story is all about. A good personal essay should connect facts, events, reflect back and include sensory detail to engage the audience. Example of an outline on the random topicIntroductory sentence Thesis statement Brief background about your familyBody ParagraphsParagraph 1.Why the family is important Some of the personal experience your familyParagraph 2Supporting the thesis statement about the importance of the family Present details about the meaning and the importance of a family.Paragraph 3The third supportive paragraph to justify why a family is important Restating the thesis statement Summarizing the main point Making the final, conclusive sentence.To begin a personal essay, the first sentence is the introduction, which informs the audience about the topic. The introductory paragraph makes readers be aware of what the writer intends to talk about. The introduction needs to grab the audience attention right from the beginning. The introduction should have a thesis statement to show the audience the main theme of the essay. For example, you can start by stating that, we all know that the family is the foundation of the society, the family shapes us by supporting us in achieving our goals in life.When writing an essay, you should have the main idea or the central message you want to present.  A thesis statement needs to reflect this main idea at the beginning of an essay. A thesis statement needs to answer the question you want to raise. According to, a good thesis statement should present the topic and state the writer’s position regarding the topic. The thesis should be provided relay in the essay within the introductory paragraph to give the reader a sense of direction.A good body needs a detailed explanation of the main idea, the body paragraphs should be three paragraphs each paragraph explaining the topic in detail.  The body paragraphs need to have organized ideas into the different section to enable the reader to follow through. When writing a personal essay, the writer needs to show what happened using detailed descriptions using strong verbs. The writer should incorporate sensory detail when describing an event or the topic he wants the readers to know that is important to him. Using a variety of senses like smell, touch, sight, and taste reader can be brought into the essay.Connecting the event and place into a larger idea without necessarily losing focus on the main idea. Describe how such experience or event has changed you and describe how all this fits into the thesis. Do not forget to specify the importance of the event or a person. Even though you will be describing a past event, be sure to use appropriate verb tense. To make your essay lively describe the past event using the present tense, remember to be consistent. Remember to use transition words to enable readers to connect the ideas of different paragraphs and sentences.When finalizing an essay summarize all the main ideas presented in the body using a few sentences to show the significance of your topic. A good conclusion needs to convince the reader or leave the reader with a lasting impression.A personal essay is one of the common types of writing assignment that requires students to present an account of an important event or a person in her life. By following the above steps, students will learn how to write a personal essay.Read More:10 Tips For Writing A Dissertation 7 Tips For Writing A Dissertation Linc Pens- Rewriting Rules In The Writing Instruments Industry Improve Your Life With A Coach Expert Advice On How To Learn All The Notes On The Guitar How To Write And Design An Article That Attracts New Customers To Your Business Solve Assignment Problem In UK How To Crack Civil Service Exam In One Attempt

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Undeniably, essay writing is a difficult and tricky process to do. That’s the truth and no one should lie to you. Unfortunately, you will have to write essays every now and then during your college life. That’s also something you must be prepared for.In fact, writing an essay does not only belong to students of particular fields but it applies to all fields in the academic sphere.It’s not a secret but it tends to be difficult to express feelings on paper. Writing an effective essay requires one to have outstanding writing skills and enough time.Well, when we say an effective essay, we mean an essay that is free from all types of errors. 6 Ways to Achieve an Essay Writing Task Successfully Since it’s a must to write essays during your college life and there is no way out of it unless you get help from a paper writing service, read these six ways to achieve an essay writing task successfully. 1. Study and Plan The first thing to do once you are assigned an essay question or task is to read and ensure you understand what you are required to write about and then plan on how to approach the writing process.Failing to understand the question will lead to submitting an essay that does not answer the question and that can get you disappointing grades. For that reason, you must analyze and plan before you start writing. 2. Gather Relevant Information Next, you need to gather and assess the usefulness of the information. Understanding the essay question will help you to know where you can get the information to write the actual essay.To ensure the sources you are using are useful it must be:Current and up-to-date It must be relevant It must be suitable for your type of essay. The information you get must also be accurate and reliable.3. Read and Write Down Key Points Once you have collected your materials together, you need to start extracting the information you need from them. This depends on the information you are gathering. For instance, if you are reading a book, you can start by looking at the chapter titles to know which one will help you in your essay writing.For a journal article, you would better off reading the abstract first so that you can know you should keep reading. After the abstract, you might want to read the introduction since that will help you get more of the argument. 4. Write your Essay Up to this far, you have an awesome idea on how to go about answering your essay question. You might also want to revisit your plan so that you can update anything that might have changed during the research stage. Understand how you will structure your essay, bearing in mind that it needs to have an introduction, main body, and a concrete conclusion.The introduction of your essay is meant to let the reader know how you are answering the essay question. The body is where ideas come in; the conclusion tells the reader the approach you have taken to answer the question. 5. Polish Your Essay and Submit Writing an essay is important but polishing it is also crucial. You need to devote enough time to proofread your essay checking for spelling, grammar, word count, references, and citations.Remember, you are required to submit an error-free essay. For that reason, you must read it several times and correct all sorts of errors.Once you are satisfied that your essay is error-free and you have answered the question you can submit it. 6. Reflect You need to constantly improve your essay writing skills. For that reason, you should reflect on how you wrote your essay. Reflect on how you approached it from the research to the writing stage.Read also:Are You Safe When Looking for the Best Essay Writing Service? Top 7 things to take into consideration when selecting essay writing service