How To Save Money On Your Air Conditioning Costs This Summer


13 September 2020

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Air Conditioning Costs

For most people, summer is the most joyful of all seasons. There’s something precious about those warm evenings, whole days spent swimming, and enjoying the great outdoors. Unfortunately, summer’s not all sunshine and flowers.

As a lot of homeowners know, during the summertime our bill tends to spike as our air conditioning costs keep piling up. But what if you could cut those costs by as much as half. In a lot of cases, high AC costs are the result of improper maintenance and malfunctioning AC systems. The experts at Howell’s were kind enough to share a few useful tips that can help you save this cooling season.

Look For Leaks In The Ducts

If your cooling bills unexpectedly start to spike, there could be a technical issue behind it. Central AC systems use ductwork to deliver any cooled air throughout your home. However, as they age ducts become more susceptible to tears and fissures. This not only makes the AC less efficient but demands more power to keep the required temperature levels in your home. This is usually the main reason behind increased energy bills. If you haven’t inspected your ductwork in a while and are paying more than usual, have a professional determine whether leaks in the ductwork are to blame.

Replace Your Air Filter

One of the things homeowners are most likely to forget about is the air filters in their AC systems. When is the last time you replaced or at least cleaned your filter? If your answer is “I don’t remember” now is the right time to do so. A clogged filter may make your air conditioner less effective as it struggles to push the cooled air through the filter. This will likely result in an increased energy bill, but poor air quality as well.

If you want to keep your energy bill low, make a habit of replacing your air filter at least once every two months. If you are not sure how to do this, you can always hire a professional.

Have A Professional Tune-Up

Another often neglected part of owning an AC system is having regular inspections and tune-ups. With a professional tune-up at least twice a year you can be sure your AC will be up to standards and working properly. This way you won’t spend a cent more than you need to in order to enjoy the comfort in your home.

A tune-up entails a professional testing every component of the system to make sure everything is working in harmony. If any part of the AC system is malfunctioning, professionals can detect this early and prevent expensive repairs down the line. Finally, they will clean the entire system, replace the filters, and offer valuable advice on proper AC maintenance.

Having your AC system running at optimal conditions is perhaps the best way to ensure that you don’t end up spending more money on it than necessary. As the old adage goes, sometimes you gotta spend money to make money; well, in this case, save money.

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5 Signs The Roof in Your Edmonton House Needs a Repair

You may have heard that “a house is only as strong as its roof.” There’s certainly truth to it. After all, nobody wants to live under the risk of a weak or poorly constructed roof that may collapse and give up on you. This is why most of us pay close attention to the construction material that goes into erecting a roof. However, if your Edmonton home’s roof is aging or is poorly constructed, then it may be hard to figure if it requires a repair or needs to be replaced altogether. Pricing of both roof repair and roof replacement vary significantly. HomeAdvisor states that the average cost of roof repair totals to an average of $792. The costs, of course, drill down to how intense the damage is and how much repair work is required to fix it. Generally, the investment ranges anywhere between $335 - $1,252 with the lowest cost being $150 in expenses and the high end of investment standing at $4,100. estimates that the typical roof repair costs too. The main estimates made include: Minor repairs cost anywhere between $150 to $400 Moderate repairs demand cash of $400 to $1,000 Extensive repair work takes about $1,000 to $3,000 It may take up some time to realize that a roof repair is due. However, these signs can help you figure out your roof’s requirements: 1. Check the attic for any roof leakage: If you have not been to your home’s attic for a while now, then it’s high time that you visit it. Apart from the prevailing dust, check for any signs of water. You need to run this leakage check, specifically, if a big storm or heavy rains have just passed. Any water leakage in the attic is a telltale sign of a roof that is in need of some repair work. Alternatively, check for any signs of light rays coming into your attic. If light can pass through your roof, so can water. 2. Observe the shingles for any curling or cracking: Detect the shingles on your roof. These may be cracked or curled. In certain instances, some or several shingles may be missing. All these indications are signs that the shingles are nearing the end of their life. Consequently, you need a roof repair in your Edmonton house. However, if you note that numerous shingles are damaged or absent, then you may need to replace the roof altogether. 3. Notice any shingle granules in the gutter: If you observe any granules that resemble black sand in your house’s gutter, then be aware that these are granules from the shingles. Such a loss of granules highlights that the shingles are wearing off. In such cases, you typically require a new roof because shingles that are wearing off are of no use. If you hadn’t foreseen the cost of roof repair, then a repair can help you buy some time. In the long haul, know that a roof replacement is in order. 4. Check the roof objects for any wear and tear: To further learn about your roof’s condition, survey the room objects. These include vents, pipes, chimney, and other objects that penetrate the roof. Scrutinize carefully for any signs of wear and tear. Minor roof repairs can help correct such a situation. If you are unsure, you can get these areas and your roof checked from a professional such as Silverline Roofing - Edmonton roofer. This will help avoid further roof deterioration by leakage and so on. 5. Peeling and blistering paint: Another telltale sign which indicates the need for a roof repair is an improper paint. Two significant signs are blistering and peeling paint. Essentially, your roof should be well-ventilated. However, a poorly ventilated roof encourages the buildup of humidity and moisture. This results in the peeling of paint. If you notice peeling paint near your roofline, then your roof needs repair. This pointer shows that it is not essential that only old roofs require repair work. New ones that may be poorly constructed can also need repair. Wrap up thoughts: Summing up, your roof, whether old or new, may require repair. These signs can help you understand your roof’s needs. Be sure to get your roof rectified at your earliest. Ignoring the matter will only worsen the condition, which is why you may end up needing a costly roof replacement. Read Also: What Are The Services Offered By Roofing Companies? Professional Roofing Services And Different Decorating Styles

Home Remedies

Top Home Remedies To Make A Floor Non-Slip

You may not realize that a floor is slippery until you or a loved one slips over it. This is often the case with entrance halls, or with the garage. With your shoes on, you probably have enough grip. But take them off, and it’s an accident waiting to happen. Why use epoxy for garage floors? Go for polyaspartic coatings for the ultimate protection from a sudden slip! Marble floors can also be an issue, as can garage floors. These are usually concrete but, once the concrete gets oil and other compounds on it you’ll realize that it’s also slippery. The good news is there are several home remedies that can reduce the slipperiness of the floor. Let's Check Out Top Home Remedies To Make A Floor Non-Slip: 1. Epoxy Coating This is the most expensive and time-consuming option. It involves layering an epoxy coating on top of an existing concrete floor or creating a new floor with epoxy. You can undertake this job yourself however if you want the best possible finish it’s best to use the professionals in epoxy floor coatings. They’ll do the job faster, and neater, and it will come with a guarantee. In fact, the cost in the long term is significantly cheaper than most options. This is because epoxy flooring is very tough and durable. You can also choose your color and even a pattern you want to emboss not the floor. This guarantees your epoxy flooring doesn’t just look stunning and offers a non-slip solution. It is also unique to your home. Related Resource: Use Floor Polishing for Keeping Your Flooring Looking New 2. Vinegar & Water Vinegar is a powerful cleaning agent. If you add some to warm water you’ll be able to mop your floor thoroughly. You should proceed when dealing with a hardwood floor, they don’t generally like moisture. The vinegar will remove all the debris on the floor, eliminating issues that can cause the floor to be slipperier. It should be noted that vinegar and water clean the floor to make it safer, it doesn’t add a non-stick coating. 3. Non-stick Products There are an array of non-stick products on the market. It’s worth noting that they are not all created equally. You’ll need to consider which products are designed for your type of floor. Then, it’s a good idea to look at different reviews to help you choose the one that suits your needs best. Once you have chosen a product you’ll need to read the instructions and do as it says. Some can be used neat, others require the addition of water. Apply them in accordance with the guidelines and, once they have been on for long enough, make sure you dry the floor thoroughly. 4. Use Rugs Another way to reduce slippery floors is to add rugs to the most dangerous spots. You’ll need to invest in rubber-backed rugs as these will stick to the floor where you put them. The rugs will then give grip and comfort to anyone walking over them, allowing people to move around the home in confidence. Don’t forget, before you apply any product to your floor it’s important to sweep it and then mop it. This removes the debris that could cause an issue. Read Also: Treatments and home remedies to tackle tinnitus 5 Tips on effectively picking a tile floor cleaning machine Ideas for Modern Flooring Designs for Home Improvement Plans

house cleaning services

Vancouver House Cleaning Services with Local Home Cleaners Near You

Cleaning the house is not mainly a fun thing to do. Sure, some people enjoy it, while others want to get over it as soon as possible by house cleaning services. But what happens when you don't have time to clean? Your obligations sometimes won't allow it. You can try so hard to find the time, but things just go out of hand. Not to worry because cleaning services exist in the world to make your life much easier. Moreover, you don’t necessarily have to hire house cleaning services just to clean your home. They also do commercial cleaning for offices and different buildings, community centers, daycares, etc. Therefore, if you don’t have the time to clean everything up yourself, you should definitely hire house cleaning services. Your office building probably has janitors to keep everything spotless and clean. Or, if by some chance you own the office building, then it’s a good thing to have a scheduled house cleaning service taking care of the hygiene. It’s good for productivity and raising morale. Walking into your freshly-clean office every day will definitely motivate you to work harder. The same goes for your employees as well. Here are some of the reasons why you should definitely consider hiring a cleaning service. Reasons Why You Should Hire House Cleaning Services: Professionalism and efficiency A business that offers a cleaning service will provide a team of experts to make sure that everything is thoroughly cleaned. After all, they are professionals, and they know more about hygiene and cleanliness than anyone else. Also, they are quite efficient at what they do. Their organizational skills of house cleaning in Denver are impeccable, and they will finish the work more quickly. This doesn’t mean that they just want to get it over with. It means that they are experienced in the matter and will clean everything up at a faster rate than you. In addition, make sure to hire house cleaning services that are closer to your home or your office building. Surely, you have several options online to go through. All you need to do is go through several websites until you decide to contact one for further information. Click here to know more. Make sure that the website is reliable and not a scam. Usually, those that are scams are quite noticeable because they are filled with ads. Be sure to avoid them. Or, on the other hand, you can ask for recommendations from people that have used this type of service before. The right tools and products Once the professionals arrive for the cleaning process, they will not come empty-handed. They carry with them all the essential tools and sanitizing products to do a thorough job. You might not have them all in your home. Why run back and forth to the store constantly? In fact, you can even learn some tricks and tips from them while they clean the place. Hiring this type of service is the perfect solution to your problem. If you are satisfied with their service, you can always hire them again. Moreover, they won’t just clean everything up, they will also organize it. As mentioned above, they have impeccable organizational skills that any home or business owner can benefit from. It will be a nice feeling once you enter the house to find that everything is spotless and well-organized. Let them take that burden off of your shoulders. You work hard as it is. They will make sure that you are satisfied with the outcome. After all, if the customer is happy, then this positively affects the reputation of the cleaning business. So, don’t waste any more time and pick up the phone to make a deal. Check out Go Cleaning Genie, among others, to find out more information. Better air quality The air in your home can be affected by many things. If you have dust lying around everywhere, then the air quality will definitely be affected. A lot of bacteria come from dirt and filth, and you'll be inhaling it constantly. What happens if someone from your household has allergies? They won’t be comfortable living in a filthy area where they’ll have trouble breathing. A cleaning service will make sure that all the dust is dusted from the shelves or any other surface that has it. No more sneezing and coughing. Sometimes, a cleaning service can help you discover a problem with mold in your home. If you have mold growing, then this also ruins the air quality. The spores from the mold are dangerous to inhale as well. They can cause additional breathing problems. Make sure to act fast if you are facing this kind of issue. Better health conditions Living in filth will not benefit anyone. In fact, you can also develop allergies and infections. Cleaning professionals will make sure that doesn’t happen. A clean environment positively affects the body and mind. If you are struggling with keeping everything neat and spotless, then it is best to turn to professionals instead. They will take care of everything while you handle other chores and obligations. Moreover, lots of diseases can spread through dust and dirt. The same rule applies to your office building as well. If the place is not adequately maintained, then a lot of your employees can get sick. This can really put a strain on the whole business. Therefore, make sure to call a reliable house cleaning services and leave the rest to them. Read Also: We Buy Houses Companies Saving Homeowners From Foreclosure Hosted Mail Service That Runs on the Cloud