Sending Gifts in Lockdown – Let Someone Know They are Not Alone

Gifts in Lockdown

When we eventually get to the point that we look back on this crazy period of our lives, we will do so remembering just how difficult the strains of lockdown measures were on every single one of us. Cut off from society and, with that, our friends and family that we hold so dear.

Right now, we don’t know exactly how long this will go on for and it already feels as though we have been in this for the long haul. With no clear light at the tunnel thus far and our last meetings with friends and family but a distant memory, there is some solace that we can take in remembering that we can still let our loved ones know that they are not alone even when they are alone.

While video calling technology has seen a massive uptake in recent months (and no doubt will continue to do so), online shopping capabilities make it easy to purchase and send gifts to those we so badly want to embrace. Whether it is your mum and dad, your grandparents, a partner you do not live with, or your best friend, surprising them with something thoughtful might just make their day.

Sending Gifts

Wherever you are in the World

It does not matter where you are in the world for you to send a gift to someone you care for. Almost all countries, at the time of writing, are under lockdown measures of some kind, meaning that the public is unable to exchange presents in person. That means that some have celebrated birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions without those they would normally wish to celebrate with.

Right now, living 10 minutes away is like living on the opposite side of the world, but even then, we have always been able to send parcels. With delivery services still operating, we must continue to make use of these as a means of staying connected.

For example, a shop in Edinburgh that offers flower delivery is currently proving highly popular as friends and family wish to show they care and show that their loved ones remain in their thoughts. Even in the hardest of times, in the unfortunate event of passing in the family and loved ones are unable to gather to mourn their loss.

Amazon Wish Lists

Across social media, there is a trend of people sharing their Amazon Wish Lists and buying gifts for others who have shared theirs. This has largely started since lockdown measures were implemented as a means of sharing positivity and it has helped to bring people together in tough times.

Even if you are not interested in sharing your list, you can still get involved by buying a gift for someone, even if you don’t know them. This may or may not sound like something you wish to get involved in, but the overriding message of the campaign is to be kind to one another, which is something we need right now.

Personalized Gifts

We are all missing someone. We are all counting down the days until we can hug someone and once again make memories together. In the meantime, personalized gifts go some way to filling the void that we are all experiencing.

Grandparents, who may be shielding for longer than most of the population, will be missing their grandchildren greatly. While they cannot be reunited yet, a small token of love may just give them renewed strength during these tough times.

Until we can meet again, it is essential to remind loved ones that they are just that. We are all suffering and cannot wait until the world returns to as close to normality as possible. Until then, sending small gestures to friends and family is the best that we can do, and do that we should.

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Bacterial Amylase

The Difference Between Bacterial Amylase and Fungal Amylase

If you are looking for an enzyme that degrades starch, then you should know the difference between fungal and bacterial amylase.Both enzymes function to break down starch and inhibit its recrystallization.Bacterial amylases are more effective than those from fungi.a-AmylaseThe purified enzymes exhibit a pH range of 6.5 and an optimum temperature of 60degC. Outside these ranges, the enzyme loses activity. It has minimal activity at 35-40degC and no activity at 2.5-3.5 pH. However, at 60degC and a pH of 6.5, the enzyme retains 50% activity.A-amylase is obtained from Bacillus licheniformis, which has a trading name of "Termamyl". Microbial a-amylases are generally used in industrial processes and detergent applications, but they are also being studied for their potential as bioethanol biocatalysts. Hyperthermophilic amylases offer even greater bioethanol production capabilities.The TAKA-amylase has a characteristic a-amylase fold and contains an insertion domain with a calcium-binding site. This enzyme is similar to a bacterial amylase but contains a distinct fold. Its b/a8-barrel insertion domain and C-terminal b-sandwich domain were studied using inhibitors to identify the active site.The crude extract of -amylase contains approximately 59 kDa. Amylase expression increased with cell density. Protein synthesis is largely performed in the log phase, a stage where cellular constituents are synthesized at a constant rate.Bacillus amyloliquefaciens a-amylase predominantly catalyzes the endohydrolysis of wheat starch. In addition, it may act as an a-exo-amylase. This enzyme changes the starch structure and results in an increased release of maltose and glucose.A-amylase increases the rate of fermentation by providing additional substrates for yeast cells. Additionally, it extends the time of productive fermentation by shifting the yeast metabolism.Despite its similarity in molecular mass, the a-amylase from sorghum grain is insensitive to high salt concentrations, making it suitable for use in starch conversion processes. Foods often contain high concentrations of salts to improve flavor and stabilize them.a-Amylase is a starch-degrading enzymeAmylase is a family of enzymes that hydrolyze starch to oligosaccharides. The enzyme a-amylase degrades starch by hydrolyzing its 1,4-a-glucoside bonds, while b-amylase degrades starch to release b-maltose.Amylase activity is measured by the change in the color of starch in the presence of iodine, which is a substrate of the enzyme. Its activity is quantified by two different kinetic methods, using the enzyme nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide and iodine.AmyPDSBD is a member of the a-amylase family, and its B domain is one of the smallest. This elongated architecture restricts substrate access, and it forms a structural lid above the active site. Moreover, AmyPDSBD has an extended cleft that points away from the catalytic site, and it is possible that this cleft is necessary to promote the degradation of raw starch granules.The a-amylase family of enzymes has four subtypes: endoamylases, exoamylases, and transferases. The a-amylase subgroup hydrolyzes starch molecules at boiling and high temperatures. As a result, it creates maltose, glucose, and maltotriose.AmyP is a raw-starch-degrading enzyme with potential applications in green fuel and food processing. It preferentially digests rice starch. AmyP has a specific activity of 118.5 + 0.6 U/mg at 40 degrees Celsius, which is higher than other raw-starch enzymes. AmyP hydrolyzes ten mg of rice starch in four hours. Similarly, it takes one hour to hydrolyze 80 mg of rice starch.Amylase starts the starch digestion process by breaking down the long-chain saccharides into smaller pieces. Each starch chain contains two to three glucose units. Amylase is a member of the glycoside hydrolase family 13 and is produced in the pancreas and saliva.a-Amylase is a fungal amylaseA-Amylase is a natural enzyme produced by the fungal genus Aspergillus. It is a fast hydrolase that is active in the neutral, acidic or mildly alkaline pH range. However, it is not as heat resistant as bacterial amylase.A-Amylase has many applications in diagnostic and analytical chemistry. It can be used for the determination of fungus pathogens. Many species of Aspergillus and Rhizopus are used as sources of a-amylase.A-Amylase is useful in fermentation and in commercial starch modification. It is also used in textile processing and cleaning compounds. In addition to these uses, it can also be used as a feed supplement to compensate for a deficiency in endogenous amylase in young animals. Fungal a-amylase hydrolyzes starch and turns it into fermentable sugars, most commonly maltose.Amylases are enzymes that break down long chains of starch to form simple sugars. In particular, a-amylase converts amylopectin into maltose and maltotriose. Amylases are found in many plants and fungi.NFAmy13A is a thermostable a-amylase that is active at a 60-degree temperature range. These properties make NFAmy13A a suitable candidate for use in the ethanol and food industries. It is also safe, which makes it an attractive candidate for a-amylase production in the biotechnological industry.Amylases are a vital component of many industries. They can convert starch into sugar syrups and produce cyclodextrins for pharmaceutical applications. Moreover, they are cost-efficient and consistent and require less space and time for production. In addition, amylases are widely used in the food and bioprocessing industries.a-Amylase inhibits starch recrystallizationA-Amylase is an enzyme that causes the degradation of starch molecules and reduces them to short-chain dextrins. It acts on the a-1,4 glycosidic bonds in starch polysaccharides and requires the presence of calcium ions for stability. Hence, it inhibits starch recrystallization by preventing the formation of double helices in starch.A-Amylase is an enzyme that is present in our digestive system and breaks down carbohydrates from our diet. It catalyzes substrate hydrolysis through a double replacement mechanism involving the formation of covalent glycosyl-enzyme intermediates and oxocarbenium ion-like transition states.The active site contains one carboxylic acid that acts as a nucleophile and a second carboxylic acid that is used as an acid/base catalyst and stabilizes the transition states during hydrolysis.The presence of CBM and SBS on the a-amylase surface influences its starch-binding ability. Specifically, the aromatic residues are required for interactions with the partially negatively charged hydrogen atom of the substrate.These aromatic residues must have a specific topology and conformations that are stable. While the presence of CBM and SBS does not affect catalytic activities towards short-chain polysaccharides, they are essential for the hydrolysis of long or insoluble starch.Barley a-amylase is a 45 kDa enzyme that plays a vital role in starch degradation during germination. It releases sugars that provide energy to the plant embryo. It also contains a 19.6-kDa bifunctional protein called BASI. BASI inhibits both AMY2 and subtilisin family proteases, and it may protect the seed from pathogens secreting these proteases.While a-amylase is useful for starch conversion, its use is limited by economics and the availability of high purity enzymes. However, some applications may require the use of a-amylase to improve the quality of products such as bread.a-Amylase is a multifunctional enzymeA-Amylase is an enzyme that has several independent functions. These enzymes are also called promiscuous enzymes or moonlighting enzymes. They are capable of catalyzing unrelated but complementary side reactions.They are usually slow compared to their main activity and exhibit relaxed substrate specificity. These enzymes are beneficial to live organisms as they help them to survive and respond to changes in the environment.Amy63 is a multifunctional enzyme produced by the marine bacterium Vibrio alginolyticus 63. Amy63 is an a-amylase with additional carrageenan and agarase activities. Amy63 shares seven conserved regions with typical a-amylases and clusters with similar enzymes from the GH13 family.Amylases are multifunctional enzymes that break down starch into maltose and maltotriose. They are found in plants and fungi and are derived from various biological sources. Amylases are produced from different sources, including animal pancreas, yeast, wheat, and barley. Some are produced by large-scale fermentations of Bacillus and Aspergillus species.Amylases are metalloenzymes and require a metal cation as a cofactor. Calcium is one such cofactor. Different enzymes have different requirements and this needs to be taken into account. Analytical scales with a sensitivity of 0.0001 g are usually required for measurements. Analytical scales with lower sensitivity are also available.Although most studies on the a-amylase enzyme are conducted on a laboratory scale, there is no guarantee that the enzyme will perform in any given situation. The best way to ensure that a-amylase is as safe and effective as possible is to ensure its purity.A-Amylase enzymes are used in a variety of applications, including conservation. However, they have several disadvantages. Often, their concentrations are too high and cause them to become inactive. Additionally, the enzymes are inactivated by hot water or ethanol, which disrupts their tertiary structure and terminates their hydrolytic activity. This can leave residues on the artifact.Additionals:How to Prevent Mold Damage In a BuildingHow Does Children's Health Impact Parental Lifestyle?Mold Growth At Home: What You Should Know And What You Can Do


How to Style- The Minimalistic way

It was a bright Sunday morning and I couldn’t help but say “Yes” to accompany my bestie to her cousin's wedding. We were all from the same school and know each other since forever. The bride and the groom decided on a very small and simple wedding ceremony with a minimalistic theme. However, they haven’t compromised on the bride and the groom wagons i.e. the wedding was filled with friends, family and extended family. Unlike serious family weddings one experiences, theirs was different. In accordance with the theme, they arranged the wedding at a traditional village setting with very bright backgrounds and each function was choreographed to perfection. They had decided on the bridesmaid’s dresses and Jewellery well in advance and it looked more than perfect.Apt to their theme, they selected colours, wardrobe, and Jewellery that are light, subtle and moderate. They hired a wedding planner who had a set of designers ranging from Jewellery designer to wardrobe designers, from photographer to wedding décor guys. Along with being a mute spectator of the entire carnival-like wedding, I was enjoying my heart out. I couldn’t help but notice the Jewellery patterns worn by bridesmaids. I had a chance to interact with the Jewellery designer and she was filled with tons of information on “How to Style- The Minimalistic way” Here are a few tips she rendered:Over sizedMaangTika with Chandelier earrings is a classic combination that is in trend. You can team them on a lehenga or a ghagra or a half saree. Another eclectic combination is the bib necklace along with an adjustable Vanki or a grand handmade temple Vanki highlighting Indian architecture and the muse of Indian demigods. Large cocktail rings with matching Earrings and pendant sets. 3-in-1, 5-in-1 and the 7-in1 Jewellery pieces that are gracefully designed for multi-utility. Rare craftsmanship that has a long life, offering versatility. Delicate gold Vaddanam crafted in lace in 22K gold with a central stone pendant that came along with a neck hugging gold choker set with earrings was another startling piece of JewelleryCountless combinations like the above were readily available with the designer at hand as she connected through her tab to give a sneak peek into them. Another beautiful collection I saw was the cocktail rings that serve two fingers. They are oversized rings, finished in abstract design making them all an eye treat. Unlike the traditional gold ring designs, they were an exception in many ways.With my curiosity tweaked up, I started searching online for Jewellery and observed that Retail Jewellery houses have now segmented their product range for customers in terms of Bridal collection, boutique picks, Signature ensembles and some of the group on the basis of workmanship. Example: VaibhavJewellersVizag- A very well established South Indian Jewellery house that hosts scores of designs has recently launched their boutique collection “Visesha” which showcase uber-exclusive signature pieces that all together belong to a different league. They have a rich collection of different workmanship sourced from across India. They also have a customer-friendly online portal that has endless collections of gold Vanki, Vaddanam, Rings, Necklaces, gold Harams, Gold Earring designs with weight and price and other gold and silver accessories at very compelling prices. They are also one step ahead when it comes to customer outreach by way of their video shopping facility. Through this, they have enabled customers to shop at the comfort of their home and family. Customers are also assisted by Jewellery experts on call who would take them through various designs and workmanship at the desired price and weight ranges.It surprises me how luxury has swept from the physical stores and entered our houses like never before.Overall, going to the wedding has been a refreshing affair, what was more welcoming was the takeaway tips I got from the Jewellery designer. Hope they would help you shop for your big day.Read Also:The Benefits Of A Great Wedding Venue Dos And Don’ts: Wedding Invitation Design Gold: Choose Your Jewellery Carefully Sunglasses Suitable For Weddings Choosing The Best Photographer For Your Event 7 Tips To Serve The Most Memorable Food On Your Wedding


5 Must-Visit Historic Sites For A True Georgia Living Experience

Georgia, affectionately known as the Peach State, has a wealth of history and culture.Beyond its storied past, the state is famed for its warm hospitality, diverse landscapes ranging from the majestic Appalachian Mountains to sun-kissed beaches, and a burgeoning arts scene in cities like Atlanta.Its rich culinary traditions, rooted in southern comfort foods, have also put it on the map as a foodie destination.Festivals, music, and dance are integral to Georgia's identity, drawing visitors eager to revel in the rhythms of blues, country, and soul.Rich in American history, civil rights movements, and southern charm, Georgia offers a plethora of historic sites that showcase its unique heritage.If you're planning a visit and want to experience authentic Georgia living, here are five must-visit historic sites: 1. Savannah Historic District Stepping into Savannah's Historic District is like being transported back in time.Founded in 1733 by James Oglethorpe, the district served as Georgia's first colonial capital.As the city grew, its unique grid pattern became home to a myriad of historic buildings, churches, and homes, some of which date back to the 18th century.Its pivotal role during the Civil War and its preservation efforts in the 20th century have cemented its place in American history.Its cobblestone streets, beautiful squares, and antebellum architecture make it one of the most picturesque places in the South.The district is one of the largest National Historic Landmark Districts in the United States.Take a stroll and immerse yourself in the tales of the past, and don't forget to explore the city's waterfront for added charm. 2. Martin Luther King Jr. National Historical Park Situated in Atlanta, this site pays tribute to one of the most influential figures in American history.The park includes several locations, such as Dr. King's childhood home, the Ebenezer Baptist Church where he and his father preached, and his final resting place.It offers an in-depth look at the civil rights leader's life and his monumental role in American history. 3. Andersonville National Historic Site Located in southwest Georgia, the Andersonville National Historic Site stands as a somber reminder of the darkest days of the Civil War.Established in 1864, the prison, officially named Camp Sumter, was built to hold Union captives.Within just 14 months of its operation, it incarcerated over 45,000 Union soldiers, of which almost 13,000 perished due to disease, malnutrition, and overcrowding.The prison's commander, Captain Henry Wirz, was later tried and executed for war crimes, becoming one of the only Civil War officials to face such a fate.Today, the site commemorates the thousands of Union prisoners of war who suffered and died in the notorious Confederate military prison.The site also houses the National Prisoner of War Museum, which honors all American prisoners of war. 4. St. Simons Island Lighthouse A testament to Georgia's maritime history, the St. Simons Island Lighthouse is one of only five surviving light towers in the state.Climb its 129 steps for a breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean and the Golden Isles.The nearby Keeper's Dwelling has been transformed into a museum that showcases the island's rich history. 5. Ocmulgee National Monument Located near Macon, this site preserves traces of over 10,000 years of Southeastern Native American culture.From ancient earthworks to ceremonial mounds, Ocmulgee offers a deep dive into the region's prehistoric times. 6. A Modern Twist To Your Georgia Visit Now, while you're soaking in the history and culture of Georgia, it's worth noting that the state has taken progressive steps in modern times as well.If you're a patient looking for medical cannabis, for instance, the process of acquiring it in Georgia has become simpler than ever before.Thanks to third-party online tools like Veriheal, patients can easily connect with certified cannabis doctors and navigate their way through the approval process without a hitch.It's a testament to how Georgia beautifully blends its rich past with forward-looking initiatives. In Conclusion Georgia promises an enchanting blend of the old and the new. Its historic sites offer a deep dive into America's rich tapestry, while modern amenities ensure a comfortable and enriching visit.Whether you're a history buff or someone just looking for a true Southern experience, Georgia will not disappoint. Read also:Your Federal Disability Attorney and Lawyers How To Get Child Visitation Rights? Don’t Battle It All Alone: 5 Reasons Why You Need an Adoption Attorney