Sending Gifts in Lockdown – Let Someone Know They are Not Alone

When we eventually get to the point that we look back on this crazy period of our lives, we will do so remembering just how difficult the strains of lockdown measures were on every single one of us. Cut off from society and, with that, our friends and family that we hold so dear.

Right now, we don’t know exactly how long this will go on for and it already feels as though we have been in this for the long haul. With no clear light at the tunnel thus far and our last meetings with friends and family but a distant memory, there is some solace that we can take in remembering that we can still let our loved ones know that they are not alone even when they are alone.

While video calling technology has seen a massive uptake in recent months (and no doubt will continue to do so), online shopping capabilities make it easy to purchase and send gifts to those we so badly want to embrace. Whether it is your mum and dad, your grandparents, a partner you do not live with, or your best friend, surprising them with something thoughtful might just make their day.

Sending Gifts

Wherever you are in the World

It does not matter where you are in the world for you to send a gift to someone you care for. Almost all countries, at the time of writing, are under lockdown measures of some kind, meaning that the public is unable to exchange presents in person. That means that some have celebrated birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions without those they would normally wish to celebrate with.

Right now, living 10 minutes away is like living on the opposite side of the world, but even then, we have always been able to send parcels. With delivery services still operating, we must continue to make use of these as a means of staying connected.

For example, a shop in Edinburgh that offers flower delivery is currently proving highly popular as friends and family wish to show they care and show that their loved ones remain in their thoughts. Even in the hardest of times, in the unfortunate event of passing in the family and loved ones are unable to gather to mourn their loss.

Amazon Wish Lists

Across social media, there is a trend of people sharing their Amazon Wish Lists and buying gifts for others who have shared theirs. This has largely started since lockdown measures were implemented as a means of sharing positivity and it has helped to bring people together in tough times.

Even if you are not interested in sharing your list, you can still get involved by buying a gift for someone, even if you don’t know them. This may or may not sound like something you wish to get involved in, but the overriding message of the campaign is to be kind to one another, which is something we need right now.

Personalized Gifts

We are all missing someone. We are all counting down the days until we can hug someone and once again make memories together. In the meantime, personalized gifts go some way to filling the void that we are all experiencing.

Grandparents, who may be shielding for longer than most of the population, will be missing their grandchildren greatly. While they cannot be reunited yet, a small token of love may just give them renewed strength during these tough times.

Until we can meet again, it is essential to remind loved ones that they are just that. We are all suffering and cannot wait until the world returns to as close to normality as possible. Until then, sending small gestures to friends and family is the best that we can do, and do that we should.

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