Serving in style with aprons that accentuate your brand

Very often, functionality and practicality are put first when deciding on how to equip your serving staff – they need to be able to move quickly, carry around lighters for candles, ordering pads, pens and many other things. And their surroundings will change quickly, from the heat of the kitchen to outside seating, to bar counters and back rooms. Server aprons come in an assortment of exciting colors, including intense orange, bright yellow.

This requires clothing that accommodates both the heat and the cold, the light and the heavy – a tricky task for most normal clothes. Adding that the serving staff usually are on their feet for long working hours, comfort and practicality must come first.

Server aprons that combine comfort and style


But at the same time as comfort should be prioritized, you will want the server staff to look presentable – and classically stylish – in their clothing. The classic, stainless white shirt will ooze of exclusivity and give your guests a feeling of being in a truly top-notch place.

Of course, the aprons should do the same.

You can choose to go with the classic, long, black waiter’s apron, that will go with anything and will complement most establishments, modern and classic.

But if you are looking to establish your business as a special place, perhaps with a theme or in other ways unique, there are many other ways to go with the server aprons.

All of the server’s aprons, no matter the color or the cut, should combine comfort and style, for the pleasure of your server staff and your guests.

Accentuate your brand with unique server aprons

If you want to go with something other than the classic, black apron, there are many possibilities.

For a fresher, younger style, you can go with short aprons that are not unlike skirts, or you can go with a fresh and delightful color for the aprons, really making your staff – and your brand by extension – stand out.

Server aprons come in an assortment of exciting colors, including intense orange, bright yellow, elegant plum or even in a black and white variation with vertical stripes. All these variations are available online – find them here.

Excellent quality for frequent use

A workday for a server consists of being exposed to a lot of food, drinks and possibly a lot of stains. For that reason, it is crucial that the aprons and clothing used can take it, without leaving stains for good. The apron must be sturdy enough to be washed frequently and at high temperatures to make sure that they look clean and presentable during service. Make sure to choose aprons that look good – even after being washed 50 times.

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