How A Sexual Assault Attorney Can Psychologically Help A Victim Deal With Their Trauma


31 August 2021


Sexual Assault Attorney

If you have been a victim of child sexual abuse but you are not sure how to get help, get your life back, or move on with your life, you are not alone.

You can feel stuck like you are in a rut, and you are replaying the incident over and over again in your mind. This is not healthy for your psychological or physical state, so getting help as soon as possible can be the difference-maker between living in a post-traumatic stress state and getting the tools you need to get your life back on track.

By firing a group of professionals who are well qualified, experienced, and educated in the way to help deal with childhood trauma, you can learn the coping skills and the mechanisms to understand what happened – but put it behind you.

Instead of self-forgetting what happens to you, hiring professionals can help you work through your issues to deal with what happened to become a stronger person on the other side of it.

Hire a sexual assault attorney to help you deal with past trauma from sexual abuse

Why is the Demand for Nurse Practitioners So High? A survey conducted by healthcare recruiters found that the role of nurse practitioner was ranking in the top ten most recruited healthcare positions back in 2013. At this point, this was the first time that this career made the top twenty list. In the eight years that have passed since, the demand for nurse practitioners has grown even further and the profession has not only met, but exceeded, the expectations for it to grow by 30% between 2010 and 2020. Currently, the nurse practitioner role is growing significantly faster than many other healthcare professions, including primary care physician roles. So, what exactly is behind the booming demand for nurse practitioners, and what can nurses do to get into this exciting, fast-paced and beneficial position? Demographic Changes: Changes to the population are behind the growth of nurse practitioner roles in a big way. A report carried out by the American Association of Medical Colleges in 2015 found that the population is expected to grow around 10% by 2025. However, this is likely to lead to an even more aging population with the greatest level of growth expected to be seen in the senior demographic, which will naturally drive the demand for more primary care and advanced healthcare professionals such as nurse practitioners. The senior demographic is expected to have grown by more than 45% by 2025, while in comparison, the number of people aged under eighteen is only expected to grow by 5% in the same time period. According to an analysis carried out by the IMS Institute for Health Informatics, this increase in the senior demographic is leading to a greater need for specialist visits for chronic health conditions, which tend to be higher among older patients. Since specialist healthcare is often facilitated and provided by nurse practitioners, we can expect this demand to grow even further as the population gets older. Shortage of Primary Care Physicians: Along with the increase in demand for specialist medical professionals, there is currently a shortage of primary care physicians across the US that is driving the need for more family nurse practitioners to step up and fill the gap that this has left. According to the AAMC, the physician shortage is likely to reach around 90,000 by 2025, with fewer medical students deciding to go into primary care. Family nurse practitioners and adult-gerontology nurse practitioners have the training, knowledge and skills to fill this gap in the healthcare system. Research has found that nurse practitioners offer a standard of care that is equal to that offered by a physician, and in many states these professionals are permitted to diagnose medical conditions, provide referrals for specialist treatment, and prescribe medication without the supervision of a medical doctor required. Studies have found that patients who visit a nurse practitioner as their primary healthcare provider tend to enjoy more health benefits including a lower mortality rate, decreased number of ER visits, lower rates of readmissions to hospital and greater patient satisfaction due to the holistic, patient-centered care that most nurse practitioners offer. Growth of Retail Clinics: From 2007, the retail clinic industry in the US has been growing rapidly. Back then there were only around three hundred retail health clinics located in pharmacies, superstores and drugstores across the country. Seven years later, this number had seen a massive increase with around two thousand clinics opened. And today in 2021, retail clinics are becoming an increasingly popular sight. Since retail clinics are often run by nurse practitioners, it makes sense that they are one of the main reasons driving the demand for more professionals to fill these roles. One example is MinuteClinic, a rapidly growing health franchise that you will find at popular retailers such as Target, where nurse practitioners are available to provide health advice and services to customers in store. Retail clinics are growing in popularity among patients as they offer several benefits including increased coverage by private health insurance companies, high deductibles, and after-hours convenience. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: When the PPACA was passed, the Congressional Budget Office projected that around 26m American citizens would gain access to affordable health insurance in the next three years as a result of the provisions put in place by the Act. In addition, the PPACA also included a number of investments that made it possible for the healthcare industry to further expand the role of nurse practitioners in order to ensure that they were prepared for the demand that this would cause. Around $65m was invested between 2012 and 2015 into the development and improvement of clinics that are run and managed by nurse practitioners. With these new measures in place, it was inevitable that the number of nurse practitioners would need to be increased in order to meet the growing demand for primary care delivery from patients who were now able to access the affordable care that they needed. The Act included additional funding to nursing schools and colleges in order to facilitate more opportunities for nurses to enroll on nurse practitioner training programs and other advanced nursing programs in order to prepare for this role. Why Consider a Career as a Nurse Practitioner? Aside from the high demand, there are many reasons why nurses decide that a role as a nurse practitioner is the right choice for their professional life. Compared to many other advanced nursing career types, working as a nurse practitioner is unique in many ways, including the fact that it allows nurses to remain at the bedside and put delivering patient care first. For nurses who are passionate about advocating for their patients and improving the healthcare system from the inside out, this role can be an ideal choice since nurse practitioners often have the chance to campaign and get involved with healthcare politics and major industry decisions, allowing them to influence healthcare in favor of what their patients want and need. Some of the main reasons to consider training as a nurse practitioner include: More Education Options: Do to the PPACA and its investment in nurse practitioner training programs, getting qualified as a nurse practitioner is now much easier for registered nurses compared to in the past. Scholarships and other financial aid packages have become increasingly available in order to help nurses financially when it comes to meeting their career goal of working as a nurse practitioner. And, more and more employers are now offering help financially with education as more nurse practitioners in the workforce is often a win-win situation for them. In addition to this, the logistics of training as a nurse practitioner are also easier to navigate for many nurses. Compared to in the past where a nurse would need to juggle working full-time with attending nursing school classes on campus, family nurse practitioner programs are now increasingly available to take online, offering a more flexible approach for nurses with busy lives. Learn more and check out the online FNP programs from Texas Woman’s University. More Autonomy and Independence: The higher level of career autonomy and independence that comes with working as a nurse practitioner is often one of the most attractive parts of this career. In many states, training as a nurse practitioner gives these advanced nurses the option to offer the same level of care as a primary care doctor without the need to go to medical school for several years. In some states, nurse practitioners are permitted to run their own independent clinics and do not need to get the supervision or sign-off of a medical doctor when it comes to the decisions that they make for their patients. With the current shortage of primary care physicians plaguing the healthcare industry in the US right now, family nurse practitioners in particular are seeing a higher demand for their skills and expertise in positions where they are replacing medical doctors to offer patient care. Explore More Specialty Areas: Nursing is a career path that is needed in all areas of healthcare, and as a result, there are lots of different specialty areas that nurses can train in whether they are interested in working with a certain patient demographic or want to spend their time treating patients with certain conditions and diseases. As a nurse practitioner, you will enjoy even more opportunities to specialize. Family, adult-gerontology, neonatal, and psychiatric nurse practitioner roles are some of the most popular, and each of these offers a range of sub-specialization areas where you can focus more on a certain area of healthcare for that group such as women’s health or oncology. Increased Salary: Working as a nurse practitioner gives you the chance to significantly increase your earnings compared to a career as a registered nurse. Nursing in general is a very competitive career today and nurses are often offered generous salary and benefit packages in order to provide an incentive for more people to get into this career during a shortage. Registered nurses in 2021 earn an average of $80k per year, and nurse practitioners have the option to earn significantly more, usually a minimum of $100k depending on their state, specific role and area of specialty. Further Career Progression: As a nurse practitioner, your career progression does not need to stop here. Nurse practitioners will need to have earned a minimum of a master’s degree in nursing in order to start working in this role. This qualification can also be used to prepare you for a wider range of advanced nursing roles including management, leadership and even executive roles. With nurse practitioner experience behind you, there are several opportunities to consider if you want to climb the career ladder further and your education does not have to stop here either, with several training programs and another more advanced doctorate degree option available for those who want to take their career even further. Some nurse practitioners go on to become nurse educators, a position that is in increasing demand right now as a lack of educators is one of the main reasons why the nursing shortage is so severe. How to Become a Nurse Practitioner: If the high demand and many other benefits of this career sound appealing to you, it’s a good idea to get clear on the steps that you will need to take to start working as a nurse practitioner. To become a nurse practitioner, you will need the following: BSN: A bachelor of science in nursing is typically the minimum requirement for entry to nurse practitioner training programs. If you have an associate degree in nursing you can use an ADN-BSN program to get this qualification faster. If you are just starting out in your journey to become a nurse practitioner, a typical BSN will take four years to complete. Those who already hold a bachelor’s degree in a different subject might want to consider the accelerated BSN program which lasts around 2-3 years. Master’s Degree: A master’s degree in nursing is usually the minimum requirement to work as a nurse practitioner. If you have an MSN, then you might be required to undergo further nurse practitioner training before you can apply for your license and start working in this role. The best way to get into this profession after getting your BSN is to enroll on a nurse practitioner based master’s degree in nursing, such as the family nurse practitioner degree which is specifically designed to prepare nurses for this role. Licensing: Similar to the NCLEX exam that you will have had to pass to become a registered nurse and start working in your state, there are further exams designed for advanced nurses to take to get the appropriate licensing to begin work as a nurse practitioner. It’s important to research your state’s requirements for getting this license and prepare for it in good time. Once you are licensed, your registered nurse license is not affected allowing you to continue working in either role. The healthcare industry is changing significantly, and with an aging population coupled with fewer primary care physicians, nurse practitioners are taking over as primary care providers in the US.

A sexual assault attorney is a professional who can help you fight your court case when it comes to cases of abuse or assault to children, teens, or adults. In this case, if you were a victim of child sexual abuse, you may be bringing up old wounds that never healed. A sexual assault attorney has the skills and the professionalism needed to help you mentally deal with the stress, talk to you about what happened, build a case for your argument, and bring your case to trial.

A sexual assault attorney can help refer you to other professionals who are also able to help you with your past trauma. By building a team of professionals, including therapists, counselors, doctors, and lawyers, you can form a team that is well-versed and educated to help you deal with your childhood abuse and form a base for a healthy life moving forward.

Fortunately for you, there are many resources to help you if you have been a victim of childhood abuse. There are many organizations that your sexual assault lawyer can refer you to, such as the American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children, American Psychological Association, American Public Human Services Association, National Respite Network, and Resource Center, Darkness to Light, Friends National Center for Community Child Abuse Prevention, Futures Without Violence, National Association for the Education of Young Children, and much more! These organizations will help past victims of abuse and current victims get the help they need to get out of their harmful situation.

Bonus: Check out our exclusive guide on protecting self-right with the help of a lawyer.


If you have been a victim of childhood sexual abuse, you may feel like you do not know where to start when it comes to getting help and moving on with your life. By hiring a professional sexual assault lawyer, you can start to build a team of professionals who will help you heal in all ways. The sexual assault lawyer can refer you to organizations that are meant to deal with trauma such as yours, along with referring you to other professionals like therapists, counselors, and much more!

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Compassionate Advocacy: How An Attorney In San Francisco Can Help For Wrongful Death 

Are you grappling with the gut-wrenching pain of losing a loved one because of someone's negligence or because of some wrongdoing in the bustling city of San Francisco? Dealing with a wrongful death can feel like stumbling through a foggy maze, but guess what? Right here in the Bay Area, you can hire a San Francisco wrongful death attorney who understands the unique heartbeat of this city and can be your guiding light through this tough journey. So, take a deep breath, lean on those who care, and let these skilled professionals help you find the path to justice and healing. Understanding Wrongful Death In San Francisco First off, you should know what is meant by wrongful death in the context of San Francisco. Essentially, it occurs when a person dies as a result of the negligent, reckless, or intentional actions of another party. This could range from a fatal car accident caused by a drunk driver on the Golden Gate Bridge to a fatal workplace accident at one of the bustling tech companies in Silicon Valley. The Role Of A Compassionate Attorney Now, you might be wondering: How can an attorney in San Francisco help me during such a difficult time? Well, here’s a picture. Imagine you're standing at the edge of the Pacific Ocean, waves crashing against the shore. It's a turbulent sea of emotions, confusion, and legal complexities. That's where your attorney steps in as your lifeguard, ready to navigate the choppy waters and guide you safely to shore. Investigation And Evidence Gathering Having an attorney on your side is like having a trusted ally in your corner. They're not just there to handle paperwork. They're like your personal detective, diving into the details to uncover the truth behind what happened. Picture them out there, hitting the streets of San Francisco, talking to witnesses, gathering clues, and putting together the pieces of the puzzle. It's like having a friend who knows all the hidden gems and secret spots of the city, guiding you through the chaos with confidence. So, while you're grappling with emotions, let your attorney be the one to roll up their sleeves and do the legwork, so you can focus on remembering and healing. Crafting A Legal Game Plan Your attorney is like a strategic mastermind crafting a game plan for your case. They dive deep into San Francisco's legal landscape, analyzing laws and past cases like detectives piecing together clues. They'll cook up a strategy tailored to your situation, mixing legal theories like ingredients in a recipe to build a compelling case. Whether it's arguing negligence, strict liability, or intentional wrongdoing, they'll whip up a legal concoction aimed at winning justice for you. Navigating The Legal Process The legal system can feel like a maze, especially if you're not familiar with its twists and turns. But fear not, because your attorney is like your personal GPS, guiding you through each step of the process with clarity and expertise. Whether it's filing paperwork, negotiating with insurance companies, or representing you in court, they've got your back every step of the way. In San Francisco, when it comes to wrongful death, it means if you lose someone you love due to someone else's fault, you have legal options. For instance, let's say your partner passes away because of a negligent driver. Well, you and your family could seek compensation to include factors such as medical bills and funeral expenses, as well as the financial support your partner would have provided. But here's the catch: you've got to file a lawsuit within a certain time frame, or you might miss out on your chance to seek justice. Bringing In The Experts In the legal arena, it's like assembling a superhero team. Your attorney calls on a squad of experts to bolster your case. Picture accident reconstruction specialists as forensic artists sketching the scene of the incident, while medical experts dissect the injuries like CSI investigators. Economists crunch numbers to put a value on your losses, and forensic analysts comb through evidence like Sherlock Holmes on a case. Together, they form a powerhouse of knowledge and insight to support your claim. Read Also: Coping With Loss: Legal Aspects Of Wrongful Death Cases The Drama Of The Courtroom When negotiations stall and it's time to take the stage, it's like stepping onto the set of a legal drama. Your attorney becomes the leading actor, delivering a performance that could sway hearts and minds. They'll weave a narrative that captivates the jury, using evidence like plot twists to keep them on the edge of their seats. Cross-examinations become intense duels, with attorneys sparring like verbal gladiators in the arena of the courtroom. It's a high-stakes performance where every word counts. The Appeal Of The Appeal Even after the final curtain falls, the show may go on. Appeals are like sequels in the legal saga, where attorneys make their case to higher courts. It's a chance to rewrite the ending, challenging the judge's rulings or the jury's verdict with a fresh perspective. Attorneys become storytellers once more, crafting compelling arguments in written briefs and oral presentations. It's a battle of wits where legal minds clash, hoping to sway the judges with their persuasive powers. For instance, suppose a family believes the court's decision regarding compensation was unjust. In that case, they may appeal the verdict to a higher court, such as the California Court of Appeals. Here, their attorney would present arguments challenging the previous ruling, perhaps citing errors in legal procedure or misinterpretations of evidence. Final Thoughts And Encouragement In wrapping up, facing the aftermath of a wrongful death in San Francisco is undeniably tough. But with a San Francisco wrongful death attorney by your side, there's hope and guidance through the storm. From unraveling the details of the tragedy to crafting a solid legal strategy, your attorneys are there to navigate the complexities every step of the way. Read Also: 5 Common Types Of Personal Injury Cases Top 10 Colorado Springs Personal Injury Attorneys How Much Compensation Can You Expect Run Accident Claims

Defamation Lawyer NYC

Internet Defamation Lawsuits: 7 Things You Need To Know

Let’s start with getting the idea about what a defamation lawsuit actually is. It is a type of civil lawsuit where the victim sues a defendant for making a false comment or statement on a person to a third party. When it comes to online or internet defamation, the statement is published on an online platform or is posted on any of the social media platforms. In this case, the person can file a defamation lawsuit against the party who had made the defamatory statement with the help of a Defamation Lawyer NYC.  Types Of Defamation Now, as we know what internet defamation is, it is time to check out the different types of defamation. Here is the list of different types of defamation. Defamation Per Se. Defamation Per Quod. Criminal Defamation. Workplace Defamation. Elements To Prove In Defamation Lawsuit Only filing a lawsuit against the party who has posted a defamatory statement about someone specific is not enough to get your claims for the damages the statement has made. Your Defamation Lawyer NYC has to prove it. So, here are the elements of a defamation lawsuit, which need to be taken care of while fighting the lawsuit. False Statement of Fact. Of and Concerning the Plaintiff. Communicated to a Third Party. Fault Amounting to at Least Negligence. The Statement Was Not Privileged. Causing Damage to the Plaintiff’s Reputation. Filing A Defamation Lawsuit Now, as you have developed a basic idea about the internet and usual defamation lawsuits, it is the main part where we will talk about filing a defamation lawsuit. Throughout the entire process, a Defamation Lawyer NYC will guide you. 1. Determine That You Have A Valid Defamation Claim The first and foremost thing you have to consider is determining your claim. Here, that is a defamatory statement made on an online platform about you, which is not true at all. In addition to that, due to that very statement, you have experienced several damages along with immense damage to your public reputation. You also have to ensure that all the elements of a defamation lawsuit are in place. 2. Ensure Where To File It might seem too easy to think of, but in reality, it is more complex. Yes, you will file the lawsuit at a court with proper jurisdiction, but the question is where. For example, you live in New York, but the party who has made the statement lives in Ohio, so where will you file the lawsuit? Here is the list of several things that you should consider during this crucial time to make your decision. Where you reside or operate. Where the defendant resides or operates. If applicable, where your customers reside. Due to the defamation, where you experienced the damages. The amount of money you are claiming to recover the damages. 3. Gather Evidence Gathering evidence is an obvious thing for any type of lawsuit. But in case of internet or online defamation, the post can be removed at any time. So, here is some evidence that will work for you. A screenshot. Printout documents. Backup emails to any other email accounts. Save the entire webpage. 4. Comply With All Defamation Requirements Apart from making sure that all the defamation elements are in the proper place, in some cases, you might also need to take care of some particular pre-suit requirements. In some states, the plaintiff has to give notice to the organization or to the individual who is responsible for this. Your Defamation Lawyer NYC will be able to offer you the right information regarding this. 5. Consider Alternative Dispute Resolution Options Considering an alternative dispute resolution is not at all a bad option. Thankfully for removing the defamatory statement filing a lawsuit is not the only option you have. Simply contacting the responsible authority might often solve the issue. So, ensure that you have tried all the alternative options before using the entity. 6. File Your Legal Complaint Now, as you are done with taking care of all the necessary actions and gathering the pieces of evidence as per the elements of defamation, it is time to file the legal complaint. Always remember that it is not only about winning the case and getting the money. It is also crucial to make your defendant understand why you are suing. 7. Serve The Complaint Now is the time to serve your complaint in court. Here the actual job of your Defamation Lawyer NYC begins. In most cases, the plaintiff pleads to the court to eliminate the claiming amount as they have the right to free speech, and the case ends with a conviction of only removing the defamatory statement. So, you have to play smartly here. Final Talks An Internet defamation lawsuit is not only about someone making a false statement on the internet but also is more about the damages that statement has caused to you. Along with damaging your public reputation, it can affect both your personal and professional life as well.  Read Also:  5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Lawyer How Much Does A Trademark Lawsuit Cost? 5 Reasons Why You Should Take A Criminal Lawsuit Seriously

Bicycle Crash

Procedures To Opt After Bicycle Crash

No matter how it happened whether injuries happened or just the bike has been totaled, it could be a saddening event. But the actual problem is how to handle this moment of chaos. Here are some tips to follow in case you have gone through this misery. 1. Call the police or ambulance One of the most important steps to take after a bicycle crash is to call the police or any other emergency number of your area. Now, this also depends upon the type of accident that happened. If the injuries happened then immediately seek medical care, to prevent serious long term damage. 2. Check for the injuries Check for the injuries even if they are the minor ones because at the moment they might seem minor but you can’t tell what kind of issues it could bring in the future. Maybe the injury was internal bleeding or tissue damage who’s symptoms appear late. So seek medical help immediately after the accident. 3. Have a powerful piece of evidence Look for witnesses around, take pictures of the damage that occurred, and try to take as much as possible to cover the scenario. Wait for the police to arrive as it’s their job to describe the crash scene in the best way possible. Also, try to describe your version of the story discreetly. 4. Know your right to claim for the damage occurred One of the most important things that should be kept in check is that knowing your right claim for the damages doesn't matter whether the injuries happened or not. Even if the cycle is damaged you could claim for the damages. But obviously, the court will check who is to be declared the root cause of the accident. 5. Have a trusted Bicycle accident attorneys Look for the trusted attorneys that could help you with the bicycle crash and trust me they could offer you with the best piece of advice to get you out of all the fuss being created. Many attorneys that will help you deal with the situation one good example of such kind are Bicycle Crash Attorneys Atlanta. From there you will get a trustworthy lawyer that could help you to reimburse your loss. 6. Contact the Insurance Company. In order to claim the damages, contact the insurance company, show them the recorded evidence, the pictures of the damage, statements from the witness. Show them complete paperwork along with the court’s judgment and ask for the amount so that the damages could be compensated. Also, be very careful when claiming your money back the insurance guy might be very humble but he is not your friend. So, cycling safety is the root cause that needs to be dealt with; also the road rules should be strictly followed. There is one thing that happens a lot is that the bicycle rider is being depreciated in most of the cases where a bicycle and a car crash happened. This is because car owners think that the bicycle rider has not suffered as much of a loss as they do so it's okay if they are being lowballed. But this is the duty of a cyclist that he/she should know his/her rights and act accordingly. Read Also: Learn How Personal Injury Claims Are Resolved in 5 Steps Reasons for hiring any Personal Injury Attorney is Important Dos and Don’ts When You’re Involved in a Motorcycle Accident