Small Business Guide to Private Health Insurance Exchanges

Published on: 23 March 2018 Last Updated on: 19 August 2019

When it comes to building a business, health insurance is often a concern. Entrepreneurs who venture off on their own sometimes leave a great health insurance plan behind when they do so. For many aspiring entrepreneurs, this risk is one of the main limitations that prevent them from pursuing their passion.

There are complexities that small business owners with employees will face that will never be an issue for one-person organizations. Figuring out how to offer health insurance, and what’s required in this politically tumultuous time, can be confusing and overwhelming. That’s why so many small business owners are using a broker and a private health exchange.

Using a Broker :

First of all, let’s look at why so many small businesses choose to use a broker when it comes to health insurance. Researching options and trying to understand the insurance industry jargon can be an absolute nightmare. As a business owner, you wouldn’t tell clients seeking your expertise to handle their business themselves. People come to you because you’re an expert in your field. Why wouldn’t you do the same?

A broker can do the research, and understand what is being offered. They can translate the industry language into something you can understand and process, and make recommendations based on your needs. They save you time and money, not only finding something that works for you but helping with the enrolment process. In a nutshell, health insurance procuration is something you can delegate while you focus on operating your business.

What is a Private Exchange?

When told to consider a private exchange program, small business owners often ask the same question: “how does a private exchange work?

Private exchanges are a flexible approach to group health insurance that allows employees to pick and choose aspects from various health plans to fit the allocated budget. Employers and small business owners get control over their contribution and, with a broker, find something that fits their budget upfront.

Rather than being presented with one option, employees can choose from a wider range of plans. So if Jim in sales has different health coverage needs than Pam in reception, they can choose different plans that suit their individual requirements. If their needs extend beyond what you have budgeted for, they simply pay the difference in premiums themselves.

When you use a broker to procure health insurance through a private exchange, you don’t have to deal with multiple bills from multiple providers. Rather, everything is consolidated and billed to you directly through the broker on one convenient invoice.

Political and Business Considerations :

There has been a lot of back and forth about the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and President Trump’s proposed redactions and changes. Many of these changes won’t take place until late this year or early 2019. For now, the same Essential Health Benefits (EHBs) apply. These benefits include things like emergency services, ambulatory care, prescription drugs, prenatal and postnatal care, etc.

While it is possible that changes are coming in the near future, for now, it is best to go with what you know. Working with a professional broker can help you navigate the murky waters and better explain how proposed changes will impact your small business, what you can do to prepare, and how things will work in the meantime.

As a small business operator, a lawsuit resulting from not properly adhering to what is expected of you regarding insurance can break your business. Unlike other options, like Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) you still have complete control over other aspects of your business with a private exchange. Private exchanges are not only convenient for you and your employees but help you cover your assets.

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Having less or no money can bring your self-esteem down, along with affecting your sleep and social interactions. Sometimes, an individual ends up feeling overwhelmed, angry, and even tense.  How Does Economic Stress Impact Health?  We all are well aware of the fact that money is not the only thing to worry about. However, money is certainly an important factor in leading a prosperous and happy life. Below are a few common ways in which financial crunch impacts our health:  Insomnia: A person might go through insomnia and other sleeping difficulties. It ends up tossing and turning them at night and increasing worries about unpaid bills.  Weight loss or gain: Some people tend to give up on food, while others might end up emotionally overeating. Economic stress can disturb your appetite and ultimately result in anxiety and more eating. Relationship complexities: Money often becomes a central topic of argument between couples. When it is left unattended, an economic crunch can make a person irritable and angry. As a result, the relationship suffers!  5 Ways To Cope-Up With Financial Stress Economic stress is not easy to deal with, especially when you have too much on your plate already. But with a set of tips, you can certainly bring down the stress level. Here are some smart tips for coping with the economic crunch:  Exploring Title Loans: A Quick Fix In Reach Title loans, also known as auto or car title loans, enable individuals to use their vehicles as collateral for a speedy loan. The process is straightforward: borrowers provide their vehicle title in exchange for a loan based on the appraised value. Although borrowers maintain possession of the vehicle during the loan period, the risk of losing ownership looms if repayment falters. In the pursuit of quick financial solutions, individuals often turn to search engines, entering phrases like "title loans near me" to locate nearby lenders. 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Searching For Responsible Solutions: Financial Counseling And Budgeting For those grappling with a financial crunch, seeking guidance from financial counselors can be instrumental. These professionals provide personalized advice, helping individuals navigate their unique financial situations. Budgeting is another proactive step to regain control over finances. Creating a detailed budget, identifying areas for cost-cutting, and prioritizing essential expenses can pave the way for a more sustainable financial future. Responsible financial decisions involve a comprehensive understanding of the terms and conditions associated with any loan, including title loans. While a title loan might offer a swift solution, exploring alternative options and adopting sound financial practices are critical steps toward achieving stability without compromising one's financial well-being. Keep Track Of Your Bills It would be an enormous waste if you spend your money on finance charges or late fees. But most families tend to do this. At the time of a job loss crisis, a good understanding is a must. One of the best solutions for saving significantly at the end of the month is saving a lot of money.  Dedicate a time period to review your accounts, whether monthly or twice a month. You can also schedule your mail checks and even electronic payments so that you never miss out on a payment deadline. In case none of this works, try consulting a financial advisor who can help you out with all these things.  Double Up Your Liquid Savings From savings to checking, cash accounts are the ones that help you most during a fiscal crunch. The best idea is to convert these resources first, as their value has fewer chances to fluctuate. Unlike properties or stocks, cash savings are most likely to double up if you plan everything well.  It is possible for you to take out your money without having to bear a financial loss. 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