Is Equity Release Worth It?


13 November 2018


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You might be having second thoughts on whether or not to get an equity release loan. On the one hand, you want to use the money for a significant transaction. On the other hand, you are afraid that the interest rate will be too high over the years, and it could result in the drastic reduction of your property’s value. If it is your only property, and you have nothing else to leave your children, you want them to enjoy its full value.

How to make a decision

It is understandable if you are having a hard time choosing. To help you decide, think about where you wish to use your money. If you are paying hospital bills and other emergency expenses, and you have no other choice, proceed with your plan. It is reasonable for you to take it. You are also making the right move if you intend to use the money for home improvements. You will be staying in your property until you die, so it does not hurt to invest in home improvements. Besides, it could help boost the value of your property.

On the other hand, if you are thinking of using the money to invest or start a business, it is a bad idea. You are at an age where you can’t wait to see where your money goes, or if it will someday grow. You need to enjoy your money at this point since you worked hard your entire life.

It is also reasonable to use the money if you wish to travel the world. It might not be reasonable if you were young, but at this age, do whatever you want to satisfy your desires. You might not have this opportunity someday, so while you still have it, make the most of it.

Check the details

 Aside from how you want to use the money you borrow, you also need to check if the terms and conditions are fair enough. There are equity release schemes that are reasonable, while others seem to take advantage of your age. You can seek help from a consultant to tell you the details you don’t understand. The information online might not be good enough for you to make a sound decision in the end.

Look at the repayment scheme, and if there is a fee if you complete the payment earlier. You also need to look at the steps involved once you die, and your family needs to pay back the loan. If it is too difficult for them, and you think they will not receive a significant amount, you might as well look for other options.

Should you get one?

After consultation and research, you can decide whether or not you will take the loan. You already have the necessary information at this point to choose. When choosing, think not only of what you need now but in the long run. Think of how it will affect your family, but it does no harm to be selfish and think about its impact on you.

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What You Should Know Before Using ExpertOption

ExpertOption, a binary options broker launched in 2015 and based in St Vincent and the Grenadines is a relatively new broker within the binary options arena. In their 2018 review of ExpertOption, praise their ability to cater to both more and less experienced investors, giving an overall rating of 4.8 stars, with ExpertOption scoring between 4.6-5.0 stars throughout the categories of Accounts, Bonuses, Features, Trades, Mobile, Banking and Support. What’s Good About It? ExpertOption offers four account types, each with varying benefits and deposits: the Mini Account with a $50 deposit, alongside the Silver, Gold and the VIP Account, which requires a $2,500 deposit. award ExpertOption’s Account Types 5.0 stars, identifying them as a great beginner broker, with a minimum trade of just $1. ExpertOption offer over 50 assets, with gold, oil, stocks, currency pairs, and Forex pairs, earning them 4.6 for Trade Types and Payouts. Moreover, ExpertOption offers two trade types: 60-second options: an extreme option in terms of expiry times, which is great for traders with limited time. The second trade type, High/Low Options has a 15-minute expiry time, offering greater flexibility. ExpertOption also claims to offer bigger payouts than other brokers, with up to 95% of profits being rewarded. Bonuses and Promotions are one of the expert options strengths, earning a perfect 5.0 stars, thanks to their sliding scale bonuses based on account types. A 50% bonus is available with a Mini Account, increasing to 80% with the Silver Account, 100% with Gold and 125% with a VIP Account. ExpertOption accepts debit, credit cards and alternative payment methods including Skrill and Neteller. Commission-free withdrawals and the speed and ease with which deposits can be made earns their Banking capabilities 4.7 stars. Following the $50 deposit required to open a Mini Account, the minimum deposit required thereafter is $10, with priority withdrawal for Gold and VIP Accounts. When it comes to Customer Support (4.9 stars), noted ExpertOption’s 5 different contact options and languages: English, Russian, Chinese, Thai and Hindi, each with a phone number and email address. Inexperienced traders can get accustomed to the platform without risking real money, thanks to the $10,000 demo account, whilst an informative education center covers everything from trading strategies to jargon, earning ExpertOption’s Special Features 4.6 stars. What Could Be Improved? Despite an impressive 4.8 star rating thanks to apps for iOS and Android devices and a mobile site, note the difficulty in navigating ExpertOption’s mobile site, with a lack of responsiveness and certain aspects not being optimized for mobile usage. Although ExpertOption claims to offer a quick withdrawal turnaround time, exact time is not stated, with some traders experiencing more long waiting times. Equally, whilst ExpertOption’s English helpline is available 24/7, helplines in other languages are only available at specific times Monday-Friday. Overall: Ultimately, highlight ExpertOption’s suitability for new and experienced traders alike. A useful demo account and extensive educational resources facilitate risk-free trading for inexperienced users, whilst the mobile app is ideal for trading on the go. With accounts ranging from Basic to VIP and the ability to open an account with just $50, this review reaffirms how traders of all levels can try ExpertOption. Read Also : The Best Stocks To Buy Now That Will Pay Big Later Buying Stocks For Beginners: A Guide How To Start Trading On The Stock Market And Profit?

Financial Risks

5 Financial Risks of Starting a Small Business and How to Avoid Them

Small companies are a vital ingredient of the national economy. In the United States alone, there are 31.7 million small businesses. They provide 64% of all new employment produced in the country. More than half of all small firms fail within the first year, and more than 95% fail during the first 5 years. Furthermore, 66 percent experience financial woes. For 43 percent of small companies, the challenge is paying operating overhead. This happened after work from home became the mainstream, with a majority of Americans working remotely in the year 2020, lowering expenses for businesses to prosper. Additionally, 60 percent of businesses closed as a result of the virus. Here are 5 major financial risks to avoid while establishing your business: 1. Don’t Go Up-Beat With The Prices It is very hard for a business to start with a high price for a product or a service and then tone it down due to lack of engagement. Instead, you should be moderate and even low with the prices at the start because it will get you enough traffic. But don’t rely on those prices for too long because business needs to thrive, start increasing prices gradually. Use customer service and social media to inform the people of the quality you maintain, people always are ready to pay a little extra if they know the quality is maintained. 2. Avoid Taking a Loan if You Don’t Need One Just because you are starting your business, does not necessarily mean that you have to have a good amount on one hand. This type of thinking can stress you out even before the process starts and can numb the creative juices. Furthermore, bank loans are always given with interest, and if your business does not keep up, you might end up in a filthy debt. Try to work with the resources you have and once you have established your name then maybe consider taking out a loan to expand. 3. Think About Having Multiple Business Models In One Business: If you are a product-based business, don’t just rely on that, if you are a service-based corporate, don’t say that the revenue will be generated only from that. Instead, create an online presence and figure out other means of generating revenues as well. Social media campaigns and blogs can help you get ads and thus more revenue from multiple sources. 4. Getting People Employed When You Don’t Have Money It’s true that you are on the road to progress but test your business out with self-help in the first months, and when the processes of revenue generation are smooth, then look for additional help. It will save you from the unnecessary mental pressure of paying someone when you are struggling with profits. 5. Always Get a Legal Framework In Order Work hard on your policies related to customers and services. Invest in getting licit legal help and building the right nest for your legal protection. Getting the right insurance is also a part of building your legal frameworks. Talisman Casualty is a leading provider of general liability insurance for small contractors in Las Vegas, you can consider them for your business legalities. Having professional help will aid you in making the right decisions timely. Read Also: Benefits of NBFC Business Loans What Are the Alternatives for Small Business Startup Loans?  

Buying or Selling Gold

Why Buying or Selling Gold Online is a Wise Move

Buying or selling gold has an element of risk involved, and it does make sense to minimize these risks as much as is practically possible.  Rather than spending half the day driving around looking for gold dealers, the Internet offers a quick and easy way to make contact with a reputable gold dealer and they will help you out there how to buy precious metals. However, you do need to be sure that you can visit the dealer's offices, at least one time, to ensure that they are actually an established gold dealer. Why Buying or Selling Gold Online is a Wise Move: Save Time: Using Google, you can compare the spot price of gold with as many dealers as you wish and that would take you only a few minutes. If you wish to buy & sell gold jewellery in Adelaide, there is a long-established gold bullion dealer with offices in the CBD, where you can visit their offices and carry out the transaction. Once you have found a respectable gold dealer, you can visit their offices any time that you wish to buy or sell gold, safe in the knowledge that you are dealing with a reputable organization. Taking the Best Deal: Gold prices change by the minute and by using the Internet, you can quickly ascertain which dealer is offering the best deal, whether you are buying or selling.  There are some online organizations that offer a seemingly good deal to buy gold, and they ask you to mail it to them using the pre-paid envelope they send you. Some of these are scams and they will accept your gold, then pay you a lot less than it is worth. These organizations are called ‘mail-in gold dealers and they should be avoided, as there is a chance that you will be cheated. You are strongly advised to visit a reputable gold dealer’s office, where you can take possession of the gold you are buying, or receive the right amount of cash for the sale. Credibility: Whether you are buying or selling gold, credibility is something you look for in a gold bullion dealer, and taking a look at their website can help you identify the dealers that are, in fact, reputable. They would obviously display the address and location of their registered office, and this is something you can check on very easily using Google Maps or any other online map application. Taking Physical Possession of your Gold: When buying gold in any format, it is important to take physical possession of the gold at the time of purchase and providing you stick to that rule, you should always be sure that you are getting the purity and the weight that you are expecting. One should always establish that the gold bullion dealer is everything he claims to be. Once you have done that, you can deal with an online gold dealer with the confidence that all is above board. Read Also: Gold: Choose Your Jewellery Carefully Make Your Savings Goals Come True With Gold