How to be stylish despite of your busy schedule


22 February 2018


Operating around a busy schedule every day can drain your energy and not allow you to take care or pay attention to yourself. Being a mother of young kids drains the most energy out of a person. You have to take care of your kids around the clock and get little to no alone time. A career mom has to deal with pressures of working and coming back home to take care of her children, which is completely exhausting.

Moms are more likely to give up their sense of style because they are overwhelmed all the time. Before being a mom, women are usually cautious about their sense of style, they love wearing the latest fashion and looking attractive. The moment they transition to parenthood, they lack the time or finances due to increased bills to take care of their look and style. Despite your busy schedule, you should find time to take care of yourself and work on yourself. Here is how you can be stylish despite your busy schedule:

Take care of your health :

When you are so overwhelmed with work or family you may turn to fast foods, which you eat in the office or order at home because you are too exhausted to cook. Nevertheless, you can find a healthy diet on the internet or work with dieticians to deliver you healthy food at your office or home. Having a healthy body will have you looking stylish and attractive whereas eating unhealthy will have you looking unattractive and uncomfortable. Taking time from your busy schedule to work on your health is worthwhile.

Keep up with fashion :

Fashion just like technology changes all the time. Subscribe to blogs, magazines or channels that feature fashion trends, which will enable you to know about new trends in the fashion industry. Working in a prestigious company or going to the country club for an afternoon tea requires you to be at your best. You do not want everybody to notice your level of stress by how terrible you look. Looking good opens you up to great possibilities and gives you the opportunity to attract the right people.

Collaborate with a stylist :

Career moms do not have the time to go from store to store to find clothes to wear. A stylish will do the shopping for you, get you the designs that fit your body and match your complexion. Stylists are professionals in the fashion industry and you can be sure that they will address all your style needs. They will hook you up with the latest fashion trends like Tee Amazing leggings that will get you looking exceptionally elegant.

Be open-minded :

The idea that taking time away from work or away from your children may sound selfish but it is not. Moms may feel guilty leaving their children but they need to know that their feelings ultimately matter. Feel free to do your thing and try on new style trends without closing your option to mom-approved clothing. As long as you are decent and happy within yourself, you should stick to your style.

In conclusion, your style is worth your time. Being a mom does not mean that your stylish days are over and being a professional does not mean that you have to bury yourself in work. You can take care of your responsibilities and still be yourself. You should purpose to find time for yourself from your busy schedule.

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Bridal Shower

How To Dress For A Bridal Shower?

When planning what to wear to a bridal shower, it is important to remember to keep things conservative.Rather than offending anyone, opt for something conservative and classic. Also, a tea party is much better than a party at a bar as it does not steal the bride's attention.It is also best to avoid plunging necklines and short skirts. Remember, a little nod to the party theme goes a long way!Things To Avoid:1. Revealing, flashy, or over-the-top formalWhile a revealing, flashy, or over-the-top formal dress may look lovely, it will probably not be appropriate at a bridal shower. Instead, opt for a more modest style that won't offend anyone.A tea party is a better option than a bar. Whether you attend a traditional shower or a more modern version, there's a dress to match.While there are plenty of stylish options to choose from, a dress for a bridal shower is the most suitable option. It's both feminine and understated, making it a great choice for any type of venue. Avoid wearing jeans or corduroy pants to a bridal shower, as they don't convey respect to the hosts.Besides, dresses are not just for the shower. Historically, the bridal shower is usually a fun, festive party ( While white is never appropriate, black is a great choice. Black is also bold and can make a stunning statement. Of course, any color other than black or navy is perfectly acceptable.2. Wearing studded accessoriesThe first thing to remember when attending a bridal shower is the location. There are several factors to consider, including footwear.The country club, restaurant, or backyard tends to have a higher level of formality, so you may want to avoid chunky heels and wedges. For an outdoor venue, try wearing flat shoes or a plain sterling silver bracelet.As far as fabrics go, stay away from leather biker jackets or other edgy pieces. Instead, choose feminine fabrics like chiffon or jersey. Decorative items like earrings or necklaces can add a little bit of bling to the ensemble, but don't go overboard. Instead, stick with fine, delicate jewelry. Embroidered bracelets and anklets are not appropriate for a bridal shower.As for colors, avoid bright red or blue. Dark colors don't fit the mood for the right bridal shower dress or accessories, so avoid wearing them. Those colors will only make you look like a party snob instead of a bride-to-be. Instead, stick to pastel colors and go for more muted hues.You can visit this website to see more suggestions. You don't want to overwhelm the bride, but it's still important to look presentable.3. Wearing all blackAlthough a bridal shower does not typically have a dress code, there are a few things you should avoid, especially if the event is outside. This is because the atmosphere is often less formal than the bride-to-be's big day. Another thing to keep in mind is what time of year the shower is held.For example, a winter shower is not the time to wear all black, so you should opt for a more feminine, sexy dress instead. Similarly, for a spring bridal shower, a flowy dress or midi skirt would be appropriate. Flowy blouses or pants would also work well and would be appropriate for spring and autumn showers.For a bridal shower, it is also important to avoid all black. Black is often considered too formal for a bride-to-be party. Some older family members might frown upon you wearing all black, and some outdoor daytime parties don't allow for that. Moreover, you don't want to impose a certain look on the bride-to-be. She may also be wearing white.It would be best if you can find a compromise between these two extremes and wear whatever colors you like. Although white is the color of choice for a bride-to-be party, black is not appropriate.While white is reserved for the bride, light shades of other colors are also appropriate. Wide-leg pants are chic, but you should make sure to wear shinies.Don't wear anything too loud, as this could make you stand out among other attendees. A simple necklace is enough to make a statement. In addition to neutral colors, you should avoid all-black ensembles. Black can look too somber at a bridal shower. Instead, opt for pastels, neutrals, and floral prints.For a spring or summer event, you may want to wear a midi dress with a floral print. Regardless of what color scheme you prefer, there’s probably a theme for it that you can find by clicking here, so consider the season and weather for the event. If you're attending a summer bride-to-be party, then a floral is okay I guess.You May Also Check: 7 Perfect Accessories to Match Your Wedding Dress4. Wearing denimWhile you're welcome to wear whatever you like to the bridal shower, avoid jeans. Denim is casual and will cause discomfort over time, and will make your mobility difficult.Instead, opt for a dress or skirt. There are plenty of flattering, comfortable options. Listed below are some tips to avoid wearing denim to a bride-to-be party. Read on to find out how you can look beautiful and make a great first impression.Before going to a bridal shower, determine the venue. If the shower is being held at a family member's home, jeans are acceptable. Otherwise, a country club or backyard would be more appropriate. Remember that the bride-to-be's personal style will likely determine the theme of the shower.For example, she may opt for a boho-chic bride-to-be party theme. However, there are also many types of bridal showers, so check out this Pinterest board for more. Some of them are themed, meaning that a particular dress is recommended. Guests should avoid wearing jeans to a bridal shower. This is bad etiquette and could put the bride in a hot mess.While denim is acceptable for casual attire, the bride should also avoid wearing baggy jeans. While you might be tempted to wear a skirt that is too short, consider wearing a skirt that covers the ankles. This way, you won't risk flashing the bride's grandmother.Read Also:5 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Invites5 Perfect Fashion Clothing Choices for Petite WomenReasons for Using Your Handwriting for Wedding Invitations

g string

5 Advantages of Wearing a G String in 2020

Women’s panties have gone through more than a dozen revolutions. From the traditional, full grannies to the skimpiest of bikinis, these helpful undergarments have become a massive and surprising industry in the world of fashion. The bottom wear that is always in the line of fire is the g string, which is a part of the thong family. It is a bit skimpier than a traditional thong but has more coverage compared to a regular bikini. The main undies’ fabric is light and soft, with thin elastic bands holding them up.There is a decade-long debate on this widely misunderstood bottom-protecting wear. (And to be honest, it may never end.) Most women find it sexy. Others find it uncomfortable. Some people see it as an affront to feminism. But at one point in time, most women dreamed of owning one because sporting these undies does have advantages. Here are 5 Advantages of Wearing a G String:Image Credit: 1. G strings are comfortable: Feeling comfort is a gift. It makes you poised and assertive in your day-to-day life. So if you are not used to wearing thongs, you would probably think that having one on is like having a wedgie the whole day. But most wearers swear by their comfort, especially during hot summer days. Going almost bare-butted may feel awkward on your first try, but you will love it after a couple of minutes. 2. There are no visible panty lines: Are you fond of tight pants, skirts, and dresses? Then you know that wearing a full panty will always result in very noticeable lines, even for one that claims to be seamless. And worst of all, the textile bunches at the places you least expect. Regardless of the reason, there are times when you would want your behind to look perfect. A g string will help accentuate your bottom since there are no lines to dampen the view from behind. 3. It makes you feel fresh:Thongs are intended to be small pieces of fabric and are usually soft and breathable. It can be your best friend on a warm day, as it will allow your skin to breathe and sweat when necessary. You will be able to feel the breeze through your clothes, so it will make you feel relaxed and refreshed. 4. It protects your front while freeing your back: A woman wears undergarments to protect her genitalia. Wearing a regular panty will surely safeguard her private parts from anything. But a g string can also equally ensure that your front part is protected. And sometimes, too much cloth at the bottom will make you uncomfortable due to it gathering along your backside. So this also frees your butt from additional fabric. 5. It never goes out of style: Everything in fashion becomes passe for a time. But it always comes back after a few years as a new fashion statement. For instance, whale tails were a recurring problem for g-string lovers. It is when the bands of your thong become visible whenever you sit down or squat. But Bella Hadid recently sashayed the runway in a black ensemble with her thong strings out, sending out the signal that yes, bands out is trendy again.Wearing underwear should always be a personal choice. Whether you choose a g string, a bikini, or a granny panty, you should consistently feel comfortable in what you wear. Be confident, sexy, and ready to conquer the world as you always should.Read Also:Style Your Child: How to Find Comfy and Cute Clothing for Kids The Style Bible: How To Dress Up Like Millennial 7 Fashion Tips Exclusively for Men

Holiday Fashion Tips

The Season of Suave: Holiday Fashion Tips for Men

The holiday season is upon us and with it comes maxed out credit cards, deciphering Christmas gift hints, and holiday parties. Even though one of those is actually enjoyable, you still don't come out unscathed -- unless you have a little too much eggnog.Sure, the intention of Christmas and holiday parties are to be a fun way to get together with friends, family, and coworkers and let loose. But there's a darker side to holiday parties -- and it's not Steve in Accounting's drunken dance moves.It's the dress code.Most hosts list what attired you're expected to wear to their holiday shindig. As if trying to figure out what to get your special lady for Christmas isn't enough confusion for you during the holidays.Well, have no fear. We're here to help.Check out our holiday guide to men's fashion in 2018. You'll never worry about the differences between "black tie" and "cocktail" ever again. Men's Fashion in 2018: Holiday Dress Code Guide: Decoding the holiday dress code for men isn't always easy. You can ask your lady what all the dress codes mean and likely have in the past.Or, you can surprise her this year by picking out your attire on your own. There are six main dress codes and you'll soon see you've been overcomplicating it this whole time. 1. Festive:Let's start out with the easiest one: the "festive" party. This attire is going to be casual, but calling it "casual" isn't very creative.You don't have to break out the ugly sweaters -- unless you're invited to an "ugly sweater party," of course. But, sweaters can be a classic and casual look perfect for a holiday get-together.Choose colors that are seasonal like red, green, and white, but go with deeper shades as opposed to bright ones. If you're the life of the party, be bold and go with tartan plaid.If you're more of an understated guy, keep with solid colors and add a touch of the holiday spirit to your socks. 2. Office: If your company opts to have a holiday party during your lunch break, you probably don't have to worry about your dress code. You'll already be in your business attire.But, if your boss decided to go off-campus for the company Christmas party, you may not be too sure what to wear. Keep it business casual if the dress code isn't mentioned.This means a nice blazer with an optional tie. Wear a button-down shirt with festive colors and a pair of slacks. Finish off your look with some loafers or moc boots.If you think your holiday office party will lean heavily to the casual side, a nice pair of dark, designer jeans (no holes!) can also work.Pro tip: If you're attending your holiday office party and booze will be involved, limit your alcohol intake. Every holiday party should only have one Steve and you don't want to be him. 3. Cocktail: Cocktail is the same as semi-formal. Think about what your wife or girlfriend will wear. She probably bought a dress or skirt either at or just above the knee. This is opposed to the floor-length gown she wore to your brother's fancy-schmancy wedding.See a correlation?You're going to want to follow suit (no pun intended) in your own way, of course. We'll break it down into tie and no-tie.A no-tie look works for cocktail attire if you rock a dark tailored suit with a white button-up.If you're a tie-guy, bypass the suit and opt for slacks and a button-up instead. Throw on a blazer and you're ready to go.Don't go with a boring black tie, though. Find a darker color that works for both the holidays and the rest of the year. Learn more about different patterns and materials and what looks best on you before deciding.Accessories will really add the finishing touches to your look. Shine up your Oxfords, wear a nice analog watch, and even get yourself a pocket square. You'll look suave and confident as soon as you walk into the party. 4. Black Tie:Remember when we said the festive dress code was the easiest? We lied. It's actually "black tie" for one simple reason.Black tie means tuxedo. Now, you may not have a Tom Ford tux hanging in your closet, and that's fine. You can either rent a tuxedo or go with a tailored three-piece suit instead. 5. Black Tie Optional: If "black tie" is the easiest, "black tie optional" is usually the most confusing.No, it doesn't mean wear what you want -- we know you'd rather wear sweats and a hoodie.It means you can wear a classic tux or something a little more creative. You can wear suspenders and a bow tie or a funky three-piece suit.As long as you keep it formal, you should be just fine. 6. White Tie:We've covered five dress codes so far and you've probably had no problem following along. Until now."White tie" may sound like nothing you've ever heard of, but the truth is, you have. It's like black tie on steroids.White tuxedo tie, jacket with tails, the whole nine. That's what someone means when they tell you it's a "white tie event."Unless you're a celebrity or attend the Vienna Opera Ball every year, you likely don't own this kind of tux. You, of course, can rent one. And no, it won't be cheap.The bright side is that the traditional foot attire for white tie is velvet slippers, which will at least have your feet feeling like they're wearing sweats. You're Ready to Be the Fashionister of Every Holiday Party: Now that you're up to speed on the men's fashion in 2018 holiday dress codes, you should have no problem looking like a Hollywood A-lister on your own.But, if you still need some helpful tips, check out our 7 fashion tips exclusively for men.Read Also:Souq Fashion Outlet: Avail Up To 70% Off On Top Brands Top 10 Fashion Brands Of 2018