What To Do If You Have Suffered An Injury That Is Not Your Fault?


14 March 2020



Every year, millions of people get an injury in accidents that have been caused by others. Often, they suffer serious injuries. In some cases, they end up being permanently disabled.

If this happens to you, it is important to react to the situation in the right way. Doing so will have a significant impact on how easy and how quickly you can get your life back on track. This basic checklist will help you to handle this situation in the best possible way.

What To Do If You Have Suffered An Injury That Is Not Your Fault?

Get yourself a lawyer


If you have been injured, there is a good chance that finding a lawyer is the last thing on your mind. Your focus is on getting better. This is understandable, but you really should make hiring a personal injury lawyer a priority.

Should you not do so, your chances of winning compensation are considerably reduced. It is all too easy for vital evidence to be lost or cleared away. You may also inadvertently do things that will end up weakening your case.

Make sure you do not admit blame

When you hire a lawyer at an early stage, they will explain to you what information you need to gather. They will also help you to avoid saying things that make it sound like you were somehow to blame for the accident and, therefore, your injuries.

Keep a record of your injuries and recovery

Usually, they will ask you to keep a diary of your symptoms, the drugs you are taking and your treatments. As well as keep a record of the impact the injury is having on your life and the additional expenses you have. They may also ask you to use a pain app like the ones you can download via the links on this page.

Follow the medical advice you are given

Following the advice your doctors give you sounds obvious. But, it can be difficult to do when you are feeling so ill. For example, taking a daily walk when you are in a lot of pain will not be easy. But, despite this, you must do the very best you can to follow the instructions you are given.

Doing so will help you to heal faster and will reduce the risk of the other party being able to use the argument that you did not recover from your injuries because you did not follow medical advice. The last thing you want is to inadvertently let the person who is ultimately responsible for your injuries off the hook.

Accept the help of others

When we get hurt we are usually at our most vulnerable. Yet despite this, when offered help, many of us automatically say no thank you. Our pride just won’t let us accept the assistance that we really need. It is important to be aware of this tendency and to resist automatically saying no when help is offered. You need to get better as soon as possible. With the assistance of others, you will be able to do that.

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Top 10 Colorado Springs Personal Injury Attorneys

When you are pursuing a lawful claim, you need a lawyer or attorney who will support you and handle your case with full determination. You need an attorney who will suggest you or tell you the most significant things, which you will need in your side, while lawful claiming. Selection of the best Colorado Springs Personal Injury Attorney can be of great help for you. This is one major reason why individuals and groups looking at personal injury lawsuits and compensations claims turn to experts like The Sawaya Law Firm. Being legal pioneers, they have been able to extrapolate compensation and claims from the toughest of opponents, including some of the biggest businesses and insurance companies. Colorado Springs Personal Injury Attorneys main motive is to provide justice for their clients. In the United States, an attorney is the synonyms of a lawyer. Colorado Springs Personal Injury Attorneys handle cases like car accidents, construction accidents, premises, and many more. They fight hard for all their clients in the case in front of the court to prove the innocence of the person for whom the attorney fights for.  . Top 10 Colorado Springs Personal Injury Attorneys Now here we will see the top five Colorado Springs Personal Injury Attorneys, from whom you can take their services to fight your cases. Let us have a look at it in detail. 1. Bradford Pelton This Bradford Pelton has more than 30 years of experience in this field and helps the clients to obtain compensation for any damage or injury cases. In the metropolitan areas of the Colorado Springs, the Bradford Pelton serves his services. He even helps his client to provide social security and workers’ compensation claims. Areas Of Specialization of Bradford Pelton are as follows:- He helps those people who are injured in car, Fall accidents, job site, Negligence, Dog bite cases, and Product liability. 2. Donley Law P.C. This firm especially focuses on the personal cases of a person. They use special strategies to get justice for their clients or obtain compensation for an accident. Many people in America, the services of this firm to handle their cases.  Most of the time, the attorneys bring positive results to their clients. He is one of the best among Colorado Springs Personal Injury Attorneys to get through with. Workplace injuries. Car accident cases. 3. Green Law Firm, P.C. Another one of the top-rated firms is this green law firm, p.c. they take all the cases of Colorado Springs people. Mostly the legal claim is to fight for those people who have lost their nearest and dearest one in a car, motorcycle, and truck accident. Even they fight for their clients that they will get compensation for physical and mental sufferings, and funerals. Let's boil down his areas of core specialization in brief:- Mental sufferings & funerals. Motorcycle accident cases. Death accident cases. 4. James A Reed Pc He serves more than 40 years for the clients of Colorado Springs. He takes cases like dog bites, automobile accidents, fall accidents, assaults, and many more. His job is to bring justice and compensation for his all clients. The areas of his specializations are as follows:- Dog bites. Fall accidents. Automobile accidents. Assaults. 5. Law Office Of Jeremy Loew This firm is known for its handling cases like the victim of a motorcycle accident, dog bite, and other cases. Whenever you are planning to seek the assistance of the best personal injury lawyer the selection of the colorado springs personal injury attorney can make sense to you. The areas of his specializations are as follows:- Motorcycle Accident cases. Dog bites. Serious personal Injury cases. 6. Alan C Shafner   Shafner is one of the best colorado springs personal injury lawyers whose assistance can help you a lot. He is one of the super lawyers of the state on whose services you can rely upon. Since 2019 to 2022 he is handling personal injury cases. He has a total of 43 years of total legal experience in this field. He provides free consultation. Shafner charges on the client to client basis.   On average he charges as per the standard rate of the state which is 33%  of the final settlement fees. Areas of his specialties are as follows:- Premises liability accidents. Car accidents. Nursing home abuse & Neglect. Wrongful death cases. Catastrophic trucking accidents. Dog bites. General negligence. Burn Injury. 7. Joseph Ramos  He is also one of the most well-known and best Colorado springs personal injury lawyers of the state to provide you the maximum support. In 2009 he got a license in Colorado to practice the personal injury laws. Some of the core areas of his practices are as follows:- Wrongful death cases. Construction accidents. Animal Bites. Motor Vehicle Accidents. Brain Injury. Trucking accidents. Slip & Fall accidents. He charges the fees from the clients as per the country's standards. It can make things easier for the clients to approach him faster. 8. Micheal M Clawson  Micheal M Clawson is one of the best colorado's best personal injury lawyers to deliver quality services to his clients. Since 1994 he has been one of the best licensed super lawyers to look forward to at your end. Some of his core areas of specialization are as follows:- Aviation accidents. Car accidents. Bicycle accidents. Catastrophic Injuries. Defective products. Drowning Accidents. Truck accidents and Wrongful death. Apart from it there are many more areas of his specializations which you can get by visiting his official website of Micheal M Clawson. 9. Jeffrey R. Hill     Since 1995 Jeffrey R. Hill has been one of the best colorado springs personal injury lawyers to deliver you quality services. Some of the key areas of his specializations are as follows, which you must know at your end before hiring him. Some of them are as follows:- Automobile crashes. Preventable falls. Serious death injury cases. 10. Lance M Sears     Lance M Sears is one of the best super lawyers of Colorado spring Personal injury cases to provide quality support to their clients. In 1975  he got the license to practice personal injury cases in Colorado. Some of the Core areas of the specialization of this lawyer are as follows:- Auto & Truck accident. Personal injury cases. Wrongful death. Snowboard accidents. Brain Injuries. Important Notifications  For all the names, the lawyers charge free consultation fees, and after winning the cases, they can charge you up to  33% of the final settlement fees as per the state norms. FAQ( Frequently Asked Questions)  1. What Percentage Do Most Of  The Personal Injury Lawyers Take?  As a general rule of thumb, a personal injury lawyer charges 33% of the final settlement of the cases. 2. Why Do You Require A Personal Injury Lawyer?  They can help you to recover you from the personal injury claims within a shorter span of time with proper legal procedure. 3. How Can Personal Injury Lawyer Help You?  hey can help the lawyers to recover the financial injuries compensation and mental injuries. Final Take Away   Hence, these are some of the best colorado springs personal injury lawyer to make your life easy in personal injury cases. The mentioned names of the injury lawyers are the best in the lot to deliver you with quality services. Feel free to share your opinions, views, and ideas to get things done in the right order. You can contact them if you feel problems in regards to your personal injury cases.     Read Also: Do I Need a Lawyer for a Car Accident that wasn’t my Fault? Personal Injury Attorneys Denver 7 Things You Should Know About DUI Charges: Can You Go to Prison as a Result? What if Multiple People are to be Blamed for your Injury?