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Why Gift Your Customers Plastic Business Cards?

Giving gift cards is the tried and tested formula for keeping customers happy. You can give a gift and plastic business cards to attract new customers, increase brand awareness and improve sales. To make a lasting impression, you should consider giving away plastic gift cards. These cards are not just visually stunning, but they are also more durable as compared to the traditional low-quality paper cards. You will make a good impression on your customers by giving them a plastic gift card. Here are seven reasons you should consider giving plastic gift cards instead of paper gift cards to your customers. Reasons To Gift Plastic Business Cards To Your Customers   There are several reasons why you must gift plastic business cards to your customers are as follows:- 1. Appealing Design The design of a card can say a lot of things about your business. Plastic cards are high-quality cards that will have a positive impact on your customers. These cards come in a wide variety of colors, making them visually appealing. The card will make your business appear special and better than the rest. It will also make your prospective customers more inclined to keep the card instead of throwing it away in the dustbin. 2. Effective Branding Tool You can use the plastic gift card as a branding tool. Customers can associate the card with quality. By giving plastic business cards, you will stand apart from other businesses. The cards will communicate to the customers that you value them. The decision to be a bit different when distributing gift cards will reverberate positively on prospective customers. 3. Durable Material Plastic business cards are more durable and resilient. The card can withstand getting wet, being folded or stepped on, and damaged in many other ways. This increased durability of the card makes the extra cost worth it. In fact, you can save money with plastic business gift cards. All the cards will remain in pristine condition long after being printed. 4. Modern Design Plastic business gift cards look more modern as compared to traditional paper cards. The cards will make your company look upscale and innovative. This will also have a pleasant effect on your customers who will be impressed by your commitment to quality. You can also incorporate advanced features in a plastic business gift card. A chip can be inserted in the plastic card. The chip allows customers to take details from the card to any NFC device by being near it. This results in added convenience for your customers. The cards can be programmed using an app. The information can also be changed easily allowing you to reuse the same card for different purposes. 5. Personality and Flair Plastic cards can add a touch of personality and style to the cards. You can add certain unique effects to the card that are not possible with traditional paper cards. Take the card design to the next level by adding a photo on the card. The card can serve as a perfect branding tool. You can also use numbering to keep track of the gift cards. The card can have increased security with signature panels at the back. In addition, barcodes and magnetic strips can be added to store important information. 6. Design Quality While you can incorporate the same design in the traditional paper card, the quality is superior in plastic gift cards. The digitized photos appear much clearer and sharper on plastic cards. The premium look and feel of the card will create a positive impression about your business. Plastic cards appear more professional. Customers can keep the card with them for a long time. They are small and can easily fit inside a wallet. You can create the best impression every time you hand out a plastic card with an impressive design. 7. Customized Cards Plastic cards can be customized to your exact specifications. There are certain limitations to traditional paper cards. You don’t have full color and texture options with paper cards. With a plastic card, you can have lots of opportunities to create the perfect impression on your customers. The design and feel of a business card can have a positive impression on your customers. A high-quality business card shows that the business is committed to customer satisfaction. Plastic business gift cards will show that you are willing to go the extra mile to keep customers happy. Read Also: 5 Best Types Of Paper To Use For Business Cards Advance Copier: Printing Quality Business Cards On Your Own Computer Top 8 Benefits Of Professional Business Cards

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5 Best Types of Paper to Use for Business Cards

Business cards are an excellent way for entrepreneurs to introduce their enterprises and providing their contact information as well. Business cards are often the first impression that a potential customer will get about a business. It should, therefore, convey a sense of professionalism and quality and pay attention to details as well. The quality of a business card starts with the paper stock that a business owner chooses to use for the card. These are top five paper stocks that businesses often use for making their business cards. Different Types Of Paper You Must Use For Your Business Cards  1. Matte Stock: These paper stocks are often used for cards with smooth, non-shiny finishes. Though commonly found in tans, beiges, creams, and white, matte stocks are available in a variety of colors to meet the needs of every business. However, those using matte stock color tones should be aware that their lettering may be less crisp than those printed on business cards with a neutral tone. Matte stock cards are always clean and grant the holder the ability to write on the card in case their telephone number or name needs to be added or changed. Sometimes people refer matte stocks as dull stocks depending on the printing company and manufacturer. Matte paper prints are bright enough and give a neat finish to a business card. When you are selecting any business card printing online first ask for the samples. Then finalize your decision. 2. Card Stock: Card stock is the correct term that people often use when referring to different types of papers used for making business cards. However, some printing companies and manufacturers call their paper prints cover stock. The weight of a card stock ranges between 80 to 110 pounds, but this depends on its intended purpose and the target audience. These cards are sturdy enough and designed to withstand excessing handling, which is crucial for a name or business card. A lower paperweight creates flimsier cards while higher paperweights are used for making more rigid business cards. A heavyweight paper card cost more than a lighter weight card stock. Due to their heavyweight, business cards made with stiff card stocks can last longer than those made with lightweight paper prints. The type of card stock ranging from textured to photo, glossy, and matte also determines how durable and useful a business card will be. Business cards are made with specific kind of papers to make the cards formal and professional. Card stocks are among the best and most frequently used paper prints for printing business cards. These characteristics make card stock the perfect business and name cards printing paper. 3. Photo Cards: Companies use photo card stocks when they want their business cards to have a photo quality finish. These card stocks are often used by actors, real estate agents, and models. These paper prints are the equivalent of photographs and are available in a range of versatility for enterprises interested in a more sophisticated impression. You can use photo card stocks for both double-sided and single-sided name and business cards in full color. 4. Glossy Stocks: Glossy stocks are a popular choice in making name and business cards. These paper prints are the best for double-sided printing and bright colors and come with an aqueous coating that aids in creating a shiny finish. Glossy stocks are available in a broad spectrum of colors to offer business owners more options for their business cards. Companies using glossy stocks for printing their business cards can incorporate multiple images with almost the same photographic quality or place a photo in the background. The longevity of the card is one of the advantages of using glossy stocks for your business cards. Due to their aqueous coating, business cards made with glossy stocks can withstand tearing and water damage. The only disadvantage of using glossy stocks for professional business cards is the inability to write on the card in case the contact information gets altered. However, it is an ideal paper print that any company can use for making its business cards. Its aqueous coating is suitable for double-sided printing, and companies can use the card for dazzling colors and creating a glittering finish. Glossy cards are available in a variety of colors to give the cardholder limitless color options. It is the best choice for any business interested in printing a photo on their name or business card. It also works well for any company seeking just a glossy card or a card with a shiny logo and finish. 5. Textured Card Stocks: These card stocks come in either glossy or matte stocks form. However, these card stocks have a pattern pressed into their surface to create a feel such as dots, basket-weave, and hounds-tooth. These card stocks are available in a broad spectrum of colors, and their users are companies and organizations seeking a physical dimension to their name or business cards. These card stocks are the perfect option for single-sided business cards. The advantages of textured matte stocks are almost similar to those of standard matte stocks except that they allow business owners to print both sides of their business cards. A double-sided business card can sometimes leave a potential client confused, especially if the details aren’t clear enough. Textured stock cards are a perfect option for a business seeking to make its cards unique and stand out from the rest. Textured stock cards appeal to the touch, and when a business owner hands them over to a client, they can be sure of repeat purchases. Always remember that you are choosing what sort of impact your brand has on the environment and not what clients feel or see about it when choosing a business card paper. That’s why business card printers including JoinPrint AU are using recycled papers to create eco-friendly business cards. You are sending a message to your clients when you decide to hand over business cards to both your existing and potential clients. Of course, every business owner would want to use their business cards to express how concerned they are about things such as preserving the environment, and that’s why everyone is going for cards made with recycled papers. Read Also: Top 8 Benefits Of Professional Business Cards 10 Tips To Design The Perfect Business Card How To Design A Killer Business Card

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Advance Copier: Printing Quality Business Cards On Your Own Computer

There is a relatively small list of things necessary to design and print business cards of your own without the help of a commercial printing company or advance copier. These things include common types of software, access to a laser or inkjet printer, business card stock. Generating business cards yourself can often yield real savings in both money and time, especially when all that is needed is a set of temporary cards or just a small number of cards. The card quality that can be achieved is more than sufficient for hobbyists or home-based entrepreneurs. Of course, if a large volume of cards is required, it is worth making specific price comparisons between DIY cards and professionally printed ones. Printer cartridges are not cheap, and if you plan to make a lot of cards, the expense can accumulate quickly. It is easy to purchase perforated, blank business card stock at most office supply retailers. There are numerous design software options for business cards both online and in stores. It may be that your existing word processing software has an integrated business card template that can make everything quite easy. The choice is yours. Essential Business Card Printing Supplies: Most office supply stores stock perforated sheets specifically made for business card printing. It is often possible to find a number of available choices in terms of colors and paper finish styles. Select and, if necessary, install the business card design program onto your computer. Those with older versions will want to locate the business card template by moving toward the "Tools" tab, choosing "Letter and Mailings," and then selecting "Labels." From there, it is necessary to choose the correct brand name of the business card stock purchased. Word versions that are from 2007 or later will click on the tab entitled "Mailings," choose "Labels" at the upper left, go to "Options" in the dialog box and select the card manufacturer, product number, and printer. Designing The Cards: Once you begin designing a business card, you will want to determine which printing method to use. Process colors or spot color may be best if you want to take your design to a commercial printer. Of course, cards that have been designed on Publisher are printable on your own desktop or sent to a professional printer, based on your unique needs. Take a close look at some of the business cards you have received along the way or check out some online examples so that you can have a strong grasp of the important elements of design. That way, your cards will turn out to be extremely appealing to the eye. Be sure to follow the software program's instructions for designing a card. You will want to include relevant text, a border, perhaps a logo, and additional elements of design, as needed. Name your file and save it in a location you can easily remember and retrieve. To steer clear of irritation and disappointment, be sure to grasp the limits on what your home printer can really do. It must be remembered that professionally printed cards will likely utilize a range of processes and techniques, based on the design chosen. These could include raised printing, engraving, foil stamping, graduations and more. Obviously, these types of enhancements cannot be recreated with a home printer. Some of the essential elements of any home-produced business card include: Name and perhaps a logo of the company Your own name and formal title within the company The physical address, telephone, and fax numbers Email contact information Address of company website Printing The Final Product: If you are not using the best printer, ink type and paper quality, your brilliant designs will not reflect into successful physical products. Most businesses make the mistake of investing in the graphic design part, while compromising on the final print quality. This is something that should be avoided at all costs. Make sure that whenever you are going to print business cards, you are doing it using the highest quality printers, inks/dyes and the best paper. This is what will help you achieve top-notch results for your business cards. Now it is time to load the perforated sheets into your own printer, taking care to follow the instructions provided with the product. Go to the file containing your design and choose "Print," which is typically found under the "File" tab. Run a practice print job of one sheet just to make sure that the design is well-aligned, prints clearly and looks the way you want it to. After this, print the rest of the sheets until you have the number of cards desired and then tear at the perforation lines. Verify that sufficient ink is available to create the full quantity so that you do not end up wasting the prefabricated card sheets. Also, take care to sit near the printer for the entire process so that you can keep an eye on print quality and address mechanical jams that can arise. The type and weight of business cards that can be done at home are limited due to the capabilities of most personal printers. If card material that is heavier than the printer can handle, jamming and potentially permanent damage can occur. Depending on the type of enterprise involved, using home-printed business cards may not be the wisest option, merely because they may be viewed as the mark of an amateur in the relevant industry. However, for certain other purposes, they fit the bill perfectly. If you are searching for an advance copier or printer for your business card needs, consider Advanced Business Copier, the #1 choice. Read Also: 7 Ways To Stop Spending So Much On Printing In Your Business How To Choose The Best Printer For Your Office Paper Authority: Basic Tips In Purchasing A Printer

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Top 8 Benefits of Professional Business Cards

Wondering if you should invest in professional business cards? You might think that business cards aren't necessary for your industry, or that you aren't successful enough to need them yet. However, professional business cards can be useful in every industry, and along every step of your professional journey. They help people remember you and can go a long way toward making the right impression. In fact, there are all sorts of situations when business cards can benefit you. You never know when or where you may meet a professional connection who can really help you. Are you ready for that moment? Read on to learn why you need to get business cards in your wallet as soon as possible. 1. They Feel Genuine: In this modern-day, it's perfectly easy to exchange business information via phone or email. In fact, professional business cards can even start to seem outdated in this environment. However, one of the great things about business cards is that they aren't digital. They make things feel personal and genuine - which is what networking is really all about. Business cards provide an opportunity to shake hands, make eye contact, and have a real conversation. This allows you to develop a sense of a genuine professional relationship from the start. If you're both typing information into your phone, it's much less memorable later on. Instead, use business cards to create a memory - people can save info on their phones later. Just like business cards, leaflet flyers can be a great way to help improve the awareness and popularity of a business brand. Businesses can depend on leaflet flyers as a dependable, affordable, and result-oriented offline marketing strategy that works. This can help drum up sales, build credibility about the brand and reach out to new customers. 2. They're Highly Effective: Did you know that professional business cards are a form of direct marketing? You might be using paid media, search engine optimization, and email marketing already. But while you're at it, you should also visit a site like New Era Print Solutions for business card templates. In-person meetings can go much further as direct marketing tools, for the same reasons as those listed above. You might discover valuable contact just about anywhere. Networking events and trade shows are to be expected, but you can also develop valuable leads at the grocery store, the airport, or a party. If you have business cards on hand, you'll never miss out on one of these direct marketing opportunities. Store them in your wallet, pocket, or laptop bag, and you'll always be prepared. 3. They Give a First Impression: Anyone who's ever worked to develop an elevator speech knows that first impressions are everything. Professional business cards can help you make a lasting, memorable first impression. Sure, you can give out your information without a business card. But if you have a memorable, unique card, the interaction will be much more meaningful. For example, no one wants their brand to be thought of as cheap. A nice business card can speak for the quality of your work, by representing your values and aesthetics in miniature. Your business card should be unique enough to stand out and aligned with your company's values. Even if you work in a conservative industry, paper quality and font choice can make your card stand out, giving the impression you want. 4. They Get Shared: When you have out your business card, it might change hands a few more times. This is a great way to expand your network quickly. Business cards are physical objects, unlike contact information that's privately stored in a phone or computer. If you hand out your business card to a connection, they might then turn around and show it to even more people. This is especially true if you have a unique, creative card. 5. The Show That You're Well-Prepared: If you have business cards on hand, your new connection will see that you're prepared at all times. This level of foresight can make them much more likely to want to do business with you. Fumbling with a phone or writing your information on a piece of scrap paper doesn't give the right impression. Show your professionalism with plenty of neatly stored cards that make exchanging information a breeze. 6. The Show What You Do: If you work in a unique industry that's hard to explain, a business card can help the conversation move forward. If you can hand out a card with a succinct explanation of what you do, or even a visual representation of it, you don't need to worry as much about your explanation. Ultimately, doing business is about getting results. Even if your industry is hard to explain, your business card can demonstrate the results that you will get. For example, a graphic designer should be able to hand out a beautifully designed card that offers an example of their work. Even if your design niche is unconventional, your card will be able to speak for you. 7. They Are Tangible: Humans are creatures who rely on our senses. Even though it's easy to forget it in the modern world, tactile objects speak to use on a deep level. When you have someone a physical business card to hold, they're having a visceral experience that can make the moment seem more important and memorable. If your business card is made of high-quality material that feels nice to hold, even better. Your card can use multiple senses to offer the right impression. It should feel nice - for example, a raised font can make professional business cards luxurious to hold. It should also look attractive - use both visual and text elements to gain attention. Make sure to keep your cards looking nice with a professional business card holder, too. 8. They Can Have Multiple Purposes: Business cards don't have to just give out contact information. They can also feature coupon codes, fun facts, or helpful information, such as a diagram. Or you might want to include space on your cards for handwritten notes to remind the recipient of when and where you met. Find Out What Professional Business Cards Can Do For You Don't just take our word for it - order professional business cards today and see the difference they make. When you start handing out business cards, you'll open the door for all kinds of opportunities you would never have expected. Looking for more ways to grow your business? Check out our tips here. Read Also : 10 Tips To Design The Perfect Business Card How Photography Projects Can Improve Wedding Business