Things to Consider While Choosing Data Recovery Software


27 December 2018


Data Recovery Software

Choosing the best data recovery software can be a complicated task to do due to the similar services and features offered. The best way is by finding the reference and then comparing the services and features. While comparing the software, you can relate them with the important keys below.

Try to Get Software which Able to Recover Lost Data Caused by Any Problems:

When you are comparing the software, try to find whether the software is able to recover lost data by any causes or not, especially the one that you need to get your data back safely. This is also because there are many possibilities of why the data is lost or deleted. The data can be deleted because you want to delete it, removed by the Recycle Bin system, formatted system, system crash, virus attack, and lost partition. If the software is able to solve your problems, you can take it on your list. iSkysoft data recovery software can be included on the list because this data recovery software is able to solve your lost data problems.

Try to Get Software which Able to Recover A Variety of File Formats:

Your data consist of a variety of formats and some formats are hard to recover sometimes if it is lost or deleted. The solution of this problem is by finding a data recovery software which can recover any file formats from PDF, Doc, Docx, JPG, MP4, and MPEG to EML, DLL, CWK, XCF, FLV, and many others. As the result, the software helps to get any deleted and lost data in the form of a document, photos, video, audio, email, and other files. One of the reasons why iSkysoft data recovery software is included on the reference is because the software is compatible with those file formats and it means it reaches your achievement to get lost data back safely.

Try to Get Software which Able to Recover Data from Any Storage Device:

This is also an important consideration while finding data recovery software because you must have some devices to save data. It will be hard if you have to find a different tool for a different device when you lost the data. What you need is an all in one data recovery software which able to recover data from computer and any storage device. It hopes by using the software you can take the lost data no matter what the storage devices are including music player, digital camera, camcorder, or anything you have now.

Try to Get Software which Able to Repair the Crash System:

Sometimes, you face a worse condition where you are not only losing data but also the PC or computer because of a system crash. The good news, there is data recovery software which designed not only recovering lost data but also repairing the system crash. Just find out such software to solve your problem right way. As the result, you are not only repairing the PC system but also getting your lost data back. iSkysoft data recovery software is developed with the ability to repair a computer system crash problem. The software helps to create Windows Preinstallation Environment bootable media so you get access to the PC and the data back.

Try to Get Software which Supports A Variety of Systems:

You must have some devices in different operating systems. Due to this condition, you also need to find data recovery software which can support a variety of systems. Let say, the software has to be compatible with some popular Windows Operating System such as Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP. Moreover, the software also has to be suitable for Mac OS including Mojave, High Sierra, Sierra, El Capitan, Yosemite, and Maverick. If you read the detail of iSkysoft data recovery software, you might think that this software is suitable to solve your problem because it supports the operating systems above.

Follow the list above while finding the best data recovery software so you will not get lost and use the wrong software. The most important, the software can really solve your problem by taking your lost data back safely and repair the PC system. iSkysoft data recovery software meets the classification above because the software is not only used to recover data from the computer and any storage device, but it also used to repair the system. Even, there is a specific tool namely iSkysoft toolbox which able to boost the performance of mobile phone devices.

Summary: This article explains the things to consider when you are looking for the best data recovery software.

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9 Tools To Test If Your Website Is Mobile Friendly

Nowadays mobile traffic has extended as more and more people are using mobile devices to access the internet. And their choice of searching required information on Google ranking websites has also increased because of their mobile-friendliness. Hence to maintain such wide users is essential to develop and provide a fully functioning mobile-friendly website regardless of the screen size or device they are using.Before moving ahead it is important to understand what exactly we mean when we say a website is mobile-friendly and what Mobile Friendly Test is?Website mobile-friendliness is the overall performance of a website on mobile devices that provides a quality experience to mobile users. Thus enhancing website performance on any mobile is crucial because mobile device usage is growing day by day. Checking mobile friendliness without any assistance is difficult. That is why Google has introduced search calculation guidelines. With the help of this, it becomes easier to find out how user-friendly your website is and whether it is easily accessible or not.Mobile-Friendly Test is a special tool that helps to see how friendly your website is operating on different devices. It allows you to easily carry out a mobile site test and tells a website’s score in terms of its performance on all mobile devices. The test score will enable you to have an idea of whether your website is providing a good mobile user experience or not. It also says that the website falls into the mobile-friendly category and shows good results in the mobile-friendly test.With the help of this test, you will also get specific instructions on what on your site needs to be updated, fixed, or modified to make it work better on all mobiles.Making the site fast and good only on desktop but slow and not so good on mobile will not only lead to poor ranking but also to reduced traffic which ultimately causes less revenue. By making a website mobile-friendly, you will not only please your users, but you can also remarkably improve your search engine ranking by appearing higher in search engine positions.Google search calculation parameter has been confirmed as a part of the overall ranking criteria. This is a set of factors provided by Google that help in determining how convenient your site’s mobile version is to users.Previously Google has put a fine on sites that offer a poor experience to mobile users and gives much importance to the websites that take relatively less time to load and look good on all mobile devices. The more quickly you make your site mobile-friendly and ensure that  Google recognizes it, the faster it can be ranked applicable by Google.However, testing your site on mobile devices can be time-consuming and expensive due to the availability of a large number of different mobile devices. But there is a way out of that. There are Mobile-friendly testing tools available online that measure how adaptive a website appears on mobile. Most of these tools can suggest ways to make your websites look better and faster on mobile. They also suggest needed adjustments in particular areas. The testing score will also give you an idea of your website's appearance on mobile and its performance for mobile users.Nine Best 9 Tools To Test If Your Website is Mobile FriendlyHere we will discuss 9 such tools that can give you a brief about your website's mobile-friendliness.1. Google Mobile-Friendly TestThis is the most popular and easy-to-use mobile-friendly tester. This tool is developed and managed by Google. You just need to put your website URL and this tool will analyze your site on mobile. It helps you find out issues that prevent your site from appearing in the google searches on mobile.If your site is mobile-friendly and meets google standards it gives you a green signal. And in case it does not pass the test and fails it announces it as not mobile-friendly.This tool tells you if Google sees your page as mobile-friendly or not. If it says "no" then the page will be set down in the mobile search results and approve similar pages from other sites that are mobile-friendly.2. MobiReadyMobiReady is a very innovative and useful website testing tool that shows how a particular page appears on different mobiles. You can see how your site performs on multiple sizes of mobile devices at once. It compares your sites against popular websites and gives specific recommendations of areas you need to do well and need improvement to climb up.This tool also provides a detailed report of scores between 0 and 5 with 5 being the highest. The higher the score the more the web page is capable of performing and giving a great user experience on any mobile device. A low score indicates that the webpage is slow to load having components that can break the quality user experience.3. W3C Mobile OK CheckerThe World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) works to develop web standards. They have a handy mobile checker that provides specific recommendations on how to make your site more mobile-friendly and lets you know what changes need to be done. You don't require any special skills to use this tool. You just simply need to enter your URL address and a series of tests will be run on your website to determine how mobile-friendly it is. After completion of the test, you will get detailed information and analysis of your site whether it is low, medium, or severely critical. This helps in making necessary changes to improve the mobile-friendliness of your site.4. Page speed insightUse Google’s page speed insight tools to test the speed of your website for both mobile and desktop. It helps in providing specific recommendations to increase your website speed on different devices. It shows screenshots of how your website looks on mobile and desktop as well as gives you speed scores for both mobile and desktop as well. analyzing your website in PageSpeed Insights will give you a detailed analysis of what needs to be fixed and things that have already been done correctly.5. Google AMP testing tool AMP means Accelerated Mobile Pages. This tool is developed by Google with the goal to make fast-loading pages that look good on mobile devices and deliver the best possible mobile experience to its users. In today's time having mobile-friendly websites is very important for your online presence. Using the AMP testing tool you can check the validity of an AMP page. This test will also enable you to create mobile-optimized content to load instantly on all devices no matter what type of mobile devices you are using.  It also finds out issues related to AMP that are preventing your site's appearance in search results.6. Google TestMySiteSpeed matters in ranking no matter how fast your site is on the desktop. If the site speed is slow on mobile it may affect your ranking position. TestMySite is a mobile testing tool from Google that analyzes how fast a website is on mobile and it also provides ways to make the site faster and enhance users' mobile site experience. With the help of this tool, you can see the load time of your site on mobile. It also generates a personalized report to each audience with all major and minor details and also tells the next step to be followed.7. Varvy Mobile SEOVarvy Mobile SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most simple and useful mobile-friendly mobile SEO testing tools.It will test your site and help to know whether it is mobile-friendly and is complying with Google guidelines and SEO practices or not.This tool is simple to use, you just need to enter your URL and Varvy will provide you with helpful insights like page load quickly, the right security and accessibility, paid links, a page displaying well on mobile, and many more. Additionally, it gives recommendations of what is exactly wrong and what adjustments are needed to be done 8. RankWatchRankWatch is a simple tool to check the mobile-friendliness of your website. It provides descriptive information on whether the site is mobile-friendly or not, it also provides you with precise rankings of your website in popular search engines like Google, Bing, etc. Testing with RankWatch will give you the page score of your website. You can easily get the result containing information about the mobile viewport, its content, the size of text and links, and whether the buttons on the website are mobile-friendly or not.9. LambdaTest’s mobile-friendly checkerLambdaTest is one the most widely used tools to test a website's mobile-friendliness.  It offers you an extremely handy mobile site test that allows you to check the friendliness of your mobile device. It helps you to assess your website's friendliness on a cloud of more than 3000 real devices, browsers, and operating systems on a wide range of different resolutions.Using the LambdaTest platform you can test and debug your mobile website on multiple mobile handsets of different screen sizes connected to a live mobile network in different locations. Once you run your website mobile test you will be able to see how your website is performing on a mobile device. After completion, it generates a website performance report that helps in identifying underlying issues affecting your website's performance. Hence helping you in making the required changes. Additionally, it provides you with the feature of recording the entire test session in a single video and capturing screenshots so the other team members can get access to the entire test session easily.Moreover, LambdaTest’s LT Browser helps you to view your mobile testing of websites on different preinstalled mobile device viewports. LT Browser is a developer-friendly browser that is more powerful than the default Android and iOS browsers and helps you debug and test any mobile website flawlessly. 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Vision board is not a new thing but its popularity is. Famous celebrities like Oprah, Ellen Degeneres, Lucinda Cross and so many more have shared their experience how a vision board helped them achieve their dreams. But just creating a vision board cannot give you your desired results. You will have to consciously make efforts to let it work towards its purpose.Before we get into that, let’s see what a Vision Board is and the principle it works on Vision Board :Simply put, a vision board is a visual representation of your goals and dreams. It can be about anything but it serves one purpose: motivating you. You can add in anything you like, pictures, quotes, poetry, art, anything that reminds you of your dream or goal and helps you keep a positive attitude. You can make it as big as you want. The Principle Behind It Vision board works on what is called the law of attraction. How it works is that when you see things related to your goals, you visualize them in your mind. Once you visualize them, our mind is focused on them and with a focused mind, we attract them. The law of attraction says whatever you think, you attract. A vision board helps you channelize your thoughts towards your goals by showing you things related to them. You can even get a law of attraction App to help you use this law better. How To Get The Best Out Of Your Vision Board :1. Keep It Where You Can See It :A lot of work on a vision board depends on whether you see it regularly or not and how many times. So you have to keep your vision board somewhere you can see it without making any effort. You can put it on your study table or on your wall against your bed. Any place where you spend a lot of time every day or visit too frequently is a good place for a vision board. 2. Work On Its Visual Aesthetics :Anything that appeals to our visual aesthetics, we tend to pleasantly see it more. So try to make a vision board that seems pretty to you. Add things that you like. You can use cut-outs from magazines or print pictures you found online or even create something yourself. Visually appealing boards will also help you put more thought into what represents your dreams better. This, in turn, will help you get your thoughts straightened out. 3. Add your Reminders Or To-Do List :If you make it a habit to add your reminders and daily to-do lists on your vision board, you will have an extra reason to see it, again and again, every day. The more you see your vision board, the better you’ll be able to visualize your goals and be motivated to work towards them. Subconsciously, your mind will be more focused on doing things that take you closer to your visualization. 4. Download A Vision Board App :Although a physical vision board is great in itself, you can increase the influence by downloading a vision board app. It’s difficult to include all your goals in one vision board and not always possible to create multiple physical vision boards. A perfect solution is a digital vision board. They’re easy to make and take half as much efforts. You can create dedicated vision boards for each of your goals or sort them out in categories and make one for each of them. Moreover, a vision board app will help you have 24*7 access to your vision board so that you can see them more frequently. Invest Time In Updating It :Your goals and aspirations keep changing. Either something is added onto the list or something is omitted. Then why should your vision board be the same? Take some time out and update your vision board. This goes for both physical as well as digital vision boards. This will ensure you spend time on thinking about your new aims and polish them. You can include your short-term goals to the board as well.Vision boards take time in creating and maintaining. But this is a good investment since it’s essentially a focus building and visualizing exercise. Your mind needs the training to visualize things correctly and regular exercise for the same is necessary to get the results you want. If you have no prior experience with vision boards and you’re not too sure about it, download a vision board app and start with a digital vision board. A little discipline and committed efforts can help you change your entire thought process.Read Also : How Easy Is It Hiring A Story Board Artist?