Tips To Care For Your Live Edge Wood Table

Live Edge Wood

Live edge wood furniture is where the carpenter or the craftsman leaves the natural edges or incorporates them into the design. Live edge wood design is the new rave in town. This is because of its unique and stylish properties. Live edge wood can be used to make both furniture and decorations for your home.

However, the thing about live edge wood furniture is that it can be hard to clean and maintain. Live edge wood is often left with visible knots and pits in addition to an uneven surface. These qualities are what make live wood furniture attractive.

Below are some tips to help you keep those edges in shape.

1. Dry dusting:

Use a microfiber cloth to dust off the edges of the live edge dining tables or any other furniture you have in your home. A microfiber cloth is best because it is soft and highly absorbent. You can be sure to get the dust off every corner or rut on the furniture with a microfiber cloth. You should always dry dust your live wood furniture regularly.

2. Do not use harsh cleaning products:

Natural cleaning products are the best to use when cleaning your live edge dining tables. Most people are advised to use vinegar and warm water. Both elements should be mixed in equal parts and then use a microfiber cloth to clean the furniture. Just dampen the fabric with the mixture and then go ahead and start cleaning. Use your finger to reach the grooves of the wood.

3. Polish:

Polishing wood always makes it look new. However, when it comes to living edge wood, it is typical for the wood polish to gather in the pits of the rugged edges of the timber. This can make your live wood look old and outdated. When using wood polish on live edge wood it is advisable to avoid the cracks and stick to the flat surfaces. Polishing your live edge wood furniture also helps to cover small stains and scratches.

4. Avoid moisture damage:

When you have wood furniture in your house you will understand just how essential coasters are. Live wood furniture has a glass-like finish. It is common for homeowners to assume that the furniture can resist damage from water or moisture. This is not so, and you should use coasters or table mats on your live wood furniture to protect it from any moisture damage.

A lot of live wood furniture pieces are got from waste wood. These are usually pieces of wood that were to be thrown away. Artisans have found creative ways to turn live edge wood into beautiful art pieces. Any live edge wood piece that you buy is enough to make a statement in your home or office.

Furniture design companies today are also making custom live edge wood furniture for their customers. You can look at Dumond’s Furniture website to view their catalog and get ideas of tables, cabinets, made with live wood. They also have ready-made designs that you can order.

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