Top 5 Life Hacks of Dealing with the Symptoms of Menopause

Symptoms of Menopause

It is every woman’s dream to dwell in her youthful years forever. Unfortunately, life is a wheel that keeps turning and change is inevitable. Just because you’re now entering the menopause stage doesn’t mean that your life is over. There always is a perk to every stage of life and focusing on the negatives only blurs your sight of the good things. Truth be said, menopause strings along troublesome effects. It may seem like the end of the world when you’re experiencing hot flashes or mood swings. However, you can stay ahead of the game the natural way.

1. Hot Flashes

This is the most complained about symptom in regards to menopause. The random changes from sweaty to chilly temperatures are disturbing. However, just because it’s normal doesn’t mean that you should sit around waiting for it to disrupt your life. You can gain control over it ahead of time by avoiding situations such as; hot tubs, hot drinks, spicy foods, alcohol, stress, hot showers, intense exercise, white sugar, caffeine and hot weather.

Although there aren’t many studies backing this up, soy products are also thought to help control the irritating hot flashes. In addition to these, you may also want to give Black Cohosh a try. These are available as health supplements in health stores. Black Cohosh is believed to regulate night sweats, hot flashes, and mood changes.

2. Unreliable Mood Changes

Our bodies have a mind of their own and we sometimes can’t control what happens whether we like it or not. Another con symptom to expect during menopause is unstable mood swings. Just because you can’t get hold of the burning urge to sob five minutes after sharing a hearty laughter with your friends doesn’t mean that you should settle for it. There is scientific evidence proving that Omega 3 Fatty Acids supplements are highly effective in the treatment of menopause-related mental health problems. These include distress and mild depression. For better results, you may need to pair this up with exercise, ample rest and a healthy diet.

3. Vaginal Dryness

Menopause does not necessarily mean the end of a healthy sex life. You may notice increased bouts of vaginal dryness during intercourse but nothing that a good tube of lube won’t fix. Since there are many products out in the market, you may want to consult your doctor before settling for a particular one. There are special lubricating gels that are specially designed for menopausal women hence feel a bit more comfortable for you.

4. Weight Gain

Noticed the numbers going up on your scale? Well, this is common during menopause. Unlike the common teachings that fats are to be avoided to prevent weight gain, you should actually incorporate then in your diet now. Yes, they may have more calories than proteins and carbs. However, fats are vital for hormone production, increased metabolism and lowering inflammation levels which are all key to effective weight loss. Always go for healthy fats such as unrefined oils which are rich in Vitamin E. This is effective in regulating estrogen production. You may also want to invest in flaxseed oil, coconut oil, palm oil, and extra-virgin olive oil. You may also find healthy oils in coconut milk, nuts, avocado, wild seafood, and seeds. You may be pardoned for considering a laxative for weight loss. However, this is highly discouraged as it only leads to water loss which is quickly gained back thereafter. Stick to healthy weight loss choices.

5. Disturbed Sleep

Are the tossing and turning driving you nuts? Worry not, there’s a natural curb to it. The first step is getting your sleep routines in check. Go to bed at a particular time and stay there whether you’re sleepy or not. With time, your body will sense bedtime ahead and start the shutting down process. You will notice yourself feeling drowsy whenever it’s close to your bedtime. Avoid vigorous activities such as workouts and keep off caffeinated drinks in the afternoon. Sipping on some warm milk and herbal drinks may help you sleep better. Move the television, laptop, and phone from your bedroom as they are easy distractions.

Menopause may be a challenging stage of life but it doesn’t last forever. Stick to these routines even when you wish they results would kick in much faster. Avoid harmful practices such as consuming a laxative for weight loss in the attempt of speeding up the results. This will only lead to water loss which is quickly gained back thereafter. Besides this, laxatives may lead to internal damage which is definitely not worth it. There are a lot of benefits to reap from nature if you only give it a chance.

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autism treatments

Alternative Treatments for Autism Along with Medications like Risperdal

If you have a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder, don’t worry too much as there are many things that you can do to treat them naturally at home. Still, you will need all the assistance from different sources like your healthcare provider, your friends, and family, and people dealing with the same situation. To do all of these things, you need to be emotionally and physically healthy to deal with your child. Emotionally, since it can be quite distressing taking care of a kid with special needs, and physically since children with ASD tends to be overly energetic at times. What is Autism Spectrum Disorder? Autism spectrum disorder is a mental disorder that affects a person’s neurological and developmental aspects. This condition shows up during the early years and may very well last until a lifetime. The kid’s interactions, actions, communication, and way of learning can be considered different from among his/her peers, even bizarre. Other mannerisms they might develop are speaking the same thing over and over again, or other repetitive behaviors. In wellness check-ups, if your kid shows signs and symptoms of having ASD, he/she will have an overall evaluation. It will require a team of doctors and specialists to distinguish a correct diagnosis and the right treatments and therapies for your kid. Medication like Risperdal is used to combat the irritability a child with ASD experiences. This medication can be ordered over-the-counter with a Risperdal discount coupon. There are no known factors for this condition other than theories. Studies suggest that genetics or the environment the patient is in can be a factor in the disease. Also, there are no established treatments for the disorder. The medications that your doctor will recommend might only be temporary ones, and if the child itself cannot adapt well to the specific treatments, you need to find another option or kind of treatment. As the child is growing, you need to consider all your options to have better results. You need to view all the choices as your kid must learn or enhance his/her ability to see and adjust to the environment. Some treatments deal with communication, learning, adapting, skills training, and even speaking. Tips and Guidelines Let us start with the diet. While you can make the diet of your kid yourself, you still need to consider what the healthcare will provide you. They have the knowledge required for this condition and are well-equipped for the job; also, they know better. For this condition, there is a standard autism diet that the child will need. This diet avoids gluten and casein, which is a must. Gluten comes from wheat, and grains like barley and rye. Gluten can be found on a lot of food and can cause digestive problems for your kid. Casein can be found in milk products, which can also disrupt your child’s digestive tract. The improvements that can root from this diet will show after one to three months of adoption. Try eliminating either gluten or casein, and see if removing one could have an improvement in your child. Getting all the nutrient requirements for a person who is on a specialized diet can be tough, as there are many food exceptions that you have to consider. For this, you need to employ supplements for the child’s other needs for vitamins. In some cases, anxiety and other factors can cause sleep depravity among children with ASD, to combat this, the release of melatonin must be implemented more. To do this, parents should do bright light therapy. In this therapy, the child is exposed to sunlight for an extended period in the morning. It will help the child’s body release melatonin, which will help him/her sleep in the evening. But also, you need to cut off food that will make your kid lose some sleep. Cut off on caffeinated drinks like coffee or soft drinks. Establishing a designated sleeping hour should also do the trick as it will train the kid’s body clock to follow the schedule. Turn off all gadgets before sleeping and making sure the bedroom is comfortably dark could also help. As you know, children with ASD can be very energetic, full of life, and very hectic. It is due to their tolerance to stimuli is weaker than most people. They tend to overdo simple things like running when they should walk, being over-excited to simple things, and be very loud during small conversations. To combat this, you must employ relaxation techniques, where you train your child to breathe more carefully, relax the muscles to release tension, and control the child’s emotions. This way, your child will be more relaxed overall. Takeaway Autism spectrum disorder can dramatically harm your child’s growth. With the help of your doctor, you will know the recommendations you will need to help your kid grow like most children. Read Also: Should You Send Your Child With Autism To A Regular Summer Camp? Care Free Fun: 5 Fun And Family-Friendly Activities For Children With Special Needs


10 Weird Facts About Antidepressants

People are working longer hours, have less time with family, and are constantly battling stressful situations. In addition, being constantly inundated with the news through social media can make anyone depressed. There's not enough time for daily yoga and meditation. As a result, many of us are turning to antidepressants to get us through these stressful times. But antidepressants come at a cost, and it's important to know all the facts. Some of these facts aren't common knowledge, and often your doctor won't even discuss them before prescribing antidepressants. Here are 10 weird facts about antidepressants that will surprise you. 1. We Don't Know How Antidepressants Work: Antidepressants have been around for a long time, and yet, we still don't know exactly how they work. And since everybody's depression is different, we don't know how well they work for varying degrees of depression or if they sufficiently treat depression at al. In fact, we don't even know if they're safe for long-term use. 13% of Americans take antidepressants, some for other illnesses like anxiety and fibromyalgia. Yet studies -- mostly paid for by pharmaceutical companies -- include only a few thousand people. Many of us have been told that depression is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain, but we don't really know if that's true either. What most studies look at is our brain's level of serotonin. However, neither lowering nor increasing the level of serotonin in the brain reduces the symptoms of depression. If low levels of serotonin were the cause of depression, then antidepressants wouldn't take several weeks to work. They would work immediately, or at least within a few days, once the levels of serotonin increase. But they don't. Another interesting fact about antidepressants is that some don't even increase serotonin and still work as well as any other antidepressant. 2. All Antidepressants Are Equally Effective: It's a known fact about antidepressants that pharmaceutical companies spend a lot of money pushing one pill over another. Doctors aren't pharmacists and tend to push whatever antidepressants they're most familiar with. At times, they're buddies with the pharmaceutical sales rep. A fact about antidepressants is that there's no evidence that one antidepressant is more effective at treating depression than another. What a person needs to weigh is the cost and side effects, which can vary greatly from one person to another. There are over 30 different kinds of antidepressants available. They all work on different parts of the brain, inhibiting or increasing receptors of certain hormones. They have different side effects, and they all are equally effective. Sometimes they work, and sometimes they don't. 3. They Don't Work Immediately: All antidepressants take several weeks before they're fully effective. It can take anywhere from two weeks to a month before you know if it's the right antidepressant for you. One unfortunate fact about antidepressants is that many people have to cycle through several kinds of antidepressants, suffering from a variety of side effects before they find the right one. That's a long time for trial and error. And eventually, the effectiveness wears off over time. Many people build up a tolerance, and signs of depression return. Then you need to try a different antidepressant, and the trial and error process begins again. This could make anyone depressed. Fortunately, there are other treatments like TMS which don't require you to take any medication at all. 4. Dosage Makes No Difference Either: Many doctors start their patients off with a low dose and then gradually increase over time. There's no evidence that this is necessary or that higher dosages are more effective. Since this is the case, you're better off taking a low dose and having less negative side effects. It's a myth that a person will get better quicker if they are on a higher dosage of an antidepressant. 5. Antidepressants Can Help Your Sex Life: It is a pretty well-documented fact about antidepressants that one side effect is a lowered sex drive. That said, depression itself can lower your sex drive too. Interestingly, this low-libido side effect can have its benefits by helping men with premature ejaculation. Antidepressants can delay ejaculation, and for men who suffer from premature ejaculation, the delay can be a big help. One study found that men who took an SSRI a couple of hours before intercourse had longer ejaculation times compared to the placebo group. 6. Animals Get Depressed Too: Americans spend an estimated $15 million a year on medication for their depressed cats and dogs. Depression symptoms for animals aren't too different than those for people, so it's fairly easy to detect. However, it's difficult to treat animals with therapy. Instead, some veterinarians are treating pets with antidepressants. Zoo animals are on antidepressants too. They are being used to treat everything from aggression to obsessive-compulsive disorder. 7. You'll Feel Worse at First: Not only do antidepressants take a while to kick in, but your symptoms may be exacerbated. It's not uncommon for you to feel more tired, less hungry, less ambitious, and sadder. Things will get better. It just takes a while. In addition, the side effects don't help either. This is why doctors usually start a person off with a low dose, to reduce the intensity of side effects, before they find the right medication and dose. 8. Antidepressants Can Be Harmful: Antidepressants come with a long list of side effects, many of which mirror the symptoms of depression, lethargy, insomnia, nausea, anger, violence, and even suicidal thoughts. The side effects can sometimes be more debilitating than the illness it's treating. A person needs to seriously weigh the pros and cons. Often a person can mistake a side effect of the medication as a symptom of depression. Since we don't know how the drugs work, it's hard to know. Another fact about antidepressants is that once you start, it's not safe to quit cold turkey. A person should wean off of them slowly, and many aren't willing to do this. Quitting antidepressants quickly can be dangerous. 9. You Can Overdose on Antidepressants: Too much of a good thing can be too much. As mentioned, more isn't always better, but often people have prescribed higher doses of antidepressants anyway. You can overdose on antidepressants, and the symptoms of overdosing on them aren't always obvious. Zoloft overdose symptoms can include lethargy and nausea, which may be confused with ordinary side effects. Other, less obvious overdose symptoms include high blood pressure or inflammation of the pancreas, which can be mistaken for a cold or flu. However, if a person seems agitated, confused, or is vomiting, that's not normal. If someone taking antidepressants has these symptoms or becomes incoherent or unresponsive, call a doctor immediately A Zoloft overdose also can lead to a life-threatening condition called serotonin syndrome. Serotonin syndrome can occur when dangerously high levels of the neurotransmitter serotonin build up in the brain. 10. Antidepressants Can Interact with Other Drugs: It's very important to tell the doctor prescribing antidepressants if you're taking other drugs. It's also essential that you're honest about your use of recreational drugs and alcohol. All of these can have harmful interactions with antidepressants. Don't ever share your medication with anyone, especially if you don't know what other medications they might be taking or if they are using recreational drugs. Interactions can be deadly. Facts About Antidepressants Revealed Now that you know more about antidepressants, you can make a well-informed decision about taking them. Depression is debilitating, and some people battle with the disease their whole lives. For some, antidepressants are a last resort, and for others, they're hoping for a temporary solution that will give them an opportunity to have a better perspective. No matter the reason, there is no shame in being depressed or needing treatment. However, there are other methods of treating depression that can be used in conjunction with medication, such as therapy, exercise, diet, and natural remedies. Many of these have been proven to be equally effective. For more great articles about staying healthy, visit our blog. Read Also : 3 Ways To Connect With Nature And Quiet Your Mind Your Guide To HRT For Men All That You Need To Know About Dandy-Walker Syndrome

Kennedy’s Pharmacy

Kennedy’s Pharmacy In Botany Masks Assortment: Surgical, P2 And Multiple Use Washable Masks

A mask is a means of personal protection that defends against the spread of airborne infections, prevents small particles and liquids from the air from entering the respiratory tract. Pharmacy Sydney and other cities propose various types of medical face masks in Australia. Surgical masks in Botany pharmacy Surgical means of personal defense prevent big drops of liquid which can contain bacteria or viruses from hitting the respiratory tract. They consist of four layers: filter and moisture-proof ones, two outer strata. The maximum effective time of a mask is two hours. Proper wearing of medical masks includes: treatment of hands with antiseptic or washing them with soap before dressing a mask; changing a means of personal protection if it becomes wet or damaged; absence of gaps between the tissue and a nose and a mouth; no touching the mask while wearing and removing only by touching the straps, not its front part. dispose of the used thing in a closed dumpster. Multiple face masks have the same features but people have to wash them after each wearing. P2 medical face masks in Australia P2 face masks filter at least 90 percent of big and small particles from the air. People can use them repeatedly with correct disinfection. The rules of effective wearing of P2 masks are fast the same as surgical ones except for a few points: men should keep respirators on a shaved face because it affects the fitting density; The upper elastic band must be placed on the back of the head and the lower on the ears. They do not intersect; After each putting on, a person must take a palm test holding his hands in front of a respirator and taking deep breaths or exhales. Where can I buy medical masks? Any pharmacy in Australia offers medical masks and we sell them too. Kennedy’s Pharmacy has surgical, P2, and multiple-use masks in a range. You can buy them at a profitable price. The drugstore is open from 9 am till 5.30 pm on weekdays and from 9 till 1 pm on weekends. Exertion of masks People wear disguises in different places and occasions. First of all, these are hospitals, dentists, and beauty salons. Medical workers wear masks during procedures that require sterility. It is necessary not to infect patients who mostly have weakened vulnerable immunity with microbes which are in the mucous membranes of the mouth and nose. Cases use masks to avoid the expansion of respiratory diseases. Masks are also useful for Botanypharmacystaff. The need in conditions of COVID Disguises have become even more relevant in the context of the virus. It is important to buy medical masks for reducing the risk of infection and maintaining health. A person sometimes does not know he is a career or already ill. Therefore, masks are necessary to decrease the radius of the distribution of liquids from mucous membranes. This is especially true for people who sneeze or cough. Read Also: 5 Different Things You Can Try During Quarantine Home Maintenance Plans And Cleaning Tips During Covid-19 Disinfection and Cleaning Strategies for Reopening Commercial Buildings Have You Been Laid Off Because Of Coronavirus? Here Are 5 Income Earning Opportunities For You