Trendy Shoes For The Summer. 5 Suggestions

Elevate your summer outfit with chic trendy shoes! Find out everything you need to know about what shoes are in style right now, explore the cool summer combinations worth trying, and dig the must-have accessories for the upcoming season.

In this article, D2Line shares their tips and trick for choosing trendy shoes that are hot on-trend. Keep on reading to learn more about how to properly accessorize and combine them with the fresh summery clothes in your wardrobe.

Why Shoes Are Important

1. Completed looks

Even if your summer outfit rocks, if you choose plain shoes that do not match the vibe of the fit, your attire will look boring and odd. To avoid that and ensure you look stunning all summer long, you have to pay more attention to the trendy shoes you are wearing. After all, nothing completes a look more than a pair of trendy sandals or classy heels.

2. Individual approach

Indeed, your shoe choice makes all the difference in how your summer outfit would turn out. But while shoes are the perfect means to complement your attire, they are also a way to utterly express yourself through fashion. For that reason, it is important to take an individual approach to the trendy shoes you wear.

Five Ideas For Summer Shoes:

Summer Shoes

1. Lace-up sandals

Lace-up sandals are an all-time classic! Even if they disappear from the fashion scene for a while, they always come back with a blast. Just like this summer.

Wear them on beach holidays or take over the city with your favorite flowy summer dress. If you feel like it, combine them with a cute midi skirt and a crop top in light neutral colors. As for the accessories, we recommend mixing up your style with colorful jewelry, a rope belt, a beach bag, or a matching bucket bag.

2. Loafers

Loafers have a certain level of class to them. They are one of the most professional types of shoes and since they are flat, loafers tend to be extra comfortable. That makes them an ideal addition to an office-friendly outfit or an elegant everyday outfit.

Colorwise, we would advise you to avoid dark colors and go for white and beige instead. That way, your feet would barely overheat or start sweating as you run your errands all day.

As for the accessories, combine loafers with other elegant add-ons such as minimalistic gold jewelry, a stylish twill scarf, a thin leather belt, and a chic handbag.

3. Espadrilles

Espadrilles are very comfy, breathable, and easy to walk in. So if you are looking for trendy flat shoes this summer, look no further. You can wear these shoes all day without getting too hot and tired, and without having to do a shoe change between work and personal time matters.

These summer shoes are very office-friendly. They go well combined with jeans or shorts, t-shirts or tank tops, and of course – shirts, fitted skirts, and midi office dresses. Feel free to complete your business-casual look with a matching color bag, thick belt, and a beautiful neck scarf.

4. Slides

Slides are back in style. These comfy everyday shoes are taking over summer shoe fashion by storm. They are a perfect addition to a unique beach look or even a modern streetwear outfit with a summery twist. Accessorize them with a print tote bag, large plastic or wooden jewelry, and a cute belt.

5. Sneakers

Nothing beats sneakers when it comes to summer shoe trends. Sneakers are one of the timeless types of shoes that never get out of style. And right now, as streetwear fashion is getting so popular, the demand for these on-trend shoes is crazy!

So if you like to rock a relaxed look with a basic t-shirt, stylish crop top, or a printed large tee combined with denim shorts or wide-leg pants, don’t sleep on sneakers. Pick your shoes with a color and print that best fits your personality and goes well with your everyday summer clothes.

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