Durable Running Shoes For Women


03 August 2018


Running Shoes

Obviously, running has a lot to do with shoes. No much equipment is needed, just a good pair of shoes that is well comfortable for the feet. A good shoe that can prevent injuries, give this soft cushion feel and lightweight is recommended to run with, without any stress.

Whether an individual is an amateur or a professional in the running career, there is a huge need for good running shoes. Before one thinks of running, the first thing that comes to the mind is getting a quality shoe that is durable and guarantees safety in the course of running. In recent times, much concentration has been invested in making good shoes available for the female runners as they have a separate need from the male runners or athletes’ shoes.

Due to the difference in female structures compared to that of the men, shoe manufacturers have considered making special running shoes that befit women. Since women are more in the running population, it is most important to make the best running shoes available for them.

Qualies of Good Running Shoes for Women 

There is a huge difference between women’s running shoes and men’s running shoes, with special features. A good running shoe for the female has a smaller heel in relation to the forefoot and this influences the shape of the shoe to be slightly different from that of the male. Female runners have a lower body mass, so their running shoes have lesser foam in the midsole of the shoe and a deeper groove, this will make it very easy to flex the midsole when running.

Good Running  Shoes  Balances Overpronation and Underpronation 

In cases of overpronation and underpronation, a good running shoe will provide the needed supportive motion-control needed for smooth running and also, aid to correct the foot motion. This will make the body to efficiently absorb shocks while running.

If you underpronate, your foot isn’t rolling in far enough, making the outside of it take the brunt of the impact after the initial heel strike. If this is the case, you’ll want a more neutral-cushioned shoe that will encourage more natural foot motion. This is one of the most important things to consider when buying running shoes, as overpronation or underpronation can cause serious injury over time if it’s not addressed.

Best Shoes for Different  Kinds of Running 

Depending on the kind of running you want to do,  there are various good running shoes for women that fit best for each kind of running. If an individual is planning for a simple casual running, durability may not be put into consideration. If one is planning to go for a long-running,  a lightweight shoe would be preferable. There are also shoes that are specifically designed for trail running. All the same,  it is good to look out for the best running shoes that will worth the value of your money.

Luckily,  there are varieties of good running shoes for women available online that will suit your running needs. Don’t waste your time with low-quality running shoes.

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Truthful ways to look Stylish in Your Salwar Kameez

In current time, there are so many different styles of salwar suit found in the market, but you know how to look stylish in it? If no, then this blog will help you out. Salwar Suits are the most loved Indian Wear that almost every woman has in their wardrobe. It is very comfortable and stylish. From wedding salwar kameez to daily wear salwar kameez, you can find everything in the market. And not only this, each state has their specific style of salwar suits like Punjabi suit, Bengali suit and more. There is so much to experiment with. However, we fluently do some mistakes while making ourselves look stylish in salwar kameez. So here are some points that one should keep in mind while getting a salwar kameez for themselves. Slide down and Explore! 1. Explore the latest styles: The first step towards looking stylish is to know everything about the latest styles. Wearing something trendy will always make you look perfect. Due to the changing fashion industry, you will find many different styles, so choose something that is unique though perfect. If you are tired of researching, simply go for some safe options like Anarkali gown, Punjabi suit or A-line salwar suits. Never let your Indian Wardrobe look outdated. You simply open the internet and it will serve you with all the latest styles of Salwar suit. 2. Know what suits you: Everyone has a different body structure and skin color, and everything doesn't need to suit everyone. Therefore, knowing what suits you the most is very important. In that case, you can choose according to your body type and comfort. You don’t have to pay attention to anyone’s views. Follow the trend and feel comfortable in whatever you are wearing. As you know slim women can go almost anything they like, but if you are fat and getting confused while picking a right salwar kameez, simply go for transparent sleeves, high-neck design or fitted design. Also, you can choose something with a V-neck design. The right choice will make a big difference. 3. Try to Combine Modern and Traditional fashion: It is said that no matter how much to try to pair high heels with your Punjabi suit, at last, only Juttis will look perfect with it. But do you think it is right to not experiment with your fashion? No! In today’s time, Salwar kameez looks perfect with the Modern touch. And the easiest way to do so is by picking modern jewelry with your salwar kameez. You can pair a watch with it. Also, you can avoid any kind of accessory and keep your look simple. Just make sure to get a balanced look according to the occasion. If you will be able to look trendy at every occasion, no one will be able to stop you to look stylish. 4. Go for the best fabric: The fabric of your salwar kameez will define your comfort and if you don’t feel comfortable in something, you will not be able to flaunt it. There are so many fabrics available in the market- some are heavy while some are lighter in weight. Also, you can choose it according to the occasion. There is nothing wrong to spend some extra money to get the best quality fabric. So in total, get your salwar kameez in comfortable and good quality fabric that will look perfect on the specific occasion. 5. Don’t Feel Shy to Try different Styles of Salwar Kameez: You are Lucky that you have so many options in salwar kameez. So don’t get stick to a particular style and experiment with your attire. It will help you to get a fresh look. Honestly, nobody wants to wear a specific style of salwar kameez. So go for some experimentation. Also, don’t go for something outdated or something that will make you look weird. Pick the piece that actually suits you. Whether we talk about daily wear or Wedding salwar Kameez, these points will always help you out. So next time, keep these points in mind and look stylish in your Indian Salwar Kameez. Read Also: Salwar Kameez Styles An Indian Bride Must Have In Her Wedding Trousseau 5 Perfect Fashion Clothing Choices For Petite Women A Style Guide For Wearing Men’s Sweatshirts

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All The Colors You Should Wear This Winter

The upcoming winter fashion month is upon us; fashion trends for the year have already come. With that comes not only styles to look out for but colors as well. Based on the trends seen on the runway, Pantone has released their color report for 2021-2022, this winter season. Every Season Has Its Own Unique Fashion Colors In the fashion world, lighter pastel colors such as lavender and baby pink are often associated with spring and summer. Darker colors like navy and brown, on the other hand, are more typically worn in the colder seasons.  However, this winter, those notions are being thrown out the window as an anything-goes approach seems to be coming to the forefront. Here are the six top colors that were seen at fashion month for the upcoming winter season.  1. Brown Tones This shouldn’t come as a surprise as brown towns are often popular during the colder months. Whether you prefer a softer oatmeal shade or a rich chocolate brown, anything in this color family is perfect for this winter month.  To incorporate brown tones into your winter wardrobe, try knitting yourself a cozy sweater using yarn from online retailers like Yarnspirations. Knitting a sweater yourself will allow you to make a piece that perfectly suits you and your style. Brown tones have multiple shades to select the best suitable colors for you and match up with the right shoes and comforter. 2. Red Red is another classic winter staple color, especially considering it’s one of the primary colors associated with the Christmas season. This year, fire engine red is the specific shade to try out. Red is always the most suitable color for Christmas and winter. And for this winter you can try something different.  In every season, you are wearing red woolen wear hence for doing something different tryout the bright long red colors woolen socks with your boots. You probably already have some red pieces from past winters, but if you’re looking to add more, consider a red leather jacket to kill two birds with one stone and jump on the leather trend as well.  3. Blush Pink Seeing blush pink on the runway for fall and winter was definitely a shock for a lot of people this year. However, this color is usually associated with spring and summer, so bringing it into the colder months will be a fun challenge for all the fusionists out there.  If you’re daring, be bold this winter with a pink fuzzy coat. And a pink blush is also the best color to add some pink blush to your cheeks. 4. Lavender For the past several seasons, Lavender has been a trendy color in fashion, and it seems like people aren’t ready to let go of it quite yet.   Use pieces you already have from your summer closet and layer them with undershirts or jackets to make them warmer for this winter season. 5. Soft Yellow Yellow is another color that is more commonly associated with spring, especially a soft, buttery yellow. However, when the sun isn’t out as much in the winter, wearing yellow may be a nice reminder of sunshine and warmth.  Try a two-piece cord set to bring yellow into your wintertime wardrobe this winter season for the year. Lemon yellow is the color of this winter season. Anything with bright yellow colors adds a vibrant sunny sparkle to your attire. 6. Olive Green Sage green had a significant moment this spring and summer, but it looks like it will be replaced by olive green for the fall and winter. Although not much different, this slightly darker hue has a more earthy tone and better fits our conventional notions of winter fashion.  A two-piece olive-green suit is a perfect way to incorporate this color into your wardrobe this winter.  Conclusion: The bright colors are the most suitable colors for the winter season. For this winter, you also can try on bright-colored footwear along with socks. Bright colors of comforters are also bringing very fresh vibes into your looks. So keep your winter fashion bright and straightforward. Try on these colors for your outfits, and let us know about your fashion ideas. Read Also: Gone Country Cowboy Hats for Women Interesting Facts About Baju Kebaya What to Buy To Dramatically Improve Your Footwear Game Ethnic Wedding Attire: 3 Tips to Wear The Traditional Dhoti-Style Maharashtrian Saree 

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Types of Fashion Designing Courses You Should Know

“You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it,” said the famous American costume designer, Edith Head. The professionals responsible for influencing people’s dressing choices are the coveted fashion designers we all love to draw inspiration from. However, the fashion industry has come a long way – no longer is it dominated by fashion designers. If you’re also looking to enter this industry, you can opt for different fashion design courses based on your unique sensibilities, as discussed below. Fashion designing In short, the art of designing beautiful clothes and relevant fashion accessories comes under fashion designing. Looking at the work of famous fashion designers, students of these courses are given a thorough understanding of designing clothes that meet the cultural needs of their time and are at the same time, in line with the latest trends. Under fashion design short course from reputed institutes like the Pearl Academy, students learn a whole lot about the different technical aspects of fashion designing such as freehand and digital sketching, color palettes, mixing and matching styles, knowledge of different textiles and how each drapes on the human body, history and evolution of fashion, trends within the industry, secrets of top fashion designers, and more. Using a fashion design course, students can make a successful career as a fashion designer or other products' designer, such as footwear, headwear, jewelry, and other accessories. Visual merchandising Where fashion designing courses teach students the art of designing original and influential designs, visual merchandising courses offer deep insights on making these designs attractive in the eyes of the brand's target audience via various brand promotional strategies. These courses provide students knowledge on implementing different creative marketing strategies, strategic store displays, window signs, and even interior product placement, source and manage inventory on a budget, and more. From brand managers to retail buyers and even visual merchandising bloggers, the career prospects for those having pursued this course are far and wide. These professionals are hired by marketing agencies, fashion stores, theatre companies, jewelry stores, and more. Textile designing Textile designing is a highly technical field wherein students are taught the art of creating designs for all kinds of fabrics – printed, woven, knitted, or surface ornamented fabrics, along with dying and embroidery. Students of this course will learn how to design fabrics based on their type and use. These designs can be for a certain body or space, and while textile designers are free to allow their imaginations to run wild, they still need to stay within the technical boundaries set by trends, culture, and of course, demand. Textile designing courses offer students a good eye for color, texture, and fabric patterns as well as different techniques of processing textiles. Textile designers are often in high demand among garment and textile export houses, branded fashion showrooms, boutiques, retail outlets, textile manufacturing units, among others.  Fashion photography Belonging to the umbrella of fashion communication, fashion photography is an exclusive genre of photography that deals with the display of clothing items and other accessories such as jewellery, headwear, even nail art, makeup, and hairstyles. Easy as it may appear, this field is all about showing the clothes and fashion accessories in such a manner that the particular brand’s products appear to be enticing to its target audience. Fashion photography students learn more than creative photography; they learn how to balance creativity with the brand’s business goals for promotional purposes. Fashion photography is a highly lucrative career option involving different sub-niches such as catalog photography, editorial photography, high-end and street fashion photography, and more. The world of fashion is advancing at an unparalleled rate. And where once only fashion designers reigned supreme in the industry, the fashion design industry has opened its doors wide for other successful fields worth exploring. Read Also: Fashion Style Every Modern Woman Must Know 5 Perfect Fashion Clothing Choices for Petite Women