UAN Login and its facilities with Registration process

Published on: 04 October 2018 Last Updated on: 20 November 2018
UAN Login

UAN or Unique Account Number is a Unique ID Number provided by the Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) for each of those individuals who have opted for provident fund account. This is an Online Portal, so you can keep track of all your provisional funds and deposit your provisional funds in that account.

EPFO presented UAN which goes about like a cloud service for the numerous Member Ids assigned to a person by various managers. The UAN program was propelled in October 2014 as a component of Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay Shramev Jayate Karyakaram. It is maybe the most remarkable advance taken by EPFO in the ongoing past. UAN is a one of a kind 12 digit number doled out to a worker by EPFO. UAN empowers connecting of various EPF Accounts (Member Id) dispensed to a solitary part. It offers a bunch of administrations like progressively refreshed UAN card, refreshed PF passbook incorporating all transfer-in points of interest, facility to interface past individuals’ ID with present ID, month to month SMS in regards to the credit of commitment in PF record.

Employees are required to initiate their UAN at UAN portal and to profit an extensive variety of online administrations offered by EPFO. When UAN is initiated, employees can sign in utilizing UAN and password and access different online administrations and in addition to refreshing KYC details and so forth, for more details on how it works you can head over to Finance Nize.

Various Facilities provided in UAN is as follows:

Before going to attend the complete the registration process, it is essential for you to know some of the facilities offered in UAN. Hope the mentioned facilities will be helpful for all the seekers that who want to complete the registration process. Also, it helps to gather some idea about the facilities available in UAN. Let’s have a look at some of the facilities allotted in UAN.

UAN Account Status:

This portal has made it easy for you to check your UAN status just by few clicks. This Facility will also let you get all your funds in a single account.

Online EPF transfer:

Earlier we were able to transfer PF funds, under the Online Transfer Claim Portal. Things have changed with the introduction of UAN. Under this Single Portal, you will be able to do it from one account to another without much paperwork and hassle-free.

Online PF withdrawal:

UAN allows Employees to withdraw the funds. However, he/she is not employed prior to 60 days of pst resignation. The Process is easy and convenient but UAN must be attached with Aadhar Card.

Online Registration of Establishments:

Online Registration Process for completely web-based now.

PF payments online:

EPFO has made it mandatory for the organizations to pay online. EPFO also tied up with almost all major banks for collecting PF Dues.

Passbook and Claim Status:

All members can view their Passbook online and even check the claim status too along with updating KYC.

SMS/Miss Call Service:

Once you have activated your UAN. You can access your account by sending SMS in a certain format as per guidelines suggested by EPFO. You can take actions like Enquiry for Transfer, KYC status, Balance inquiry and lot more.


When it comes to complete the registration process, make sure to follow the official website of the organization.

In order to log in, first of all, visit:

UAN Registration Process:

For information, people who are employed or unemployed can register for UAN account without skipping any instruction. Even students or the one who has not enrolled for EPFO can join UAN Easily.

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A Beginner’s Guide In Using MT4 On A Mac

As described by most forex traders, MetaTrader 4 — is by far the top forex trading platform you can use today. The MT4’s trading platform is an all-in-one platform for all of your forex trading needs — from market analysis to all the additional services a forex broker will offer. Although MT4 was initially created for Windows, the application is now also available in Mac. And if you’re wondering what MT4 application to use for your Mac, you can open a meta trader 4 for your mac here. Here’s a beginner’s guide in using the MT4: What’s inside the platform? There are four main panels on the MT4 platform, the navigator, market watch, terminal, and chart panels. Let’s discuss each one and some of their uses. 1. Navigator Panel: This panel enables you to access your trading accounts. This also allows users to create a trial account to test new strategies before trading in the market. Additionally, the navigator panel offers a feature to add various indicators — trends, oscillators, and volumes — on your chart panel. You can even customize your own indicators through MQL4 or MetaQuotes Language 4, the integrated programming language for developing indicators in MT4. 2. Market Watch: This is where you’ll find all the various instruments that are tradable, such as forex pairs, energies, precious metals, and indices; and it also displays the current bid and asking prices alongside its instrument symbol. The market watch panel also allows you to have access to a set of options by clicking a specific instrument symbol. These options are: Chart window - This opens a new chart of your selected instrument. New order - This opens a trade on your selected instrument. Depth of market - This will display the bid and ask prices of a specific instrument. Tick chart - This will display the sales activity of the forex pair. Specification - This will display the contract specifications of a particular instrument — swap rates, contract size, and spreads. 3. Terminal Panel: This panel allows quick access to your trading history and account. The terminal panel displays various tabs along the bottom side of the panel, such as: Trade - Allows you to view your pending orders and open positions. News - This displays the relevant and important trading headlines. Account history - This displays all your executed trades. You can also view your withdrawal, deposits, profits and loss, and credits in this tab. Alerts - This displays the list of alerts and notifications, such as instruments reaching a specified price. Mailbox - This is where you can view the messages sent via this platform. Journal - This tab lets you view your account’s systems messages, such as filled or edited orders, login times, and closed positions. 4. Chart Panel: The chart panel is probably the most recognizable panel of the trading platform, as this panel shows a particular instrument’s price movement. The charts can be viewed as lines, price bars, or candlesticks. And if you’re tracking multiple instruments, this panel can display multiple charts on a single screen. Additionally, this panel also allows you to view the charts in various timeframes, from one minute to one month charts. MetaTrader 4 trading: How to open a currency pair trade: The easiest way to set up a trade in MT4 is to utilize the Order window to place an order on the market by doing these steps: Select the chosen currency pair by clicking the Window tab of your MT4 platform. Select New Window Click New Order on your toolbar, or open the Order window by pressing F9. Enter your chosen trade size in the Volume box. Choose Market Execution in the order type Click sell or buy How to close a trade: When you’re done opening the trade, of course, you’ll eventually need to close the trade. Here’s how to close: Click the Trade tab from Terminal window. Right-click any order you want to close on the Trade tab. Select Close Order Select the Close button on the Order window to close the trade. How to add currency pairs: If there’s a specific currency pair that you’d like to trade, but it’s not visible in the Market Watch window, then follow these steps to add currency pairs: Press CTRL+U to open Symbols In the Symbols window, look for the currency pair you’d like to add. Click the symbol and click Show to add the currency pair. Closing thoughts: Although setting up and placing trades in MT4 is easy, learning the platform’s powerful features and intricacies to fully take advantage of the program can actually take time and effort. May you use this guide as a stepping stone to start trading in the MT4 platform. Read Also: Forex Trading Wisdom: Talk Yourself Out Of Bad Trades What To Expect When You Become A Forex Trader

Apply For A Mortgage Loa

How To Apply For A Mortgage Loan Without Making Common Errors

Making a Mortgage Loan application is challenging and dangerous. Potential homeowners must know how to overcome these challenges. Thorough planning and awareness of common errors are the first measures to guarantee a flawless application. Several websites offer valuable details regarding this process. What Is A Mortgage Loan? Did you know what Mortgage is? Let me share with you about this type of loan where you can maintain or purchase a home, any type of real estate, or a plot of land. If you are a borrower then you have to agree that you have to pay back! You have to pay back the loan amount along with the interest rates to the lender! Typically, these types of payments are divided into principal and interest regularly leading to proper solutions. Once you completely made the payment, you are the sole owner of the property. However, if you are unable to make payment effectively in the given time, it is the property that acts as the collateral when securing the loan. Let me also share how there are several requirements that you need to meet to keep a minimum credit score! Let's talk about the benefits of a mortgage loan and how it helps in processing the aspects of the borrower! Benefits Of Mortgage Loan? There are several advantages of taking a home or a mortgage loan as it not only helps you in creating an asset but also contributes in giving you an idea of the real estate industry. You get a sense of accomplishment when you buy a house or a property even when paying a loan. After all, the money you pay is your hard-earned dollar! Furthermore, you will get low interest rates as it helps a potential buyer be more confident in investing. The hard-earned money that you will keep paying to own the house will make you proud. We cannot forget the flexible tenure especially when repaying home loans becomes so easy. You can extend your time of payment or even decrease it if you have a significant amount of money and you submit it. With principal repayments, you get tax benefits on both interest and principal amount! Overall, you must enjoy the overall loan payment especially when fulfilling the dream of owning your own home or property! How To Apply For A Mortgage Loan? For both businesses and individuals, use a mortgage so that when they make the purchase, be it entirely with your money upfront or take a loan to make payment. When you plan on applying for a mortgage loan, you aim to free your property from the expectations of the bank. Your home will be free and clear with fully amortizing the traditional mortgage. What you need to evaluate is the number of years through which you have to complete the payment. Mostly, people take years somewhere between 15 to 30 years. You get to learn about how to foreclose the property to the lender leading to completely making the payment thus, claiming the property! Undervaluing The Financial Inquisitive One of the most critical steps in the mortgage application process is lenders assessing an applicant's financial standing by considering their income, assets, debts, and credit ratings. A frequent error that can cause delays or rejection is not providing enough fiscal papers or outdated financial information. Pay stubs, tax returns, current financial statements, and any other pertinent financial documents should be provided to potential borrowers. Ensuring that these data accurately reflect the borrower's financial status and are current is imperative. Additionally, to prevent fraud and strengthen the application's credibility, make sure that financial commitments are clear and consult financial experts. Ignoring Credit Score Improvement A strong credit score is central to securing favorable loan terms for home purchases. Often, applicants need to pay more attention to the benefits of enhancing their credit score before initiating the home financing process. Errors in credit reports, outdated information, and unresolved debts can adversely affect a credit score. Individuals should obtain a credit report from major credit bureaus well before applying to correct any inaccuracies and to pay off outstanding debts. This proactive approach can significantly enhance one's creditworthiness in the eyes of lenders. Regularly monitoring credit status and avoiding new debt during the home loan application period are also strategic moves. These steps demonstrate financial responsibility and can further boost credit scores, ensuring better terms are available. Not Comparing Mortgage Offers Not doing any research before taking the first mortgage offer is another standard error. Varying lenders provide varying terms, costs, and interest rates. If borrowers shop around, they can avoid missing out on better terms that could end up saving them a lot of cash throughout the loan. Examining several lenders and carefully weighing their terms is advised. This covers the mortgage type, terms of repayment, interest rates, and any related costs. Further, arming candidates with the knowledge to negotiate better terms can be achieved by conducting in-depth studies of market trends and economic situations. Knowing the tiny print in every deal guarantees that there aren't any unanticipated fees that could drive up expenditures. Overlooking Total Costs A mortgage involves more costs than just principal and interest payments. They consist of insurance, taxes, fees, and occasionally additional costs like private mortgage insurance or homeowners association dues. Sometimes, applicants' budgets need to consider these extra costs. This oversight can lead to financial strain. It is crucial to understand all the costs involved and ensure that the monthly payments are manageable within one's budget. It is essential to advise applicants to include future property taxes and insurance increases in their fiscal planning. Thoroughly estimating these costs early prevents unpleasant surprises and secures economic stability. Lacking Long-Term Financial Planning Mortgage commitments typically last for many years, often up to 30 years. Short-sighted financial planning can lead to complications later on. Applicants should consider their long-term economic stability and any potential changes that might affect their ability to meet mortgage payments. This includes changes in employment, potential significant expenses such as higher education or health issues, and retirement planning. Effective financial planning should accommodate these factors to maintain mortgage payments without hardship. The Bottom Line Applicants for home mortgage loans can avoid frequent mistakes by meticulously completing their applications before completing them. Potential owners can secure a mortgage that suits their needs and financial status by exercising caution and initiative. Ensure that one understands every aspect of the mortgage and that one will maintain financial stability for the term of the loan. Read Also: Property Valuation Software for Real Estate Appraisals 4 Mistakes New Rental Property Owners Must Avoid Benefits of Investing in City Centre Property


Important Things You Need To Know Before Filing For Bankruptcy

The aftermath of the COVID-19 Pandemic saw a string of businesses file for bankruptcy. The United States saw many B2B businesses including, FTK Worldwide (Jewellers), Contact Transport (Logistics and Supply), and others opt for the bankruptcy route. Legal experts are of the opinion that no two bankruptcy cases are the same. They differ in terms of their exposure, risks, legalities, and the court judgment. Even if two companies file for bankruptcy under Chapter 7, their judgments and orders can be different. In this article, we speak to a leading bankruptcy Birmingham law firm that specializes in these issues. we ask them about some important things businesses and their owners need to keep in mind before filing for bankruptcy. List of Important Things you need to know before Filing for Bankruptcy 1. Chapters 7 and Chapter 13 are Important for Individuals and Businesses Legal experts suggest that solopreneur ventures and sole proprietorships that are individual-centric should go for filing bankruptcy under Chapter 7. This puts a stay to debt and credit obligations and allows individuals to even retain control over their property. Businesses that are well-established should opt for Chapter 11. This helps in keeping the business entity alive and allows for a payment restructuring plan that works to ensure complete repayment over a period of three to five years. 2. Hiring Legal Help is of High Importance It is important to understand that individuals or businesses looking to file for bankruptcy should always avail of expert legal help. If you are trying to use Google to do all the paperwork, you might get into serious trouble in the near future. Bankruptcy laws are incredibly complex and technical. In particular, Chapter 7 allows liquidation of debt to take care of financial obligations and absolve the individual from repayment. All collection attempts must stop. Subsequently, a bankruptcy trustee collects non-exempt valuable assets and sells them to pay off debt. The law discharges eligible debts, such as credit card loans, medical bills, and old utility bills. So, you need an experienced bankruptcy attorney to help you fend off the debtors, and work with the courts and the banking institutions. At the end of the day, you do not want criminal proceedings to be initiated by any of the parties. You can hire an expert in your area, such as a Florida Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer. A bankruptcy lawyer’s job is to help you overcome debt, so they’ll guide you through the process by offering advice or assisting you in filing for bankruptcy protection. 3. Bankruptcy does not mean All Debts go away If you were under the impression that bankruptcy is going to help you walk away scot-free think again. Legally, the following are some areas where bankruptcy will not be able to help you- Alimony Payments Student Loans Taxes on Luxury Items Taxes Child Support Payments All the above-mentioned areas and payments are not something that the court can give you relief from. If you miss your payments or taxes, new legal cases can be brought up against you in a court of law. The punishment and legal repercussions for the same will be different. For this reason, it’s a must to talk to an experienced attorney and a personal financial advisor who can help you determine other options for addressing these problems. Social workers and community leaders can also help. The government and private sectors offer programs for citizens needing financial and social support services. They’ll help you get through difficult times, so don’t hesitate to consult them. 4. Your Credit Score will get Affected Post-Bankruptcy According to leading legal experts, ten years is the period where your credit score will carry the blemish of your bankruptcy declaration. If you are looking to get loans or credit during the period, the same might get very difficult. You need to be prepared to address the credit score. Some lending companies may offer you a personal loan. But the interest rates are high. You can take the risk to recover gradually from poor credit standing. However, you’ll have to make sure that you pay your loan on time. Fortunately, there are some professional services that have come up in recent years that can help you improve your credit score within a short period of time. If you want to get back in the game, you can always avail of such services. 5. Bankruptcy can help you give Yourself a Fresh Start in Life and Business- It can be stated that most businesses that suffered because of the pandemic did so for no fault of their own. In such instances, legal experts suggest that bankruptcy can be a sound tactical and strategic decision that can be taken by businesses and individuals. Banks, lending institutions, and even the judges that will be hearing the case are already aware of the drastic and negative economic fallouts of the pandemic. In fact, there have been cases, where the banks have discussed with lenders and worked out a positive restructuring plan to help individuals and businesses affected by the pandemic. The Bottom Line Filing for bankruptcy can probably the single hardest decision you would have to take in your entire life. However, rather than make the decision an emotional one, it is best to exercise reason and proper judgment and take help from an experienced legal attorney to find your way. 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