5 Ways To Deal With Your Insomnia

Do you know why insomnia takes place?

This can happen for many reasons, including; unnecessary stress, work pressure, bad health habits, and otherworldly affairs.

Not only that, specific life trauma or incidents like the death or the illness of someone close, married life complications, or even job loss. All these can lead to insomnia.

Sleep plays a vital role in developing your brain and body. It also helps to repair any damaged cell or blood vessels. But on the other hand, insomnia or sleeping disorders can deteriorate your body and increase heart attack and stroke risks.

So, insomnia is those conditions where people suffer from inadequate or insufficient sleep. And it can turn out to be a real problem if not treated well.

In this article, I’ll illustrate the 5 magical ways you can deal with insomnia.

Ways To Defeat Insomnia- THE 5 GOLDEN RULES

When life throws you problems, don’t waste your time focusing on the issues. Instead, put your complete attention on achieving the solutions.

Insomnia is a challenge that might try to kneel you down, but through this article, you’ll be getting all the tactics to deal with it in a more innovative and more effective way.

1. Don’t Change Your “Wake Up” Routine:

If you are reading this article now, do make sure to follow this step NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!

I know many of you might be wondering, “Do I have to wake up early even during my desired weekends?”

-The answer is ‘YES” if only you want to get rid of insomnia!!!

It can be a tough job, I know, but you need to go through cuts and burns if you want to achieve something.

The reason you have to sacrifice your habit of staying late in bed even during your weekends because you have to bring yourself to a routine where you will always a consistent sleeping and waking time.

When you have mastered this technique, you’ll notice that your sleeping disruptions just magically vanished.

2. Wave Goodbyes To Nicotine And Caffeine:

Nicotine And Caffeine

If you love smoking cigarettes and drinking deliciously hot and strong midnight coffee, you just have to quit it!!!

To heed goodbyes to insomnia, you first have to learn to say goodbye to your smoking and caffeine intake addictions.

Caffeine can keep you up late for several hours, and trust me; it’s more than enough to disrupt the “complete sleeping cycle” yours.

It can also awaken you frequently from sleep resulting in “poor quality sleep.”

Nicotines are also on the same side as caffeine. These too result in sleep deprivations!!!

When you smoke a cigarette, it stimulates the effect of nicotine. And this addictive drug can be highly responsible for insomnia. Most smokers take at least one cigarette before going to bed.

And this can have a significant impact on your sleep. So it will the “golden achievement” of your life if you can quit these habits for good!!!!

Nicotine And Caffeine

3. Cut Down Unnecessary Naps And Increase Exercise:

Increase Exercise

I know naps can refresh your mood. And a few hours of extra sleep can make you feel more energetic. But these naps are also one of the main reasons for sleep disorders.

And do you know why?

This is because napping affects the sleeping patterns of yours. For instance, you are habituated to sleeping at night where the lights are turned off, and it’s quiet. Therefore, your mind knows it’s nighttime, and you have to sleep.

On the other hand, while taking naps, there are no such scenarios where it’s dark and quiet, and even the place where you sleep might be different like you are taking a nap on a couch or sofa. So the mind eventually disrupts your sleeping pattern because it’s not your regular bedtime.

Undoubtedly, exercises keep you fit and healthy. But did you know that it also helps you to restore the proper balance of your sleep?

-Yes, exercises help you to get rid of insomnia!!!

But you need to make sure not to perform any exercise immediately before you go to bed. Instead, try to finish it at least two to three hours before going to bed.

4. Make Sure To Be Comfortable And Discard All The Worries When Going To Bed:

The environment you are in has a tremendous impact on your sleep. By environment, I mean to say the “place you sleep .”

In order to have a good sleep, you need to have a mild temperature, a comfortable bed, and no lights should be turned on while you are sleeping. If you have pets, don’t keep them in your room if they make noises at night.

And one of the most essential “golden rules” that you need to keep in mind is “not to sleep with loads of stress in your head.” Stress is temporary, but it can make insomnia permanent.

When you are in bed, discard all the negative thoughts out of your mind. Sleep is like a prayer, and you don’t want any distractions while praying!!!

Stress therapies and methods you can use to have a quality sleep include taking deep breaths, meditating, and many more.

5. Light Therapy Combats Insomnia:

LED light therapy or Bright light therapy can also be a cure for sleeping disorders.

This therapy is famous for its ability to reduce depressions, stress, and also insomnia.

If you are not getting enough natural light (which is very common among people nowadays), sleep deprivation can occur.

What light therapy does is imitates the light of the sun and helps to improve the circadian rhythm of your body. This light comes out of a box, and different light therapy boxes have additional features.

Make sure to use it for at least 15 to 30 minutes every morning and maintain this routine, and you’ll see drastic results.

Whenever you take a light therapy device, always seek the assistance of a professional doctor as he knows the suitable device for you.

I hope this article will help you know the ins and outs of the 5 ways you can deal with insomnia.

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