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04 September 2019

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There are many reasons for the short circuit of the atomizer. If it is short-circuited protection, there is no danger. If the mechanical mod may cause the battery to explode, the short circuit of the atomizer is not a particularly serious problem, but it still needs to be taken seriously.

The cause of the atomizer short circuit and its solution.

  1. After cleaning the atomizer, it will be installed and used without causing a short circuit. This situation is very simple, just remember to wipe dry after cleaning the atomizer, it is best not to use it immediately.
  2. The bottom electrode is low, and the top of the electrode of the host is not touched, resulting in a short circuit. Try to slightly rotate the electrode screw on the bottom of the atomizer a little.
  3. Check if the heating wire lock screw is tightened and re-wire the wire if necessary.
  4. Check if the bottom electrode is too tight, screw it out, and replace it with another electrode screw if necessary.

How to avoid short circuit of a mechanical mod?

Always check the resistance and short circuit of the atomizer. Unlike general-purpose vapes, mechanical mods can be ignited even when the atomizer has been short-circuited. Here, the resistance of the short circuit refers to zero or near zero, but most tanks do not let the resistance be less than 1.5 ohms, which ensures that the battery is not overstressed.

When using a new atomizer, be sure to check the atomizer resistance and confirm that there is no abnormality before screwing it onto the mechanical battery compartment.

If you use an RBA, don’t let the resistance be too low, because too low a resistance will make the battery pressure too high. It is best to control the resistance between 2.4 and 3.0 ohms at the beginning to ensure safety.

Although the atomizer is not so easy to short-circuit, it is best to use a multimeter to test. The specific test method is this, remove the battery, connect the battery compartment and the atomizer, put one probe of the multimeter to the positive pole of the battery compartment, and the other probe touches the surface of the battery compartment. If the multimeter shows a non-zero resistance value, it means that there is a current, so there must be a short circuit.

When testing the resistor with a multimeter, be aware that the multimeter’s leads may also generate resistance. We have seen some very cheap multimeters with lead resistances even higher than 0.6 ohms. The lead resistance can be displayed by touching the two probes of the multimeter. This value needs to be subtracted when testing the atomizer to get the true resistance value. For example, if you measure the resistance of the atomizer to be 2 ohms, if the lead resistance is 0.6 ohms, then the true resistance is only 1.4 ohms.

In short, the atomizer is short-circuited, don’t worry, think about the above problems can be solved.

After a period of use, the atomizer needs to be cleaned regularly. The inside of the atomizer will be stained with some non-volatile liquid condensate. If it accumulates too much, it will affect the atomization effect of the atomizer, which will lead to the taste odor. In addition, when replacing different flavors of smoke oil, it is also necessary to clean the atomizer beforehand to avoid affecting the taste experience. The daily cleaning frequency of the atomizer is recommended to be cleaned once a week.

The following is the atomizer cleaning method

1. Hot water

After the residual oil in the atomizer flows out, pour the appropriate amount of hot water, shake gently for 1-2 minutes, wait for the dirt inside to dissolve in the hot water, then slowly pour the water out to dry. Or use a hairdryer to quickly dry it. This method is simple and easy to clean, but there are still residual odors that affect the taste.

2. Vinegar

The atomizer is placed in clear water mixed with vinegar and then cooked. After heating for about 10 minutes, then wash it with water and then dry it. Cleaning the atomizer with vinegar is still good.

3. Cola

Soaking the atomizer in a cola drink takes about 24 hours. After taking out, the water is washed and finally blown dry. This method takes a long time and the effect is not very satisfactory. It is not recommended to use it frequently.

4. Vodka.

Blow the atomizer, pour the appropriate amount of vodka, seal the atomizer mouth with your fingers, and gently shake for one to two minutes and then pour off. Rinse off with hot water and let it dry. This is a more effective method to substantially eliminate the dirt and taste of the inner wall of the atomizer.

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Understanding Depression: A Prelude to Treatment Before diving into the various alternatives for depression treatment in Brooklyn, comprehending the multifaceted nature of depression is paramount.  Moreover, depression is more than mere sadness; it encapsulates a spectrum of emotional, physical, and cognitive symptoms that impair daily functioning and diminish quality of life. Seeking professional depression treatment is crucial in managing these symptoms and facilitating recovery. Therapy and Counseling Services in Brooklyn One of the most common and highly recommended forms of treatment for depression is therapy or counseling. Brooklyn offers a diverse array of mental health professionals who can provide various therapeutic approaches, including: Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) CBT is a widely practiced therapy. At the same time, it assists the individuals and, at the same time, pinpoints the negative thought patterns and behaviors contributing to their depression. 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Fitness Routine

5 Tips to Kick Start Your Fitness Routine

No matter the kind of workout that you would like to engage in, you can use the new season as an opportunity of starting over again. Life always gives people of all walks of life a chance to open a new page. Therefore, it is possible to begin a daily fitness routine even if you have a proven track record of failure. The most important thing is to set yourself up for great success. In such a case, the small changes that you make will mean a lot to you. Do not allow the lofty end goals to intimidate you in any way. The guiding principle is to remain highly focused on your goals. This may call for some level of discipline but you will make it as long as you stay highly motivated. You may have to deny yourself some of the pleasures that the world presents your way. Here are some 5 tips to kick start your fitness routine. Use them to make sure that nothing deters you from the main objective. 1. Don’t Think About Being Bad The fact that you did not engage in any physical activity during the last vacation is reason enough to make you feel bad. You may also be discouraged by the fact that you eat a dessert every single night while on that vacation. You could be struggling to create some time for your fitness routine within your schedule that is seemingly busy. You have to go to work, school, and take care of your young ones. It is like there is completely no time for a workout in your timetable. Whatever the prevailing circumstances for your workout blues, you should always learn to let it go. The fact that you took a break from physical activities does not make you a bad person. Do not allow the little voices of shame and guilt to make the past to paralyze you. You may end up procrastinating everything in the present.  As human beings, we can only learn from the past and not change it. The good thing is that we can pick the lessons we learn from our past to shape our future. Know that every day gives you a brand-new opportunity to invest in your health and feel good. Therefore, you don’t have to dwell in the past in any way. Overcome such feelings and focus on your fitness routine so that you can move forward. This is an excellent starting point if you want to kickstart your fitness routine. 2. Set Realistic and Specific Goals We have all been in a place when we give ourselves unrealistic targets in life. The truth of the matter is that you cannot achieve most of these targets and you will end up as a frustrated person. For example, after not exercising for one month, you want to compensate for the lost time by spending the whole week under an intensive exercise in the gym. Remember your body runs on blood and hence it needs time to adapt. You will strain, become tired, and most likely not achieve the desired results. The best that such an incidence can do for your is making you're frustrated to a point of giving up. Therefore, you should not be so overambitious in the way you set your goals. You need to set for yourself targets that you know are attainable. It is good to be reasonable as you set your workout goals.  Remember you are human and not a machine that runs on fuel. At some point, your body will wear out during the session. Begin with short term yoga workouts so that your body can adapt. As you continue with your fitness routine, you can increase the intensity slowly. You will be able to give your body the best experience that will encourage it to pursue the fitness routine. The most important thing is to do something and not nothing. Just know that you will eventually get in shape them move through the whole process progressively. You can even begin by taking a walk and then introduce running to your fitness routine later on. Some of these things may seem to be simple but they will make your body to feel good. You can even motivate your body by jogging before you can run. The step by step approach is the best way to adapt to a new fitness routine. 3. Hold a Plank for One Minute Let me inform that holding a plank for one minute is harder than you may think. Planks are simple but highly effective exercises that will work the whole body from the top to the bottom.  If your intention is to nudge your body from shifting from a long break of workout, you can throw a few plank holdings every day. It will help you to tune back in with your glutes, shoulders, arms, and core. You will discover that your body will begin to adapt to exercising within a few days. 4. Tying a HIIT Workout The full mane for this abbreviation is ‘high-intensity interval training.’ HIIT exercises determination rev your energy levels and blast your body like nothing else. It gives you one of the best feelings that come with challenging your body muscles. It will also give you excellent soreness and a good sweat. You should not miss this in your fitness routine if you have not been exercising for some time. 5. Eat Health Meals Eating unhealthy meals while exercising makes the whole process to be counterproductive. You have to make nutritious meals as soon as you begin to get back to your fitness routine. Include things like green smoothies in your diet and you will be good to go. However, this does not mean that you have to do this for all the meals. Once you make a small implementation of healthy eating, you will get the motivation to desire to eat healthy foods every time. It will give you energy and a clear mindset to move on with life. These tips will make sure that you kickstart your fitness routine and adapt within a short period. Read Also: 7 Ways To Kick Off Your Fitness Routine How Do I Get Back In Shape? Fitness Experts Share Their Tips! 10 Winter Fitness Hacks To Help You Stick To Your Fitness Goals

Laser Treatment

Everything About Laser Treatment: Must Knows and How to Care for a Burn From It

One of the most significant risks of undergoing laser treatments is the chance of burns because they are undoubtedly painful and can also leave permanent scars in some cases. The leading cause of this accident is mostly lack of experience. Also, some laser treatment machines that cause burns are not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Accidents like these are most of the time handled by an operator that is not well-experienced in giving this kind of treatment. That is why before you go for the cheap offer or a DIY solution, think of the risk you're putting yourself into first. So far, lasers and electrolysis are some of the best methods for removing stubborn hair permanently. Although, you also need to think that there are chances that it may give you some side effects like discoloration, irritation, skin rashes, and even burns at some point. "Must Knows" In Laser Hair Treatment Burns Some of the most common causes of the not-so-good effects of the said treatment include wrong procedure implementation, inexperienced technicians, wrong choice of treatment, improper care of the treated area after the laser hair removal treatment, and harsh and aggressive attitude while doing the procedure all by yourself while at home. Burns happen when the laser energy is getting absorbed opposing the proper way of targeting the follicles of the hair and not directly to the skin. The typical signs of laser treatment burns include but are not limited to severe swelling, redness, and eventually, discoloration of the burned part of the surface. Despite this risk, laser hair removal treatment has long been proven safe by many specialists. However, it is essential that you know what to do when you notice some adverse effects like burns. Most of the cases of burns recorded are only minor and usually subsides in a short period. It is vital that you get checked by a skincare specialist or clinic first to lessen the chances of getting laser burns. Doing so will determine if you're a suitable patient for that kind of treatment. Ask questions if necessary before deciding whether you'll go with it or not. Always make sure that your specialist or the clinic where you'll be undergoing the said treatment is fully equipped and has the right system in performing laser hair removal. You have to ensure that the specialist says that you qualify for the procedure to avoid offers promising low prices and services that are too good to be true. Always think that this kind of treatment is, but if you find the right laser treatment facility, it will all be worth it. Avoiding Laser Hair Burns Here are some tips that will help you possible avoid getting burns from laser hair treatment: Find the right clinic. Make sure they are experts in the field of laser hair treatment. Doing so will lessen your chances of getting this unfavorable skin issue. Make sure that the machine the specialist will be using suits your skin type and color. Aside from that, you need to know if the machine is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Some machines work for different skin types and colors like the Soprano Laser. But there are also machines that have their specialty. Some are only good for whiter skin color and some only work for darker shades of skin. Since using the machine is risky, not everyone can operate this machine. Unless these people are well-experienced and are skilled in driving the device, they are prohibited from using it. If you can, find a licensed technician to put your mind at ease. What To Do If You've Got Burns From Laser Hair Treatment Do not touch the affected area with your bare hands. Wrap ice in a towel instead and apply it to the burned part of the skin for fifteen to twenty minutes. Repeat the procedure for the next hour or two. Applying a cold compress helps in eliminating the pain of the burn instantly. Get a hydrocortisone cream and apply a thin layer to the affected area. It will help reduce swelling and soothe that part of the skin. Drink a lot of water. Practically, that part of the skin is dehydrated that is why you have to replenish it with water intake. Takeaway : Everyone knows that laser hair treatment gives beautiful results when done with the touch of licensed professionals. This kind of process is one of the best since it does not only remove unwanted hairs but also prevents them from growing again. Although it sounds like a perfect treatment, adverse side effects and risks still happen. Always remember that prevention is better than cure. Put in mind that laser hair removal will not give you the result that you want to achieve unless you take extra caution and leave the whole meticulous process of the treatment to the specialist. Read Also: Is Polyester Stretchy? – Its Materials & Properties [Detailed Explanation] Top 6 Different Types Of Scarves Names And Its Benefits How to Thicken Chili – Tried and Tested