How to Help Someone Overcome Addiction in Illinois


17 May 2022

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Overcome Addiction

 It’s never easy watching someone you care about go through something like addiction.

Many times, people in this situation watch the person they care about to deteriorate and become a different person.

If you think your loved one is addicted but you’re not sure, be on the lookout for these warning signs.

  • Their behavior has changed. You notice them becoming more withdrawn, angry, combative, or abusive towards you.
  • You notice them becoming obsessive
  • They’re hiding things from you. Maybe you found needles or empty vodka bottles under their bed or in their bathroom
  • They’ve come home bruised or beaten up but won’t tell you what happened
  • They aren’t sleep
  • They slur their words
  • They’re losing weight or their outward appearance has changed for the worse.

If your loved one shows any of these signs, there’s a good chance they might be addicted.  If you’re watching someone you love spiral into addiction, there are ways you can help to overcome addiction. Here’s how.

6 Ways To Someone You Know Overcome Addiction In Illinois

1. Call your local rehab center

local rehab center

Places like Lincoln Recovery or your local hospital are a great resource for you to tap into. They’ll be able to help you determine the best treatment options for your loved one without making you or them feel ashamed. They’ll be able to give you advice and tools. They can also help you plan something called an intervention.

An intervention is when family and friends of the addict’s life come together to make their loved one understand that they need help. Interventions must be planned so they don’t cause more problems. While it’s going to be awkward and uncomfortable, an intervention that’s done right can gently push your loved one on the path to recovery.

2. Establish trust


This is a huge thing. Often trust is broken between addicts and the people they love the most, and while it may be difficult to achieve, getting them to trust you is so important. Otherwise and intervention won’t work properly.

To start building trust with an addict, you have to learn not to nag, yell, exaggerate, lecture, or engage in any substances they’re addicted to. Asking them to stop drinking when they see you drinking, even if it’s only a small glass of wine at night, can make them defensive.

Trust will also help prevent stress. If they trust you more, they’ll be less stressed and feel more comfortable opening up to you about their addiction. Most addicts know they have a problem deep down, they just don’t want to admit it out loud and make it real. Don’t do anything that will keep them from opening up to you about it.

Watch their body language to help you determine if your attempts at trust-building are working. If you notice them growing stiff or becoming agitated pull back and try again another time.

3. Never blame


Even if the person who’s addicted made you lose money, your reputation, etc. do not try to blame them for it. While they need to take responsibility for their behavior, blaming them for things while they’re addicted will get you nowhere. It will only make them more resistant to change, defensive, and closed off.

Speak in the first person, only about how you feel or what you think. Whenever you talk to them about their addiction, use “I” statements. “You” statements can come across as blameful and can do the opposite of what you hope to achieve in the conversation.

Avoid insults and negativity at all costs because that is the blameful language that will make them defensive. For more information on using “I” statements, click here.

4. Always practice empathy


You see how dangerous it is to blame the addict in any way, either for their addiction or their behavior. Leading with empathy, whether your staging an intervention or not, can help the addict feel more comfortable and open up.

Tell them that you understand they’re hurting, and while you don’t know what they’re going through firsthand, you’re there to help in any way you can. You want to be a part of the solution.

Offer assistance in any way you can. By doing this, you might find that the person has been waiting for someone to talk to them about it but has been too afraid to bring it up themselves.

5. Prepare for backlash

addiction effects

What you have to understand is that addiction affects the chemical balance of the brain. This can make them delusional, combative, or standoffish. They may outright refuse to admit they’re addicted to anything and if they do, they might turn the blame on you.

Addicts try to get out of responsibility, and taking responsibility for their addiction is another thing they’re going to try to dance around. Prepare for harsh words, yelling, and threats. Stay calm and listen to everything they have to say.

Don’t engage in yelling or screaming or try to push the blame back on them. It will only make the situation worse. If you feel like you’re in danger, remove yourself from the situation or call the police.

6. Stop enabling

Stressed man biting a chain Free Photo

If you’re allowing the person you love to do drugs in your house or get drunk in your house, stop. Tell them that they aren’t allowed to do that in your home anymore and if they refuse, ask them to leave. It sounds harsh, but they have to learn that there are consequences to their actions.

Stop buying them their substance of choice. Practice sobriety yourself so you don’t have alcohol or drugs lying around the house for them to consume. If they frequently borrow your car, remove car privileges so they can’t drive under the influence. Refuse to give them cash. If they say they need a few bucks for food, buy them actual food or not at all. But never give them cash or cards that they can use to purchase drugs or alcohol.

While this might seem like you’re not leading with empathy, you are. You don’t have to be mean about doing any of these things. You can simply say, “I don’t want you driving my car under the influence, it’s not safe.” Or “I can’t give you cash, but I can buy you food, water, groceries,” if that’s what you want to do. Just avoid putting the blame or accusing them of anything.

To learn the difference between helping and enabling, follow the link.

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Nail Kit Essentials: A Guide To Perfect Home Manicures

Nail kits have revolutionized the self-care practice of manicures, offering salon-style results at home. With innovations allowing for easier polish applications, professional designs, and long-lasting wear, a manicure from home is simply what most women want. Moreover, a nail kit helps you master the art of nail care at home and offers both satisfaction and therapeutic benefits. Whether you're saving money or unsure about going to the salon, DIY manicures provide a more affordable and therapeutic alternative. However, having a nail kit is about more than just beautifying your nails. It also helps you find a quick fix against chipping, warping, glops, bubbles, or smudging. So, let us explore the items you must include in your nail kit for the best manicure experiences at home. What To Include In A Nail Kit? When preparing your nail kit, you must include some extremely important items. These items can be divided into two parts— Items to enhance nail health. Items to beautify nails. Read Also: The Profound Impact Of Well-Groomed Nails On Confidence Natural Nail Care Kit Given below are your essentials to maintain healthy nails: Cuticle Oil Cuticle oil is a natural remedy that can stimulate nail growth. It helps protect the nail and cuticle from trauma and improves the nail's health and appearance. Moreover, this oil protects the polish from damage, ensuring a lasting shine. Also, cuticle oil keeps skin moisturized, promoting strong and healthy nails. This item is rich in coconut oil and Vitamin E Jojoba Seed, which hydrates the skin around nail beds, reduces hangnails and prevents dryness. Applying once or twice daily and massaging into cuticles can result in immediate results. Therefore, regular use promotes healthy nail growth, prevents splitting or peeling, and keeps nails looking their best. Nail Filer Filing nails gives them a customized shape and strengthens and prevents chipping. Therefore, a nail filer is one of the most important items in your nail kit. 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They can be in subtle colors like white, black, grey, or muted tones. The art features thin lines, small dots, and geometric shapes, making natural nails part of the overall look. The French manicure is a classic minimalist nail design with a natural base coat and white tip, presenting a modern and fresh look. Moreover, a micro French manicure is a subtle design with a thin line at the tips, showcasing the natural nail. Both designs are trendy and elegant, making them perfect for any occasion due to their simplicity and elegance. Base & Top Coats When selecting a nail kit, the colorful polishes, and fun nail tips are undoubtedly thrilling, but they're not the only considerations. Moreover, a high-quality base and top coat are essential for achieving a salon-grade manicure at home. Also, a base coat or primer for gel or acrylic nail systems safeguards your natural nails and provides superior adhesion for a durable manicure. 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Going through life with a problematic condition such as essential tremor can be vastly different depending on the individual. For example, essential tremor is more commonly seen in individuals forty and older, but there are situations of those who suffer from the condition at a young age. That said, the symptoms of essential tremor tend to get more severe with age, which means that the method of treating a young individual might be different from the treatment of an elderly sufferer. There is also an issue in the fact that essential tremor often is not taken as seriously as conditions such as Parkinson’s disease. It can often result in those who suffer from the condition to feel embarrassed, opting to hide and ignore it instead of seeking treatment. Is Surgical Treatment the Best Option to Treat Essential Tremor? When the symptoms get worse It can be extremely disheartening when the symptoms start to get worse, as it can be as debilitating as any other severe tremor. It can make basic tasks challenging, and it can prevent people from performing their work or their hobbies. It might be so severe that certain individuals can no longer dress or eat by themselves. It is no wonder why some people would prefer searching for treatment - especially if the prescribed medications do not deal with their symptoms. How relaxation may help It is common knowledge that anxiety and agitation can make the symptoms of essential tremor much worse. Unfortunately, it results in a cycle where the individual is stressed about by their tremors, which results in the symptoms getting worse. That said, understanding that anxiety is a common means that you can work toward keeping yourself calm and relaxed to help your symptoms. Treatment options For those who are having trouble with medications prescribed for essential tremor, surgical treatment might be an option for relieving tremor. There are new treatment options such as focused ultrasound, for those who have not responded well to medication. Consulting with a physician is important for understanding the options for treating essential tremor. The final verdict: While it might be somewhat vague, the final verdict will depend on the individual. Each individual, together with their physician, should evaluate the treatment for their individual situation. For those who have tried medications and relaxation but have found little relief, perhaps surgery could be considered. Read Also: Use These Tips To Save Money When You Move Your Business To The Cloud Best Hair Loss Treatment: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Getting One

Skirt Season

Get Ready for the Skirt Season

Your legs are one of your best physical assets, and one (that is, two) of the very symbols of feminine power. When it comes to strength and sexiness, having a great set of pins gives you confidence when you are naked, or just when you want to show off enough to get heads turning. Of course, a great pair of legs is not just a gift for some women – and if you are not super blessed, you can still earn slender legs and knees.The skirt season is on a hype and you need to prepare yourself for that in advance. It is too easy to fall into the glum state where you feel like you “just don't have it” or it “isn't meant to be.” But this is silly! Every woman can have a great body all around, including spots where you might not realize you can trim down, like your knees. This is not a fairy tale. It is not something you can put off. The weather might warm up and the sun might come out tomorrow. So why not look your best? What Are The Benefits You Can Get From Skirt Season  There are several benefits of making the proper usage of the skirt season you have to make sure that you do not fall in a trap. The Myth of Targeted Fat Loss: There is a myth going through the fitness community that if you do this or that exercise, you can achieve the target fat loss. Unfortunately, this is one aspect of your fitness journey that really is genetic in nature. Some people lose weight in their stomach first, some in their legs first, some in their face first. Some unlucky gals even lose breast tissue (which is technically fat) before they shed weight anywhere else. The trick here is to just stick it out. Keep moving forward. It can be disheartening when you have lost weight everywhere except where you really want to. But then, the overall weight loss is great for you in a lot of ways. If your legs are normally your last place to pour off the pudge, keep going and you’ll experience success. It will just take longer. Accept this fact. Accept that you’ll sometimes get frustrated and upset about it. But then, it won't be as bad. Hard Cardio: If you have ever heard of HIIT, keep in mind that this is a great way to take your burning of fat into the fifth gear. High-intensity interval training is basically moments of heavy cardio, followed by short rest periods. If you are in good enough shape to handle these kinds of classes, they are worth taking the time for. These blow long slow distance (otherwise known as the less enjoyable form of LSD) out of the water because of the sheer intensity, and the fact those 15 minutes of HIIT can accomplish more for you than an hour of LSD. Building Some Muscle: Many women are reluctant to lift weights unless it is in a cardio set. Part of this is because it seems dominated by men. Another part of it is because some people think it “doesn't look feminine.” Being female, you’re not going to lift weights and start looking like Arnold. What you’ll find is that every pound of muscle you build is an extra 50 calories a day you burn, just by living. Put on 5 to 10 pounds of muscle. That would be a huge boost to helping you lose your fat knees. The skirt season is all that one should be aware off while developing the health status of her body. Read Alos: 7 Ways To Kick Off Your Fitness Routine 5 Ways You Can Be Inhibiting Your Fitness