Top 5 Best Types of Vape Juice

Vape Juice

Studies have shown that out of ten smokers, seven want to quit the habit. Quitting smoking is a good health decision, but it’s not easy, especially if you are an addict. E-cigarettes are said to help smokers quit smoking gradually.

Cigarettes contain nicotine and other harmful chemicals that can cause long-term health issues which can lead to death. The long-term health effects of e-cigarettes are not known yet, but vaping, in general, is considered to be less harmful than smoking.

Vape juice or e-liquids are the main components used in e-cigarettes. These liquids are put in the cartridge of the e-cigarette and are vaporized for the user to inhale. The cartridges today are re-fillable hence the infiltration of vape juice into the market. Nkd e juice flavors are mainly used by young consumers.

Although most e-liquids contain nicotine, some do not. The increasing popularity of vape juice Is because they are smokeless and flavored. Naked 100 has some of the most popular nkd e juice flavors such as apple, watermelon, menthol, and many others.

If you are a beginner in e-cigarette smoking, here are some common types of Vape juice that you should know.

1. Nicotine salt e-liquid

This type of vape juice is commonly used in pod mods. Nicotine salt e-liquids contain nicotine salt instead of the original nicotine from tobacco leaves. Nicotine salt e-juices contain equal measures of PG and VG. Also, nicotine salt vape juices are said to give the user more of a head rush than nicotine e juices without being harsh.

2. 70 PG / 30 VG vape juice

This is the standard vaping liquid for vapor devices with 1.0 ohms and above. If an e-liquid contains more of PG than VG, it means that the substance has a high nicotine level usually between 6mg to 24mg. Because of the high levels of nicotine, not so much or vapor is produced.

3. 50 PG / 50 VG E- juice

This type of vape juice is popular among all users. This is because this type of vape juice has more flavor. PG does not mix well with flavor, so e- juices that have a high percentage of it do not enjoy as much flavor. It is best used with pod mods of 1.0 – 1.8 ohms. The nicotine levels in this type of e-juice range from 6mg -24 mg.

4. 70 VG / 30 PG Vape Juice

This type of vape juice contains lower levels of nicotine from 1.5mg to 6mg. It is best used with vape devices with lower resistance from 0.5 to 0.9 ohms. Additionally, this type of vape juice produces more vapor because it has low nicotine levels.

5. 80 VG/ 20 PG E-Liquid

This type of vape juice gives the user the best of both worlds. There is just enough flavor and vapor. This e-liquid should be used with atomizers of less than 1.0 ohms.

Hopefully, this list will assist you in choosing the best ratio according to your nicotine needs.

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Best Meal Replacement

Seven Best Meal Replacement Ideas For Weight Loss

In a world where there is an endless variety of yummy, unhealthy, and fatty foods, finding something healthy to eat to stay fit can be very challenging. For you, in daily life, there is so much temptation to resist. To stay healthy and in shape, you need to stop binging on the cookie in your pantry, quit getting a quick snack from the fast-food chain's drive-thru, and resisting the urge to have a tiny bite of the cake in your fridge. This temptation happens when you just can't make enough time to cook a healthy meal for yourself. But don't worry, we have the perfect solution for you! Your blender can save your time by providing you with some healthy smoothies and soups that will replace your unhealthy and fatty meals. Yes, you read that correctly. The best meal replacement shakes and soups contain all the nutrients and calories in a specific quantity needed by your body. There are many drinks, bars, and soups at stores considered as a substitute for a substantial meal taken two or three times per day. These drinks help you lose weight faster. How? When you replace your full meal with a glass of a shake, you intend to take in fewer calories but more nutrients, protein, minerals, and other critical healthful substances. Protein shakes also reduces the hunger cravings that result in unhealthy eating. Best Meal replacement drinks are easy to make, and due to fewer calories, balanced carbs, proteins, and fats, they stabilize your blood sugar levels. You may be eating your perfect meal on time but can yet be lacking calcium, potassium, iron, and vitamins. Hence, taking the protein bars and shakes will help you to meet the daily requirement of essential vitamins and minerals for your body. Most people ask if the replacements shakes or bars are healthy and safe to take in or not. As far as the product contains no harmful ingredient, it is safe to consume. There are several ways to lose weight through the best meal replacement products. Following are the seven best meal replacement ideas for achieving a healthy weight loss: 1. Protein Bars In the modern world, every other person is following some type of diet to lose weight. To aid the weight loss process, people supplement their regular meals with different low-calorie food items. For example, Protein bars have now become one of the most popular meal replacement choices. They are also known as nutritional bars and tend to contain a high amount of protein and healthy carbs. They carry five to ten grams of fat, fiber, and 25 to 30 grams of carbohydrates. Protein bars help to fulfill different purposes of a human body. Some people intend to replace meals by protein bars to switch a variety of nutrients in a meal. Moreover, you have to eat protein bars in moderation between the meals to reduce weight. Overindulging in protein bars may lead to constipation and will slow down your weight loss. When weight loss becomes your primary concern, you then know what products to take inside of your body. Protein can affect your metabolism and body weight. It reduces the level of ghrelin, also known as the hunger hormone in your body. Hence, choosing the right protein bar with optimal nutritional value and low sugar content will help you to lose weight. 2. Protein Shakes Replacing your meal with a healthy shake is the quickest and convenient way to lose weight. When you are using the best meal replacement shake, you should acknowledge the amount of protein, carbs, fiber, calories, and other essential, healthy supplements you're taking in. Protein shakes provide at least one-third of your daily intake to make you stay healthier. Not all shakes have healthy ingredients. Shakes that contain artificial flavors or preservatives are not the ones for your body if your goal is to lose weight. Protein shakes that contain more protein helps in better and faster weight loss. In favor of losing weight, protein shake must contain 15-25 grams of protein, 10-15 healthy fat, and 18 vitamins and minerals. Getting enough of these nutrients can boost up your metabolism and help in losing extra fat. 3. Low-Calorie Soups Meal replacements soups are high in protein and less in carbs/fats. Replacing your at least two meals with diet soups can reduce your overall calorie intake. Not all soups you see are for the same purpose. Some contain vegetable oil and sugar in high amounts. Healthy vegetable-based soup can help in reducing the calories gained during the meal. You can also add a source of protein to your soup, which by controlling your appetite, aids in weight loss. Sources of protein in your soup can be skinless chicken breast and beans that are low in fat. 4. Salads Not all salads help you to lose weight. Most of the salads do contain more fats and calories than others. Replacing your meal is a common way to lose weight by most of the dieters. A high-calorie meal, when a healthy salad replaces it, washes away all the unwanted calories from the body. Green leaves are the best friends of dieters. Using a diet-friendly salad can help you lose weight in no time. Beans can also be added to the salad as they are high in protein and fiber. Choose healthy fats for your salad, such as avocado, olives, almonds, pine nuts, and sunflower seeds are few sources of fat for your salad. 5. Oats Who isn't familiar with oats? Oats contain several nutritional benefits. For people on a diet, oatmeal is the favorite breakfast to have. The oatmeal diet is usually for the winter season. They provide enough fiber to the human body to lose weight. Replacing your meal with oatmeal can be beneficial to your health as just one-half cup of oats contains two grams of fiber, 3 grams of protein, and guess what? Zero grams of sugar. They are also a great source of calcium and iron and are low in calories and fat. It makes you feel full longer than other foods as it helps to boost your metabolism. 6. Smoothies Smoothies are a great way to lose weight when you are in a rush. Meal replacement smoothies are a healthier alternative that contains 200-300 calories and helps reduce calorie intake. Not just any smoothies, but you should select the one that is rich in protein for meal replacement. Two smoothies a day can be enough for you to get several protein and nutrients needed by the body. Make sure the smoothie you are taking in is lower in calories. Smoothies that focus on fruits, vegetables, and protein with healthy fats are essential and a great source of losing weight. 7. Granola Bars When it's about diet and meal replacement, people immediately switch to eating breakfast bars and granola bars instead of taking proper meals. There are several other bars apart from protein bars, such as granola bars. You can eat granola bars or any other healthier breakfast bars in the morning. Your breakfast bars should contain at least 5 grams of protein and 35% of calories. Some healthy bars to consider are Clif bars, Odwalla bars, Luna bars, and crunchy Granola bars. Conclusion The best Meal replacement products, when taken in moderation, can help you reduce weight in no time. On the other hand, you should remember that not all shakes, drinks, bars, or salads are healthy for you. You should be very careful and selective of what you eat since a high amount of sugar and carbs can slow down your weight loss. Read Also: 5 Best Stimulant-Free Fat Burners Only the Best Membrane Protein from Calixar Why is Fitness Important for Weight Loss? Best Weight Loss Program to Lose 20 Pounds