The Top Five Ways To Decorate A TV Stand

TV Stand

Decorating a TV stand should actually be a fairly easy thing for you to do, but you need to make sure that you have done so in a way that will make sense for the room and your home.  All stands are different, and they can take on many different decorations that you might not have thought of.  It all depends on what you think your best options is when you are trying to find a way to make the house look better while working around the TV.

The Top Five Ways To Decorate A TV Stand:

1. Staining:

Staining a TV stand is a very simple thing to do, and you can match up colors to the house like the ones that you see at  You need to make sure that you have found a simple way for you to get the stain on the stand, how to make it the right color, and how to do this across the whole piece of furniture.

2. Painting:

You can paint the TV stand in a way that will be best for you, and you will be much happier when you have chosen something that you think fits the house.  You could paint the whole stand, and you could put the stand in a place where different colors all play off one another.  You have to be sure that you have chosen the proper paint style, sanded the stand, and even used a primer if needed.

3. Stencils:

You can use stencils to be sure that you have found a pattern that will look nice on the TV stand.  You want the stand to look great, and you want it to have a way to show off your personal style even in something as simple as a TV stand.  If you have a choice of how to make the stencils look, you could layer their designs and use a spray can get the paint on the surface.

4. Fabric:

You could actually put the fabric with the TV stand so that it has something soft to play off the wood of the stand.  You might actually put a skirt around the bottom as if it were a Christmas tree, or you could choose a fabric that will actually drape off the TV stand.

5. Glass:

You could put glass doors on the TV stand, and you might even use glass to build the TV stand.  There are some lovely glass styles that you might like, and they look really modern because they have been made from the heaviest of all the glass that you could find.  This is a fun thing to use when you want the stand to look perfect.

You have to be sure that you have found a very simple way to decorate your TV stand so that it will look its best.  You can use all these tips to make the house look great while showing off the style of the TV stand when you have it adorned in the right way.

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log cabin construction

Timber! 8 Facts About Log Cabin Construction You Should Know

Thought log cabins were a thing of the past? Think again.Today, log cabin construction has become a chic, upscale way to build a modern home with a unique look. In fact, some people have even built high-rise buildings that pull design elements from cabin construction.Log cabins have a solid place in modern architecture. They meld old-fashioned traditions that endure for a reason with popular modern elements like environmentally-friendly designs. Wondering what else you don't know about log cabins? Keep reading to learn more fascinating cabin facts! 1. You Can Calculate Exactly How Many Logs You'll Need How many logs does it take to build a log cabin? Turns out it's all a matter of simple math.For example, by determining the height of each wall, then the height of each individual log, you can calculate how many logs you'll use per wall. From there, it's simple to add up the number of walls in a room to get the total.Of course, other design aspects like the addition of doors or window can make things more complicated. When there's an opening in the wall, it will get flanked by shorter logs, which can increase the total number of logs used. If the roof is built of logs, that will also change the numbers.While you'll want to leave it to the professionals when it comes to deciding how many logs to order, it can still be fun to try your hand at calculating the number of logs in a cabin. 2. You Can Build from a Kit: Did you know that you can order a log cabin kit for a major DIY moment?With a log cabin kit, you don't have to be a pro to have a rustic cabin of your own. Most companies also offer plenty of customer service support, so you'll know where to turn if you run into problems along the way.It also doesn't take a lot of extra tools to work from a kit. Most people can get the job done with just a few basics (think drills and hammers).Since this is a more rustic form of the building, it appeals to many environmentally-savvy consumers. You're not bringing in heavy machinery to pollute the area and disrupt local wildlife. 3. Log Homes Stay Warm: Having trouble keeping warm in the winter? A log cabin just might hold the answer.Wood naturally keeps heat in -- that's why wood furniture tends to feel relatively warm, even if the rest of the room is cold. Many modern building materials, from concrete to sheetrock, get cold fast. This lowers the overall temperature of your home fast.With walls made of solid wood, your home actually soaks up and stores heat, dispersing it into the home over time. This helps your home stay warmer, while you save on heating costs. 4. Moisture Matters: When you're building a log home, one of the keys to success is keeping your logs completely dry.You can actually choose to buy logs with different levels of moisture content. The lower the moisture, the better, because you won't have to worry about what happens when the logs shrink and settle over time.You'll also need to take care to keep your home as dry as possible after it's complete. This can mean installing different design elements (read more here) to keep water away from the walls.Sturdy log cabins often include an overhanging roof or protective landscaping elements. You'll also need to take care to keep other sources of water, like an automated sprinkler, away from the log walls. 5. Log Homes Last a Long Time: There's a reason many historic log cabins from 100 or more years ago remain to this day. This is one of the most durable ways to build a home that will remain sturdy for years to come.Although American architecture doesn't date back so far, you can find homes and churches made of logs in Europe that have stood strong for many hundreds of years. This natural building material offers the perfect balance of strength and flexibility to withstand all kinds of threats. 6. Log Cabins Work Best in Shade: In addition to keeping your cabin away from moisture, you'll want to build it so it's shaded from the sun as much as possible.Sun won't destroy a log home, but it will mean you'll need to re-finish the logs more often to make them last. If you can build in a shady area that's guarded against moisture, your log cabin will require virtually no maintenance at all. 7. Log Homes Save Energy: In log cabin construction, it's super-important that you seal up the spaces between the logs carefully. But as long as that's done properly, you'll have an incredibly energy-efficient home to enjoy.Spaces, where energy can escape, include the connection between individual logs, the space between the foundation and the lower logs, and space between the walls and roof. But when those spaces get sealed, your home will be significantly more energy-efficient than most.The solid wood walls offer great insulation, so keeping your home warm or cool becomes far easier than with other materials. 8. Air-Dried Logs Work Best: Drier is generally better no matter what, but if you have a choice between air-dried and kiln-dried, opt for the first choice.Logs that get air-dried for the proper amount of time have already adjusted to the outdoor environment where they'll be placed. This reduces settling even more because the moisture content of an air-dried log isn't likely to change much further.Kiln-dried logs tend to absorb more moisture when they first get placed outside. Then, as they lose that moisture over time, they'll settle, creating a need for more home maintenance. Will You Try Log Cabin Construction at Home? Whether you build it yourself or hire the professionals, log cabin construction can give you a durable, unique, cozy home that you'll love. These tips will help you plan ahead for the best possible cabin construction.Once you build a log cabin, it's time to decorate the inside! For a rustic look that matches perfectly, try these cork board ideas.Read Also:Best Ways To Maintain A Shower Cabin Why Kiln Dried Wood Is Better For Furniture

TV Wall Mount Ideas

TV Wall Mount Ideas for Living Room

The TV is undoubtedly an essential part of the living room, attributed its aesthetics as well as a source of entertainment. Technological advancement in the TV industry has seen the production of tastefully designed curved and flat screen television, which add a touch of style to the living room décor. TV wall mounting style represents your preferred feel and style. It should, therefore, should be unique, simple but still stylish. There is a myriad of TV wall mount ideas, you can choose. This depends on your interior décor, the size of your TV as well as your preferred style. The way you mount your TV indicates whether your house is a modern, nation, or advanced. Below are top ideas you can mount your television. TV Wall Mount Ideas for Living Room: 1. Simple TV Wall Mount:A simple mount means that your TV is streamlined with the aesthetics of your living room. You may want to set up a black drifting credenza to match your TV in the background. You can choose to experiment with shelves as well as other black boxes to enhance the overall living room appearance. 2. Install a Gliding Panel: If you prefer an ancient living room appearance, you can choose to install a country-style paneled wall in front of the TV wall mount. For this look, the TV is mounted on a wall bracket then a superficial panel with a sliding panel is built around the TV. The panel slides partially to expose the mounted TV or entirely to completely hide the embedded TV. This style is ideal if you prefer ancient living room appearance that does not have so much detail or aesthetics. To enhance this look, you may want to acquire some verbalized braces which can allow you to pull the screen forward or tilt it to get a comfortable, perfect view of the TV once the panel is opened. 3. TV Mount Against a Gallery Wall: If you are an art enthusiast, mounting your TV against a wall consisting of asymmetrical gallery loaded with various pictures or arts is an excellent way of expressing your style. The wall may consist of motivational phrases, family members, initials, graphic illustrations, or artistic paintings depending on the type of art you like. This style makes your living stand out and brings out a relaxing free feel. 4. Incorporating different styles: If you love experimenting, you can incorporate different TV mounting styles and come with a unique, attractive living room appearance. For instance, you can mount your TV with a variety of furnishings including paintings, ancient pictures as well as pictures of unique landscapes or sunsets. The pictures should be well framed and of different sizes and heights to create a beautiful modern living room. 5. Backlit Television: If you want to be someone who enjoys standing out from the rest of the crowd, we would suggest that you go for a stunning backlit display. This wooden frame display can be created with diffused LED lights that are controllable via a smartphone. You can place the TV in the frame and let the lights change color according to the mood of the evening.If you are planning to have a romantic evening indoors, putting on your favorite rom-com on Netflix and setting the Backlit display to a cozy purple hue would result in a magical experience. This is perfect for people who want to truly live in the moment and enjoy their viewing experience. 6. TV Mount against a Wooden Panel Backdrop: Televisions are works of art! With more tech companies investing in the looks and aesthetics of how TV looks, customers should also acknowledge their investments as modern works of art. If TV is like a beautiful painting, why not adorn it with a stunning wooden frame. This wooden frame can be like a canvas, on which the TV and other works of art like- installations, paintings can be hung upon. This gives an almost art gallery kind of a vibe to the living room space. For people who love paintings, arts and sophisticated home décor, this wooden wall mount might just be the thing that you were looking for. 7. Framing It: For people who are into adventure and travel, framing the TV with the use of pipe furniture can be an exciting prospect. Most of the times, the insane amount of wires that come from the TV and set-top boxes, can be frustrating. They are downright ugly and destroys the aesthetic appeal of your living room. In such an instance, you can lend a rustic and imaginative outdoorsy appeal to your living room by using pipe furniture to keep the wires hidden. An aerial repairs company can help you out with regard to your wiring issues. 8. TV Mount against Marble Enriched Wall Accenting: Some people want every article of their house to be truly luxurious. If you are one of those people, we have the best solution for you. If you possess a similar desire, you should go for a Marble Wall background for your expensive television. This lends a certain air of sophistication to the living room. More importantly, you are not going to find such a wall frame in 99% of the homes. If you truly want to stand out, you can explore the Marble Accented Wall Finish.Read Also:The Top Five Ways To Decorate A TV Stand How To Choose LED Lights For Every Room In Your Home A Guide To Finding The Perfect Sofa For Your Living Room Wall Fountains Are Trending In Both Indoor And Outdoor Décor

Home Renovation Ideas

Top 5 Trending Home Renovation Ideas For Australian Families

The year 2020 is nearing an end, and we all want to start afresh. There are many not-so-good memories attached to the year, and hence, with 2021 around the corner, it is time to change things up. If you are someone who wants to start the new year by doing some home renovations project, you have come to the right article. We speak to some of the leading home and design specialists in Australia, and ask them about the five trending home renovation ideas, Australian families can go for in 2021.From gourmet kitchen trends to smart home transformations, we discuss the best ideas in the following sections. However, before we proceed to the list of ideas, let us first look at why home renovation is something, which you should do on a regular basis. Why families should go for Home Renovation projects regularly? Home renovations are important for a number of reasons. Let us list down some of them-It allows you to increase the valuation of your house if you are planning to sell it on the market in the next few years. They add freshness and create attractive spaces, which can be great for families to entertain and host events. Some projects like painting, carpeting, etc. can allow you to remove a lot of infections, molds, and other harmful elements lurking in the house. It is a great way to surprise your family members like children who are returning for the college holidays or for someone who is newly married. Home renovations can be a great way to bond the entire family over something everyone is interested in.List of the Top 5 Trending Home Renovation Ideas for Australian Families 1. Creating an attractive Deck in the Front Garden or the Backyard- A deck can be a great place for you to hold parties and other events in the open spaces of your home. Casual barbecue sessions or wine tasting can be done in a beautiful environment if you have a deck. JVK & Sons are deck builders in Brisbane who feel that that they can be great family spaces for simply lounging around on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Decks can be like a new additional room in your home. 2. Innovating on Open-Floor Drawing Room spaces- If you follow any of the leading home décor and design magazines, you will see that many families now want homes with an open-floor concept. Not only does it make space feel a lot bigger, but it also allows for a lot of natural sunlight and breeze in the living room. You can definitely look at creating such spaces in your home as they are trending at the moment. 3. Using French Windows for Sunlight and Air- Another small, yet highly useful and beautiful home renovation idea can be changing the windows in your home. Going for old-school French windows can change the entire personality of your home. Design experts also say that in terms of aesthetics, there are a few other things, which can match up to French windows. 4. Smart and Connected Home Solutions- Technology is changing the way we live in our homes. It is also adding to the convenience and safety requirements of a family. Using smart connected tech in your home can be a great addition. It can help you use technology for controlling the switches, security systems, appliances, and a whole lot more. There is definitely a sense of novelty in creating a smart home. 5. Gourmet Kitchen Set-Ups- If you are someone like me who spends an awfully long time in the kitchen with your family, you can definitely go for this home renovation idea. Creating excellent gourmet kitchen spaces can help you entertain guests in the kitchen area itself and wow them with the different elements. From using the latest integrated kitchen tops to granite slabs and stool sitting areas, a gourmet kitchen set-up might just be the thing your home needs. The Final Word The planning, research, buying things, etc. stage can be very exciting for a family. Throwing a party at your newly set-up deck can be a memorable experience to cherish for the ages. Can you think of some more trending home renovation ideas for 2021? Let us know about them in the comments section below.Read Also:Upgrading Your Home to a Smart Home Fix Your Home up This Summer With These Core Hacks 7 Tips for Getting Rid of Clutter in Your Home List of Most Durable Kitchen Flooring