The Top Five Ways To Decorate A TV Stand


13 February 2019

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TV Stand

Decorating a TV stand should actually be a fairly easy thing for you to do, but you need to make sure that you have done so in a way that will make sense for the room and your home.  All stands are different, and they can take on many different decorations that you might not have thought of.  It all depends on what you think your best options is when you are trying to find a way to make the house look better while working around the TV.

The Top Five Ways To Decorate A TV Stand:

1. Staining:

Staining a TV stand is a very simple thing to do, and you can match up colors to the house like the ones that you see at  You need to make sure that you have found a simple way for you to get the stain on the stand, how to make it the right color, and how to do this across the whole piece of furniture.

2. Painting:

You can paint the TV stand in a way that will be best for you, and you will be much happier when you have chosen something that you think fits the house.  You could paint the whole stand, and you could put the stand in a place where different colors all play off one another.  You have to be sure that you have chosen the proper paint style, sanded the stand, and even used a primer if needed.

3. Stencils:

You can use stencils to be sure that you have found a pattern that will look nice on the TV stand.  You want the stand to look great, and you want it to have a way to show off your personal style even in something as simple as a TV stand.  If you have a choice of how to make the stencils look, you could layer their designs and use a spray can get the paint on the surface.

4. Fabric:

You could actually put the fabric with the TV stand so that it has something soft to play off the wood of the stand.  You might actually put a skirt around the bottom as if it were a Christmas tree, or you could choose a fabric that will actually drape off the TV stand.

5. Glass:

You could put glass doors on the TV stand, and you might even use glass to build the TV stand.  There are some lovely glass styles that you might like, and they look really modern because they have been made from the heaviest of all the glass that you could find.  This is a fun thing to use when you want the stand to look perfect.

You have to be sure that you have found a very simple way to decorate your TV stand so that it will look its best.  You can use all these tips to make the house look great while showing off the style of the TV stand when you have it adorned in the right way.

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5 Reasons Why You Absolutely Must Have Houseplants In Your Life

You won’t find more comfort and beauty in your home or office than when having foliage and lush flowers in your vases. Houseplants can do well in all spaces, either in the kitchens, bathrooms, or bedrooms. It isn’t hard to manage houseplants, but you only have to provide them with enough water and light in your room. Plants are aesthetically amazing and pleasing in your home because they have many real-life health benefits. According to research, indoor plants bring happiness and keep you healthier in your home. Before going any further, you should download the Lilia app on your device. This app is the best app for plant innovative intelligence. The Lilia app can identify every plant type by simply scanning. This plant identifier app can also give you more suggestions and information about the plant. The plant app gives you the best ideas to simplify your database on the best plants you would like. This app for iPhone is compatible and works well with apple devices. Plant your favorite houseplants and download the Lilia app to help you in monitoring their nature. If you love green nature, you can simply install Plant Identification app on your device, which will work for you well.  This is one of the must-have apps for you to understand nature well. It is absolutely free to use this app, therefore, you won’t incur any charges. Here Are Seven Important Reasons Why You Absolutely Must Have Houseplants In Your Life Below are the reasons why you must have houseplants in your life. 1. Working Near Plants May Help Your Productivity How are indoor plants useful to us? According to experts, green plants in the office results in higher job satisfaction and better productivity. On the other hand, another study in the past had the same findings. Therefore, there will be fewer sick leaves and high productivity. This proves that including indoor plants in our workplaces is much beneficial. 2. Working With Plants Can Be Therapeutic Indoor plants can be greatly helpful to those people who are experiencing mental illness. Experts have tried using horticultural therapy to boost positive feelings for those people with anxiety, depression, dementia, and other related conditions. Although horticultural therapy has been there for a long time, doctors are now recommending potted plants to patients experiencing anxiety and depression symptoms. 3. They Bring Color And Vibrance To Our Worlds How do plants impact my life? An empty environment can be very boring, but the presence of colored flowers can improve your mood. Houseplants with cheery flowers are known to boost positive moods because individuals' minds take plant life as a comforting and motivating realm of nature. Experts did research and found out that the color green makes the body calm and gives it a sense of comfort and positivity. On the other hand, yellow and red create an added dose of happiness. 4. Plants Improve Our Environment Knowing more about how plants elevate our mood and improve our feelings, we know they are also important in keeping our environment tidy. Houseplants can make your living space more beautiful to live in, they can also boost other factors we can't see, like the quality of air in our living rooms. Houseplants can boost the quality of air in our houses in many ways. Plants release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide through the process of photosynthesis. This is possible through evapotranspiration and transpiration, which results in a higher humidity by plants releasing moisture vapor. 5. Real Plants May Sharpen Your Attention Have you ever known that plastics won't help you pass exams? But have you ever asked yourself, ‘how are indoor plants useful to us?’ A study involving 23 individuals was carried out. Participants were classified; others were put in classrooms with a fake plant, others in a real plant, and others in a room with no plant. A brain scan was done on all students, and results show that students who studied in classrooms with real houseplants were better able to concentrate and were more attentive in class than the other groups of students. 6. Indoor Plants May Help Reduce Stress Levels According to research done and published in the Psychological Journal of anthropology, plants in your surroundings make you feel soothed, natural, and more comfortable, relieving stress levels. Each individual in the research was given a computer task. After completing each task, each individual was examined, and stress, including blood pressure and heartache, was measured. The final result shows that individuals in a room with plants were more relieved from stress. 7. Plants Improve General Work Outlook Working beside the city park increases the job satisfaction of every individual; you could also be surprised that a potted plant could have the same effect. Experts approached 440 individuals who are employees at Amazon. in two countries. Even though the research was done in different locations at different times, the results show that employees who had indoor plants in their offices were more committed to work and had more job satisfaction than others who worked without natural elements in their surroundings.   Have you been wondering how plants make your life better? With all these benefits, this is your time to motivate yourself and plant houseplants in your living rooms. For better recommendations on handling plants, visit the experts in plant stores or shops so you can know what plants are more suitable for your home. We hope that all the information we have mentioned in the article was helpful. Read Also: What Are Trailing Plants? – What Are The Types Of Trailing Plants? Top Useful Tips On How To Make Your Home Allergy-Free 10 Best Spiky Plants To Decorate Outside Your House

Clothes Dryer Maintenance

9 Clothes Dryer Maintenance Tips

Taking care of your appliances is the key to saving money, time, and effort. The clothes dryer maintenance is among essential major assistants in your household. While it works, you don’t notice it. When it breaks down, you face a disaster. The life expectancy of an average dryer is about 13 years. However, the majority of these appliances last much less. The reason is the lack of proper operation and maintenance. It’s not enough to plug the unit in and forget about it. If the only thing you do for your dryer is clean the lint filter, your appliance is likely to demand repair in just a few years. In this article, we’ll share top clothes dryer maintenance tips to keep your dryer working for as long as possible. Here are the 9 Clothes Dryer Maintenance Tips: 1. Run Full Loads Only The more you run your dryer the faster it will give out. It’s as easy as that. Since you are unlikely to limit the number of times you do laundry, you can at least add some efficiency to the process. By ensuring you only run full loads, you don’t just extend the lifespan of your clothes dryer, you save energy as well. Don’t rush to do laundry when you have free time. Wait until a full load is available. On the other hand, don’t overload the dryer. In the rush to finish laundry quicker, many homeowners overload washers and dryers. As a result, the motor strains, dryer becomes misbalanced and eventually stops functioning. 2. Opt for Professional Installation With numerous DIY videos overwhelming the Internet, homeowners often opt for DIY appliance installation to save money. Even though installing a dryer may appear straightforward, it’s not as easy as it sounds. You may not notice the mistakes you make during the process. They’ll become obvious after several uses. By that time, your dryer could already be damaged. Proper venting is highly important for a clothes dryer. You would need to select the right material and size for the venting tube and install it properly. Meanwhile, you should make sure the appliance is perfectly balanced. It’s especially important if you are placing it on top of the washer. 3. Clean the Dryer Vent The dryer vent is the most important part of your appliance. It needs regular maintenance. Ideally, you should hire professional technicians to check and clean the vent at least once a year. However, some owners do it on their own. Cleaning the vent involves disconnecting it from the dryer. After that, you would need to use a long-handled attachment to ensure penetrability. Special dryer vent cleaning brushes exist to remove clogs. Be careful about reinstalling the duct properly after the cleaning is done. If you fail to do it, the dryer won’t function. Consider hiring professional dryer vent cleaners to avoid mistakes. According to experts from Jacksonville appliance repair services, if ducts aren’t cleaned regularly, the dryer’s motor can burn out leading to costly repairs. 4. Limit the Number of Dryer Sheets While dryer sheets are an excellent way to keep your clothes static-free and soft, they aren’t harmless. These products have a wax layer that melts when the dryer heats up. If you use too many of them, the wax settles on the appliance’s interior walls and clogs the venting system and the lint trap. Removing this layer may be tough. No matter how many dryer sheets you use, it’s important to clean your dryer once a week even if you don’t see any dirt inside. Failure to clean the dryer regularly is the top cause of dryer-related fires in households. 5. Clear the Lint Trap Lint trap is one of the most important parts of your clothes dryer maintenance tips. Cleaning it regularly is the key to the appliance’s longevity. Wipe the lint filter clean after EACH load. Even if you are planning to do two loads in a row, clean the trap between them. At least once a week, remove the lint screen and vacuum the trap. You can use a brush to loosen the residue. Every one or two months, remove the lint filter and soak it in warm soapy water for about an hour or so. This can help remove wax, which appears after using dryer sheets and residue that settles after using a fabric softener. 6. Inspect the Appliance Weekly A visual inspection of the dryer can help prevent damages. Make sure no moisture is trapped around the door seal. If there is any, wipe it off gently. In fact, you can wipe the door after each load is done to prevent mold formation and bacteria growth. When checking the appliance, pay special attention to the doors seals. If they are cracked, ripped or damaged, the dryer is struggling to maintain the right temperatures. It may be straining the motor and overusing electricity. Replacing door seals is much easier and cheaper than repairing the motor. 7. Listen to it Work One of the first signs of dryer problems is the change in its operating noise. If you hear that something seems off, turn the appliance off immediately and check what’s happening inside. The reason for the change of sound could be overstuffing dryer with clothing or a sleeve caught up in an improperly installed lint trap. If everything seems to be in order, but the dryer continues to make strange noises, call professional technicians. 8. Check Exterior Vents Every month or so inspect the exterior vent of your dryer. While the appliance is working, go outside and check if the air is flowing freely through the vent. If something seems wrong, the pipe may be clogged. If you have a plastic vent, consider replacing it with a metal one. A plastic vent is a fire hazard. 9. Find a Professional Repair Service Some clothes dryer maintenance tasks require an expert’s assistance. Spend some time looking for a reliable repair service before anything breaks down. Knowing whom to call in case of an emergency could prevent further damage to your dryer. Start following the above clothes dryer maintenance tips today, and your dryer will serve you for at least a decade. Read Also: How to cut down your home decor costs? Read here Knowing Your Vehicle: 5 Maintenance Tips for Porsche Owners Tips on How to Avoid Hoarding and Get Rid of Clutter

Hot Water Tank

Top Reasons Why Your Hot Water Tank Takes So Long To Heat Up

Most people take hot water for granted. You turn on the faucet, wait a few seconds and you have hot water. It simply works, until it doesn’t. In the majority of cases, homes have a water tank. This fills with cold water and relies on heating elements inside the tank, the exact number of elements will depend on the size of the tank. The elements take a short time to heat the water, the exact amount of time will depend on the number of elements in your tank and its size. Of course, even in modern Australia, there are people surviving without hot water and some struggling with adequate water supplies. An issue that is likely to get worse.   Once the water has been heated up, the thermostat will turn off. When you use some of the water, the tank will top itself up and the heaters will reheat the water. This approach means it’s possible to empty your tank and you’ll need to wait for it to refill and heat again. It takes time, but sometimes this takes much longer than it should, that’s when you know your water heater needs a little help. Get It Serviced The first step is to get your hot water heater serviced by a professional with experience in hot water servicing. This will highlight any issues and, if the servicing is done regularly, it should prevent any issues from escalating. It’s advisable to get an annual service. Flush The Tank The professionals can do this for you or you can flush your hot water tank yourself. This is one of the most common issues and will slow the speed at which the heater can warm your water. In effect, sediment from the water settles at the bottom of your tank. This reduces the ability of the heating elements to warm the water and can place additional strain on the tank. Sediment also encourages corrosion which can create leaks in your tank. The best approach is to drain the tank and flush clean water through it several times. This should help to remove the sediment and improve the speed at which it heats the water. Replace Heating Elements Most hot water tanks have two or three heating rods. This is a more efficient approach and heats the water faster.? However, it is possible for one of the heating elements to fail while the others continue to operate. Naturally, this will slow down the speed at which the water can be heated. If two elements fail then you’re likely to notice the tank takes a long time to heat and the water will probably be cooler than normal. Size Of Tank The smaller the tank the faster it will reheat the water Of course, go too small and the tank will run out of water mid-shower. But, if the tank is too large it will take much longer for the water to reheat, which can be frustrating. The only cure is to replace the water heater with one that’s the right size. Read Also: Advantages Of Using A Water Heater At Home5 Easy Ways to Detect a Water Leak in Your Home8 Things To Consider When Purchasing A Water Tank Online