Which Ad Extension Would You Use For An Advertiser Who Has A Chain Of Local Restaurants?

Question: Which ad extension would you use for an advertiser who has a chain of local restaurants? 

  1. Seller ratings
  2. Location extensions ✓
  3. Sitelink extensions
  4. Previous visits extensions

Correct Answer: Location extensions

Explanation: To maximize the ad impact, you must use local extensions for an advertiser having a chain of local restaurants. These extensions encourage people to visit your business. 

For example, when someone searches for the best parlors nearby then the extension will show him/her the distance to the location, the street address, call button, and the clickable access to a details page for his/her location.

What Are The Benefits Of Location Extensions?

What Are The Benefits Of Location Extensions

The main purpose of the local extension is to help individuals find their locations, the distance of the business, showing your ads with your address. Then, people can click on your extension to get further information all in one place.

At the same time, this extension can include a call button or a phone number so that users can easily access your business. On the other hand, you can also set up location extensions in your Google Ads account and remove the same whenever you want to. 

Why You Need Local Extensions On Your Google Ads?

Why You Need Local Extensions On Your Google Ads?Why You Need Local Extensions On Your Google Ads?

There are various best practices for local businesses running paid ads on search engines. However, the most vital thing local businesses can do to increase their search advertising ROI is to turn on local ad extensions

Therefore, now let’s discuss the top reasons why you need local extensions on your Google Ads.

i) They Impact Your Overall Search Ad Performance 

In addition to your quality score and bid amount, the format of your ad actually has a lot to do with your ad’s performance and placement. It is true that Google prefers ads that not only have the most relevant content but the best extensions too.

Therefore, to boost your ad visibility, you need some useful extensions; here I am talking about local extensions on your Google Ads. At the same time, this ad extension gives you enough space to promote your business, such as your business hours, phone no., local address, etc. This will improve your conversion rates to a great extent.

ii) They Encourage Mobile Users To Visit Your Business 

They Encourage Mobile Users To Visit Your Business 

More than 50% of searches are conducted on mobile devices and your main focus should be on targeting mobile users. Your ads are no exception while you are optimizing all your search engine marketing for mobile search.

Here, the main thing is that your ad extensions will drive much traffic and conversions to your website in the long run and this will result in the improvement of your investment returns.

iii) They Help Your Ad Appear In Results Beyond Google Desktop Search

The local extension of Google is needed for ads to visible local search results and Google Maps. This is very vital when users are searching for something on the search results. 

More than 90% of customers use search engines to find local information and if you don’t use the same, you are truly missing out on a lot of potential leads for your brand.

The Final Thoughts 

So, local extensions are the answer to your question ‘Which ad extension would you use for an advertiser who has a chain of local restaurants?’ The reasons for the same are described above in detail and if you have any queries, then let me know below.


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