Why you Trust your Photographer?


11 April 2018


Trust your Photographer

There are stories all over the web about photographers being hired by offshore clients for outside shoots. Most clients rely on the photographer’s website and the portfolio of pictures that are on display. It is highly difficult for an average layman to ascertain the quality of the photographer that they have hired. Young faux photographers have been increasing day in and day out. It is important for clients to check their skills out before venturing into a deal. After all, no one wants to go into a deal that will leave him or her disappointed at the end of the day. The worse bit of it is that some occasions like your wedding day cannot be re-winded. You just want a professional photographer who will everything right from the onset. Here are some of the elements that can make you trust the photographer.

Professional Photography Calls for High Level of Skills :

Professional photography relies on your skill to put vision into reality with an unnatural focus on something magical. Young photographers rely on the automatic camera mode to apply different effects to images and then boast about their expertise without getting to know even a tiny bit about aperture, lighting, and even focal lens. New-age photographers are unaware of selective focusing, closed aperture, and focal lens ratio. The only thing that they understand is that pictures need to be clicked in the manual mode but are not aware of the intricacies involved. Photographers gain their skills through the necessary training and shape them further through experience.

Focus and Focal Length are Key :

Focus and Focal Length are Key

The focus and focal length are important while taking pictures. The ISO setting is crucial too. If shots are overexposed then it is obvious that the images will all be ruined or make photo restoration. A slick-looking photography site can be deceiving too. Professional photography lacks a true expert who can say what is different between a true professional and an amateur posing as a professional one. The amateurs actually lack the basics and even proper backup equipment.

What About The Experience of the Photographer :

To select a real photographer, one needs to check whether the person has loads of valuable experience working with different clientele and different surroundings. One needs to have a set of questions ready to test the skill of the photographer. Memory cards should be utilized well and safeguarded because a worthy shoot might prove to be a disaster if you lose the portfolio.

Amateur photographers are actually now opting for a job leaving their present careers and then get stuck in lawsuits because of their mishandling issues. There are many websites that offer free advice on how to become a photographer but not how to become a real one. That requires expertise, real skill, and experience.

Interview the Photographer :

Interview the Photographer

One needs to have a perfect questionnaire ready to ask the photographers who they have hired or going to hire. The most important things that need to be asked should be a little cryptic but well presented. Although you might have no knowledge about fashion photography in New York or professional photography in the US, it is important to ask questions which can be found on the web. You will get relative answers too.

Conclusion :

Faux-photographers are on the rise and there are many who have created Facebook fan pages and different sites showcasing their images and photos. Clients need to keep an eye on them and their skill level before offering them a venture. Remember the kind of pictures that you will get depend on the photographer you will hire. Do your homework well so that you don’t end up making the wrong decision.

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how to become a travel photographer

Wanderlust Memories: How To Become A Travel Photographer? 

Many people find travel photography the most appealing of the various photography genres. While taking pictures, a travel photographer can encounter new locations, people, and cultures. And with the photos, one hopes to convey the same feeling to the observer.   Are you looking for a guide on how to become a travel photographer? Here in this article, we are explaining the concept in length. Photography provides a healthy dose of fame, cash, as well as exhilaration. However, choosing to combine your career with a life of travel comes with its own set of difficulties. Travel photography, like other business and career options, can provide you with all the excitement and educational opportunities you desire. It offers traveling the world and pursuing a career in photography. As long as you can scale up operations, concentrate on developing your brand, and effectively market your work. Your creative growth will be incredibly fulfilling, and you'll feel an unmatched sense of joy in your heart. Consider the advantages and disadvantages before giving in to the urge of excitement and quitting your job to focus on your travel photography business. Traveling is an amazing activity that completely revitalizes the mind and soul. Every location has a certain allure and beauty that you can capture with your camera (photography). You can share the beauty of the places you visit with the world as well as treasure your travel memories for a very long time. The phrase "a picture paints a thousand words" has been used aptly. It makes sense that travel photography is both breathtaking and inspiring. Additionally, travel photography is becoming a fascinating and successful industry these days. What Is Travel Photography? The main goal of travel photography is to capture locations in all of their beauty. As a travel photographer, you will visit many locations and use your camera to document them. The locations may include tourist destinations, hotels and resorts, scenic areas, outdoor activities, and cultural events. The majority of professional travel photographers create images for magazines, brochures, advertisements, merchandise, and online media, all of which are somehow related to the travel and tourism sector. Why Become A Travel Photographer? Grow to appreciate and love this wonderful planet. You feel an intense love and a need to preserve this planet when you leave the bustle and chaos of your fast-paced life in the city and take in the natural beauty and abundance of this amazing planet. There is appreciation and content when you can capture the entrancing beauty of the locations. You are aware of the lessons your parents and educators instilled in you during your school years regarding environmental and global sensitivity. Travel photography deepens your connection to the earth and increases your appreciation for it. Learn Patience And Flexibility You develop mindfully when you take travel photos. It profoundly alters you. Being sensitive to the planet helps you become more patient and adaptable. One of the greatest lessons to be learned from travel photography is that nature accomplishes everything it sets out to do, even though it moves at its own leisurely pace. In a similar vein, you sense that your patience with people and situations has increased. Success doesn't always come easily. Persistence and patience are required. Similar to this, photography also requires a great deal of endurance and patience. To get that flawless, astounding sunrise, you must wait hours. You'll have some of the best shots in your portfolio if you are patient and give it the time it needs. Another important thing you get from travel photography is flexibility. Even though unfavorable events like flight cancelations, flat tires, abrupt changes in the weather, etc., occasionally arise, you should always be adaptable and let go of rigid schedules and itineraries. If you want to learn how to become a travel photographer, this article will help. How To Become A Travel Photographer? Here, we are going to offer a concise guide on how to become a travel photographer. Here, you will learn how to kick-start your travel photography career. Be Driven By Passion There are numerous specialized sub-genres within adventurous photography, such as industrial, landscape, and wildlife photography. Find out about the different kinds, the relevant skill requirements, the temperament, the challenges, and, of course, the monetization models. When making your final choice, make sure you have a firm understanding of all the dynamics. Listen to your heart as well as your head. Once you've decided to specialize in travel photography, you must set a clear priority for it and pursue it with utmost enthusiasm. It is not acceptable to take half measures. Invest Time, Money, And Effort Take some travel photography classes or work as a free intern taking photos with a used camera to start learning the ins and outs of the industry. Engage in peer interaction and look through reputable websites for advice on photography. Examine publications and books about travel photography. Take advice from the experts. To pick the brains of the greatest, you can also attend seminars, workshops, and other training sessions on travel photography. Have A Clear Photography Service Description Give a clear definition of your travel photography service. Make sure that your clients and potential clients are aware of the caliber of work you produce, the costs you charge, the value-added services you provide, and the scope of the projects you handle. Establish the terms and conditions for hourly rates, weekly time commitments, and project deadlines. You should also specify the mode of payment. Clearly defining your offering will enable you to earn money while traveling and taking pictures. Create A Professional Travel Website You should not overlook marketing your work as you continue to hone your professional travel photography skills. Create a high-quality website for your travel photography to display your images. Sort and select the best travel images you have taken in various genres for your portfolio website. Update your website with new work from recent trips on a regular basis. Your website serves as both your public face and the initial point of contact for prospective customers and partners. Take inspiration from other stunning websites featuring photography portfolios. Take Help Of Social Media Social media is a great place for travel photography to receive attention and feedback. People enjoy sharing and liking gorgeous photos of locations they'd love to visit. Discover how to take advantage of social media as a travel photographer. Decide on one or two social media channels, at most, and devote all of your energy to sharing excellent content on a regular basis. Engage with those who like and share your work to grow your fan base. Examine the metrics related to likes, shares, and comments in order to gain insight into market trends, work quality, and areas for development. Curate A Blog Include a blog for your travel photography on your portfolio website. Start narrating visual tales, offer advice on traveling with a camera, and provide behind-the-scenes glimpses into your adventures. Make picture diaries of the locations you are seeing. Through your blog entries, discuss the experiences, culture, and discoveries that you have made. Your blog will eventually start drawing both followers and possible customers like a magnet. Explore Ways To Earn Money There's more to travel photography than meets the eye. It is about discovering new people, locations, cultures, and geographical areas—basically, anything that comes your way on the road. Mark every location you visit with a brief statement about yourself. Seek to become involved in social campaigns and align yourself with worthy causes. One way to raise awareness about animals that are in danger of extinction and endangered species is to take up wildlife photography. In the midst of the madness of networking, new assignments and clients will appear out of nowhere. Wrapping Up Have the perseverance and faith to get through some of the difficulties the trade may present. Travel photography is for you if you enjoy taking pictures and having the flexibility to work wherever you go. Prepare ahead of time and have faith that it will materialize. We hope this article helped you figure out how to become a travel photographer. When the verdant vistas of the unknown call to your inner self, what will you choose? Take your time considering how to become a travel photographer. All you need to do is grab your camera and bag, read up on some industry advice, and start shooting travel photos right now! Additional Reading: Handy Tools for Outdoor Photography How Photography Projects Can Improve Wedding Business? 5 Industries That Can Benefit From Using Aerial And Drone Photography

Wedding Photographer

7 Qualities of a Good Wedding Photographer that you should Look

Finding and hiring the best photographer for your wedding is one of the most significant tasks that you will encounter during your wedding planning. You want to have a photographer that will capture pleasant memories. This is because these memories will be a source of reflection years later. As a result, you should not take the risk of hiring someone that will take lackluster photographs. This is a significant day in your life. Therefore, hire a Byron Bay HoneyWed Wedding photographer that is just as excited about your big day and one that will give you phenomenal memories. Here are the seven qualities that you should look out for when looking for your Photographer. 1. Experience: Choosing a photographer that has a wide range of experience in taking wedding photos will give you peace of mind even when the event starts to get stressful. An established photographer will be full of tricks in the trade. They will equally have the ability to make your event a breathtaking experience. Besides, an experienced photographer is comfortable with the camera; thus, they will have the confidence to capture the most beautiful moments on your special day. Your wedding is probably the most important day of your life. Therefore, hire an experienced wedding photographer to ensure that you avoid any potential disasters on your glorious day. 2. Professional Portfolio: You should never make the mistake of hiring a photographer for your wedding unless you have had the opportunity to browse through their portfolio. The portfolio will give you the quality of the photos you will have after the wedding. Additionally, a photography portfolio serves the purpose of inviting you into previous work of the photographer. Hence, through their portfolio, you can see their photography style in existence. Besides, some photographers will post their collection on their website where you can have easy access. Others will have a hard copy book with them when you meet for a consultation where you can view their past work. Either way, make sure that this is a step that you will check off your list when looking for your wedding photographer. The portfolio will also give you an idea of what to expect on your big day. 3. Versatility: Versatility is another crucial quality that you should look for in a photographer. A versatile photographer can go with the flow of any event. Therefore, they will be able to move in correlation with everything that is happening at your wedding. A wedding is usually filled with many unexpected changes that cannot be offset with extensive planning. Such changes will often throw plans off, especially for the photographer. As a result, you need a wedding photographer that can handle such changes by quickly adapting to the new situation. A versatile photographer will also be very creative. Hence, they will inspire your wedding from the beginning to the end of the event significantly. 4. References: You should treat your wedding photographer like any interviewee that you want to hire for a job. Just like in every job application, the photographer should be able to provide you with a reference list upon request. Once you have the list, do not shy away from calling or sending emails to a number of the references. This is because the reference list will help you learn more about the photographer. References will give you their opinion about the person you are about to hire. They will also shine a light on their experience with the photographer. Hence, you will be inclined on what to expect from the photographer. A reference list will help you better understand the wedding photographer, their work ethic and their values. Therefore, it will become easy to decide if they are the right photographer for your wedding. 5. Reputation: Your wedding photographer should have a good reputation. There will be plenty of word around the community if a good photographer exists. Hence, consider what the word around town is about your photographer. Ask your friends, family members, co-workers, and other acquaintances if they know any local photographer that has built an excellent reputation or if they have heard about your photographer. You might be surprised to find out how you can have access to an outstanding photographer through word of mouth. As an added advantage, asking about the reputation of a photographer will help you to determine if their services are the best for your wedding. You can also check online reviews as well as testimonials. This will help you to narrow down your list of potential photographers to a select few. With a good reputation, you will have the opportunity to select an outstanding wedding photographer. 6. Social: A social photographer will bring life to an event even while they are capturing all the right photos. Regardless of whether you are at the wedding rehearsal, the actual wedding or the reception, if your photographer is social, they will add life to your wedding party. This is because a social photographer will make it their mission to capture the essence in every moment. Therefore, do not settle for a merely good photographer. Go the extra mile and find one that has the characteristics of a social butterfly. A social photographer will give you phenomenal wedding photographs because each snap of the camera will have a hint of their lively character. 7. Detail-Oriented: It is always the little things that have the most exceptional value in life. The same can be said for your wedding photographer. Therefore, while you are selecting a photographer, be proficient and settle for the one that will exceed your expectations. A photographer that is keen on details will capture moments that reveal creativity and thoughtfulness. They will also capture unexpected moments that you want to hold dear for a lifetime. Therefore, make sure that you have a detail-oriented photographer. Conclusion: Your wedding should be a day that you remember with pride and joy for the rest of your life. Therefore, hire a photographer that will reflect each particular moment and exceed your expectations. A photographer that has these seven qualities will ensure that you always remember the important moments of your wedding. Read Also: Why You Trust Your Photographer? The Benefits Of A Great Wedding Venue How Photography Projects Can Improve Wedding Business It’s Worth Saving: 8 Signs That It’s Time To See A Marriage Counselor

Travel Photographer

Top 8 Travel Photographers You Need To Know ASAP

Are you a traveler? Do you love setting out into the unknown? Do you also love capturing the beautiful sights you encounter? From the best beaches to the best cities, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Photographers, as such, have always been bold and adventurous. They have set out to record their travels and encapsulate the spirit of the locations they visit. We’ve put together a list of 8 photographers, both past and present. Their striking shots perfectly capture the special charm of travel. If you are looking for travel discount vouchers check Virgin Holidays at Latest Deals. Travel Photographer: Top 8 That Click  If you are a travel photographer and want to get inspired by some of the best in trade, here is a list. We are covering the creme-de-la-creme of the travel photography world. Take a peek. Steve McCurry Image Source Steve McCurry is a famous figure in the world of photography. His extraordinary body of work includes some of the most well-known pictures of our day and highlights the breathtaking natural beauty and rich cultural diversity of our world. McCurry, who was born in Philadelphia in 1950, attended Pennsylvania State University to study cinematography. He then began a career as a staff photographer for the Today's Post, a local newspaper. But motivated by his love of travel and photography, he set out to visit India. The nation that would become associated with his name for the breathtaking pictures he took over the course of time. A travel photographer par excellence, McCurry has made an indelible mark through his lens. Inge Morath Image Source Throughout her career, Inge Morath was one of the most influential photographers in the history of the medium. She traveled widely and developed strong bonds with the communities she encountered by fully immersing herself in their world. Long before color photography became popular, the amazing pictures she took showed off her amazing artistic ability. It made fascinating mementos of their era. They also showed off the great potential of color photography. Michael Yamashita Image Source Michael Yamashita is another travel photographer who captures the pure joy of travel better than most. He has traveled the world over the previous thirty years, taking amazing pictures of its people and landscapes. Although Yamashita has traveled to six different continents for his photographic career, his work in Asia has gained particular recognition. Having studied Asian Studies at Wesleyan University and having Japanese ancestry, Yamashita has become an authority on the subject. She has traveled widely throughout China, Japan, Southeast Asia, and India, taking pictures that beautifully portray the rich cultural diversity. They also uphold the breathtaking natural beauty of this intriguing continent. Martine Franck Image Source One of the greatest photographers of her era, Martine Franck, traveled the world for a large portion of her life. She took incredibly beautiful and skillful pictures of ordinary people. She was also, along with her husband Henri Cartier-Bresson, a leading exponent of the humanist style. Her subjects and locations ranged from Tibetan temples to industrial towns in Northern England. She also took a great deal of photos of her own country. Most famously, in 1976, she and four other women were asked by La Fondation Nationale de la Photographie to document their fellow citizens while they were on vacation. It was then that she took the now-famous shot of the "Swimming Pool Designed by Alain Capeilleres, La Brusc." Maggie Steber Image Source Maggie Steber, one of the best photographers of her generation, has devoted her life to capturing some of the most significant stories of our day. This endeavor has taken her to about 70 countries and covered a wide range of subjects. They also include natural disasters and the African slave trade. Her images are compassionate and forthright, capturing the essence of the human condition. They left a lasting impression on viewers across the globe. They have appeared in numerous major international publications such as National Geographic, The New York Times Magazine, and The Guardian. If you are a travel photographer, her art will inspire you greatly. Denis Dailleux Image Source Denis Dailleux has taken pictures all over the world, but he is most closely associated with Egypt because of a protracted and complicated romantic relationship that has produced some incredibly beautiful images. His photographs portray the humanity and tenacity of the Egyptian people, revealing a profound understanding of them and their culture. He went there for the first time in 1992 to meet up with his Egyptian partner, whom he had met in Paris the previous year. He was enthralled with the nation at once. The alluring natural beauty and the friendliness and generosity of its people drew him. Over the course of the following thirty years, he traveled throughout the nation (and eventually settled there for several years), lovingly capturing its distinct spirit. Alex Webb Image Source Famous photojournalist Alex Webb, who judged the 2020 Street Photography Award alongside his wife and fellow photographer Rebecca Norris-Webb, is a master at seizing the right moment. He creates dynamic, energetic images that masterfully convey the mood of the scene. His photos inspire people to become travel photographer. Webb is most recognized for his vivid and dynamic photography in Latin America and the Caribbean, even though he has taken many pictures in his native country. His pictures give a fascinating look into this part of the world by capturing the distinct atmosphere, vibrant colors, and minute details of the area. Frédéric Lagrange Image Source French-born photographer Frédéric Lagrange's stunning photos capture the world's dramatic beauty and cultural diversity. He has visited almost every country on earth during the past fifteen years, with a particular emphasis on isolated beaches and isolated locations like the untamed and rugged Wakhan Corridor in northeastern Afghanistan. His breathtaking photos, which have appeared in Vanity Fair, Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, The New Yorker, The New York Times Magazine, and other magazines, inspire an air of adventure and establish him as one of the most accomplished travel photographers working today. Pia Riverola Image Source Pia Riverola, one of the most well-known travel photographers of the past few years, is noted for her dreamy, pastel-hued images that perfectly capture the spirit of their subjects. Whether depicting the colorful flower markets of Mexico City, the neon-lit, rain-soaked streets of Tokyo, or the verdant landscapes of South American jungles, Riverola's images have a nostalgic, surreal quality that belies their contemporary age. Her skill with light is evident, and they arouse strong wanderlust. Wrapping Up You can get ideas and inspiration for new shots by looking at the work of other photographers. Because of this, it's a good idea to occasionally browse the profiles of some exceptional artists to see if you have any taste in their work. These photographers' work on travel photography may even inspire you to take a trip yourself! Do you think our list is correct? Kindly share the name of your preferred travel photographer in the comments section below! Learn More Also: How to Choose the Best Frame for Your Photo? Creative Ideas To Make Money Through Photography 5 Industries That Can Benefit From Using Aerial And Drone Photography Why Trusting Professionals For Your Wedding Photography And Videography Is A Must?