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Surely we would all be aware by now what it’s like to be in the working environment. You’re often stuck in one place, doing the same old repetitive things for who knows how long and then being expected to do things in the way the boss tells them to. Moreover, in all this, they are to maintain a good level of motivation so that their mood and levels of fatigue do not take a toll on their workload. As we know, it’s just not possible to keep a high level of motivation in a confined environment, you are bound to let it get to you no matter what. Compromising on the quality of work, in turn, could have your boss reprimanding you or in some extreme cases even fire you. So what do you do? How do you even get out of a situation like this?

We may have a solution to your issue should you choose to go with it. Northbridge Secure is a company which looks to take people out of the office environment and places them in a more comfortable setting. A setting which they are familiar with and where they will be able to perform better, a setting of their own choice. Whether it’s their bed, a park or just sitting around in their living room, the company looks to bring the entire work environment into one centralized location where you can access them from just about anywhere.

What is NetConnect?

What net connect is, is a software system launched by Northbridge Secure. It’s a system which allows the user to get out of an uncomfortable environment and move into a more comfortable setting in order for them to increase productivity. They have access to all their files and everything else they will need, just like as they were in their office environment, yet with the comfort of being wherever they want. This way the worker is in touch with their other coworkers and can get whatever work which they want to be done with whatever help they need through the online support of their colleagues as well. It’s basically your entire office on your device, be it a computer or cell phone. This makes it great for people who are constantly on the move.

Is it secure?

Northbridge Secure claims that they have indeed met whatever safety considerations a usual business is concerned about. It’s common for hackers and other rogue agents to try and infiltrate such a system and take advantage of key data. This could cost your company a lot of money if sensitive information gets into the wrong hands, not to mentioned ceasing to be a company as a whole. Just an overall nasty situation if you think about it, one which you don’t want to get caught up in. For this reason, the company has taken the best measure to ensure security when it comes to their NetConnect software. They have taken note of the potential dangers to the company of working from a software and on personal devices and tried to ensure that there is no access route for hackers to potentially get in and steal data. Long story short, yes, it is secure.

You can use it anywhere:

We talked about this briefly earlier. So on one of those days when you’re out with your friends or family and you remembered that there is a little bit of work to be submitted and you can’t be late. You don’t even have your computer nearby and you start to panic. Well, fear not. NetConnect works on any device you choose, whether it’s a cell phone, laptop or tablet.

Now you can work anywhere and at any time. You can catch up on work which you are late on either while you’re sitting in the park, or at a bar with your friends. You really don’t need to worry about anything other than getting it across in time and the quality of work.  That’s somethings Northbridge Secure cannot help you with.

Hopefully, something like this can help you and your work life out just a little bit. It certainly makes things much more efficient for people who don’t work well in an office environment and are working part-time in different places.  We hope that Northbridge Secure business can be useful, yet feel free to scout the market for whatever suits your needs best.

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