Inspirational Stories from the World’s Longest Sanctioned Foot Race & Embracing a Fearless Approach


13 April 2019


Foot Race

“There are many ways to become happy, but I feel that the easiest and most effective way is to outwardly run.”

The Sri Chinmoy Self Transcendence 3100-Mile Race is the world’s longest sanctioned foot race. The race combines physical fitness and sports with a good dose of spirituality, and it has gained a steady rise in media attention and popularity over the years.

This race has been internationally acclaimed as being one of the most strenuous and toughest foot races in the world. Participants for this race have been lauded for their grueling training sessions and health transformations. This race is not only about outright physical transformations. The race aims to have a spiritual undertone to it as well.

Millions of people from around the world are already drawing motivation to achieve great things from the inspirational stories of finishers of the Sri Chinmoy Self Transcendence 3100-Mile Race. Of course, and as expected for such a difficult event, only very few athletes have ever finished the challenge. Together, their life stories show just how a physical pursuit can lead to spiritual transcendence; as long as you are willing to adopt a fearless approach, develop a healthy mind and be ready to overcome every challenge that you’ll face on your way to success.

Here, we will feature a uniquely inspiring story and insights that will help anybody willing to go into this endurance race. This is a story of inspiration that might motivate many amongst you to become part of this glorious event.

Individual Success Stories of Champions:

Arpan D’Angelo, a former gymnast who eventually went on to run over 200 marathons (many of them under 3 hours), once shared the story of how he learned to widen the boundaries of the things he considered possible. According to him, his dream of becoming a runner was hampered by the thoughts that running was meant for track stars. That was, of course until he found out about Sri Chinmoy and began studying with him and running in his various races. Rest was history. It took a while, but as is in anything we put our minds to his spirit aligned with the physical. Arpan was achieving intrinsic and extrinsic rewards.

His story is a clear case of drive and strong will, and Sri Chinmoy is the hero-inspirer in his case. One thing we have learned however from his story and the stories of many other champions of this race is that it helps you draw power from your inner self to be able to withstand physical challenges. Not only in athletics but also all aspects of life. This practice can be useful for anyone that’s discouraged, or looking for inspiration to venture into an element of life that will affect them for good.

Sri Chinmoy had seen another purpose for sports, and we can see in the less than 100 athletes that have been able to finish the challenge that the physical and spiritual self must be aligned towards a goal to be able to conquer it. Or as Sri Chinmoy puts it, when the outer runner draws from the inner runner, great things can be experienced and achieved.

The Final Word:

The Sri ChinmoySelf Transcendence 3100-Mile Race tests both the mental and physical aspects of a human being. It tests spiritual endurance, mental tolerance, and physical stress. How much physical pain you can give to a body is dictated by the mind. If you are able to master and control the mind through spiritual control, you will be able to master your physical body as well.

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In addition, students with this scholarship can expect other services such as fitness testing, sports guidance, fitness programs, etc.7. Malta Sports Scholarship SchemeThe Government of Malta actively supports talented athletes aspiring to become students. To get financial help, they have to apply for a sports-related discipline at any Maltese university.To qualify, students must have Maltese citizenship or a permit of residence. The scholarship is offered in several tiers. They can cover tuition fees and/or come as maintenance grants.8. Sports Unlimited ScholarshipsThis particular scholarship was created to support athletes in their academic endeavors. The selection process is built entirely on essays submitted by qualifying students.Those who demonstrate an excellent academic record and inspire the admissions board with their story can expect money to cover tuition fees, books, housing, and boarding. The application is open for high school and college freshmen.9. Walter Byers ScholarshipsThese scholarships vary in scope but are a great achievement for every athlete planning to go to college. They are provided by the National Collegiate Athletic Association to one male and one female student. Obviously, the competition for it is super high.However, the winner gets money, which makes them free to choose the university they want. A successful candidate should not only have a perfect academic record but also be a student at an NCAA member institute and be a member of its varsity team.10. The Foundation for Global Sports Development Exceptional Youth ScholarshipThis scholarship is intended to empower youth by providing them with better chances of getting higher education. This help is provided once to save college students some tuition, housing, and other expenses.The main goal is to recognize talents and award them, encouraging them to become even better achievers. 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Event Management: 5 Tips for Organizing Major Esports Events

Esports or electronic sports is a competition where pro players gather to compete on a particular gaming platform together with their teams.It has significantly impacted today's sports industry since many competitive games were released, showing potential in the long run as its popularity keeps on rising.Esports have already been part of the community for a long time. But, today, it moved up to the limelight as the popularity of competitive online games increased due to the progress of new technologies and developed games. Hence, people have gathered interest in esports and boosted the gaming community across the globe.With that said, organizing Esports events and tournaments throughout the years requires a lot of skill. From planning to implementation, there are many factors an organizer shouldn’t overlook to make an event successful.To Give You Some Ideas On Managing Esports Events, Here Are Some Tips That You Should Always Consider:Key notes:SecurityChoose Your GameVenueGaming EquipmentPromote Your EventSecurityPeople who play on the stage of major Esports tournaments have a reputation in the industry, like Scream, Tenz, S1mple, etc. These professional players are known to be the best when playing First Person Shooter games (FPS).Moreover, they have created fan communities with their tournament performances and streaming. But, alongside those, they have also gained some bashers who hate them for various reasons.When it comes to tournaments, prioritizing the safety of the participants is your main objective. Remember, you can never tell what will happen, as are tendencies that some of their fans will go overboard during the event.Suppose you're planning to organize such events, it is best to get services that have experience in security management like Site Security & Traffic Control. With this, you can manage the people inside and outside the event area to control possible disruptions and provide safety during the duration of the event.Related: Do You Have Only One Month to Plan a Corporate Event? Here’s How to Do it RightChoose Your GameEsports events have a downside since not all competitive games are eye-catching, which means some games are not on people's radar. Choosing a game to hold an event is essential since this would let you gather many people to be interested in your e-sport event.You can have a better success rate in your event if the game is famous in the place where you will be holding your event to gather more players and make the event more fun and exciting.Choosing a game is the key to successful major esports events since these are your identifiers if many people will gather at your event or not. It would be best to go for famous games nowadays like CS: GO, Dota 2, Valorant, and many more. So, choose your game wisely, and you'll know when your event will be successful or not.VenueThe venue is one of the most important parts of organizing an esports event, especially for ensuring players’ comfort and the people watching the major event. No one wants to have a disastrous esports event like the Shanghai Major in 2015.The Majors was a prestigious tournament for the Dota 2 community. Unfortunately, the event had many difficulties, which ended up being a nightmare, wasting the players' time and the money for the whole event.Keep in mind that choosing and preparing a venue is essential because you need the players to perform to the best of their ability. Hence, provide them with the best accommodation and equipment they would use during the event. Doing this allows them to be on their best performance, especially when trying to dominate the other team.Gaming EquipmentGaming equipment is a must when organizing an esports tournament. Imagine holding an event like this, but you don't have any gaming equipment that can run the game and manage the lobbies, making the whole event a failure.Hence, you must invest in high-gaming performing units to successfully run your event and its games that require a ton of system requirements.The gaming equipment must have at least 16GB ram and high-performing processors that can run 4k resolution games. Also, you should have at least a 24" monitor with three figures refresh rate.And don't forget about the gaming chairs. Since players are playing there for hours, you don't want them to be sore after a game, right? And, of course, you must ensure that the internet quality in your venue can cater to the games and equipment that your event offers.Related: Use Structure-Style Tents to Expand Event SpacePromote Your EventAfter doing the preparations, all that’s left to do is promote your event so that it can reach different places and gather interest in the people who are willing to watch and play. Pro teams always have their eyes ready on every possible esports events that they can grasp.Therefore, promoting your event is a crucial step for its success as this is the moment where you will be making a first impression.There are tons of options to go for when it comes to promotion, and the most common and effective method is utilizing social media. As you know, most people across the globe have their own mobile devices, and this is the best medium to reach out to your target audiences.However, you also need to make sure that your promotional strategy is creative and will excite the players and audiences to join.Final ThoughtsHandling and organizing major esports events has never been easy. You need to look out for many factors to make your event successful. It will be more challenging, especially if it’s your first time handling one. But, if you follow the tips above, you will do just fine. Keep your head cool and execute your event accordingly, and indeed your event will be a huge success!Additional:How to Plan a Successful Corporate EventCreative Pop-Up Event Ideas for Your BusinessOrganizing an Event This Year? Here’s What You Need to Know.How To Plan A Promotional Event For Your Business? – Steps & Key To Success