10 Rights You Have as a Tenant That Your Landlord Won’t Tell You About


25 January 2019

Real Estate


Whether you rent a fully-furnished property or an unfurnished property to fill with your own furniture, or you rent furniture, there are certain inalienable rights that Indian law grants you as a tenant.

Some of these rights pertain to your rights in negotiating the rental agreement, others offer protections during the rental for you and your furniture, for example, your couch or refrigerator on rent. However, in all scenarios, the law is on your side as the tenant and under no circumstances can your landlord breach these rights.

Fixation of Fair Rent:

As a contractual tenant, you are offered protections on the price you agreed to pay for the property rental. This means that during the contracted period, your landlord cannot unjustly increase the rental price.

If the landlord believes you are not paying enough rent for the property, he or she must approach the Rent Control Court to apply a fair rent to the property. The Rent Control Court dictates that fair rent is 9% of the total market value for the building.

Fit for Living:

The tenant has the right to a property that is fit to be lived in. If the property becomes unsafe due to bad electrical wiring, and holes in the floor, or ceiling, the landlord must take measures to repair the property and ensure it is fit to be lived in.

Peace of Living:

As a tenant, you are entitled to peaceful living. This means the landlord cannot enter the rented property without prior notice and communication.

Essential Services:

The landlord cannot disconnect essential services like electricity and water. If your landlord is threatening to do this over late rent or any other dispute, inform them that you will approach the Rent Control Court and file a complaint against them.

Points of Contact:

The tenant must have the contact information, including telephone numbers, email addresses, and postal addresses of the landlord. The landlord is also available to contact at any time.

Unfair Eviction:

The landlord cannot evict a tenant without valid reasons. They must also inform the tenant as to what those reasons are.

There are only a select number of valid reasons for which a landlord can seek eviction. These are unpaid rental payments, the tenant subletting the property without the landlord’s consent, causing a nuisance, or if the landlord has plans to move into the property themselves.


The landlord is obliged to pay for any repairs to the property. If the tenant pays for any repairs out of their pocket, they are entitled to reimbursement from the landlord.

Deposit Return:

The landlord cannot withhold the security deposit without citing specific, valid reasons.

Building Energy Rating:

Before signing the tenancy agreement, the tenant must be able to access the property’s Building Energy Rating (BER). This is the rating which informs prospective tenants how energy-efficient the property is and is a reflection on how much heating and air conditioning bills might be.

Legal Heirs:

In the event of a tenant’s death, all of the legal protections afforded to that tenant are immediately passed to their legal heirs. This means the landlord cannot evict the legal heir of the deceased tenant without a valid reason.

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new house

Things to know before buying a new house

Buying a house is not a small thing. It needs a huge amount of investment. No matter how good the builder is or how new the building is there is no such thing as a perfect house. There are defects in each and everything. We should not assume that the house is perfect as it is a new house. It is truly said that precaution is better than cure. We should be aware before investing in a big property. Problems always pump up without an invitation.New home buyers should have a good relationship with the builder no matter how worst the things turn up. They make the biggest mistake by not getting into laws and depending solely upon the builders. They blindly trust the builders and believe that they are doing work ethically but that is not the case in every situation. Mistakes to be avoided by new home buyers: These things need to be taken care of before buying a new house: 1. Deciding the property be taken before getting a loan approval New house buyer gets attracted to the model houses without even knowing how much they have to pay for it. The builder seduces the new house buyers by showing them the model house. The model house has beautiful rooms that may not exist in reality. The buyer gives the commitment of buying the house before even thinking about their budget.The builder promises about attractive financial schemes that attract the buyers. The buyers should talk to at least 4-5 lenders about the mortgage loan and then take a decision. They can talk to the credit union, bank, or builders about various mortgage programs and then arrive at a conclusion. 2. Details about the builder Many times we fail to check the background of the builder. Whether he has a good reputation in the market or not. The inquiry can be done by asking the neighbors. Consulting few past customers before purchasing the property is always helpful. 3. Ignoring the upcoming issues The new buyers usually fail to ask about the prevailing problems in the house. We can't be assured that all the problems will be solved easily; we need to have a clear picture of the issues before getting further. We need to ask about the punch list of problems from the builder. 4. Inspection before buying the new house Generally, we don't feel to get the new house inspected by a professional. We feel that everything is right as it the new house. But this is the mistake that is done by most of the new buyers that they regret later on. Seeing the interior of the house the buyers think that there can be no issues in the house but the inspectors find problems most of the time. The charges of the inspector are very nominal. 5. Bad negotiation skills The new home buyer fails to negotiate and accept the terms and conditions of the builders without even questioning them. If negotiation is done with proper technique ten it works on the side of the buyers. It should be done professionally and equitably so as to close the best possible deal. Buyers are no more victims. They rule the real estate industry by taking control in their hands. 6. Failing to get the real estimates in good faith Mortgage lenders don't always provide the real estimates to new house buyers in good faith. They need to provide the estimate to the buyers within three days of the loan processing application. The documents need to be clear as per the annual income of the buyer. The loan needs to be compared before applying for it. The buyers need to visit more lenders to get a good estimate and then select the best price as per his negotiation skills which are in his good faith.The new house buyers should take care of all these things before buying a house. If a person is doing such a huge investment in the property then he needs to be careful and take utmost precautions for it. The most important thing is to take considerable time in doing the research before selecting anything.Buyers should consult the new building company and clear the above things and match the criteria before purchasing the house. The best solutions can be provided by them as they have the knowledge about the local trend and culture prevailing. The buyers will also have satisfaction after consulting the local building company as it is from his own locality. They will have accurate information about the company and it will be easy for them to do research about the company. This is the benefit of consulting the local company instead of a company from other states.Read Also:How To Sell Your House Fast?! Five Must-Know Tips To Move Your Property! We Buy Houses: Don’t Build Without Permits

Buying Land In Austin

Is Buying Land In Austin, Texas, A Good Investment? Everything You Need To Know

Are you considering investing in the real estate industry but aren’t sure where to start? Vacant land is one of the most underrated real estate investments today. Most people overlook it because they assume it can’t produce income, and so it’s pointless.But the truth is that raw land can give you serious financial benefits, of course, with the right strategy. And, not to forget, there is far less competition in the raw land market as compared to property investing. So, it is easier to squeeze a good deal.That said, it does matter where you buy your land. So, is buying land in Austin, Texas, a sound investment idea? A few years ago, Austin was ranked by the U.S. News & World Report as the #1 place to live in the country.But if that is not enough to convince you, here are more reasons to invest in land for sale in Austin, TX: You Can Enjoy Tax Benefits No one really enjoys paying taxes but you can’t avoid it. So, any opportunity not to pay some of these taxes without breaking the law is a great relief. Well, buying land in Austin, Texas, can qualify you for an agricultural, wildlife, or timber tax exemption. Provided you use the land for farming, grazing, timber, or wildlife preservation. These exemptions can actually save you huge bucks in property taxes annually. Greater Freedom To Develop Your Land Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of buying raw land in Austin is just how much freedom you get when it comes to using it. You see, with real estate in metropolitan areas, development is usually controlled, and you have to stick to a lot of regulations and guidelines. These controls can really frustrate you.However, with raw land in Austin, you only need authorization from your local authorities. You can do anything you like with your land, whether that is constructing your home or business. You Can Start A Business On It & Start Earning Revenue Talking of development, you can actually turn your raw land into a money-making investment too. Austin is growing pretty quickly, which means that starting a business here is actually a great idea.And even with rural land, opportunities to make money off your land are still plenty. For instance, you can open a bed & breakfast, camping ground, hunting grounds, etc. Affordable Rates With Great Financing Options Another thing that makes buying land for sale in Austin, TX, an excellent investment opportunity is land affordability. In fact, land in Texas is significantly cheaper compared to other parts of the country. And the good news is that you can be sure of scoring some very great deals if you know where to look.But it does not stop there; Texas is also known for its great land financing options that make it easier for you to acquire land at a price you can easily afford. You Can Write Off Some Expenses Planning to use your Texas land for farming? You can also file a Schedule F in your federal income taxes, thereby writing off expenses incurred due to farming. This could even include interest on the loan you took to buy that land. Besides, you can claim interest on your construction loan if you decide to build on your land. You Get To Own Rights To Minerals On Your Land Austin, Texas, is a good place to buy land because you own the rights to any minerals you might stumble upon on your land. This gives you the authority to extract and sell the minerals. The Texas Seller’s Market Is Booming With Texas’s economy doing better than ever, the demand for land and property is skyrocketing. As a land or property owner in Texas, you are literally sitting on ever-appreciating capital. Buying Land For Sale In Austin, TX, Is One Of The Best Investments You Can Make Today If you have been thinking of investing in Austin, Texas, buying land might be an excellent idea. Besides the tax advantages, development freedom, and access to great financing options, you get to own land that appreciates over time. For the best experience, research enough and only purchase land that checks all your needs.Read Also:Invest Real Estate in Detroit: 7 Things You Need to Know Before Buying Your First Investment Real Estate Syracuse NY Investment: Flipping Houses A Beginners Guide to Listed Investment Companies

Pipe Recovery

5 Important Tools For Pipe Recovery Operations

For well lodging and digging you use many types of equipment like drilling tool, lodging tool, measuring tools and more for perfect well. You can attach these tools with a single string or with group o strings and put them down in the wellbore. However, due to some reasons, either the wireline string breaks or the digging tool gets stuck in downhole formations.Does your drilling string often get set stuck inside the well? If so, then use pipe recovery operations to release the string or to make it free from the blocked position.Pipe recovery services use to make the portion of jammed string free from well formations. These services help you in identifying the location of block pipe, to cut the stuck string and finally to bring back the free portion of the pipe from well.If your pipe gets stuck and you wish to release it then, below are some tools that will help to take out the portion of blocked pipe from downhole or well. Free Point Indicator Tool: This tool is used for pipe recovery services to identify the location of stuck pipe in the wellbore. It works by measuring the torque and pressure of wireline in the downhole to identify the location of blockage in the well due to the stuck pipe. You can also use it to judge the stuck point in all type of tube wells, coiled tubes, and well casing. Back Off Tool: Once you are done with a location check of the stuck point of pipe, you might be thinking on the way to release it. There is a back off a tool that helps you to remove the free portion of the string from the well. It works by applying the torque on a stuck portion of wireline and detonate it. Hence the free string gets separated from stuck string and can be pulled up from the wellbore. Chemical Cutter: It is a good tool for the recovery of electric wireline services and is widely used in operations where no need of any torque to pull up the string. It is capable to cut coiled tube, well casing and drill pipe without providing any harm to other portion of pipe or well. These tools are designed to operate in conditions like extreme pressure and temperature which make it best tool for oilfield well. To make a clean cut and not leave any debris in the hole. Radial Cutting Torch: It is lowered down into the well to cut the stuck string. It uses the mixture of powdered metal that a burn with high temperature on ignites and it melts to become molten plasma. This plasma is then ejects through a nozzle onto the target string and cut. Fishing Tool: You can use this tool to release or remove the stuck pipe and any other suspended material from the wellbore. There are many fishing tools available such as spear, overshoot, junk mill and boost basket that help you to recover the stuck string from the well.  A spear is a tool that can fit within the pipe and help to grip the pipe from inside. However, overshoot tool grips the pipe from outside and help to bring it up from the well.Recover the wireline as soon as possible to save the drill time off well. Recovery of the pipe is also a need that protects further damage to the good casing. If you feel that wireline recovery operation is not easy for you then, you may call any pipe recovery service provider.Read Also:Power Drill Safety Tips Guide To Different Types Of Water Flow Meters