What To Leave Behind Once You Have Sold Your Home

You have finally put your home for sale on the real estate market and now you are just looking for a potential yet promising buyer to purchase your home. As the seller of the property, you are likely to look forward to agreeing to future inspections and issues that need to be fixed before officially selling the property but if you have hired professional housekeeping services then your property will be spotless by the time the new owner comes around. When people finally reach the closing process, most of them don’t know what to leave behind or not leave behind exactly, but help is on its way through this article that will ensure you all that needs to be left behind and what you need to take with you so that you won’t have to face any stressful situations that you might deal with from either you or the potential buyers.

What Should Be Left Behind

The Keys To The Property

When it comes to closing day, the first thing that should be left behind are obviously the keys, while most new homeowners will probably make a new lock and have a new set of keys, they will also appreciate having obviously as a sign of respect because if you only have one set of keys it is best to suggest to the new homeowner that visiting a locksmith is an option if they want to make sets of keys. If you have your realtor under your services then you can give your realtor the keys on closing day and let them handle this situation for you so you won’t have to deal with the potential buyer himself/herself.

As a responsible homeowner who has now sold his home to a new couple or a family, there are many things, which you can do to help them. Firstly, any new homeowner would like to change the old locks of the house. This is where a central coast locksmith can help them change the locks to the entire household. This can give the new family complete peace of mind knowing that they are the only ones that have the keys to different areas of the house. They can store their possessions safely and secure the premises at all times.

A Folder That Contains Manuals And Warranties For Your Appliances

Keep in mind that once a buyer has purchased the household, they have also purchased all the appliances that are included inside as well. It would be best to leave behind all the user manuals for these home appliances and if you have a warranty or guarantee from a recent appliance that you recently bought, would be definitely useful to have as well. It would be best for the future owner to have all these documents in case they have to operate, repair, or maintain some appliances, they wouldn’t have to go through any hassles.

Features Included In The Household

Chances are when you bought this property yourself, is that there are things that came affixed with the property itself such as certain kinds of hardware, curtains, shelves, kitchenware, and light fixtures and blinds. Unless you have bought these things and possibly might need them for the new place that you are planning to purchase/rent then it is best to leave these home features behind for the new owners to use and enjoy as well. Things like remote controls should obviously be left behind for the new owners as you don’t want to leave your property with any questions being asked. Try to label each remote control in case it is not obvious which one is for which electronic appliances such as ceiling fans, lights, televisions, and much more. Believe it or not, home automation systems that are used as home’s smart features can actually be one of the things that made your potential buyer be appealed by the property so it is best to keep them where you are but if you paid a hefty price for them, it’s best to put this in the contract and have it be said during negotiations so that you don’t make any losses along the way that are not necessary. It has been researched that Smart Home products actually increase the property value by almost five percent by just owning home automation, so if you are getting it customized and built-in within the property, then it is best to leave it behind and ask for the price that would seem reasonable for you.

Pool Supplies

Does your property have its own swimming pool? If this is the case then it is best to leave all your accessories and pool supplies for the new owner. It will also be a great idea to leave any kind of directions, manual, or assist with any information regarding how to maintain and keep the pool or spa area clean as possible and who to contact if you have someone doing it for you as well.


If you have your own backyard or natural garden that you purchased and came with the property, most of these places have the plants, shrubs, and trees already affixed to the property and will remain with the household regardless of how much you would like to miss them. The only option that you have is the case that if you want to take the removable pots that have flowers and plants inside which won’t be a hassle in taking and moving away with you. There are things such as equipment within the garden such as chairs, tables, swings, and even a grill, which can all be seen as personal belongings so it would be better to take it with you unless you don’t find any value in them anymore and consider just leaving them behind for the future owner of the property to either use or throw out themselves.

Take Your Emotions Out Of The House

Last but not least, the most important thing to do is to take all your personal belongings with you and do everything to depersonalize your property so at least that potential buyers can imagine themselves there when you have emptied out the place. Just think of it this way, if you have all your stuff currently still at your homes such as family photos and stuff that comes with sentimental value, the potential buyer will only see your house and not the house on sale pretty much because they won’t be able to see themselves living there because they can only see you and your belongings among the place. Consider hiring a professional who will be able to stage your home and to maximize profits.

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