18 Surprising Celebrities with Braces


When you think of celebrities, it’s likely that glamour, beauty, and perfection are the first things that come to mind. So when we see celebrities with braces on, it’s completely understandable how jarring that can be to the pre-convinced images in our head.

But the fact of the matter is celebrities are people just like you and I. They put their pants on one leg at a time. They love their dogs and work for a living, just like everyone else.

And sometimes they need the help of orthodontic work to perfect their famous smiles.

So who are some of these stars that have lived out their oral treatment for the world to see? Let’s look at 18 celebrities that have gone through the process… Some of them may just surprise you.

1. Prince Harry :

Royals may be thought of as perfect and regal, but they aren’t necessarily born that way. Prince Harry proved that even royalty sometimes need the help of orthodontic treatment to achieve a smile fit for a prince.

2. Emma Watson :

Proving braces aren’t just for muggles, Emma wore braces for several months while she was in her early teens, which was well into the filming of the Harry Potter movie series. It showed you don’t need a magic wand to have the perfect smile, all you need is just a good orthodontist.

3. Gwen Stefani :

The singer has never been afraid to show off her eclectic sense of style. Which was especially true in the 1990s when she sported a set of traditional braces as merely a fashion accessory. She may not have needed them to perfect her smile, but they definitely helped perfect her rocker chic look.

4. Tom Cruise :

The actor was well into adulthood when he decided to get braces for the first time. At the age of 40 years old, Tom showed the world that the perfect smile isn’t mission impossible, but mission accomplished.

5. Estelle :

After she had already become famous, singer Estelle received braces when it was rumored her PR team advised her to do so. Though she denied that, stating she wanted to correct her smile in case she should ever win a Grammy. Either way, the results were indeed award show worthy.

6. Beyonce :

The superstar singer had so much love for her fans in 2011 that she sported a set of braces in support of all those who have had to wear them. Now, how’s that for dedication to her fans? Girls may run the world but it also proves this orthodontist helps a bit too.

7. Dakota Fanning :

Dakota was only a child when she started her acting career, which meant growing up in the spotlight. So once she got her set of braces, they were shown off at movie premieres and every event she attended.

She went through the full gamut of braces, head-gear, spacers, and retainers. But once her treatment was finished, she emerged with her movie star smile.

8. Faith Hill :

Another celebrity who decided to get braces as an adult is the singer, Faith Hill. At the age of 45 years old, the country beauty admitted to having braces when she was younger but didn’t keep up with wearing her retainer. This time, the second time was the charm.

9. Cindy Crawford :

Even supermodels are not immune from the need to wear braces. Cindy Crawford, perhaps one of the most famous supermodels of all time, was an adult and sported her orthodontic look in a Pepsi ad during the 1990s.

10. Danny Glover :

Perhaps being the king of proving braces know no age, the actor received his braces at the age of 59 years old. He can even be seen wearing his braces in the movie Shooter. It just goes to show, better late than never.

11. Faye Dunaway :

But if you think 59 years old is late in life to get braces, actress Faye Dunaway has that beat. She was in her 60’s when she began her treatment with traditional braces!

12. Ariel Winter :

Growing up on a successful tv series meant growing up for the world to see. The actress received her braces while continuing to film the popular tv show, Modern Family. She didn’t let it stop her though, her real-life braces fit in perfectly with her tv character.

13. Kendall Jenner :

Another celebrity who admits to not properly wearing their retainer the first time around is Kendall Jenner. When her teeth had shifted back, she opted to wear Invisalign braces to correct the problem. With her supermodel smile, she has won a billion hearts of her fan.

14. Nicolas Cage :

When he was between movie projects, Nicolas Cage decided to wear braces on his lower teeth, becoming yet another celebrity adult to sport traditional braces.

15. Chelsea Clinton :

How many people can say they wore their braces in the Oval Office? Chelsea Clinton sure can. While growing up in the White House as the First Daughter, she publicly sported her traditional braces.

16. Justin Bieber :

The pop singer is another one who opted to treat their smile with Invisalign braces, but he wasn’t afraid to show or admit it. He even made a video in a YouTube clip to show fans, wearing the braces for about a year before his treatment was finished.

17. Drew Barrymore :

Beginning her acting career during childhood as well, Drew grew up in the spotlight. It wasn’t until after filming the movie E.T., at the tender age of 12, she also joined the traditional braces club.

18. Kate Middleton :

For her royal wedding, Kate Middleton wanted to make sure her smile was fit for a future princess. For a short time before the ceremony, she wore invisible braces.

Celebrities with Braces Can Give Us All the Good Feels :

Dealing with braces can be stressful, make us feel anxious, and can be painful. But when we see one of our favorite celebrities with braces on as well, it can give a sense of comfort and be belonging that we are all in this together in some way! And doesn’t that just feel good?

Want to know how taking care of your oral health can impact your general health? Be sure to check out our blog post on it!

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Amber Teething Necklace

Health Benefits Of The Amber Teething Necklace

Having a baby is the greatest gift any couple or parent can ever wish for, but as they grow and start to teeth, the problems start. Teething is tough on both mom and baby, and like all the different stages that babies go through, they come, and well, they go. However, teething can cause your baby, sleepless nights and have you so confused that you are willing to try anything to ease your baby’s pain and ache caused by sore and itchy gums. If you have been searching for an organic and natural method to ease your baby’s pain, you are in luck. The Amber teething necklace at first glance looks like any other necklace, and not like your teething necklace. They are made out of real amber and parents that have tried it, swear that not only did it ease their baby’s distress, but they slept soundly, and were easier to be controlled. This unconventional method is being resented by many as being unsafe for the babies. Health Benefit of the Amber Teething Necklace Myth or miracle, the Amber teething necklace does more than relieve your baby of their teething problems. Other confirmed benefits of the necklace include: Controlling pains due to rheumatism Arthritis Joints and muscle pain Inflammation and general body pain Reduces stress and calm anxious nerves Relieve fatigue and tiredness Some users of the amber teething necklace also claim that it balances their emotion, balances the yin and yang, and even offers spiritual protection against negative energy. Furthermore, doctors recommend using amber as a remedy for heart diseases, convulsion, ulcers, diseases of the lungs and kidneys, cough, joint stiffness, and prevents hyperpigmentation too. The Origin of the Baltic Amber and its Qualities The Amber that used in making the necklace come from fossilized resin of conifer trees that grow in the cold regions of the Baltic and is claimed to have pain-relieving properties and remedy for centuries. The amber contains a chemical called Succinic acid and is believed to create a tingly sensation that alleviates the teething pain in babies. What is Succinic Acid? This is a naturally existing compound that is found in the human body and has an alkaline pH like lemon. Although it is alkalinizing, it doesn’t add to the body’s acidity level. In fact, a study shows that it actually lowers it. The compound is also approved by the US food and drug administration as a dietary supplement and food additive. So the Amber teething necklace is really pieces of amber resin that are strung together and placed on a baby. They serve two purposes – beautify your baby and ease their teething problems. Does the Amber Teething Necklace work and how Throughout history, the medicinal property of amber as a natural remedy for reducing pain and inflammation has given it the status of an organic teething item for babies. When worn on the body, the body heat causes the amber to releases soothing oil that calms and relaxes the body. Customers have used the Baltic amber as an alternative treatment for headaches, arthritis, pain resulting from inflammation and general body pain. Can my baby chew on it? Even though it is certified safe by the FDA, the amber teething necklace is not meant to be chewed or nibbled on by the child or anyone else. When can I start using the Amber Teething Necklace for my baby? The amber teething necklace can be worn for babies from the ages of 2 months until three years. It is a living thing and will continue to release its soothing property with proper care. How is the Amber Teething Necklace used? The strung beads fastened around the baby’s neck. It shouldn’t be too loose for the baby to put it in their mouth or too tight to cause strangulation or choking. Some babies don’t bother about it if your baby can’t seem to let go; just allow them to get used to it gradually with proper supervision For safety, remove the necklace at bedtime Unless your child is grown and understands the importance of the necklace, never leave a kid unsupervised with the amber teething necklace on Allow the amber to release its magical powers and ease your babies teething problems. How to recognize Real Amber Teething Necklace? To enjoy the medicinal property of the Baltic amber, make sure that you purchase the raw, unprocessed, and genuine amber. To ascertain if you have purchased the real Baltic amber, try these tests. Put a piece of amber near a hot surface or flame. If you smell a hint of pine from the releases oils, it is real Rub the amber teething necklace against a piece of cloth; it generates enough static electricity to pick up a piece of paper. You have surely gotten high-quality, original Baltic amber. Drop a piece of amber into a solution of one part salt and two-part water; real amber floats while a fake one sinks. How to care for the Amber Teething Necklace Gently wash the necklace with mild soap and cloth, dry under the sun for the heat to reactivate the oils. Your child can bathe with the necklace, but the jewelry should be kept from chlorinated water as it changes the ionic qualities of the resins. Where can I buy the Amber Teething Necklace? This piece of jewelry is available online and even so in Europe and New Zealand. However, you can check on most online baby stores and on Amazon. Is the Amber Teething Necklace Safe for Babies? Though it helps babies get over their teething pains, child experts don't think it is not the right tool to help teething babies. Parents can use plastics or teething toys or a natural method like frozen teething toys or prescribed drugs. Whatever your beliefs regarding the amber teething necklace are, it is worth trying to break the myths, or you can buy them because they are the perfect necklace, and they look cute on your baby. Moreover, the amber jewels are also suitable for adults too with their anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and other health properties. Read Also :  7 Health Benefits Of Black Seed Oil 8 Newborn Baby Care Tips For First-Time Parents

Heart Disease

Effects of Anxiety on Heart Disease

Stress and anxiety have become serious problems that people are facing in modern times. Researchers have proved this that anxiety has the connection between heart disease and many other health issues. This issue has become prevalent enough that should raise an alarm and make all of us think of efficient ways to keep anxiety under control. In this article, we are going to talk about the effects of anxiety on heart disease and why you need to do all you can to stay relaxed and avoid stressful situations. Effects of Anxiety on Heart Disease: Heart and general health monitoring apps: It’s strange to consider that applications that are meant to help people keep track of their health could actually be more harm than good. According to many physicians, apps could lead to unnecessary anxiety and there is plenty of evidence to back this up. The evidence comes in the form of the close relation between anxiety and heart disease. When people are constantly checking their apps and seeing heart rate spikes, their anxiety levels are going to rise. If they are monitoring their heart rate and other vitals all day long, they are going to start worrying about things that they would normally not even notice. This alone is a serious problem. The use of various health apps is a good idea in some ways. But it proves to be problematic for those who suffer from anxiety. No application should ever diagnose any kind of heart disease or potential issue (in fact none of them are actually capable of true and accurate diagnosis!). But many of these apps do attempt that and they even warn users of possible serious conditions. The best way for apps to be effective and avoid raising alarms or making assumptions is for them to be strictly used for heart rate monitoring, but even them, they can cause unnecessary anxiety. Studies that link anxiety and depression to heart disease: Washington University conducted studies that shed light on the connection between heart disease and patients that experienced anxiety and stress. It was determined that the number of patients who experienced anxiety is more likely to suffer from other heart-related conditions as well. While these studies are not conclusive, they do raise concerns. It has been widely documented that people who suffer from stress and anxiety are going to deal with health issues more often. Experts believe that untreated blood pressure is a factor: Leading cardiologist Simon Stertzer has previously discussed how high blood pressure is one of the factors that contribute to heart disease. This is definitely something that many heart patients worry about and their concerns are justified. The heart is a very complex organ and everything that happens in our bodies affects it in one way or another. Poorly treated blood pressure problems are often going to lead to heart disease, but blood pressure problems have also been linked to anxiety, so there is an obvious concern and anxiety seems to be right in the middle of the problem. Critical factors that predict the risk of heart disease: Heart disease continues to be a very common topic of discussion for many reasons. This a huge health concern all over the world, but it also continues to be a mystery in many ways. Fortunately, more discoveries are being made all the time and other treatment options are also available. This article from Digital Authority Partners covers some of the most important and critical factors that predict heart disease (with a very cool infographic!). This includes age, social and economic factors, lifestyle factors and environmental pollution. It’s important to note that stress and anxiety are always considered lifestyle factors. It seems like people are learning to live with stress and anxiety now and that is a very bad thing. Most people admit that they feel anxiety and stress all the time, but they have learned to live with those feelings. They feel that they have this problem under control but their anxiety is causing all kinds of health issues. Learning to relax is going to be essential to fight anxiety. The main causes of anxiety: There are many causes of anxiety in modern times. Some of the most common and relevant include drugs, alcohol, caffeine, thyroid hormone problems, and certain medications. Then you also have the stress of life, with everyone being so competitive and time management being such a big deal, people are more stressed out than ever before. This is often going to lead to anxiety. Keeping your body healthy with a good diet and exercise is always going to be an important thing to consider. If you feel your dietary habits are bad and you are living a sedentary life, you might want to make some changes as soon as possible. How to get rid of anxiety: Anxiety can be very difficult to handle for some people. The problem can be so serious that they require medication just to function properly. If you feel like you are experiencing anxiety, you might want to look for ways to start dealing with it naturally. Practice breathing exercises: This is a great way to relax and to lower your anxiety levels. You could learn this by practicing yoga. There are many benefits to Yoga, but lowering anxiety is your priority in this case. Exercise often: Being active and exercising outdoors is always a great way to get rid of stress and anxiety. A large number of individuals claim that their anxiety levels are much lower after they workout. Get rid of junk food and sugars: It seems almost unavoidable to eat food that is bad for us sometimes, but the more you avoid sugars and general junk food, the better your body is going to perform. Anxiety and stress are also linked to bad dietary habits. Final thoughts: The more we learn about anxiety, the easier it becomes for us to figure out how to deal with this problem. Knowing that your heart is greatly affected by anxiety should be a warning sign that everyone needs to keep in mind. This knowledge can help prevent serious issues with heart-related problems. Read Also: Art Activities For Stress Relief How Martial Art Can Help You Stay Fit And Healthy Ways To Emotionally Deal With Chronic Illness

Temporary Health Insurance

Temporary Health Insurance and Who It Suits

Temporary health insurance or short-term insurance, as the name implies, can provide temporary medical coverage. It is an expensive option that can protect against unforeseen accidents or sickness when you are in between health insurance plans or outside the enrollment periods. Temporary health insurance plans are available all year round and provide next-day coverage. Keep scrolling to learn about temporary health insurance: everything you need to know. What Is Temporary Health Insurance? Temporary health insurance caters to preventive care, emergency care, doctor visits, and urgent medical care. Some plans may also cover prescription drugs. The medical coverage of a temporary health insurance plan is limited. For example, it doesn’t cover pre-existing medical conditions. But, temporary health insurance is solving more issues that are related to emergency conditions. Like you have to hire an ambulance or need immediate emergency treatments. What Does Short-Term Health Insurance Cover? This plan isn’t comprehensive and doesn’t cater to the Affordable Care Act’s ten essential benefits, including prescription drugs, pediatric services, Lab services, hospitalization, mental health, and addiction services. Moreover, short-term health insurance doesn’t cater to ACA essential benefits such as maternity care. Nonetheless, some temporary health insurance plans may cover some of the above services. Also, like in a comprehensive plan, you can pay copayment, coinsurance, or deductible to get the benefits.  Before buying the plan, carefully check the plan’s benefits and limitations. Then, you will be able to know what is covered and what isn’t. Temporary medical plans usually have to be approved by medical underwriters. Henceforth, be ready for a series of your medical history questions. Who Is Best Suited For Temporary Medical Insurance? How to get temporary health insurance? For selecting the best temporary medical insurance, you have to match up some of the qualities. Then your medical insurance selections will become much more accurate and secure. Here are some of the facts you have to check before selecting the best temporary health insurance. People are transitioning to jobs. If you are changing your employer, you certainly need medical coverage before your next boss’s health benefits kick in. Students or dependents. If you hit 26 years of age, you are no longer covered by your parent’s or guardian’s insurance plan. Thus, a short-term health insurance plan will be ideal as you transition to a comprehensive plan. Older people are waiting for Medicare enrollment. After retiring, you may depend on short-term health insurance before Medicare kicks in. New individuals in the USA can rely on temporary health insurance before their new employer coverage starts. Temporary health insurance can also be ideal for people in these circumstances. What’s The Cost of Short-Term Health Insurance? The premiums vary depending on various factors such as age, location, and gender. Deductible, coinsurance, copay, out-of-pocket costs, and total policy coverage amounts affect the premium cost.  Check out the cost comparison pivohealth.com. Temporary health insurance: Everything you need to know, plan carefully and know how much it will cost you. How much is temporary health insurance?  Temporary health insurance has different plans and pricing structures. You have to compare the prices and the services for selecting the best short-term health insurance. What To Consider Before Buying A Temporary Health Insurance Plan Want to buy temporary health insurance? Then you have to match up some of your requirements. Read through the essential facts which you must consider before buying a temporary health insurance plan. Here are three things that you need to consider for buying an insurance plan. Coverage period. Find a plan that fits your needs. If you are out of comprehensive cover for a long, consider wider coverage. Exclusions in your plan. Approval and renewal. Ask if the plan has a non-refundable fee or if the approval is guaranteed. Though some plans can be renewed, it isn’t always the case. Advantages Of Short-term Health Insurance Plan The short-term temporary health insurance covers multiple types of plans, for example, post-hospitalizations and ambulance facilities. Some of the plans are also covering checkups and policies. Here are three types of advantages to getting short-term health insurance plans. It can cater to your medical care needs when you need it. It can be canceled whenever you feel like it with no penalties. You can choose an annual plan if you need it. Conclusion: Before selecting the temporary health insurance plan, always go through the plan’s all features and services. Then select the best one. Every company offers different types of plans, and every plan has various features. Always read through all the documents and then sign the papers. So what is your planning? Are you thinking of getting health insurance? Let us know through the comment sections. Read Also Small Business Guide to Private Health Insurance Exchanges How To Know If Your Health Insurance Covers Visits To The Chiropractor What Are The Most Important Insights Which the People Should Know About Coronavirus Health Insurance?