3 Amazing Flower Street Garden – How to Design

When it comes to planting your own garden, perhaps you love nothing but the joy of rooting, tilling, and otherwise nourishing your plants and flowers to grow to be amazing and beautiful. Really, you are passionate about gardening, and would not trade the experience for anything.

That said, perhaps you have experimented with tons of different types of gardening, from hydroponics to indoor planting. This time around, you are probably curious to take on planting flowers…on the street.

While you might find it to be a piece of cake, there is actually a certain art to it, and we are here to help you out! Read on to learn more in this article on how to design an amazing flower street garden. Pretty soon, you will be well on your way to an excellent garden that you can show off to your family and neighbors.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

How to Design an Amazing Flower Street Garden

First things first, it is necessary to take some time to do research on just how you are going to start off your flower street garden. It is not just a matter of rushing into doing so, but rather taking the time in order to yield great results. Trust us: in the end, it will all be worth it. Here are three, simple steps to follow:


1. Select your plants and flowers

Aside from choosing plants and flowers which look aesthetically-pleasing and also color-coded with each other, it is also a matter of choosing some which can co-habit together peacefully.

In other words, you need to select plants and flowers which can grow well without having to fight for the same nutrients in the soil, let alone fertilizer.

Really, competition can be fierce for some of them, which can end up leading not only to inadequate nutrients being distributed unevenly, but also inadequate growth on both parts of the plants and flowers.

For instance, zinnias and geraniums go well together, both in terms of being planted together and color-scheming. Another good one to refer to is that of Melampodium and shrub rose, which add that extra pop to your home curb appeal.

2. Keep them orderly

Paradoxically-speaking, this point is both about keeping your street garden limited just to a few plants and flowers, but also diversifying them for an aesthetically-pleasing sight.

What do we mean by this? In other words, it is advisable not to go crazy with too many different species of plants and flowers within a given plot of land, considering that, again, they will have to compete for nutrients (which can affect how they grow), as well as create a hodgepodge of all sorts of species which can make it look a bit too disorganized and detract from its attractiveness.

That said, a rule of thumb is to plant just a few varieties: we recommend planting no more than ten sorts of perennials, five kinds of shrubs, and two types of trees. Again, strike a balance between color scheme and practicality, and doing so will make all the difference when it comes to the beautiful results of your street garden.

3. Maintain them regularly

Maintain them regularly

Finally, it is a matter of just getting around to planting and nourishing your plants and flowers along the side of your street. Besides just the basics of watering and giving them enough sunlight to flourish, you will also have to maintain it regularly with appropriate fertilization and pruning from time to time, especially if you are growing plants and flowers which tend to get quite thick and heavy with foliage and so forth.

Hence, for the latter, it is a good idea to have at least a prune tool around to make it easier (and safer) to efficiently keep the plants and flowers under good maintenance. From shears to pole saws to lawnmowers, pruning tools come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so it is essential to know which ones are the best for the type of pruning you need to do.

*bonus* Give them love and care. While this point sounds corny, it is important nevertheless to care for your plants and flowers like they are your own children.

Doing the basics such as watering, fertilizing, and pruning is a good start, but to take it above and beyond to keep them safe from harsh weather and investing in safety fences to keep out pests and other sources that might otherwise damage, that will make the street garden even more lovely and happier.

For an idea of what to expect for street gardens, check out this video here:

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Overall, street gardening is an interesting concept that is not a bad idea to consider doing, should you be passionate about planting flowers, in general. With the right amount of tools and planning, you should be able to create an amazing and attractive street garden to call your own.

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