4 Ideas to Bring Your Team Closer Together

A University of Phoenix survey found that 70% of respondents cited being part of a dysfunctional team, and with Gallup reporting that poorly-managed work groups are 50% less productive on average, it’s easy to understand just how important a strong team is in the workplace.

Bringing your team closer together should be among your top goals for a successful business, utilizing these ideas can help achieve that.

Host Friendly Competitions:

A great way to build team spirit is to get everyone involved in a competition. A sporting event or another type of physical activity, like an office softball game, bowling, or even hosting a silly spoof on the Olympics, with an Olympic-style Games day that includes events like a spoon and egg races, are just a few different options.  Everyone will be working as a team while having fun at the same time, helping to encourage stronger bonds and improve communication.

Team Dinners:

Aim to occasionally get the team together for an after-work dinner so that staff members can get to know everyone on a more personal level, enjoying conversations that aren’t necessarily work-related. If coming home late is not something your employees can or want to do, you might consider weekly team lunches as they can help foster better relationships and a stronger team too.

Play Games:

Playing office games occasionally can help employees become more engaged, encouraging staff to think about work as something more than just a steady paycheck and benefits. They can also prevent boredom and provide opportunities for getting the entire team closer. Truths and lies is a good one as a fun and easy way for staff to get to know each other better. Invite workers to sit in a circle facing the center, and then ask them to take a few minutes to come up with two truths and one lie about themselves. Everyone else can try and figure out which is which.

Just about everyone enjoys playing Name that Tune. It’s just what it sounds like: simply play about a 5-second slice of a random song. The first person to guess it right wins.

Ring the Bell of Success:

Recognized employees are happy employees which makes for a stronger team. Everyone will get excited when they hear the ring of the “Bell of Success,” encouraging staff to root for one another. All you need to do is add a bell to your workplace, and when someone achieves a goal such as getting a new client or making a sale, they get to ring the bell while everyone cheers.

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