5 affordable e-commerce shopping carts for small business


13 July 2018



Times have changed, for now, you do not need to have programming knowledge and a lot of money to create an online store. Now there are many affordable and easy to use e-commerce providers that are suitable for home-based and small businesses. E-commerce software provider offers shopping cart solutions for your website which enables you to build, edit, and maintain your online shop easily, and collect the orders without having programming or HTML knowledge. Most providers offer everything including hosting, templates and more. Some providers charge transaction and set-up fees while some do not. In all the cases, you will be offered a free trial in which you can test and decide on what you want to choose.

Here is a list of five affordable E-commerce shopping carts.

1. Shopify :


Shopify is among our top recommendations because it is customizable and an easy-to-use e-commerce provider. The service offers mobile options as well. There is a Shopify App store just like Apple’s, through which you can shop and select add-on applications for your website. You can also buy buttons for Facebook and Twitter and get the necessary support, protection from any fraud, 100+ themes, Mobile commerce, Email marketing and Social media integration. You can run a successful online business without the large inventory overhead costs by using Shopify dropshipping. They also have a 30-day free trial, after which the packages start at $24/month.

2. 3Dcart :


3Dcart offers a free trial without the requirement of a credit card.  There are 80 payment gateways supported which make it really easy to make a switch. The Plans start at $19.99/month and include 200 products, $25 in free ad credits, No transaction fees, Social media connectivity, Up to 4000 visits a month, 24/7 tech support. 3Dcart is an e-commerce solution suitable for people who want to sell a larger amount of products.

3. Fortune 3

Fortune 3

Fortune 3 is a hosted e-commerce solution in which the plans start at $9.95 a month. Fortune3 is SEO-friendly and offers many designs/templates and also allows you to sell and accept gift certificates. There is email marketing, Facebook shopping integration, and the ability to create an affiliate program. Fortune 3 includes all features in all plans, and The difference between these plans is the number of products. The starter plan includes unlimited support, 20 products, unlimited storage and bandwidth and no set-up fee.

4. Avactis :


Avactis is fully hosted with a unique difference which is that they allow the developers to white label the solution as their own. This means that, if you want to, you can sell your own e-commerce offering.  You are also offered the standard feature-rich list of shopping carts that starts at $19.95/month.  Avactis also has an open source free version.

5. Volusion :


Volusion is also among the top hosted e-commerce shopping carts in the market today and has more than 100,000 customers.  The plans start at $19/month and offer a 14-day free trial. The VZoom feature lets the user zoom in and around the product image, and you can also connect to your store to Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

We hope that these options will help you in your endeavor!

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What Are The Various Strategies For Success In Auditors’ Aptitude Testing?

Auditors are the gatekeepers of financial integrity, who are entrusted with the critical task of ensuring that businesses' and organizations' financial records are accurate, transparent, and compliant with regulatory standards. Moreover, the role of an auditor demands not only a strong foundation of knowledge but also a keen aptitude for navigating complex financial data and making informed decisions. Aptitude testing is one areas that brings in the necessary transparency.To identify and nurture this aptitude, auditors aptitude testing is a pivotal step in the selection process for aspiring professionals in the field of auditing.In this article, we will explore the various strategies that candidates can employ to succeed in auditors aptitude testing. These strategies encompass a range of preparations, test-taking techniques, and the right mindset. Some Strategies Which Is Necessary To Know During  These Tests Lets try to look at some of the strategies that are necessary for your knowledge-building. Comprehensive Study Plan : A comprehensive study plan is the backbone of your preparation. Moreover, this self-assessment will help you determine which areas require the most attention and what your strengths are. Based on this assessment, create a study plan that outlines the topics to be covered, study materials, and a timeline for preparation.Topic Selection : Make a list of all the subjects or areas that will be assessed in the aptitude test, such as financial knowledge. Also consider the  analytical skills, critical thinking, mathematical proficiency, and communication skills. Study Materials : Identify the textbooks, online resources, and reference materials you will use for each topic. Keep in mind it is essential to select reputable and updated sources that align with the specific content of the test. Study Timeline : Allocate sufficient time for each topic based on its importance and your existing knowledge. Now, create a schedule that covers all the subjects adequately, with more time dedicated to areas where you need improvement.Mock Tests : Mock tests serve as a bridge between preparation and the actual test. These practice exams mimic the format, content, and time constraints of the real assessment. At the same time they provide a platform for candidates to familiarise themselves with the testing environment and evaluate their performance.Realistic Simulation : Seek out practice tests that closely resemble the actual exam in terms of content and structure. This will help you get a feel for what to expect on test day.Timed Practice: One of the critical aspects of mock tests is time management. By practising under timed conditions, you can refine your ability to allocate time appropriately to different sections and gauge whether you are keeping pace with the test. Performance Analysis : After completing each mock test, review your performance in detail. At the same time, identify areas where you excelled and, more importantly, areas where you struggled. This self-assessment is invaluable for refining your study plan.Time Management Effective time management is a skill that can significantly impact your performance in auditors' aptitude testing. Moreover, these tests are often time-sensitive, and poor time management can lead to incomplete sections or rushed, inaccurate responses. 1. Sectional Time Allocation :  Develop a strategy for how much time you will allocate to each section. Typically, this allocation should be based on the number of questions and the weight of each section in the overall score. 2. Time Tracking :  During your practice tests, continually monitor your progress to ensure you are sticking to your time allocation. Now, if you find yourself falling behind, consider adjusting your strategy. 3. Pacing :  Learn to pace yourself. If you encounter a challenging question that is consuming too much time, consider marking it for later and moving on to easier questions. You can return to the challenging questions after completing the rest of the section. 4. Managing Stress :  Test anxiety is common, but there are strategies to manage it. Techniques such as deep breathing, visualisation, and positive self-talk can help reduce stress on test day.Strengthen Your Financial KnowledgeAs financial knowledge is a significant component of the test, it's imperative to strengthen your understanding of the core financial concepts that underpin auditing. 1. Core Concepts:  ocus on core financial concepts, including accounting principles, financial reporting, and auditing standards. Ensure you have a solid grasp of these topics as they form the foundation of auditing. 2. Educational Resources:  Consider enrolling in courses or workshops that cover these foundational concepts. These resources can provide structured learning and expert guidance. 3. Practice Problems:  Solving practical financial problems and working through case studies can reinforce your financial knowledge. It allows you to apply theoretical concepts to real-world scenarios. 4. Self-Belief:  Believe in your abilities and the efforts you’ve put into preparation. Confidence can help you stay focused and perform to the best of your abilities. Improve Analytical Skills : Analytical skills are vital for auditors, as they are central to identifying discrepancies and irregularities in financial data.Real Data Analysis: Regularly work with financial data to hone your analytical skills. Analyse balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements from actual companies to develop your ability to identify patterns and anomalies. Case Studies: Engage in case studies that present complex financial scenarios. These exercises will challenge your analytical abilities and provide practical experience. To further enhance your skills, consider practicing with audit aptitude test questions. Guidance and Feedback: Seek guidance and feedback from mentors or experienced auditors to fine-tune your analytical skills. They can provide insights and tips to help you improve.Conclusion Preparing for auditors' aptitude testing is a significant step in one's journey to becoming a successful auditor. The multifaceted nature of these tests, which encompass financial knowledge, analytical skills, critical thinking, mathematical proficiency, communication skills, and time management, demands a well-rounded approach to preparation. This article has outlined a range of strategies to excel in auditors' aptitude testing, providing a comprehensive roadmap for success. The strategies, including comprehensive study plans, mock tests, time management, strengthening financial knowledge, and enhancing analytical skills are designed to equip candidates with the skills and knowledge required for these rigorous assessments.So apart from this if you want some more help from us, then visit Mercer | Mettl at least once.  Mercer | Mettl serves as an instrumental resource for candidates preparing for auditors' aptitude testing. It complements the strategies outlined earlier by offering customized assessments, realistic simulations, detailed performance analysis, and time management practice. With the assistance of Mercer | Mettl, candidates can enhance their preparation and increase their chances of success in auditors' aptitude testing. Additional Reading:4 Tips To Maintain Your Fleet Deep Dive Into Project Management With Informative Podcasts The ROI Of Proactive Pest Control For Property Management


Five Things Every Great Leader Should Know

The term leadership is a quite cumbersome task they must have a set of skills and qualities for effectively managing the people. The skills and knowledge should be good enough for leading the people on the right path. The qualities of the leaders may get differed because they might have different strengths, makeup’s and challenges. Handling the leadership position is quite a tedious process; you have to put a lot of effort into achieving the required goals.Sometimes, you might have to stand in a situation to take the toughest decision that may not be acceptable by the other people. There are numerous amounts are some under your leadership, so you have to handle them equally in the right platform. Let see some of the important things that every leader should know. Prepare Your Team Members To Achieve Your Goal: The success of the business does not only depend upon the qualities and skills of the leaders but also by the working employees. As a leader, you should deliver the requirements of the organizations as well as how it helps to enhance business growth. Without proper, your team members will not able to work effectively. Therefore, you should prepare them in a great way to acquire your goals at lower costs. The success and failure of the enterprises completely depend on your training, so you would be very careful. Clarify And Correct The Mistakes: Sometimes, your team members may have a chance to do mistakes. At that situation, you have to ask them to correct the mistakes immediately. If any of the queries and doubts they have, you have to clarify it frequently. When working with the difficult areas, you have to join them and work together to identify the mistakes. The employees, as well as the leaders, have to responsibility towards the failures and mistakes. Therefore, you would keep on focusing the, to learn from those mistakes. Expose Confidence: As a leader, you have to spread your confidence in front of your team members for encouraging to do their work. Your enhanced confidence level should be a great inspiration for them. While going to begin the new project or task, you have to boost up their energy and confidence level. Induce them to Communicate: The decision-making process is the most important factor to be considered in between the team members. First and foremost, leaders have to encourage their team members to make them feel comfortable. Then the work should be familiar and easy for them. They must be ready to communicate with you all the time for sharing their ideas and opinions. Teach them politely: Effective leaders like G Scott Paterson and others know the methodologies for treating their team members in the right way. Toronto-based media venture capitalist Scott Paterson started his career in the investment industry and considered to be one of the leading technology investment bankers in Canada.Make use of this information and run your business in a good way. Thus, these are all the important qualities required for all the leaders.Read Also:4 Business Leadership Skills For Business Success Five Essential Qualities That Define Great Leadership Why Is Mentoring Important In Leadership?

Corporate Hierarchy

How to Work your way from the Bottom to the top Corporate Hierarchy

For many young people joining the corporate world, it is a daunting place to be. Growing up you were probably a big fish in a small pond, and in many ways, it was a pond that saw you rise to the top based on age more than anything else. A senior at high school or a post-grad at university are the top of the food chain, but when you enter the real world of corporates and career ladders, advancement is suddenly dependent on a whole lot more factors. And if you are coming in at the bottom of the pyramid do you really have the fight for the mail room to board room type rags-to-riches story. If you do, here are some tips to help you make the upwards move. How to Work your way from the Bottom to the top of the Corporate Hierarchy: Keep learning: Don’t think for a minute that you can leave school or university and stop learning. If that is your attitude, then you will never go anywhere. Whatever qualifications you have, you can always get more. If, for example, you have a basic engineering qualification then build on it. Enroll part-time to do your certificate 4 in engineering or look to complete a diploma that plays to your strength or fill a place where you have a knowledge gap. And when it comes to learning don’t think narrowly, think broadly. You might be an engineer but that doesn’t mean you cannot do a course or degree in law or finance or flower arranging for that matter. Work hard: Always aim to get to work before your boss and, wherever possible, try to leave once he or she has gone. And don’t just fill time at the office doing nothing, always be productive. Look for work. If all your assigned tasks are done find something else to do. Ask colleagues if you can help. Tidy your work space. Hustle for sales leads. Whatever it is, be productive and work hard. It will get noticed. Be patient: It is great to be driven by ambition and the desire to make it to the top but recognizes that it is a marathon and not a sprint. If you tackle it like a sprint you will cut corners and do things that you regret in later years. You want to make it to the top by being honorable and doing it the right way. With the marathon perspective, it is easier to adopt the hungry but steady philosophy. People will respect that. Get involved: Nobody likes a loner so work hard to be a team player and to get involved in all areas of the company. Be part of the pub quiz team, play on the netball team, attend events, participate in group discussions. If you are interested and engaged, you will be noticed and appreciated. It is a far cry from sucking up to management, you don’t need to do that, it is simply an opportunity to build relationships at all levels and to showcase your skills, talents, and personality.Read Also:How To Stand Out In The Competitive Corporate World Important Things To Know Before Starting A Home Improvement Project