5 Tips to Add more Zen to your Home


Life bombards us from almost every direction. Phones, commutes, stress in and out of the workplace. We all need a place to relax. Call it Zen, Feng Shui, or merely carving out your personal space. Here are 5 tips to help make your home a haven.

Get Organized and Eliminate Clutter:

Where do you store items in your home? If the answer is any flat surface, you’re not alone.  Design experts say this is the most critical place to start in bringing more serenity to your life. Everything should have a home. For items, you no longer use or want, get rid of them. Buy storage bins for that pile of papers you will probably never get to. Take a hard look at your counters, desk, and tables. These are usually the first surfaces to get covered in junk. Toss it, and then keep it clear.

Create balance and Texture:

Furniture and décor should calm or energize you, depending on what you’re seeking. Designers suggest adding texture with wood and fabrics. Feel good pieces such as sports rugs for an office or entertainment area add interest and help create a mood. Think about how furniture is arranged. Experts suggest, for example, having only the headboard of your bed against a wall so that energy can travel over, under, and around you while you sleep. Consider adding scents. Smell is a tremendous memory trigger that can also create calm.

Cool off with Cool Colors:

Earth and water tones such as browns, grays, blues, and greens also help to create an aura of calm in our homes. If you don’t want to achieve this through painting walls, add it with furnishings from cool, colorful throws, to window treatments.

Make Nature Your Friend:

Consider interior landscaping. Plenty of evidence exists about the benefits of having plants indoors. They reduce carbon dioxide, help clean the air, and increase humidity, to name just a few. Picking the right plants, or getting an expert to help you with it, ensures you won’t increase your stress worrying about caring for those plants. Philodendron, succulents such as a jade plant, aloe, or peace lilies are all relatively low maintenance. You might also think about herbs, which have added benefits of adding aroma and edibility to your indoor landscape.

Keep Lighting Low:

Harsh, overhead lighting raises stress levels. Bright lights create energy rather than relaxation. So the key here to bring more Zen into your home is to keep it low—both in brightness and in height. Ditch those traditional ceiling lights in favor of lamps. Newer, warm LED lights and incandescent light tend to be more relaxing than fluorescents. Besides, consider adding dimmer switches to your lighting so you can adjust just how much brightness you really want.


Bringing calm into your home and eliminating stress may have added health benefits by helping to improve your sleep and preventing weight gain. Best of all, these tips are easy and inexpensive to implement.

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Window panes are important parts of your house that contribute to aesthetics as well as energy efficiency. Good quality window glass allows light to enter your home and block the heat.Also, it prevents the cooling of your air conditioning system from escaping from your house to improve its energy efficiency. A window glass should be strong enough to tolerate strong winds and extreme temperatures without getting cracked or damaged.However, there are many types of glass available in the market. It can be challenging for some people to choose the right glass for their windows. This post shares some tips for choosing the best window glass for your home. Clear Float glass or Annealed glass: Float glass is formed by floating the molten glass on the molten tin to produce thin glass panels. The clear float glass allows 100 percent penetration of natural light into the house and offers viewing clarity to see the outdoors.However, it is not good for heat and sound insulation. If natural light and outdoor views are your priority, you can install clear float glass on your windows. These glasses are a quite affordable and a good option for people who want to design their windows on a low budget. Toughened Glass: As the name suggests, the toughened glass is made strong to withstand strong winds and extreme temperatures. It is more expensive than clear float glass and is available in reflective, clear, and tinted forms. You can get them in green, blue, grey, and bronze colors.When a toughened glass is broken, it usually splits into small fragments that are harmless. Window glasses made up of toughened glass are excellent for French windows and front doors as they offer enhanced safety and also enhance the aesthetics of your entrance. Tinted and Reflective Glass:Tinted glasses are formed by adding metal oxides to glass. Reflected glasses are made by applying a metallic coating on the glass. If you want tinted light and outdoor views, you can use tinted glass, but it is not much energy efficient. If energy efficiency is your goal, you can use reflective glass as they reflect most of the heat back into the outdoors, keeping your interiors cool.Stained glass is also an option if protection from harmful ultraviolet rays is a priority for the owner or his family. The common standard is to use tinted glass in skylights, vehicles, or decorative panels, but you can also use them for outdoor windows. Obscured glass: Obscured glass refers to any glass that allows light to pass through, but the material is not completely transparent like normal glass. The customized options include a design in which a gaze can see more than the shadow behind the fuzzy glass window.This property makes it an ideal choice for bathroom windows or shower doors that require privacy. It can also be used to bring more natural light into the home. Double or triple glazing windows: Residential window glass is a thing of the past. With energy efficiency being the primary concern of home builders and homeowners today, most windows now have at least double glazing - meaning that each window has two glass panels connected by a spacer, with space between the two. The space between them is filled with an insulating gas.Window glasses can also have triple glazing - in other words, an additional glass is added to the window. Triple glazed glasses are costlier than double glazing glass and offer you a significant return on your investment, whether you want to sell your house or save on utility bills.Aussie Aluminium Enterprise offers a variety of aluminum doors and windows in Australia. They have been offering aluminum doors and windows for more than 20 years in Australia. If you have a property in Australia, you can hire them for the installation of windows at your home or office. Final Words: These are the major options to choose window glass for residential and commercial properties. The first step is to analyze your requirements and budget to choose the best available option.For example, double or triple glazed windows are best for energy efficiency. Float glass windows are best for natural light and outdoor views. Once you come to know your requirements, it would be convenient to choose the right window glass for your property. Read Also:Inspiring Window Treatment Ideas Tips for Selecting a Window Frame Color Replacement Windows – Benefits of Vinyl Windows 10 Tactics To Maintain Clear Windows

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6 Tips to Make Small Spaces Look Bigger

Some people choose to live in a small home, rental room, or apartment. This could be for a lot of reasons, like financial constraints or personal preferences. Small is beautiful after all and, nowadays, highly practical too!However, living in a small space doesn’t have to equate to feeling cramped or uncomfortable. Indeed, it’s very easy to create a warm and cosy atmosphere when you have a smaller area to work with. However, if you want to bring an airy, spacious feel to your home or room’s limited acreage, you can turn to colour, lighting, and the right furniture to achieve your goal.Here are some simple tips to make a small space look and feel bigger. Draw the Eye Up : Most people choose to paint their ceilings a safe, light colour like white, beige, or cream, which indeed helps bounce the light around a small room. However, to create the illusion of a taller space, using bolder colours will help draw the eye up and achieve this effect. Reds and oranges are the obvious choices, but you can also go for dark blues and violet for more drama. If you are hesitant to try dark colours on your ceilings, decorate it instead with interesting patterns or a simple geometric mural. Use Reflective Surfaces : Using mirrors instead of paintings on your walls will help reflect the light better and open up space in a jiffy. But mirrors aren’t your only options. You can also use furniture that has glass, clear plastic, silver, chrome, and other shiny, reflective elements. Switch out your wooden coffee table with a glass one and see how your space instantly looks bigger.Where possible, you should also incorporate accessories that can reflect light. For example, you can install a wall fountain with a silver, gold, or stainless steel backing, so both the water and the backing can help bounce the light around. The fountain can also serve as a piece of artwork, so you don’t have to fill your space with extra accessories. You can also try focusing a light onto the fountain to further increase the amount of light in your home. Get Big Key Pieces of Furniture : You might be tempted to get several smaller pieces of furniture, but this would likely end up in a cluttered-looking and therefore smaller-looking space. It’s better to get a few key pieces -- like your bed room and dining table -- in standard or bigger sizes with simple, clean lines. According to Ritely, there are many ideas that will help you to make the room appear more organized and comfortable. Use a Monochromatic Color Scheme : A monochromatic colour scheme makes your space look coherent and put-together. The actual colour doesn’t matter as long as they are in the same family, although cool colours like blue and green and subtle warm colours like yellow and peach are great choices for evoking that open feel. Use these colours on your walls, furniture, and other accessories like throw pillows and vases. Hang Curtains High : Hang your curtains close to the ceiling and let them fall right down to the floor to make any room look taller. If it makes things easier, install the rods or tracks on the ceiling for more height; the fabric will also fall more artfully this way. Keep the window treatments in the same colour scheme, ideally in the lighter end of the spectrum, to achieve a seamless look.You should also veer away from thick, heavy drapes and instead opt for lighter curtains in fabrics like cotton, linen, or even lace. Roman shades also work well for this purpose. If privacy is not an issue, you can opt for valances instead of full-length curtains so that you still have window trimmings that at the same time allow more natural light to filter in. Opt for Lamps Instead of Overhead Lights : When you use top-down lighting fixtures, the light is focused in one space. This draws the eye toward that are, making the entire room look constrained. Opt instead for various kinds of lamps to spread the light. Slender, elongated designs work best as these also give the illusion of height. If you opt for floor or desk lamps, choose styles that have a small base that matches the colour of the shade.With these simple design tips, you don’t need to break down walls to create more space -- or at least the illusion of it -- in your small home. Try them now and let us know which ones work the best for you!Read Also :Best 5 Designer Secrets To Make The Most Of Small Spaces 5 Ways To Make A Big Statement In Small Bedroom Office Spaces – Which One Is Right For Your Business?

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3 Reasons Why The Dining Room Is Always Important

Home is the most important place in our lives and our lives revolve around the house from our birth. Everyone wants their home to be beautiful and comfortable, that is why they do improvements and additions to enhance the beauty of their home.One of the most important parts of a house is the dining room. If you are worrying about decorating your dining room then you can lower your stress by buying full dining sets for a new house at Luxo Living.Need Of Dining RoomFamilies with more than two members are best served by eat-in kitchens. They are practical since everyone has a quick availability of food and the crockery near to the dining area. This is especially important when parents and children are hurrying to have breakfast in order to make it to work or school on time.Family gatherings and parties usually take place in the dining rooms as well. A dining room can accommodate anywhere from seven people to a dozen or more people, based on the area and interior of your home.Reasons Why The Dining Room Is ImportantThe dining room is the most crucial part of the home. We can realize the importance because our day does not begin without a cup of coffee and breakfast. Different types of meals are prepared here and family and guests are often gathered here. So, the dining room can play the role of bonding with your loved ones. Here are a few reasons for the argument:1. Enhance The Beauty Of HomeWhen you walk into someone's house and see their dining table, it tells you a lot about the person and the environment you have entered. Regardless of the materials used, the table's size, design, and finish, it might have a rich or creative appearance.Of all the rooms in the house, the dining room's authentic design will have the biggest impact on visitors and residents. The family dining table has always played a crucial role in the home and will continue to do so for many more generations.2. A Family Gathering SpotFamilies that have dinner at a table together are more probably close. Although it may not always be practical, making time for this may enable children and young adults to establish good eating habits and connections, as well as parents, switching off from the worries of the day and communicate to one another and their kids in a calm manner, even if it is not always practicable.3. People Can Make Better Food ChoicesWhen we have a short meal or on the run, we are more inclined to make bad eating choices.People are more willing to consume nutritious food meals at the dining table because the dining table gives a focus point. Individuals are encouraged to give greater attention to what, when, and how they consume as a result of this.Bottom LineDining rooms that are well-decorated and arranged, serve to keep the family's hygiene and health in check. This room, being an important section of the house, represents prestige, unity, strength, power, and a sense of connection with your loved ones.Read Also:How to Decorate a Room with no CostHow to Choose LED Lights for Every Room in Your HomeKnow About The Type Of Kitchens According To Different Size11 Gorgeous Accent Chairs For Small Spaces