6 Tips for Keeping Your Home Clean (With Pets and Kids)

Published on: 15 June 2018 Last Updated on: 09 August 2019
Home Clean

Maintaining a clean house is a difficult task; honestly, no one enjoys removing all the clutter, washing the dishes, dusting, vacuuming, etc. But as much as most of us run away from the chore we all know the importance of housekeeping and how it impacts our health. Things tend to get a bit, well maybe a lot more messy when you have kids and pets added to the picture. Our furry companions love some adventure around the house and tend to spread their food and water around while eating, knock things over and of course the pet hair around the house is another story. But the good news is that even a chore as tedious as cleaning can be made simple by following some hacks and tips, so keep reading as I share some marvelous tips for maintaining hygiene in your house

1. Invest in the Right Tools :

You might not notice but using the right kind of tools can reduce effort and save time. For instance, cleaning pet hair around the house is one of the most challenging tasks. The fur gets everywhere, even gets embedded in the carpet fibers which becomes extremely difficult to remove. Well, the key is to purchase the right type of vacuum that has powerful suction to pick up the pesky pet hair. A robotic vacuum cleaner would be even better since it will save you a lot of effort. Similarly, make sure you have a quality lint roller (it is a life-saver in most situations) or latex gloves when you want to give your furniture or clothes a quick clean-up.

2. Bathe Your Pets :

The secret to a clean house is clean pets since the dirt on your dog will eventually accumulate inside your home. Develop a bathing routine for your pup, be sure not to overdo it since you don’t want to dry out the oils in his skin. Use a good quality dog shampoo while bathing and get your pup regular grooming to reduce shedding. Since dogs that itch shed more hair, use tick and flea repellents for dogs to prevent him from these parasites.

3. Use the Right Type of Furniture :

One of the worst nightmares for any pet-parent is when their furniture has pet hair spread all over, and they are expecting guests over. No one wants their guests to be covered in their dog’s fur! Well, let me tell you that choosing the right type of furniture can make all the difference.  While selecting fabric for your furniture, choose leather/pleather or microfiber as these are easy to clean and the hair doesn’t stick to the material. Ultra suede and Crypton are also excellent choices for furniture as they are stain-resistant.

Pro-Tip: Also stock up some decorative throws and use these to cover your sofa and bed to prevent pet-hair from sticking to the furniture.

4. Wash Pet Bedding :

It is essential to wash your pet’s bed, blankets as these may hide harmful germs which our pets can transfer to other areas of the house. Wash the bedding weekly using a mild detergent without bleach on the hottest settings available.

5. Keep the Pet’s Area Clean :

Our pets do have a specific area in the house where they like to chill or where they eat. Keeping these areas clean might be a difficult task, but regular cleaning will help prevent messes and thereby reduce effort. If you have a pet-bird, the room where the cage is placed is bound to get messy. To make cleaning simple use vinyl carpet protectors on the floor beneath the cage. Invest in a good quality stainless steel cage as they are easier to clean. Also, line it up with cage liners or newspapers to prevent the bottom from getting messy due to food and feces.

6. Use Pet-Safe Cleaning Products :

Various cleaning agents contain harmful substances such as ammonia or bleach that can be toxic to our pets. While hunting for cleaning products look for ones that are pet-safe, eco-friendly and bio-degradable. If you don’t have these stocked up at home, don’t panic in case of a pet emergency, as you can find some fantastic cleaners inside your house. Baking soda is a great deodorizer to freshen up the carpets and rugs; vinegar mixed with water is an alternative to floor cleaners and can be handy when pet accidents occur.

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Know This: Tips On How To Clean Up Blood Stains on Workplace Accidents

Comply with OSHA Standards : Employers are required to comply with OSHA guidelines and specifically to the Bloodborne Pathogen Standard. Employers must also create Exposure Control Plans. This is the case for any workplaces where employees are in contact directly with blood or other infectious body fluids while on the job. Employees and workers that work in financial institutions and banks do not perform jobs where they have reason to believe they will come in contact with blood. In the event of an accident, these workers must know how to handle cleaning up blood properly. Workers must learn how to use precautions and treat any blood or bodily fluids as if they are contaminated. They must treat them as though they have pathogens or are infected with HBV or HIV. Hepatitis B vaccines should be made available within 10 days of exposure on the job to pathogens. As an employer, you have an obligation to follow the guidelines set forth by OSHA regarding biohazard waste. To be a good citizen, you must comply with all government regulations and make the health and safety of others your priority. What You Need to Clean Minor Spills : Before starting the process of cleaning up blood, be sure you have: Protective equipment for all personnel A registered disinfectant with the ability to clean broad-spectrum pathogens Biohazard bags and labels Brush and dustpan Forceps and tongs Leak-proof sharps containers Disinfectant wipes To clean a blood spill from a surface: Equip Yourself Properly : Source  Use gloves, masks, gowns, and eyewear to protect yourself from splashes. Make sure that your protective gear fits comfortably and has no holes in it. You do not want pathogens to come into contact with your body. Remove : Source With your brush and dustpan or your forceps and tongs, remove any shards of broken glass from the area. You want to avoid ripping your protective clothing. Put each piece in the leak-proof sharps container. Do not remove them by hand once they are inside. First Cleaning : Use cloth towels to cover the blood spill and let them absorb as much as possible. The disinfectant will not work if blood is on the surface. Once covered and cleaned toss the towels in a bag designed for biohazards. Second Cleaning : Go on to the second cleaning only after the room has been properly ventilated. Pour the disinfectant on the surface and let it stay there for 10 minutes. Then, scrub from the outside to the center using cloth towels. Toss these towels in the biohazard bag after doing the second cleaning. Third Cleaning : Use more towels and disinfectant on the surface. Put these in a biohazard bag when you are through. Leave the surface to dry. Disposal : Source Dispose of any protective gear and equipment the same way you did the towels. Put them in a biohazard bag. Seal it and place into a second container. Be sure to label the container clearly and call the local health department for instructions on how to dispose of things correctly.  Decontaminate : After doing this, use the registered disinfectant to decontaminate any brooms, buckets, dustpans or other items you can use again. Scrub the tools thoroughly and then rinse with water. Check : Do a final check to make sure no area of your body has been contaminated. Make sure no blood has splashed on your feet or on your shirt. Wash Your Hands : Source Wash hands thoroughly with water and disinfectant soap.  Disinfectant wipes can also be used if you are not near a sink. Report Incident : This is crucial. Fill out the incident report clearly as soon as the cleanup is complete. File it as instructed, and be sure It is important that you and your employees know how to clean up the blood in your workplace. Get help if you need it from a blood cleanup company. Keep your workers healthy and safe with the instructions in this guide.    

Homemade Mosquito Trap

How to Make a Homemade Mosquito Trap

Though mosquitoes are little creatures on earth, they disturb not only human beings, but others are also biting. A homemade Mosquito Trap can reduce the problem of your health disorder due to mosquito bites. They can inject a few viruses which can cause great damage to us. Some diseases may result in you lying on the bed for days whereas others may have an untold health impact on your overall health. But you can get rid of these annoying creatures by adapting some steps. There are various ways to drive these little vampires away. They may be hazardous for your health as they emit harmful chemicals. There are environment-friendly ways too to drive them away. According to my, homemade mosquito trap is the best mosquito trap among them. And, in this article, I am going to assist you on how to make a homemade mosquito trap at home easily. Homeowners, as well as commercial establishments, should realize the dangers of mosquitoes. There are many serious dangers and diseases that you can end up contracting. From malaria, and dengue to encephalitis, not only can it ensure that you stay bedridden for weeks, but in extreme cases, it can prove to be life-threatening. This is why you need to look at the best mosquito trap to help you keep these dangerous insects away from yourself and your family at all costs. Dump and wetlands are the main sources of mosquitoes' breeding place. So, make sure there are no spaces inside or outside your house where water is logged or dump areas. If you find any, try to clean them fast before they increase their number immensely. Carbon dioxide is a gas that attracts mosquitoes and following carbon dioxide traces; they find their victims out to bite us. We leave carbon dioxide at the time of our inhaling. How does a homemade mosquito trap work? Cool! The concept is very simple, and anyone can do it without any hassle. In this trap, a plastic water bottle is needed to make it. In it, there is a mixture of yeast and sugar. When the yeast consumes the sugar, it started to produce carbon dioxide continuously. As the little bugs attract carbon dioxide, they fly in the water bottle and get stuck. After a few times, they die inside. This is the basic concept of making and executing a trap that can attract mosquitoes. After clearing the main concept of the trap, I would like to describe to you the ways of making the mosquito trap. To do the entire process, all you need are a few materials along with a water bottle (a maximum of 2 liters can do the job perfectly). So, let’s get started…. Materials you need: An empty 2 liters plastic water bottle Scissors or box cutter or razor knife Duct tape A marker (red or black will do) ¼ cup brown sugar 1 cup of hot water (need to make it cool later) 10-gram brewer yeast As you have arranged all the materials mentioned above, it is time to start the next steps. Cutting the water bottle to make a funnel: With the help of scissors or a box cutter, you can cut the bottle at the desired point. To make it easier, you can use a marker to make a circle on the bottle where it needs to be cut. You should cut the bottle 4 inches from the lid of the bottle. Do it carefully as there are no unfinished zigzag edges that may cause harm to your hands. Now, if you put the top part of the bottle facing down, it should look like a funnel through which mosquitoes will enter. Water, brown sugar, and brewer yeast: With the measuring cup, take 1 cup of water into a pot and boil. Allow it a few moments to be cool and then pour brown sugar with the water to make a mixture. You should wait a few moments to dissolve the sugar. When it dissolved, add yeast to the mixture and let it be cool again. Make sure you have put the mixture into the lower part of the bottle (bigger part). Now place the top lid onto the bottle facing down so that it can make a funnel. Use duct tape to wrap the uneven edges as they can harm your hands while moving. The trap is ready for the action: As the funnel to trap mosquitoes is almost ready to use, and the yeast is ready to consume sugar to produce carbon dioxide, the play begins. Keep one thing in mind that carbon dioxide will produce as long as the yeast eats all the sugar up. After that, it will not work as a trap. In this case, you can reuse the trap again and again. The yeast may take only two weeks to eat up all the brown sugar and end producing carbon dioxide. But you should not worry about it as you can replace all the materials, again and again, to rejuvenate the trap for attracting the little vampires. In this way, drive the annoying mosquitoes away and keep your surroundings these little bugs-free to lead a healthier and happier life. Now, you can enjoy the summer vacation sitting on your armchair at the time of sunsetting. A homemade mosquito trap can ease the chances of your disease rate. If you do not want to get your hands dirty or do not have time to invest in the creation of such tools, there is an easy way out. You can always look at some cost-efficient and affordable residential mosquito removal services that guarantee peace of mind and great hygiene for your home. Read Also: 10 Pest Control Tips To Keep Pests Away This Summer What You Should Expect From A Pest Control Visit

Electric Mattress

What You Need to Know About Electric Mattress Pad

There isn’t much about heating mattress pads on the Internet. At least, not the ones that provide proper guidance and explanations about the electric mattress pad. But here, we’d like to show you everything you need to know and how to make your choice between a heating mattress pad and blanket. Let’s start with a brief introduction to most electric mattress pads. Just a brief reminder that this guide may not apply to all kinds of electric mattress pads and it may differ from one to another. Introduction : In order to stay comfortable and warm throughout winter nights, electric mattress pads can be of great importance. They create a warm haven for you before you sleep. Can you remember the shivers you experience from climbing on a freezing bed? That’s the kind of thing an electric mattress pad eliminates. A single electric mattress pad uses 60-90 watts per side. That’s equal to 120-180 watts for both sides and cost around 2-3 cents if put on for the whole night. The cost can differ between states and country. Typically, people prefer to buy electric blankets when they are faced with the choice. A blanket keeps you warm while insulating the heat in your body. We’ll delve a bit more into this topic later in this article. Is It Safe? The first question that many people are concerned about when it comes to electrical mattresses, pads or blankets is whether they are safe. Having electrical current running under you for the next 8 hours when you’re unconscious can sound scary. Moreover, there has been a circulating rumor that electrical blankets and pads can cause cancer. Let’s dismiss the myth and understand the real problem of heating mattress pads. The Myth about Cancer : The rumor that electrical mattress pads can cause cancer isn’t new. A lot of people decided to stop using them altogether because they fear that this rumor is true. Some people even believe them to be very true and zealously preach it. Here’s the fact: multiple studies have been done to investigate if this is true or not. So far, we know that electrical blankets and mattresses emit small electromagnetic waves and the real question lies in whether this small current can cause that big of a problem. Studies were done on electric blankets, which are more commonly used. Two studies featured by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), particularly on elder and younger women, showed that there is no positive correlation between breast cancer and the use of an electric blanket. Another different NCBI study creates a conclusion that there is no evidence to support that the use of electric blankets can exacerbate endometrial cancer. Fire Hazard : A lot of people ask if an electric mattress pad can become the cause of a fire at home. There are usually 3 factors that will lead to a fire. The first would be an external flame. If you set it on fire, it will be on fire. The second would be an overheating system. If the weather is warm enough, don’t turn on the AC and then make that into a reason to use your mattress pad. In the case that during the night, your AC fails to perform and your pad starts heating up, it may cause a fire. The third would be a faulty product or exposed wire. In this case, the damaged wires are exposed to the mattress pad without the insulation. It will cause a fire if not turned off right away. Heat Stroke : There have been a couple of heatstroke cases with electric blankets. While this may not be as dangerous or intense with mattress pads, it’s worth remembering to control the temperature of your mattress pad. Rather than turning the dial to the max just to get it warm quick, set it in a lower mode earlier to warm up the bedding. Pregnant Women, Be Careful : So far, a study on pregnant women that sleep with electric blanket and mattress does not show an increased rate of spontaneous abortion. However, it does suggest an increased rate of pregnancy loss during the early stage of pregnancy or conception. It's Effect on Your Mattress : There’s no correct answer to this. The use of a heating pad can or cannot affect your mattress. Each manufacturer has different suggestions for its users to ensure they enjoy the maximum benefits. However, there are several things to consider. Memory foam without gel naturally traps heat once you’re on the bed. It’s one of their unique qualities resulting from its highly dense structure. If you do not like cold brick feel when you get on the bed, raising up the thermostat before entering the bedroom and dialing it down when you sleep will work great. There are manufacturers that will tell you their memory foam mattress won’t last long with a heating pad and to do this instead. The bigger population believes that there is some sort of negative effect when you use an electric mattress pad on your memory foam. All the money that you invested will go down the drain if you put an extra layer on top of it. There are even smaller groups that believe the extra heat will not do good to your mattress. No known problem is seen with using a heating mattress pad on a latex foam mattress, so go ahead and use it. All the Different Features : Different manufacturers have different mattress pad designs. They depend on your preferences and also flexibility as well as cost. Comfort : The comfort we’re talking about is whether you can feel the cords on your back or not. Some electric pads are very thick and you can feel the lines of the cords running through your back. It can be uncomfortable and distracting when you’re about to sleep. If you’re asking whether it’ll prevent you from experiencing the comfort of your original mattress, don’t worry. Most of the time, it doesn’t affect that much and you won’t be able to feel the difference if you choose a high-quality mattress pad. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a heating pad that is also meant to replace the top of your mattress, you want to look for the ones with more padding. Several brands offer their electrical mattress pad with 9 ounces of padding to ensure comfort and you won’t feel any discomfort. Cords and Wires : We have to be extra safe when we’re talking about putting a pad under us that’s running on electricity throughout the night. Several electric mattress pads make it important to ensure that the power outlet is properly attached by designing a locking mechanism. It keeps the plug fit and locked and helps you sleep better with fewer worries about it. Before buying, check out the reviews to see if there are any complaints on faulty wires or fire incidents. Such things can happen when you buy the product through delivery mode, which may mean that the damage could happen during transport. Before using, ensure that all the cords and wires are still in perfect condition. There shouldn’t be any tear marks or exposed wires. Test the mattress pad before sleeping to ensure that there is no smoke or unusual things with your pad. Remove it immediately if you notice anything wrong. Flexibility : Different manufacturers, such as LatexBear, offer different types of heating options on their mattress. Some come with dials that offer various range of modes, temperature, and other features. Others may come with more limited options but still focuses on heating up the mattress for you. Read Also : The Best Memory Foam Mattresses For Staying Cool This Summer Five Easy Steps When Cleaning Your Mattress How To Choose Mattress For Overweight Person