7 inexpensive games for teen girls


12 June 2018



Teen girls love to play games that are fun and creative. You can visit Dimble Games to play a variety of exciting online games. Check out these seven inexpensive games for teen girls.

1. Fashion Model 2018- Rising Star Girl :

This game is for all the fashionistas out there who have a great sense of style. This is a cool dress up game including glamour, celebrities, and supermodels. Fashion Model 2018- Rising Star Girl can be played by girls of any age, but it is especially popular among teenage girls. The game has six dolls of different races, each beautiful you have 8 backgrounds and many hairstyles, dresses, jeweler, shoes to choose from. You can create a unique and stylish outfit for each doll. Take a screenshot of your doll through the camera button and show your styling to your friends and family.

2. Princess Salon: Frozen Party :

This is a Frozen-themed game where you are Aria, a girl who travels to the middle ages by a mysterious force. While exploring, Aria sees a castle where she can meet anyone. As soon as she meets the princess, the princess invites Aria to a party. But first, you must give Aria a makeover, so she looks party-ready. You can even decorate your own snowman and make it look unique.

3. Strawberry Shortcake BerryRush :

Strawberry and her friends want to bake delicious cakes, and you are going to help them do that. Get all the delicious fruits you can find in the world of Berry Bitty City. You can decorate your cake and take a screenshot of it to show your friends. This is a perfect game for teenage girls who love to bake. You can also dress your character with tons of cute outfits.

4. Live Portrait Makers: Girls 

Create your own fashionable, animated girl. You get 55 facial features and 26 outfits from which you can choose. This is a creative and addicting game and has amazing effects. You can create the type of look you want.

5. How To Draw Food EZ :

This game teaches you how to draw 30 cute food characters. Grab a pencil and paper, and choose the character you want to draw and follow the step by step drawing instructions. Girls who love to draw would enjoy this game as the characters are super cute and adorable.

6. Alto’s Adventure :

Girls who love adventure games, this is for you. It has physics-based gameplay that is easy to learn. Join Alto and his friends and embark on an endless snowboarding odyssey. As you journey through the beautiful hills and ancient woodlands, you have to grind the rooftops and leap over terrifying chasms.

7. Penguin Diner :

Penny the Penguin is lost in an unknown land and wants to go home. Help Penny earn enough money so she can go back. You get to play through exciting diners and get cool upgrades in the shop. The game also has an interesting comic-style storyline.

All these games can be played for free by downloading them through the app store. However, these games do have in-app purchases, if you wish to make any.

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Top 3 Indoor Games Millennials Should Learn to Play

With the rise of technology, Millennials are often left with a disconnect from those around them. Whether you're being asked to help look after kids or are simply looking for some team-building games, there are plenty of reasons for Millennials to learn some basic indoor games. Not only will they help improve social skills, but they're fantastic to have in your back pocket. Interested in learning about our top 3 indoor games? We've got all the information you could possibly need! 1. Charades : If you're looking for a game that's appropriate for adults and children of all ages, charades may be exactly what you're looking for. This indoor game is fun to play in groups and makes a fantastic icebreaker. Because it doesn't need any equipment or large space, it's also a great idea to play on the fly.For those who have never played charades before, the game is simple enough to learn. Out of your group, one person is selected to act out a word or phrase. The actor must remain completely silent, miming out clues to help the other guess the secret word. If you're playing in larger groups, there are some great variations of the game that can be completed in teams. 2. Foosball : Often referred to as table soccer, foosball is a great way to turn a group of strangers into teams of friends. While you will need to have a table beforehand, this is a fantastic way to break the ice and even get involved in a group sport without risking injury.While there are a few rules to the game, learning them is relatively simple. Check out resources like Foosball Revolution to learn more about the game and help you understand the ins and outs. Once you've got a firm handle on things, you'll be able to teach those around you the next time you come across a table! 3. Wink Murder : While this game requires a larger group to play, it's a great game to keep in your back pocket. Even those who struggle to communicate in groups will love the subtlety of Wink Murder. All you'll need to do is make sure you have enough scrap paper lying around to be able to assign roles. Also, keep in mind that games like this are best for groups of around six to twelve.The game is simple to learn, fun to play, and quick to set up. First off, you'll need to assign roles. Out of your group, one person will be the murderer, one will be the detective, and the rest will be victims. The point of the game is that the detective will sit in the middle of the group, keeping a close eye on everyone else while they try to decipher who the murderer is. The murderer will kill their victims will a simple wink, all while trying to remain anonymous, and victims will die in a completely over the top manner. The game ends once the murderer is caught.Keeping these indoor games in your back pocket is a great way to ensure you'll never be bored at your next get together. Whether you plan on playing with kids or need to entertain a group of adults, these three games will be on the top of your list. Once you've explained these games to your group, all you'll have to do is remember to keep everyone involved and have fun!Read Also :7 Inexpensive Games For Teen Girls Top Torrent Sites For Games Download


Virtual reality and gaming technology innovation in 2017

The idea of Virtual Reality was 1st created by Stanley G. Weinbaum in his short story Pygmalion’s Spectacles; the idea of artificial reality has been considered the Holy Grail for investors and tech enthusiasts alike. Virtual reality (VR) typically mentions to computer technologies that use software to generate realistic pictures, audios, and other sensations that replicate a real environment (or create an imaginary setting), and emulate a user's physical presence in this environment, by enabling the user to interact with this space and any objects represented therein creating specialized display screens or projectors and other devices. VR has been described as a realistic and immersive simulation of a three-dimensional environment, built using interactive software and hardware, and experienced or controlled by the activity of the body or as an immersive, interactive experience created by a computer. It's been a long journey for virtual reality since it has come, and 2017 will likely be its biggest step forward. This would be the year that virtual reality goes mainstream, In 2016 we noticed the launching of few technologies from Oculus/Facebook, HTC/Valve, Sony, and Microsoft (although its HoloLens is technically augmented reality)and we are sure to listen more about the technology than ever before with big product. Here in the following few latest trends in the tech world to keep an eye on as 2017 unfolds.VR rises to supremacy and will start to affect major change in certain verticals: This year’s E3, the gaming world’s annual marquee show, was virtual reality’s big opportunity to brighten. Two high-end headsets — the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive — are in the market already, although they equipped only for a small market. PlayStation VR already launched the medium to potentially tens of millions of PlayStation 4 owners. Oculus is bringing significantly more attractive headset.2017 is going to be the best time for a blitz of good VR news — or a worse time to get bad news.2017 is looking forward as a gaming innovative year. There are many online games such as online roulette games that will use virtual reality to make the game experience more real.- Gaming - Virtual Tours - 360 Degrees Cinema - Sports Streaming - Education - Retail - Visualizations & SimulationsPLAYSTATION VR: Sony took away the sight of the pre-show at E3, declaring incredibly exciting-sounding lists It’s not the costliest tethered headset, and it runs off a popular console. If anyone wants to make VR mainstream, it’s Sony. Sony’s headset has the benefit of being pleasant and so simple to clear, but going on a lower-capable machine in a slightly lower resolution, its virtual worlds can feel dentated and muddy in comparison to the Vive and Rift’s. The most exciting thing about the platform isn’t any specific game; it’s just watching a huge console maker support virtual reality, even if the initial results aren't thrilling. And Sony’s more powerful upcoming "Neo" console could turn everything look and feel better, although that won’t help people who don’t want to buy a new console alongside their headset. OCULUS RIFT: Oculus is Sony’s PC-based competitor and it has a totally different problem. It came to market with a lot of titles considering the new Touch controllers, and they’re some of the best looking games in VR — they’re simultaneously elegant and productive, from the thriller Wilson’s Heart to a motion-based version of Crytek’s rock climbing title The Climb. Oculus has also firmed temporary exclusive rights to things like the virtual reality version of Superhot, a critically popular stop-motion shooter. HTC VIVE: HTC set up a booth to display Vive’s mixed-reality tech, and the company was providing private demos of games like its World War II shooting gallery Front Defense. But it was most insight at Bethesda Softworks’ booth, which hosted Vive experiences based on Fallout 4 and Doom. Fallout 4, which is going to be a full VR game, would need significant modification to offer a good experience, and it’s not clear that Bethesda is prepared to invest in that. It’s true that the most interesting games being launched right now are for the HTC Vive, be it standalone titles or "VR additions" to ones already sold on Steam, but if Touch does well, most of those games would be simple to adapt for Rift. Meanwhile, Oculus is snapping up as many exclusives as it can.Read More:What Is An Airsoft Gun? Essential Tips To Choose The Perfect Bowling Ball Best IPhone Spy Apps Without Jail Breaking Racing Games And Accidents; Is There A Link?

Crossword Game

3 Tips to Find the Best Mobile Crossword Game to Kill the Time

Filling letters in intricate grids to create words and phrases is the core of playing a crossword puzzle game. Despite having a history dating back to many years, word game are still fun and continue to attract more followers, atop the invention of new ways of playing crossword game.Whether you’re new to crossword puzzles or have vast experience enjoying the games, we’ve compiled 3 tips to help you find the best mobile crossword game to kill your free time.While conducting research for this article, we also came across a crossword game you might like. Check them out in the link below.Best 10 Crossword Puzzle AppsWith the list and our 3 tips to help you pick the right one, we hope it will be much easier for you to find the right game and start playing as quickly as possible. The main difference you will face is based on how experienced you are with crosswords. Thus, the tips will heavily focus on how to quickly find a crossword game that is perfect for beginners and more advanced players alike. 1. Check out Newspapers and Magazines Apps for Different Kinds of Puzzles to Explore Newspapers and magazines have always been popular for crossword puzzles. Despite their decade-long use, they’re still popular sources of crossword game. With the puzzles, you’re guaranteed a fun way to spend your free time while learning something new. You’ll find both simple and complex puzzles in magazines and newspapers. It means there’s something for both new and experienced puzzle game players, including kids.Since many newspapers come in digital form and have their own dedicated app, it’s simpler than ever to get your daily dose of the latest news and give your brain a good jog with crossword puzzles. As you’re scrolling through eligible apps, make sure to check if the app provides both so you don’t waste time downloading just to delete from your phone the second later. Some apps focus heavily on news and other focus on crosswords, but with some quick browsing, you can easily find apps that offer both. 2. Download Apps Designed for Beginners and Focus on Your Topics of Interest If you’re a beginner in solving puzzles or just want to explore the fascinating world of word games, look out for simple apps to guide you through the rules of playing a crossword puzzle. With time, you’ll learn how to solve puzzles and master the techniques involved because the apps are designed to ease beginners’ playing experience.Unlike anagram and scrabble games, crossword puzzles are more interesting. As a novice, pick beginner-friendly apps or those with the ability to alter the complexity of the puzzle. That would ensure that you’re able to enjoy your puzzle without struggles.And, as you advance your skills, you can adjust the app to enable you to solve a more complex puzzle. With the right app, your progression to becoming a master crossword puzzle player should be smooth and comfortable.Moreover, it’s possible to select apps with games focused on your areas or topics of interest such as sports, beauty, politics, etc. Beginners would find this handy since if you’re more knowledgeable in movies, you don’t really want to end up with a crossword packed with history-related terms. For more advanced players, they will want the challenge of crosswords that include topics they aren’t all too familiar with, but for beginners, it’s better to start slow so it doesn’t ruin the fun with its overwhelming difficulty. 3. Choose Free or Paid Apps based on Your Budget for crossword game Whereas some apps are free, others can be costly. Can you afford to download an expensive app to your smartphone? I’m sure only a few people can afford that. Consider free apps if you’re a beginner or just exploring the idea of playing crossword puzzles. But if you’re a hardcore crossword solver, it isn’t a bad idea to spend a buck or two on your favorite game since they will provide more challenge and fun to your solving.When choosing a free or paid app, make sure it fits your style. For instance, do you want an app you can play over the weekend or while commuting to work? Find one designed to meet your unique needs. If you’re just a beginner who’s exploring the world of crossword puzzles, you should probably wait and not make the rash decision of spending real money if there’s a possibility you’ll simply delete the app the day after.For beginners, it’s a good idea to check how much does the free version exactly offers. If it’s just a couple of puzzles and the rest is hidden behind a paywall, you likely want to skip that one because it’s not worth it. If the description doesn’t provide the info, you can always check what other users are saying about their experience with the app. A good rule of thumb is if the app has a rating of over 4.5 and over 10k downloads, it’s likely a solid app for anyone. Apps with mixed reviews or below 4 are more likely to leave you disappointed so you should skip those.Even if you’re able to get a paid app, but don’t mind using one with a few ads here and there, opt for a free word puzzle. You can spend your cash on something else - unless you really want to explore the app that is. Conclusion With more experience playing crossword puzzle games, you’ll get to know the industry legends in terms of quality. Always keep the names you recognize while exploring the art to help you find the best crossword puzzle apps to download next.You’ll come across word battles, word guesses, and other forms of puzzles available for you. Moreover, at one point, you’ll be exploring a mini puzzle and a large one at another moment.Whether you’re into the world of crossword game for the short or long haul, make sure you enjoy each that you play.With our great 3 tips to help you find the best crossword puzzles for beginners and experienced players, we hope that you’ll find something that’ll get you excited to explore these games more.Read Also:Top 10 Best Android Games To Play In 2019 Creating Successful Mobile Games: What You Need To Know